When You Can’t Really Enjoy a Movie Without IDing Every Single Gun You See . . .

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    • Thank you — going into my bookmarks.

      I try to ID guns in movies and TV shows but I’m not very good at it.

    • Imfdb is remarkably good. From time to time I find something on there that I don’t think is correct but, so rarely that I can’t think of a good example.

  1. I usually get hoarse hollering at the prop master and directors for their idiotic portrayals of guns and gun handling!😄

    • At least they don’t show revolvers with tiny silencers shooting mouse fart loads any longer.

      • Two of my favorite pet peeves. Hollywood believes you can screw a silencer into the rifling in the pistol barrel and everything will work like magic.

        The other is Colt 1873’s in civil war movies and different variants of out of place winchester rifles in westerns.

        • Or postwar M1 carbines in WW2 movies.

          Admittedly it might have been what was available.

          The clue is wartime M1s didn’t have the sheet steel bayonet holder on the barrel.

          Cudos to Saving Private Ryan for getting that one correct.

        • Just watched an episode of “Combat’ and the post war carbine stood out.

          I wish I could turn it off at times.

    • … so, it’s not just me! Also, 60s thru 80s muscle cars, she usually just leaves after I say ” Hey, I had one exactly like that !! “… sometimes it works to my advantage if I don’t want distractions. (45th anniversary coming up in September, I’ll probably end up getting her new Jeep tires and she’ll pick me out a nice expensive necklace or something.)

    • Well maybe you have too many guns!
      That’s your wife talking, not me.
      I know you can never have too many.

  2. I just watched Extraction and Extraction 2. They went through guns so quickly I just sat back and enjoyed the action.

    • Fantastic flicks! Chris Hemsworth is sooo believable too! Yeah I do the gun ID thing. It’s hard in John Wick flicks as they have a lot of custom Taron Tactical stuff🙂

  3. Guess I’m not as “gun crazy” as they think I am… Can’t wait for the next “John Wyck” those mandated rubber guns should make for some very realistic action… But then there is no need to reload so shoot on killer…

    • “But then there is no need to reload so shoot on killer…”

      Wick reloads.

      His movies aren’t perfect on the gun action, but they’re damn sure better than most Hollywood…

  4. I do this, a lot, and my wife used to complain about it but, now, just rolls her eyes. I also, often, call out improper depictions of guns – the cocking hammer sound of a Glock, the multiple rackings of a slide with no ejection, shots in excess of magazine or cylinder capacity, etc. ad nauseam.

    • In “Open Range” Kevin Costner discharged 9 rounds in rapid succession fanning from a 6 shooter after he had shot the tall fellow for killing his friend and the dog.

      • Heroes aren’t pressed for time… most can steal a car in under ten seconds by reaching under the dash and sparking the blue and black pre-stripped wires together and driving off.

        • As a former auto industry associate, that was always one of my pet peeves when seen on a movie or TV show.

          That, and cars making screeching sounds — on dirt roads.
          And exploding into flames as soon as they run off the road.
          And setting cars on fire by sticking a burning rag into the gas filler neck.

        • How about 26 speed transmissions that make it to 18th or 20th gear while driving on a 30 mph city street with Bigblock Chevy soundtrack… in a Toyota Camry.

  5. 15 shots from a single action revolver. Firing a belt fed M-60 or MG-43 single handed like a pistol. Squealing tires on sand or gravel roads. Even diving through plate glass windows without a scratch. Using firearms not yet produced during the timeframe of the movie/tv show.
    There are reasons I seldom watch movies or so called action/drama tv shows.
    At least the cheesy kung-fu movies didn’t claim/try to be realistic.

    • And cars are not bulletproof. If someone empties an AR or AK into a sedan, ducking down is not going to protect the occupants. Yet, a shattered rear window or sideview mirror is the likely outcome.

      • Yeah, but they do all explode when you shoot the gas tank. That’s probably from all the sparks bullets make in real life.

        • My friends and I actually tested this, we had a used metal gas tank from wrecked 68 impala. Warm day in the high 80’s, Filled it with gas and no matter how many multi different caliber rounds, it did not ignite.

  6. I do those things. I also estimate range everywhere. “A 9mm would reach to there, a 7.62 will get to that point, the 81mm mortar will reach out and touch someone to there” ect ect ect.

  7. My main problem is the good guy never gets hit, even at extremely close range, and the good guy seems to have unlimited ammunition. James Bond movies come to mind. Im always like, “man, the evil boss man sure didn’t train his cronies very well”.

  8. A revolver with a silencer that only makes a very quiet and slight ‘piff’ sound when fired.

  9. I admit I’ve been caught up in this from time to time. Then I realize…It’s Hollywood. That means it might be real and it might not be. What your seeing might be a computer generated graphic that doesn’t exist or just a piece of plastic that amounts to nothing more than a childs toy. When it’s an older tv show or movie that was made before high definition, some of the props were just carved and painted pieces of wood.

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