Ultradyne C2 flip-up sights

You know Ultradyne for their precision-machined flip up iron sights that give you the option of different apertures on both the the rear sight and the front sight post. Now Ultradyne has added to their lineup with the new C2 flip-up and offset sight options.

The C2 flip-up iron sights provide maximum strength from their stainless steel and aluminum construction in a light, foldable package.

Ultradyne C2 offset 45 degree sights

And Ultradyne’s new C2 offset sights give shooters an ideal alternative to the magnified optic on their AR platform rifle for close quarters shooting.

Ultradyne C2 flip-up sights

All C2 front sights feature windage adjustments and your option of a 12 MOA aperture post or a blade that can be rotated and used as either a thick or thin post option. There’s also an easy front sight elevation adjustment dial.

Ultradyne C2 flip-up sights

Rear sights feature Ultradyne’s precision interchangeable rear sight apertures with a standard .070 aperture/ghost ring and the option for a .050 aperture. These apertures can be stored in the side of the windage knob so you’ll never lose them.

Like their bigger brother C4 sights, the new US-made Ultradyne C2 sights are hard anodized and given a durable Nitride finish coat to protect against the elements.


You can buy C2 sights either singly — front or rear — or in convenient combo packs. Best of all, they’re priced affordably so you can get Ultradyne build quality and precision at a pocket-friendly price. Check out Ultradyne’s new C2 flip-up and offset iron sights at ultradyne.com.