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Chicago’s long descent into a lawless hell-hole continues apace. The latest evidence is a robbery crew that relieved a 33-year-old ATF agent of “his valuables” at 2:22a.m. this morning. It happened downtown on the formerly “Magnificent Mile.” You know, the part of town that used to be one of the nicest parts of a cosmopolitan modern city. Today it’s a crime-ridden cesspool.

The apparently situationally unaware agent found himself among plenty of company as robbery crews hit a number of victims last night as they do almost every day and night these days. This is, of course, encouraged by the Chicago Police Department’s “no pursuit” policy.

The CPD’s stance is consistent with new Mayor Brandon Johnson’s philosophy of expressing compassion and understanding for criminals. On Wednesday he defending his feckless response to the city’s exploding crime rate by announcing that, “My administration is different.

Chicago voters had a choice earlier this year between a candidate for mayor who promised to do something about the city’s hellish crime problem and one who promised to continue to re-think criminal justice. Now the city is getting what they asked for.

CWB Chicago has the story of the ATF agent’s taste of Chicago’s “culture” . . .

At least two vehicles loaded with armed men were actively robbing people downtown and on the North and West sides from late Wednesday into this morning.

On the Mag Mile, a 33-year-old man who identified himself as a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) agent was robbed at gunpoint in the 900 block of North Michigan around 2:22 a.m.

He told police that two men got out of a dark SUV with handguns and took his valuables. They tossed his badge on the ground before fleeing westbound on Delaware, the man reported.

No word as to whether they took his gun. What are the odds?

Reading a story like this, I want to root for the federal LEO. Then I remember how the BATF is abusing dealers, revoking licenses, and “convincing” hundreds more to relinquish their licenses following so-called “compliance” inspections where even the most trivial paperwork error can bring out the F-Troop fully kitted out in their SWAT gear.

It wasn’t all bad news as the CWB Chicago finished its story with this . . .

In modestly better news, a stolen car used in a host of armed robberies earlier this week crashed as Illinois State Police troopers pursued it in Bronzeville on Wednesday evening.

At least two people were arrested after the Kia SUV slammed into a utility pole.

As CWBChicago reported yesterday, Chicago cops spotted the Kia while it was being used in an active robbery spree early Wednesday, but CPD supervisors ordered officers not to engage with the vehicle.

It took the Illinois State Police to actually apprehend the bad guys after Chicago Police brass ordered cops not to chase the armed robbers who had just crashed their stolen getaway vehicle. Is there any mystery as to why Chicago is where they are now?

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  1. You cannot have a decent city with a dem admin. Period.

    And before anybody chimes in with that tired crap ‘You get what you vote for’, how do we know the votes are being counted? It’s a dem admin. Corruption is business as usual for them.

    • The way they always go despot paranoid by surrounding themselves with guards and going after perceived enemies you have to figure they know they weren’t elected. If you’re so popular and we’ll liked why all the paranoia?

      • Shire – if I read the report correctly da new mayor has a contingent of 149 CPD officers assigned to his protection detail. Meanwhile us mere mortals have exactly ONE person for our personal detail………………

    • The Democrats have the city electoral districts gerrymandered to hell and back. The only way they could lose an election is if they wanted to lose the election.

    • Becarful you sound like President Trump and his supporters calling out government corruption. You get what you voted for. Still stands.

      “We” hold people accountable in a real free society. Right now the “libertarians” celebrate their great Colorado governor. A “libertarian” they say. They will only ensure you receive legal Butt sex and drugs. They are only about “the easy” things. They like the Democrats have become the providers for the “Bread and Circuses”.

      Founding father John Adams said only a religious people could keep our form of government going. And the atheist rejected that advice. So now look at how our major cities are devolving.

      What little religious faith that is left resides mostly in conservatives. And those people live mostly in the counties. Not the cities. The church was replaced by the Welfare Iindustrial Complex in the major cities. And the welfare state is the tool of the atheist.

      And it’s the more rural states that have passed permitless carry.

      I hope who ever attends orgies, I who they are well attended. I just want my civil rights back. I’m not going to trade them for STD sex and drugs. Like so many people have.

      A government criminal vs a civilian criminal will only cancel each other out. City cops do get robbed all the time. So why not the federal cops as well.

      Besides we are told there are to many people being locked up.

      • You’re in danger of being a 1 trick pony like debbiew., Chris. Freedom means the right to carry a gun. Or do drugs or engage in sex that bible thumpers do not approve of. Or any of the above. Willing, consenting adults do not need hall monitors.

        • The people who want the government to give them “free” condoms “free” HIV/AIDS treatment, “free” Needles, they really don’t believe in freedom. No matter how often or how loud they say it.

          But they do believe in having a good time. While others pay for it.

          Now I shall ride off into the sunset.

        • To jwm
          Those “hall monitors” come with the federal money spent on education. Used to monitor, control, and now shut down hunter education and archery programs in schools.

          Something that President Eisenhower warned everyone about in his final address to the nation. Unfortunately far too many people are concerned about what the Raytheon corporation does.

    • “Republicans claim Democrats can’t keep us safe – crime data disagrees
      Studies show that states with higher murder rates are those that vote red even as conservatives stoke fear about crime
      Chris Stein
      Fri 30 Jun 2023 06.00 EDT”

      “Republican Cities That Have Higher Crime Rates Than New York

      BY ANDREW STANTON ON 4/17/23 AT 6:01 PM EDT
      Many GOP-led cities reported a high crime rate than New York during that same year.

      Oklahoma City, for instance, reported 11.92 murders, 627 violent crimes and 3,716 property crimes for every 100,000 residents, according to crime data compiled by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI).

      Miami had 10.68 murders, 615 violent crimes and 3,044 property crimes per capita.

      Other GOP-led cities with higher murder rates than New York in 2021 include Jacksonville, Florida; Fresno, California; Omaha, Nebraska; Colorado Springs, Colorado and Tulsa, Oklahoma. Fort Worth had a lower rate of murders than New York but experienced other crimes at a higher rate.“

      • “Studies show that states with higher murder rates are those that vote red even as conservatives stoke fear about crime.”

        A lie, Liar69er. Studies show that blue cities are the most dangerous places inside of red and blue states:

        As of June 2022, the top three cities with the highest homicide rates include Chicago, with 304 homicides; Philadelphia, with 240 homicides; and New York, with 197 homicides, the report said.

        The report also highlighted that 27 28 of the top 30 cities with the highest murder rates as of June 2022 were run by Democratic mayors, except for Lexington, Kentucky, and Jacksonville, Florida, which are run by Republican mayors, and Las Vegas, which has an independent mayor.

        “Many GOP-led cities reported a high crime rate than New York during that same year.”

        And so did other Democratic cities.

        Chicago, for instance, experienced nearly 30 murders per capita in 2021, while Houston saw more than 20 homicides for every 100,000 residents. Los Angeles, the second largest city in the United States, had roughly 10 murders per capita.

    • The Democrat’s only have 3 planks in their platform: Lies, Cheating, and Hypocrisy. I think they are allowing crime because they are profiting from it.

    • Absolutely on target, no pun intended. I get so fed up with these fake republican survey’s which are merely requests for more donations. They NEVER read the survey’s. But just for the hell of it I often reply ,without donating. Why throw money at the republican failed policy’s? My usual response is ‘FIX THE ELECTION SYSTEM’. All other problems would be curtailed or eradicated if we have honest elections. We watched the democrats call for recounts after recounts until five of them, they knew it was lost so they magically found a big box of uncounted votes weeks later in a small red car of a liberal ‘poll watcher’. That finally put al franken into the senate seat of IL. No one ever verified the voter ballots of any of the recounts. Like I said, for years, if we want to fix our problems, start with fixing the voting system. Why are our honest citizens being played as fools & fodder and losing their Constitutional rights?

    • Speaking of best outcomes, here’s today’s feel-good story of actual justice being meted out. Currently top-pinned story on ZH. Scroll down to view the two vids taken by the narrator…one during the beatdown, and the next one a moment later. Watch both in their entirety to get the full glorious experience…they’re short, but so well worth it. This is what logically happens when business owners finally get fed up with lack of action by cops and D.A.s in Dem-run Leftist cities.

      “Try that in a small town…”

  2. And for the record. I was rooting for MAD. A pile of bodies in the street. None involved were clean.

    • We should all care. Dirtbags breeding more dirtbags, the population has to spill out of the city. Shitcagoans can turn up anywhere in the country, just like California liberals.

    • Would make an interesting streamed reality show with commentary like in Mere cat Manor.

  3. Poetic justice. These are the people they should be taking guns from not law-abiding FFL dealers and law-abiding citizens. Should also point out to them how vulnerable they are as well with or without their uniforms. They should be spending a great deal more time with these types of people than the issues they are consumed with to confiscate firearms from the Law Abiding. Personally, I wouldn’t want to be making 200 million firearm owners angry. Just think of the outcome if they all decided to do what the robber gangs do?

  4. Ahh, the joys of democracy. The people of Chicago are getting what they voted for, and I, for one, couldn’t be happier for them. It’s clear that more voters identify themselves with the criminals than with the victims. So be it.

  5. Am I the only one hoping that if his carry gun got stolen it winds up with a switch on it for the irony?

    They were so busy with the brace and bump stock owners they forgot about the real criminals. Whoops.

    • Will F-Troop conduct a weaponized inspection of the gang’s firearm storage and paperwork?

  6. It is almost like the ATF should be going after felons with guns instead of chasing paperwork mistakes at FFLs.

  7. —why would they throw the ‘shield’ on the ground. one would think that it would prove as some sort of token. it would not have to be carried with the perp,–nail it to a wall somewhere–

    • nail it to a wall?

      nah…nail it to his forehead to give him something to remember every time he looks in the mirror.

    • Yeah this “news” was trumpeted loudly on the local “newz”. Stasi got whooped by homie. Dig it dims. A shame what’s happening to a once great city🙄 At least the Cubs are contenders(36 runs in the last 2 games).

  8. I’m less charitable than the author. to steal a line from the movie INDEPENDENCE DAY, I am very disappointed that the armed robbery crew didn’t abuse the make BATFE agent, sexually.

    • A special kind of POS to defend Joey Obiden just because he is the faux elected POTUS/head of your party.

      What happened to “it’s not the crime it’s the coverup”?

  9. Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson TRIGGERED After Reporters Call Black Teens Destroying The City A ‘Mob’

    • You can’t make up how disengenuous these mother fuckers are. KMA Debbie if you have a problem with my foul mouth. I hate these people, they are evil.

    • @40cal

      Thank you for posting this…however, I could not make it past the 3:00 mark. The condescending smirk that kept surfacing while he was talking and correcting people about their usage of “inappropriate words” was enough to turn my stomach.

      • Yeah, I understand.

        Blue cities, for example, Chicago, are the dystopian future these ‘progressives’ want the rest of the country to look like, for example; A dystopian future where the criminal rules the streets, the ‘police force’ is a ‘place holder agency’ used to protect the city ruler but can’t pursue criminals even when they have them in sight. A place where the ‘mayor’ is no longer a public servant but rather a ruler who can tell citizens what they can or can not say or do and citizens are not permitted to protect their-selves without fear of being placed in prison. A place where pedophiles and rapist and gangs and drug dealers run rampant in and around schools and communities. A place where ‘homeless migrants’ flood communities bringing more crime and drugs because its a ‘virtue signalling sanctuary city’. A place where constitutional rights exist as only some words on paper. But this would only be the beginning, it gets worse.

  10. I’m not a city lover, but I have to say that I was able to tolerate visiting Millennium Park and area a few times several years ago. The train ride in from the East Chicago station was always pleasant. One of the downtown streets even has my mom’s maiden name! Her cousins loved that photo. I never felt the need to bump up from Condition Yellow, but granted, we were there during the day. Sad.

  11. Should the criminals end up in jail? Yes. But it’s Chiraq, so that won’t happen anyway.
    As for the ATF agent, he got a taste of what he does to ordinary citizens that merely follow the constitution as written, word by word. A constitution he swore an oath to protect, just to kick it with his smelly feet, mind you. You have all these tyrannical gun laws, your even more tyrannical LEOSA exceptions, yet the criminals still got you because you failure of a “police officer” spend all of your time hunting law abiding people, not hardened criminals. Now you encountered one, and lost. Hope your mom is proud of you, because God and your country aren’t.


  13. It would be awesome if this ATF agent had an epiphany as to one of the reasons the 2nd Amendment exists. Not holding my breath though.

  14. BREAKING–ATF PANICKING: DOJ Files “Whiny” Brief to Supreme Court Begging it to Overlook Federal Law.

  15. I thought they gave each other professional courtesy. Like the reason why sharks don’t eat lawyers.

  16. I smell another “Fast & Furious” event a-comin’, no way those homies overlooked the FEEBs gat when patting him down for valuables.

    • They probably took his gun, criminals collect guns that have been in ATF possession. For example, thousands of guns the ATF signed off on as having been destroyed later turned up on the streets and at crime scenes and in fact almost 90% of the guns found at crime scenes and taken from criminals in 2021 and 2022 were those guns the ATF had signed off on as having been destroyed and the ATF called them ‘ghost guns’ in their numbers of traces to the tune of almost a half a million guns. Plus there are thousands more that were stolen from the ATF through an inside job and they have turned up on the streets too. The ATF, the largest single supplier of crime guns inside the US in American history.

  17. The Republicans have failed to provide

    Sane gun laws to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and lunatics by failing to register guns, pass Universal Background checks and safe storage laws and red flag laws on the Federal Level.

    Refused adequate funding for Job retraining

    Refused to pass bills for Affordable College

    Affordable vocational training

    Failed to provide funds for adequate child day care for working women

    Refused to provide adequate funds for after school programs

    Refused to raise teachers salaries

    Refused to supply Teachers with adequate teaching tools forcing teachers sometimes to spend their own money (simply outrageous).

    Refused to stop the sending of high paying blue collar jobs overseas.

    Inadequately funded prison release programs that prepare prisoners to assimilate into society.

    Eliminated training for concealed carry permits which sent road rage and other senseless shootings to ever higher levels.

      • As long as he’s free he can refuse his meds. He needs to be in an institution where he can be properly supervised.

        No good will come of him walking the streets.

    • MADDMAXX August 4, 2023 At 19:21
      Your comment is awaiting moderation
      One day you’ll wake up and come to the realization that neither side of the isle wants “real gun-control” legislation or a resolution to any of the other items you’ve listed… Guns are the bread and butter of the political class, every time a shooting occurs at a school or a local shopping center, they ALL run to the nearest TV camera and start blaming guns, gun-owners and the “other side”… Fact is neither side has made ANY realistic attempt to stop those insane attacks and they’ve done even less to reign in the bloodshed in the inner cities… They don’t care, Democrats have held majorities in both houses more than twice as often as Republicans in the last century, so why didn’t THEY do something about all the items on your list? Put down the Kool Aid, take a deep breath and get a grip on reality… Meanwhile the leader of the free world left a week-long vacation at his beach front mansion in Rehoboth to travel to his Mansion in Wilmington DE for a weekend vacation… I’d love a part time job that pays over 400 grand a year…

      Another “mystery” moderation?

    • Refused to raise teachers salaries
      You must be COMPLETELY illiterate about the compensation of teachers in Chicago, the highest paid in the nation and JB just gave them another 19% raise and a $1,200 bonus to cover the costs of the next vote.

  18. If these brave freedom fighters were somehow brought to trial and I were somehow on the jury, jury nullification all the way.

  19. I think you can be situationally aware but still not have the advantage.
    Remember this is Chicago, you can be walking down a street when several cars loaded with people pop out guns in hand.
    I’ve been in a bad place once in Chicago, some might say where isn’t, turned out ok but sometimes your just outnumbered. I tend to try to completely avoid Chicago anymore.

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