In this Oct. 2, 2017, file photo, drapes billow out of broken windows at the Mandalay Bay resort and casino on the Las Vegas Strip, following a deadly shooting at a music festival in Las Vegas. It took 11 minutes for the gunman in the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history to kill 58 people. Then he killed himself. A year later, Las Vegas police and the FBI have found no motive for the rampage. (AP Photo/John Locher, File)
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Victoria Taft over at PJ Media has the story of an FBI whistleblower who has come forward with evidence that points to an ISIS connection to the Las Vegas massacre five years ago.  The incident claimed the lives of 58 people with nearly 900 injured or wounded.  Now, this former FBI agent says they believe there’s a 90% chance that ISIS Islamic terror organization was behind it.

Of course, the FBI still hasn’t publicly issued even an educated guess on the motive of the killer.  This despite his travel to ISIS hotspots, burner telephones receiving almost exclusively incoming calls, and the ISIS organization’s five claims that [scumbag’s name redacted] was one of their agents as they claimed responsibility for the attack.

Las Vegas Shooting Lawsuit
This October 2017 file photo released by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Force Investigation Team Report shows the interior of [scumbag’s name redacted]‘s 32nd floor room of the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas after a mass shooting. A federal judge wants Nevada’s highest court to tell him whether gun manufacturers and sellers can be held liable under state law for negligence and wrongful death in the case of a Seattle woman killed in the Las Vegas Strip mass shooting in 2017. (Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department via AP, File)
From PJ Media:

It has been five years since [scumbag’s name redacted] stashed an arsenal of weapons in his Las Vegas hotel room and began spraying outdoor concertgoers with more than a thousand rounds of rifle fire, killing 58 people and wounding 869. Since the Oct. 1, 2017, massacre, there’s been neither an official nor satisfactory explanation for why [scumbag’s name redacted] took his assorted rifles and shot those country music fans. But now, an FBI whistleblower believes he has the motive.

Las Vegas Police issued a 138-page report on the shooting yet kicked over to the FBI and their experts the job of coming up with the motive.


In 2019, the FBI finally issued a short report claiming the accountant, real estate investor, high-stakes gambler, and former McDonnell Douglas and Lockheed employee acted alone and had no political or religious agenda. The nation’s formerly premier law enforcement agency could not determine a motive.

That seems odd, given the J-6 political prosecutions in which FBI agents attribute all kinds of malevolence to “white nationalists” and assume that anyone around the Capitol Building that day, regardless of color and ethnicity, was determined to overthrow the government with pepper spray and MAGA hats…

The PJ Media story goes on to outline how the FBI drug its feet for months on labeling the Pulse Nightclub massacre in Orlando a Muslim terror attack.  Then Victoria Taft gets to the meat of the story:

Former FBI special agent John Guandolo told Turning Point USA in a recorded interview (below) that there’s a 90% certainty that the Las Vegas attack was a jihadi operation and [scumbag’s name redacted] was the conduit through which the terrorist organization attacked America.

In the interview, Guandolo said, “When you look at what actually transpired and put it together from a counter-espionage attack and counter-espionage look, the probability that was an ISIS attack is well over 90%.”

He said the special agent in charge of the Las Vegas FBI field office “got angry and dismissed it, and when presented with the information, FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C., dismissed it out of hand.”

He said, “The FBI both in Washington, LA, and Las Vegas that participated in that investigation can’t even begin to think of it as a jihadi attack, because number one, they still don’t understand what that actually means.” He continued, “they don’t understand what actually happens and they have no desire to understand what happened. So their knee-jerk reaction in these cases is always to dismiss that and point in a different direction, because they’ve been conditioned to do so.” He concludes, “I mean, it only points to an ISIS attack. It does not point anywhere else. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack five times. They said that guy, he’s our guy. We hail him, he’s a martyr.”

There’s more information in the full story over at PJ Media.
Or, see the interview here.

It seems like the FBI’s reputation grows more and more tarnished with each passing day under Attorney General Merrick Garland.

Also seems like possibly some thin gruel here? What say y’all?


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  1. What incentive would the government have to say that perhaps they missed this guy before it happened, and even then, why give ISIS credit? If we did that with school shooters those would end.

    I don’t disagree at all however, lack of motive seems unlikely with all the resources there are to derive information these days.

    • ISIS will claim anything for the attention.

      And the facts that scumbag was a registered Democrat who made lots of social media posts about his disapproval of Trump’s election win over Hillary. So he conducted a reprisal attack on who he thought were the Trump supporter demographic while simultaneously making a statement for gun control.

      The fibbies couldn’t find their behinds without detailed instructions from management.

      • “that scumbag was a registered Democrat who made lots of social media posts about his disapproval of Trump’s election win“

        Guess again.

        “Paddock appeared fixated on three pillars of right-wing extremism: anti-government conspiracy theories, threats to Second Amendment rights, and overly burdensome taxes. For instance, one witness told Las Vegas police that Paddock was “kind of fanatical” about his anti-government conspiracies and that he believed someone had to “wake up the American public” and get them to arm themselves in response to looming threats. Family members and associates of Paddock painted a picture of a man who loathed restrictions on gun ownership and believed that the Second Amendment was under siege, according to our review of their statements to investigators after the shooting and other documents compiled by the authorities.“

        “Paddock “had an obsession with guns” and would become angry when challenged on the Second Amendment, according to Adam LeFevre, who dated the sister of Paddock’s partner. Paddock “made it very clear he would have no part of gun ownership restrictions,” said LeFevre, who got a glimpse of Paddock’s well-stocked gun room during a tour of his home, in another interview. Indeed, by the time of the attack, Paddock had amassed an arsenal of some 80 firearms, mostly assault-style rifles, in addition to stockpiling ammunition and some survivalist equipment — another glaring attribute of the far right.“

        • “you believe whatever the MSM feeds you!!!!“

          Please, enlighten us all by sharing what evidence or information you have that is contrary to the reporting I linked above and below.

        • I had to wait until later to read your reply in detail.

          Were you dropped on your head while a toddler?

          I remember at the time of the even “the perpetrator” was a known registered Democrat who was extremely disappointed at Hilary’s election loss and Trump’s election win. This was recorded in social media posts at the time. Also he was described as fully in favor of gun control and assault weapons bans.

          Why else would he have so many guns manufactured by different companies and many fitted with bump-stocks? He was hoping strict gun control and assault weapons ban would be implemented after his reprisal again those mouth-breathing Trump supporters and to cover as many unique guns as possible to cover the mistake where specific makers and models were explicitly banned previously.

        • Let me get this straight. He was “fixated on…threats to Second Amendment rights” and wanted to “wake up the American public?” This guy was an accountant which means he was a logical person. And you’re telling me his best plan for fighting for the Second Amendment was to commit the deadliest mass murder in the history of this country with “scary” rifles that are always under attack? He also added bump stocks and suppressors to the mix. In what world does that remotely make sense?

          The media and politicians immediately, and very predictably, seized on the gun control narrative. Then bump stocks were banned. What happened to the Hearing Protection Act? Wasn’t that introduced in 2017? Terrorism is the use of violence in the pursuit of political goals. What goal(s) was(were) achieved?

        • Your source is The Intercept? That alone demonstrates how washed away is the grey of your brain.

    • Stateisevil,

      I am thinking somewhat equal odds between a false-flag attack and an actual ISIS attack. Having said that, I am having a very hard time understanding how ISIS would be able to radicalize that guy.

      At any rate, assuming that this was indeed an ISIS attack, the reason that fedzilla would deny this was an ISIS attack is because the narrative of an angry old white guy using “machine guns” to kill people is a far, FAR, FAR superior fit for their agenda. And what is that agenda? Using any and every justification to disarm John Q. Public.

      Think about it. If ISIS used a “machine gun” to kill a bunch of innocents, that actually serves as a justification for the public to arm-up, and possibly even with “machine guns” themselves. On the other hand, if an angry old white guy used a “machine gun” to kill a bunch of innocents, that serves nicely as a justification to disarm all white guys–the entire public in fact.

      • Yes sir, pretty much exactly how I feel about it. It makes too much sense, ESPECIALLY with the FBI’s recent public behavior. And ISIS is obviously the scum of the earth.

      • Right, it’s the SOP Middle Eastern terrorist technique to purchase only at LGS… You people are in a sad state of denial about the reality of the situation.

        “Reno Guns & Range is photographed in Reno, Nev., on Saturday. Reno Guns & Range sold a rifle and a handgun to Stephen Paddock in December 2016. The store also did gunsmith work on an automatic rifle owned by Paddock, a source familiar with the investigation said.”

      • “Mesquite store GM: Paddock was ‘upbeat, happy, normal guy’

        The general manager of Guns & Guitars, the Mesquite store where Stephen Paddock purchased a rifle as recently as Sept. 28, said there was nothing amiss when Paddock purchased a bolt action rifle at his store the Thursday before carrying out the deadliest mass shooting in modern United States history.

        “It was a normal day. He came in and filled out his paperwork, went across the street, did some shopping at Walmart, came back, shook my hand, said ‘have a great day’ and out the door he went,” said Christopher Sullivan. Sullivan’s parents have owned the store since 2015.“

  2. That hotel room picture looks so fake and staged like you just placed rifles in random places and took pictures. No evidence of food or clothes like someone was staying there? No ammo, bipods, huge blood splat where they say they shot him in the head?

    • “they say they shot him in the head”

      The cops didn’t breach until after the unnamed scvmbag was finished with his rampage. That’s when he shot himself in the head by sticking a gun in his mouth and pulling the trigger. Most scvmbags off themselves after they’ve done enough damage to feel powerful.

  3. The real question: Why would the FBI want to redirect or suppress the link to Islamist terrorism? What is the FBI’s motivation?

    Las Vegas, Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Christmas party in San Bernardino, the list goes on.

    • By not giving terrorists credit you squash the fear and power of terrorism. Problem is in these cases they just made Americans afraid of other Americans and further drove the political wedge in. If we fear some external threat like radical Islam we can unite against it. If we fear our neighbors then we fall into chaos and ruin.

      Maybe the alphabets wanted to do that. They do it plenty to other countries.

      • “They do it plenty to other countries.”

        Bingo. They do it here to. It’s an objective fact that they interfered in the past three elections, and they’re doing it again right now.

        • Welcome back. I assume you’ve been in a coma for the past seven years. You have some catching up to do. I’m not going to do your homework for you. I’ll give you a nudge in the right direction: Russia, Russia, Russia.

    • Ragnar,

      Shire-man has an excellent and incredibly plausible explanation. My rationale a few comments above is also incredibly plausible. Combine my suggested motivation with Shire-man’s suggested motivation and you have a very likely explanation.

    • “the link to Islamist terrorism“

      Y’all are friggin delusional, how embarrassing for you.

      There is zero evidence indicating Steven paddock was connected with Isis in anyway. There is ample evidence in interviews with relatives and acquaintances regarding his anti-government, pro-Second Amendment gun rights position. There have been interviews with LGSs that sold paddock his weapons, multiple commercial transactions publicly verifiable.

      “New Frontier Armory, near the Buffalo Wild Wings on Centennial Parkway, in North Las Vegas, is on the shortlist of places to go if you want to purchase an actual machine gun within twenty minutes of the Strip. “We’ve sold quite a few over the years, with average prices of fifteen thousand dollars,” David Famiglietti, the store’s owner and operator, told me on Monday. Famiglietti, who is in his mid-thirties, is also the vice-president of the Nevada Firearms Coalition, the state affiliate of the National Rifle Association. He was described to me, by one of his friends, as “the most prominent guy in the Las Vegas gun industry.” Famiglietti wouldn’t go quite that far, but New Frontier Armory—a dealer, distributor, and manufacturer of firearms and class-three weapons, which include machine guns, silencers, and short-barrelled shotguns—is a notable part of the Las Vegas gun scene. There are approximately three hundred holders of Federal Firearms Licenses in the Las Vegas Valley area, including Henderson and Boulder City, who can retail guns and other firearms legally. “We pride ourselves on being very involved in our 2A community,” Famiglietti said, referring to staunch local supporters of the Second Amendment, “and offering the best customer service in town.”

      Famiglietti told me that he sold “a few guns this year” to Stephen Paddock, the sixty-four-year-old resident of Mesquite, Nevada, who, from a room on the thirty-second story of the Mandalay Bay hotel, shot and killed nearly sixty people attending the Route 91 Harvest festival, on Sunday night, and injured hundreds more. Famiglietti added that the transactions were conducted “lawfully” and that Paddock passed an F.B.I. background check. “No red flags were raised,” he said. In a subsequent e-mail exchange, he clarified that there were two guns: a shotgun with “an effective range” of thirty yards, and “a rifle that did not leave my store as a Machine Gun, nor did it leave my store modified (legally or illegally) in any way to shoot more than one round per pull of the trigger.” Fully automatic weapons, or machine guns, are relatively rare, very expensive, and highly regulated by the federal government. But owning one is not illegal, provided it was made before 1986 and properly registered. Famiglietti told NBC News that Paddock made his purchases in the spring; in that interview, he said that agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives had spoken with the store employee who sold Paddock the guns, adding that Paddock bought guns at his shop only once, “so it wasn’t someone we knew personally.”

  4. Now the total number of wounded is 869. Seems to keep climbing with each passing year.

    58 dead + 869 wounded = minimum 927 bullets sprayed, if we can believe the FBI’s story that the shooter being blamed for all of this was able to go through that many rounds. That’s a lot of empty mags and drums that should have supposedly been found by his body due to his supposedly self-inflicted GSW to the back of his own head.

    One of Mrs. Haz’s cousins was at that concert, and was an eye witness. Her explanation of events from her POV do not match the narrative told to the public.

    • Owing to my age and my various occupations, including military, I have eye witnessed and been active in a few events that have made history.

      Reading the histories of these events 40-50 years later leaves me scratching my head and wondering if I was really there or did I imagine it.

      • You guys have never heard that individual eye whiteness accounts can vary wildly and even contradict each other? A single persons viewpoint rarely captures the totality of an event and stress can affect perception during traumatic events.

    • it’s poor reporting. Most of the injuries were from stampeding people, not gunshots. A cut from splatter after hitting the ground counts too, which makes up the majority of gunshot and shrapnel injuries.

      • Yes, that’s the rub. “Wound” is not the same as “injury”.

        Kinda like how what used to be listed as a “vehicular death” is now a “COVID statistic”.

    • A lot of the wounded count is from people trampling each other or otherwise getting injured while fleeing.

  5. “Mandalin” Bay?

    It’s even right there on the photo of the building. C’mon, folks.

  6. ISIS?
    I mean, most “ISIS cells” that the FBI finds consists of 5 of their guys that pressured one poor soul into buying a bag of fertilizer at the hardware store. So it would make sense that the FBI would try to hide real ISIS attacks because they cannot prevent those.
    But that still doesn’t explain how some random millionaire is supposed to be responsible, how his brother was told to shut up or they’ll find child porn on his computer, and how a bunch of AR-10s and AR-15s with bump stocks produce uninterrupted 80 round stings that sound just like a M249 SAW.

    • Or the cell phone videos multiple people uploaded that clearly showed two sets of muzzle flashes from two stories of that building. I remember seeing the vids, but they’re gone now. Imagine that.

      Or the multiple personal testimonies from concertgoers hearing a low-flying helicopter immediately overhead and more muzzle reports, but not seeing any exterior lighting one would expect from airborne craft.

      • Las Vegas has frequent tourist scenic trips in helicopters from the strip. They fly frequently into the night. Strange but true. I have photos of them.

    • yeah, I was just going to mention that. No bullshit bump stocks sound like at least a 100 round C-mag. Plus there is (was?) several witness statements concluding that gun fire was also coming from ground level firing and another window on a different floor. Also something to do with Arab involvement with the ownership, or something else concerning the building at the time?

      Remember Isis supporters had money and could hire anybody to ‘work’ this guy. it doesn’t take much to push a functionally deranged person off into the deep part of his mentally ill swimming pool. And it doesn’t have to be a jumpin’ jEEhad with a bloody machete hanging from his belt. You wouldn’t believe the hotter than hell on fire movie star type highly trained Islamist seductresses out there used by Islamist infiltrator to ‘work’ men for whatever reasons. They have a general proselytization program on major dating programs. No Hijab covered chubbies in a priest robe here!

      Of course, the all-seeing ‘eye’ also knows all the tricks of the trade, as well. Just look at how thoroughly they recently red flagged the Minnesota Governor case, with those so-called militia wannabees who were played like an old pawn shop accordion, and what ‘extremes’ they went to on Trump. And how a Senate committee can threaten and even beg all they want for an answer on who was and why the Ray Epp(?) character in the Jan 6 Screen Play wasn’t arrested and held without proper Due Process like all the others, But the FIB still will NEVAH–as they say in Mississippi flood water areas, give them the time of day, let alone any answer at all. Remember, mass murders are ongoing investigations. So naturally they can’t be compromised by telling the truth to anybody. Certainly no Stanking nosey Senator.

      So, I’ll agree to a 98% likelihood that this stooge got ‘worked’ but then whichever of the two most likley controlling ‘organizations’ got lost in the shuffle of unintended consequences and ultimate confusion of the intended purpose of the effort.

      It could have been a double, or even triple reverse okee-doke if they both were ‘working’ together on it…in some perverse way.

      But we’ll never know. Unless a haunted by guilt ‘whistleblower’ comes forth with hard irrefutable physical evidence and witnesses willing to testify. They’ve already had all the time to they needed to press the delete everything key.

      • “functionally deranged person off into the deep part of his mentally ill swimming pool”

        The perp was an elderly white man who had worked for a major US defense contractor, real estate investor and accountant for decades.

        What evidence do you have to support your claim that he was “functionally deranged” and “mentally ill”?

        Maybe he was an Isis deep cover agent, really deep.

        “The man identified as the shooter responsible for killing and wounding hundreds in Las Vegas, Stephen Paddock, previously worked for a company that later become Lockheed Martin (NYSE:LMT).

        Lockheed Martin, the world’s largest defense contractor, said the retired Paddock was employed by a predecessor company about 30 years ago.“

        • “What evidence do you have to support your claim that he was “functionally deranged” and “mentally ill”?”

          I’ll go out on a limb and present Exhibit A: He’s a mass murderer.

        • “I’ll go out on a limb and present Exhibit A: He’s a mass murderer.“

          So murderers are mentally ill, not evil criminals or New World order globalist assassins.

          Good, I think we’re making progress toward reality here.

        • I have no idea if he was affiliated with any organization. People draw conclusions based on the available evidence. That’s the problem. You think you have all of the available evidence, but I guarantee you don’t.

          Here’s what I do know. The FBI doesn’t always give us information to inform us. They give us information to push a narrative. That is a verifiable fact. It’s also a fact that they are routinely caught over-classifying information. They don’t do that to protect sources and methods. They do it to protect themselves and to push a narrative. Knowing that, it’s completely understandable that people are skeptical of anything the FBI says.

          Guess what they’ve also been caught doing? They push people to commit crimes. Then they step in to save the day from the crime they developed. That’s another verifiable fact. Is it any wonder that conspiracy theories pop up in odd cases like this one? (No)

    • As happened in Newtown we’ll NEVER know the real truth…kinda like stumbling into Asian wars.

      • “As happened in Newtown we’ll NEVER know the real truth… “

        If you know the ‘truth’, you really should share it with Alex Jones about now.

  7. Lots of terrorist groups come out of the woodwork and claim to be behind attacks. The group who actually did it wants to get their due credit. “We did X because we want Y.” Their agent will make it clear who they represent, or the true org will have specific details. The terrorist doesn’t try to hide their connections and motive. This still seems like a lone nut to me.

  8. I’m not aware of any false claims by ISIS. Maybe the Mandalay Bay episode was the first false claim, or maybe it wasn’t false at all.

  9. Well, since Islam seems to officially be known as the “religion of peace and respect” by the Feds, we can’t put forth anything that might refute the company policy, or might lead to the general public questioning their rulers, since the borders have been left wide open by them.

    This event has stunk from the first reporting. It never made sense via lack of motivation and the players, including the alleged shooter’s Islamic wife and the whacko who helped load everything in through the back freight elevator are also bogus. I also pity the Clarke Co sheriff- the feds made life miserable for him- must’ve leveraged tremendous pressure on him and dept not to investigate

  10. 99% of mass shooters are mentally ill sh*theads, and I DONT believe in Alex Jones level conspiracy theories.

    But there was always something missing with the Mandalay shooter, it didn’t make sense.

    1- No, millionaires don’t do mass shootings. Early motives were he was “bored” with life or similar. Total BS.

    2- The audio is a burst-fire style pattern from a real machine gun. Not a bump stock. Someone gave this guy an m240 and at least told him how to shoot it the right way.

    It wasn’t ISIS. FBI is just looking for a scapegoat because they have zero clue.

    • I agree with you. I don’t follow any of the Alex jones theories about mass shootings. But this one seemed different in so many ways. When I first heard the audio of this one I thought whoever it was had an actual open bolt, belt fed MG. The bump stock explanation never did it for me.

      Then there was all the sudden his motive is this huge “mystery” and remains so to this day, and then the whole event gets buried.

      I’ve personally always thought it was political at a minimum. This guy shot up a country music festival. Who goes to country music festivals? If this guy shot up a gay pride event there would be *no question* to his motivation.

    • “The audio is a burst-fire style pattern from a real machine gun. Not a bump stock”

      Even if you’re going with the strange assumption that someone put him up to it, why would they have given him an extremely highly regulated weapon when he had access to a stash of ordinary ones that work just as well? Saying he had some secret real machine gun that got *magicked* in and out of the room is a truly dumb argument any way you slice it.

      • Because they don’t “work just as well”, and if you’d ever handled a bumpstock and a belt fed, full auto you wouldn’t post stupid sh*t takes like that. That’s what stinks to high heaven about this event, is those of us who are familiar with belt fed weapons laughed when they told us “iT waS bUmPstOckS!!1!1” , and then found out they expected us to believe that, when the audio is way too even and regular to be a semi auto. Whatever happened, they are doing their damndest to make sure we don’t find out.

        • You have no idea what you’re talking about, to the point that you apparently didn’t even listen to the actual audio. It was uneven exactly like bump firing.

    • “The audio is a burst-fire style pattern from a real machine gun“

      So you hear the rounds in a series of three round bursts? That’s not what I hear, I hear an individual attempting bump fire with varying degrees of success.

  11. FBI is universally scum. Disband them immediately.
    There are no ‘good’ agents. Traitors & cowards, every damn one.

  12. “On Monday the Supreme Court of the United State (SCOTUS) vacated a lower court ruling that upheld Massachusetts’ handgun restrictions and licensing requirements.”

  13. Once again Boch comes through with wild racist and anti-muslim accusations which fire up the Radical Far Rights hatreds of anyone and any religion and any race not like their own. If there is any difference between Capitalvania’s Far Right Fanatics and Hitler’s Jack Booted Storm Troopers I have never been able to see it. They are all one and the same and believe in the same racist garbage ideology. The FBI has declared the Far Right the most dangerous group in the U.S. and they certainly proved this on Jan. 6th when they stormed the Capitol and tried to form a one party state with Herr Drumpf appointed Der Fuhrer for life.

    Steven Paddocks records were studied by law enforcement. He had no connection to ISIS rather he was just another deranged psychopath that wanted to kill as many people with an assault rifle before he killed himself.

    And the Orlando Night Club killer was not under any control by foreign radical muslims sects rather it was his own mental illness and fanatical religious beliefs no different than that the Radical Far Rights Christian religious beliefs in Capitalvania.

    • Yes, link a spurious publication that has the same credibility as Sergey Lavrov. Proves nothing.

      Stormed the Capitol to topple the government, with no weapons of note. That’s rich. Either it’s not what you say it is, or the most brain dead attempted insurrection ever, kinda like if you planned it yourself, eh stupid?

      I wonder for what purpose you seemingly ignore BernLewtMurda and AntiPanties doing the same a few years earlier? No railing against that, even though it was literally the same thing. Seems a little unbalanced right? Hmm, same as your unhinged rants, don’t you think?

  14. Remember, the government wants to infringe law abiding citizens second amendment right because:

    1. An ISIS terrorist planned and executed an attack.
    2. Criminals use guns
    3. mental health issue mass/school shooters use guns

    Its not good for the anti-gun narrative that it was a terrorist attack. Its the gun that done it all by its self.

  15. Wake up and smell the coffee. Any time you kill a bunch of Americans I’m sure ISIS counts that as a win. Especially country music fans, mostly white Christians. If you’re a commie wanting to take US you want all of our guns. China is the big winner in Ukraine. US expends it’s weapons on Russia, Russia gets ass whooped in Ukraine, what stops China? Nothing Biden does
    makes sense thinking of it from the view of someone who wants the best for America. Makes perfect sense if you take the perspective of a Chinese traitor. Trump is no friend to China. US was getting too powerful under Trump. China decided to throw the election start ops against US. Who else would try to pull off 1 world government?

    • “US was getting too powerful under Trump”

      Oh you’re killing me, that’s just hilarious!

  16. Why has the name of the shooter been REDACTED? His name was STEPHEN PADDOCK an is in the Public Domain .
    THere has never been any evidence thatvthis mass shoting was other than the work of a single manand the rumours of any connection with ISIL/DAESH are justvbthat romours and not supported with any evidence – the word of a single EX-FBI AGent [if such he be] against all the availble evidence is irrelevant so why mention it?
    Even if there was a connection with a terrorist group it does NOT alter the fact that STEPHEN PADDOCK was LEGALLY able to purchase numerous .227/ 5.56mm semi-auto matic rifles and thousands of rounds of ammunition-he even managed to get his hands on TRACER and during his shooting spree using 100 round magazines he used over 1000 traceable rounds plus a unknown number that could not be traced. He had in his hotel room fifteen fire arms or moere. Surely if he had had terrorist connections they would have joined him in his shooting spree! .
    In the aftermath a UK ARMY UNARMED PRIVATE on HOLIDAY nearby was awarded a braverey award for exposing himslf to fire when taking numerous pepole to safety and out of the firing line

    • Because if you don’t mention the perpetrator’s name, they don’t have any infamy associated with the event.

      Damnatio Memori.

      Were you born ignorant and stupid or did all the “square bashing” lower your IQ to that of an unquestioning automaton?

    • Albert, we redact names of these people to reduce the celebrity of notoriety. Givig them press and keeping the name in the news motivates others who want infamy. If you are as intelligent as you say, you understand the psychology.

      His ammunition supply is minor. Many of us here have a larger supply and we are not committing crimes. I even have .303 ammo. Haven’t owned a .303 in years.

      Having firearms or ammo, no matter the amount does not determine that someone will commit crime. Just as someone who has thousands of stamps doesn’t mean they will be sending mail bombs.

      • Despite Prince among kings Albert’s assertions of being a RAF armorer and a TA instructor (Territorial Army, reservists), he probably thinks a thousand rounds of ammunition needs a 5t truck to move it and a warehouse to store it.

        I physically carried a crate of .303 HXP from the shop to my car several blocks away. It weighed nearly 100lbs but was doable.

        1000 rounds would probably last my son and I about 4 months with our competition schedule.

      • “Having firearms or ammo, no matter the amount does not determine that someone will commit crime“

        You are absolutely correct.

        However, having firearms will indeed allow a criminal to commit much more serious and heinous crimes with relative ease.

        • So. Everybody is guilty and cannot prove themselves innocent? So very Fascist of you miner. None of us can be trusted with firearms, right.

        • Miner I can go to home depot and create a true wmd on the cheap and create more casualties than I can with a firearm of any type. Easy peasey and doesn’t take a degree in chemical engineering to do so.

          I could go to your home and likely find the ingredients to make a device that would make a mass casualty event with little fuss.

          Does that make either of us guilty for having the ability or possession of these things?

        • I’ll give you a clue. There are reasons why containers of chlorine bleach and ammonia have warnings NOT to be mixed with the other.

    • Once again, wishing my cousins in Belfast would have had you on their “list”during The Troubles..except that we all know you are not English. You are a Troll. And a bad one at that.

    • It may stun you, there is nothing special about “TRACERS” perfectly legal to own and shoot in my state, except during fire season!!!!

  17. Bullsht, it was an Elf Bee Eye operation from the git go.
    Let’s blame ISIS, we should, after all an Elf Bee Eye whistle blower said it was ISIS.

  18. GENIUS
    so it was isis the whole time
    that was trying to get:
    1 bumpstocks banned
    2 high capacity magazines banned
    3 ar15s banned
    4 high powered scoped rifles banned
    5 tannerite banned
    i highly doubt it
    and i highly doubt its just a coincidence
    that this theory about the las vegas shooting
    comes out
    right on the heels
    of the scotus refusing to hear
    the bumpstock ban case

  19. Redacting Las Vegas shooter Steven Paddock’s name because he was “Jewish” (and a Democrat) is abhorrent.

    • “he was “Jewish” (and a Democrat)“

      Really, I’ve never heard of tribe paddock.
      Was that one of the 10 lost tribes?

      And what leads you to make the claim he was a Democrat?

  20. No idea if that jerk-off was ISIS, a Communist terrorist or just a whack-job off his meds. Unfortunately, I won’t believe anything the Stasi…err FBI states either. They are a wholly owned subsidiary of the leftists now. They have zero credibility and apparently not a lot of competence either.

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