Gun Tweet of the Day: James Patterson’s Deep, Unedited Thoughts on ‘Assault Weapons’

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If you don’t know who James Patterson his, he’s the best-selling author who, for some reason, agreed to put Bill Clinton’s name on some of his books as a co-author.

Let’s just say that it’s a good thing that someone at Hachette edits his manuscripts. Now that he’s in his dotage, he may want to pay someone to start editing his tweets, too.

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  1. Maybe his caretaker ought to tell him that “assault weapons” are not machine guns, and that it is a bill of rights, not needs.

    Actually, I have never read any of his books, so what do I know?

    • I’ve never read his stuff either, but to suggest the founding fathers were brilliant enough to create a revolutionary new government out of nothing, but not smart enough to anticipate technology would improve defensive firearms is an insult to their legacy.

      • Especially when they well knew of repeating weapons, some extant at the time and some in development. If ARs and AKs had been available you can bet your ass every militiaman would have had one.

      • Point well made. Our forefathers were certainly smart enough to figure out the main issue in gun control should be hitting the target accurately. They recognized that the gun is an inanimate object, incapable of independently making judgment about who to hit/kill. That’s why the Constitution was written. Our modern nitwits apparently forget that it takes a hand to make a firearm fire. A gun is incapable of firing of its own will.

    • All that he needs to sell to get on the list, Is 5000 in a single week. Which is nothing for most new books. Even put out by mediocre writers.

  2. Same reason Louise Penny put Hilldawgs name on one her books.

    Partisan Boomer Clout for a generation that’s half in the grave. And money. Always money.

  3. I have had an AR hanging on my wall with 40 rounds of frangibles hanging on my wall for 5 years, still hasn’t killed anyone. Must be defective!

    • Yep. Sure strange how that works! I have an Arsenal SAM7R (AK47) with a 40 round gizmo thingy stuffed in it and it has yet to grow legs, run off and commit an atrocious unspeakable act of violence and that’s not to forget a number of my ARs with big bullet holder things.

    • My sentiments exactly. When this gun control idea got started years ago, I tried an experiment. I loaded by 30=30 Marlin 336C with 5 rounds of ammo, stood it up in the corner and waited for it to fire of its own accord. After a few days (I was single then, living alone, so I didn’t have to worry about a child accessing the weapon), I came to realize that unless I put my finger in the trigger, it was NEVER going to fire. Principle true today still.

  4. “If you don’t know who James Patterson his, he’s the best-selling author who, for some reason, agreed to put Bill Clinton’s name on some of his books as a co-author.”

    Bill probably got him a ticket on the underage poontang express.

  5. My heart goes pittery pat pattery, pittery pat pattery
    I see you.
    Assualt Weapons, yessiree Bub, that’s what the Second Amendment is all about.
    Somewhere, somehow , someone, turned it into a hunting thing.
    Deer in Kevlar vest is not the reason The Right To Keep and Bear Arms is an Ammendment.

  6. Yea! My semi-auto MSR’s are machine guns now. Free machine guns without a tax stamp.


    Seriously, this guy is an idiot.

    “I’m 99.999% sure that Tom Jefferson, Ben Franklin, Washington, and the Adams boys did not”

    No, they didn’t at the time but they wanted one and tried to have them built, they called them, most times, ‘repeaters’. Ya need to check your history there bubba. here are a couple of vidoes to give you the ‘abridged’ but concise version.

    “Assault Weapons” Before the Second Amendment – Part 1.

      • and if this keeps up, before long we are gonna need our ‘assault weapons’ that are normal function semi-auto firearms using technology principals over a century old that originated with the desires of Tom Jefferson, Ben Franklin, Washington, and the Adams boys that they wanted (see above videos).

        So now suddenly you have turned our semi-auto rifles into ‘machine guns’ with a few stupid and ignorant words because you are too stupid to actually understand the difference and history.

        but back to my point….and if this keeps up, before long we are gonna need our ‘assault weapons’ thanks to your left wing idiots …and that ‘this’ is …

        • seriously, even X (AKA twitter) its self is even more stupid now for such ignorant misinformation and false as Patterson put out in his ‘tweet’.

  7. Ok, another rich white man who can afford private armed security. Doesn’t want me to have guns, OK next subject.

    • well, they did foresee left wing idiots and they gave us the second amendment to be used when it becomes necessary to oppose them when they try for their tyranny grab.

  8. I don’t need a machine gun…doesn’t change the fact that I would like to own one (or two) just for the grins and giggles.

    Mr. Patterson, for an author who has made millions from the lavish use of firearms in your Cops ‘n Criminals books, you have a rather cavalier attitude regarding my Second Amendment Rights.

    PS: there is NO manual safety on a Glock.

    • “there is NO manual safety on a Glock.”

      sure there is…trigger safety and the finger and brain, all three of which must be in ‘pull/squeeze trigger fire mode’ for the gun to fire.


      • Yeah, what he said… At least that’s how my Glock works… Not the only firearm produced without an external safety, I have three, only one is a Glock (my EDC) and it may or may not come as a surprise that none of them have ever experienced a negligent discharge and none of them have ever gone out on their own and shot someone, guess I raised them right…

        • As I’ve read elsewhere…

          “Ya just have ta’ keep ur booger hook off da bang switch…”

        • Frank, For your edification, a negligent discharge is WHERE the shooter is negligent, not the gun. I have a number of GLOCK psitols and none have ever fired on their own.

    • Need, I don’t need a machine gun.
      A lot of things I don’t need; but, I support the right(s) of others to own those things.
      Many stick their nose’s where they don’t belong.
      Not business what another good fellow legally owns and
      it is not of his business what I legally own……….period……

      • AR-15’s were being converted at a record rate back in the 80’s…it was so easy a lot of people didn’t even realize it was illegal….wonder how many of those are still around?….there was a debate about what to do with these guns…everything from putting them under the NFA…to doing nothing…doing nothing won…this probably was a factor in the Hughe’s amendment and the 90’s AWB…and the debate continues…

  9. We must ban james patterson’s vehicles because only the police and military should have motorized vehicles…According to james’ wisdom on firearms the founders never envisioned commoners having more than horse drawn carts. Nonetheless I can envision james begging for an “assault weapon” should he be cornered by a perp fixing to carve him up.
    Kamikaze on 4 wheels…j

  10. A mediocre author trying to elevate his writing and mental status to that of the founding fathers? Now that is hilarious. I dare say, Patterson would never be able to read, much less decipher and comprehend what the founding fathers wrote. How we write today is utter crap in comparison. Do not believe me? Try sitting down and reading the Constitution and Bill of Rights there Mr. Patterson. It might stretch what bit of brain you think you possess. But hey, you can join writer Stephen King in the “authors whose novels I will never buy” department. Not like I ever did before, mind you…

  11. For the Officer:
    This so-called AUTHOR is using a small chest that has Devilish glow into which he claims to “write”.
    He has another chest, not of earthly wood, where pages of a book magically appear!


    WITCH!! ARREST HIM!!!!!!

  12. Onward to the Supreme Court…

    Seventh Circuit Upholds Illinois ‘Assault Weapon,’ Magazine Bans

    “Judge Wood cited the majority’s remark in Heller that certain guns fell outside the scope of the Second Amendment, including “weapons that are most useful in military service—M–16 rifles and the like.” She then concluded that guns like the AR-15 were similar enough to M-16s to be excluded as well.”

    Talk about bizzaro world.

    • which defies the basic concept of “suitable for militia use”….fires the same ammo…functions pretty much the same…would seem to be exactly what the founding fathers had in mind…much more so than pistols and shotguns…..

    • that was a response to so many of the civilian population (and the criminal element) having them…LE is usually one step behind…although not so much these days….

  13. James Patterson is an absolute moron. his books are formulaic and he beats an idea into the ground. I don’t find any originality in the guy and have given up after trying to read one of his books. that being said, he hasn’t got the first clue about what he’s talking about. the founding fathers had it in their mind to make sure that citizens were allowed access to the exact same weapons as the military so that the government could not impose tyrannical rule on them. so actually they did envision what would have been the most cutting-edge technology at the time when the Constitution was written, and that would extend to today which would be also the most cutting edge technology available. absolute fools like Joe Biden and James Patterson don’t understand that the second amendment is absolute… when you have idiotic statements like you can’t own a cannon, then or now, then you just prove that you haven’t got any idea what you’re talking about and it’s just all wishful thinking.

  14. Too many people read only the Constitution/Bill of Rights. Read (and understand) The Federalist Papers and you will come to understand that the Founding Fathers believed the People should have the same arms as a standing military (which they opposed). Thomas Jefferson ( I believe it was him; would have to research as my mind is not what it once was) had merchant ships with cannon on them! I am sure some of the other Founders had the same or something equivalent.

    • One of the enumerated powers of the legislative branch in Art.1 Sect. 8 is to issue letters of marque & reprisal; no reason for that power unless they anticipated privateers.

    • if you felt the need for one…or more…you could have them…cannon were powder hogs…and somewhat expensive…so not widely owned because of that and their impracticality for most folks…every time I hear Biden utter that dumb statement I have to wonder if it is simply ignorance…or deliberate misinformation…

  15. Americans need assault weapons because in times of mass civil disobedience, the police are usually the first to flee the scene and leave citizens unprotected, as happened in the Rodney King Riots, 63 dead. Heavily armed citizens survived that event.

    • got to experience something like that myself back in the sixties when that happened in a lot of places…cops were simply overwhelmed…often riding around four to a car…for a time you were on your own….similar scenarios often occur after natural disasters….

  16. And when the 1st Amendment was written, there was no TV, radio, internet, news magazines, or daily newspapers. It was only addressing freedom of the press. They had no concept of the instantaneous nature of the news in today’s world. Using this Patterson’s reasoning, only ink on paper has the freedom to express. Lastly, in the Bill of Rights, the phrase “the right of the people” is found only in the 1st, 2nd, and 4th amendments. He believes that it says what it means and means what it says in the 1st and 4th, but not in the 2nd Amendment.


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