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Lansky Sharpeners and their new D-Sharp Diamond Multi-Angle Sharpener brings reliability to an essential job.

There’s no time like the present to remind yourself of the Golden Rule when it comes to owning a knife: Keeping it sharp is of utmost importance.

You already know that, but are you following through with the notion? Lansky Sharpeners is doing their part to make it easy, accessible, and practical to maintain an edge.

In other words, the new D-Sharp leaves you no excuses.

Recently launched as the latest pocket-sized model in Lansky’s SHARP line, the D-Sharp uses 600-grit diamond surfaces in four different angles. The tool features 17-, 20-, 25-, and 30-degree angles, giving you a wide range of sharpening and repairing options any time you need them.

Lansky Sharpener

Here are the four biggest reasons we think the D-Sharp ought to be in every knife owner’s pocket.

1. Versatility

No matter what kind of knife you’re trying to sharpen, the D-Sharp’s angles will apply and the diamond surface will do the job. Fixed blades for outdoor applications, everyday carry blades, small pocket knives, kitchen cutlery, and even serrated knives can all be easily sharpened with the D-Sharp.

Aside from the four diamond angles, there’s an 800-grit ceramic Benchstone to help finish things off. It’s the Benchstone that takes care of serrated blades, and the D-Sharp is entirely compatible with Lansky’s Controlled-Angle Systems and Turn Boxes.

Lansky Sharpener

The operation is simple and the end result is easy to come by; you’ll get a sharp knife without a huge ordeal, time and time again.

2. Small Stature, Big Difference

The D-Sharp takes up so little room and weighs such a small amount, that there’s no good reason to exclude it from your camping pack, hunting gear, or utility toolbox.

The sharpener is 4.3 inches long, 1.4 inches wide, and just a half inch thick. At only 3.8 ounces, it’s no bigger than it needs to be, but is ready to take on a large responsibility.

Other companies have come out with portable sharpeners, but Lansky has made such great use of the size, shape, and design of the D-Sharp that it stands out at the front of the pack.

That’s the sort of ingenuity we love to see in outdoor, wilderness, and survival gear. Nothing’s wasted, and it’s easy to see the D-Sharp becoming an integral part of your gear collection.

3. Durability

What good would a pocket-sized knife sharpener be if it couldn’t hold itself together?

The D-Sharp is constructed of a tough, impact-resistant metal that can take a beating if need be. It’s not made of some cheap plastic that won’t last, and it doesn’t require a carrying case or soft, cushy surroundings when it’s stuffed in a pack.

There’s no time need to set it up or moving parts to cause issues, meaning it’ll be ready to go when you need it for years to come.

4. Continued Expertise

The main reason you can trust and rely on the new D-Sharp is because of Lansky’s reputation. They’ve continued developing innovative ways to add to their sharpener catalog, creating a collection of the best there is.

Lansky Sharpener

Outdoorsmen should know the name by heart, and take notice of the legacy Lansky is building. Establishing trust takes time and experience, two things Lansky’s nearly perfected.

With intuitive new gear like the D-Sharp making its debut, that’s never been more obvious.

Want more reasons to persuade you that the D-Sharp is a worthy addition to your new gear wish list? Check out Lansky’s website for all the information you could ever need on this and more from the most recognized name in knife sharpening.

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