With the introduction of the K6s DASA Combat, Kimber took the next logical step in the development of the perfect revolver for recreational, target shooting, home defense and concealed carry. The 4-inch barrel on the compact K6s frame makes the K6s DASA Combat one of the most versatile, concealable and accurate wheel guns you can buy.

The K6s DASA Combat features the same long, accuracy-enhancing sight radius as the K6s DASA Target, but with lower profile three-dot sights that won’t snag on the draw.

Chambered for .357 Magnum and .38 Special, the K6s DASA Combat has the slimmest 6-round cylinder available. That gives you more capacity in a smaller, more concealable package for easy carrying. All the edges on the revolver’s brushed stainless steel frame have been rounded to ensure a smooth draw every time.

The K6s DASA Combat features Kimber’s acclaimed K6s trigger. That gives you a revolver with an advanced double-action trigger with a short, smooth, no-stack pull. Trigger pull weight is 9.5 to 11.5 pounds in double action and a light 3.25 – 4.25 pounds in single action.

The attractive stainless steel K6s DASA Combat features a comfortable, checkered walnut laminate grip with finger grooves and backstrap serrations for a sure, three-finger grip.

Whatever application you need a revolver for — concealed carry, home defense, or all-around fun — check out the Kimber K6s DASA Combat in .357/.38 at a retailer near you and prepare to be impressed.