Wants to Buy Your Used Guns!

Do you have guns you don’t shoot any more, guns that are just taking up space in your safe? Would you like to sell a gun or two to finance the purchase of a new one you’ve had your eye on? Looking to sell a collection of firearms? No problem, you can easily submit your collection to […]

Legislators and Candidates Take Aim at Our Nation’s Favorite Rifle

Fact: Mayors around the nation are cutting billions from law enforcement budgets. Fact: With thoroughly denigrated, defunded, and demoralized police forces, violent crime rates are soaring. Fact: Because of the deficit in community safety, legal gun ownership has hit record numbers in 2020. Fact: Politicians are openly endorsing the confiscation and banning of lawfully purchased […]

The Compact, Integrally Suppressed KelTec SUB CQB Gives You Quiet, Concealable Personal Defense Options

Now more than ever, it’s important to have a portable, powerful personal defense weapon you can take with you wherever you go. That’s why the versatile KelTec SUB CQB pistol caliber carbine is the right gun when personal defense is job one. Like its popular older brother, the KelTec Sub2000, the integrally suppressed SUB CQB […]

Kimber’s Rapide Black Ice 1911 Gives You Custom Looks and Performance That’s Well Within Reach

The first thing you notice about Kimber’s striking Rapide Black Ice is how good — and fast — it looks. The stair-stepped slide serrations, graduated lightening cuts, multi-textured G10 grips, and uniquely skeletonized trigger make this a pistol that will stand out at the range. But you won’t truly appreciate the Rapide Black Ice until […]