ATN Corp’s New Products for 2020 Include Thermal Monocular, Thermal Clip-On Sight

17 Take a look at the innovative optics coming to market from ATN Corp, who's leading the way in affordable thermal rifle scopes with night vision, smart HD recording, and a multitude of other capabilities. Each...

XS Sights Easy DIY Glock Installation – DXT2 & RAM Night Sights

By XS Sights Glock sights are among the easiest pistol sights to change out and are one of the first upgrades people make to their pistols. You don't need an expensive sight pusher tool or...
Ultradyne C2 flip-up sights

Ultradyne’s New C2 Flip-Up and Offset Iron Sights Are Here!

You know Ultradyne for their precision-machined flip up iron sights that give you the option of different apertures on both the the rear sight and the front sight post. Now Ultradyne has added to...

Save Big With the Election Season Sale and Huge 2A Giveaway

In a critical election year, being fully stocked is more important than ever. That's why is making it easier to afford the guns and gear you need and exercise your 2A Right to...
Texas Hog Hunting with a Ruger Super Blackhawk

Hunting Challenge: Texas Hogs With A Handgun

By David Parrish If you've ever sat around a campfire telling hunting stories, the subject of Texas hogs has probably come up. You've no doubt heard tell of both the fantastic and the failures involved...
Kali Key Bolt Action AR-15

Legislators and Candidates Take Aim at Our Nation’s Favorite Rifle

Fact: Mayors around the nation are cutting billions from law enforcement budgets. Fact: With thoroughly denigrated, defunded, and demoralized police forces, violent crime rates are soaring. Fact: Because of the deficit in community safety,...

Relentless Speed: The Leupold DeltaPoint Pro

Leupold's DeltaPoint Pro is an optic designed for those who don't just demand speed, but depend on it. Its soul speaks to tactical operators and self-defense practitioners, while its attributes also make it perfect for...

Aguila Minishells Are Too Versatile for You to Ignore

The Aguila family of Minishell ammo--available in 7 1/2, buckshot and slugs--is ready for the spotlight. There's something you ought to know, but we'll cut you some slack if you don't. Aguila Ammunition has made...

The Buy and Sell Marketplace for Used Guns Just Got a Whole Lot Better

You know your gun infatuation can lead to a lot of enjoyment, but when you're trying to find what's best for you, there's no denying there can be headaches. There's so much to choose...

DriFire Laser Firearm Training System Lets You Improve Your Shooting Affordably at Home

Getting to the range takes time, effort and money. Those are things lots of gun owners don't have nearly enough of. So if you can't get to the range as often as you'd like,...
Lansky Sharpener

4 Reasons This New Lansky Sharpener is Just What Your Knife Needs

Lansky Sharpeners and their new D-Sharp Diamond Multi-Angle Sharpener brings reliability to an essential job. There's no time like the present to remind yourself of the Golden Rule when it comes to owning a knife:...
Springfield Armory Hellcat 9mm

Springfield Armory Hellcat: First Impressions

By Daniel Shaw As you undoubtedly know already, the Hellcat "micro-compact" is the latest release from Springfield Armory. To get a good first impression before a high round count review that will come later, I...