‘Huh…Nothing a Little Shot of CLP Won’t Take Care Of’

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When was the last time you cleaned your carry gun?

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    • +1

      But I *did* clean three this past week, simply because of the unusual humidity SoCal got after last weekend’s Hurricane Hilary (chuckle snort).

      • You should be able to wire up a 10 watt lightbulb in your safe.

        Eats little electricity, and really helps in driving out moisture…

        • It wont do a thing unless there is AIR CIRCULATION and will only make things worse as far a corrosion is concerned, BUt bif not used a field service is required at most once or twice a year using a PROPRER Cleaning OIL and Lubricant and not over much of either. and CERTAINLY NOT BLOODY WD40 or the like. If you’re going for long term storage uses a proper RESERVATIVE GREASE and wrap in heavyweight GREASEPROOF paper. I was an ARMOURER SGT inthe Royal Air Force and I rmember coming across a couple of crates in an old stroe of SMLE Rifles in 1968 complete with I think 50 mrounds of ammunition each from 1912 or there abouts We DEGREASED a couple , gave them a quick service took them down the Range with the over 50 year old ammunition and they worked perfectly. In the crates there was some paperwork that indicated that they being stored for the Local Police RESERVISTS i and were never actually used in anger. In fact I dont think they had been used at all

        • I live in a high humidity area so I save the little moisture absorbers that come in many things these days and put a cupful in my safes and cabinets. I rotate them every year and have had zero rust problems since I started doing that about 5 years ago. Prior to that, I would find new pitting on some of them no matter what I did with oil and/or silicone.

        • Oh, look everyone! It’s Albert the wanker!

          Fuck off and die, bootlicker, and fellate your ‘King’… 🙁

      • @Haz

        Good morning.

        Fortunately, my area tends to have lower humidity. In the interest of over-prevention I also have dry desiccant cans and a Golden Rod Dehumidifier in my safe. The desiccant changes color as it absorbs humidity and can be recharged (when the color indicates saturation) by placing in the oven at a specified temperature for a specified time. The Golden Rod which is warm all the time prompts a gentle circulation due to convection much as the 10W bulb solution that Geoff suggested. His solution is considerably cheaper.

        I have never had an issue with moisture affecting my stored firearms.

        • I have two large desiccant cans which I re-charge (in the oven) and swap out on a regular basis. The storage location of my larger gun safe doesn’t have an electric outlet nearby, so no light bulbs or rods, unfortunately. But the desiccant and the occasional cleaning is sufficient.

    • I clean the guns after I’ve finished at the range. It is either a full clean or a start clean with a dry patch and two wet patches of Boretech Eliminator solvent. Then finish the cleaning at home.

      The safe has a calcium carbonate dehumidifier which is checked weekly and refilled about monthly.

      • @SC

        I’m glad that you can get BoreTech cleaning solvents down under. Eliminator, C4 and the Rimfire formulations are my go to for cleaning. A retired Engineer friend always used Hoppe’s #9 until I asked him to clean his firearm as he usually does and then I cleaned it with Eliminator. First with a wet nylon brush then patches soaked with it. The first couple of patches came out cruddy and nasty. He became a believer…but he misses the smell of Hoppe’s.

        My corner of Montana is having their semi-annual Gun Show on 8, 9, 10 September…I’m still looking for a decent condition Enfield Mk.5 (Jungle Carbine)…maybe this time?

        • Collectors have gotten into the market and seriously raised the prices. Good condition No4s are going for $1-2K. 7.62 conversions much more. Even the 7.62 magazines are selling for over $1K.

          I saw advertised a No5 stock set in mint condition. $700 (AU).

        • @SC

          $700 (AU) just for the stocks. That makes it around $470 USD…that is within my purchase zone for a near-mint stock set.

          I’d like a gently used Mk.5…but, I’m not willing to mortgage my home to purchase one.

          Waiting for winter rains and snow to put the Northwest US and Canadian fires out…getting tired of the smoke and haze.

  1. Every week. Even if I haven’t shot it. Murphy is alive and well. Especially in a gun fight.

    • It probably takes you a week to clean all of the guns that you own. Then you start all over again. (Or so I’ve heard — not sure if you’ve been on any boating trips lately.)

    • Three levels of guns in the collection:

      1) EDC – these get wiped every week, and cleaned once per month.
      2) Range guns – cleaned after every trip to the range, of course.
      3) Safe queens – these are the ones that come out to play only for specialized purposes such as hunting, etc. Some may not come out to play for a few years at a time. These SQs get cleaned annually for upkeep.

      Any gun used at the range gets fully stripped down, inspected, and cleaned after every trip.

      • @Haz

        Apologies for kibbitzing.

        Regarding safe queens or those firearms seldom used I’ve been applying a light coating of Barricade to them as an extra preventative measure…redundant coverage…maybe, but never have any moisture issues.

  2. I clean my EDC at least once a week (and after any use), no matter the quality of the holster an IWC will come in contact with body oils and sweat (salt) and it’s handled several times a day…

    • Handled ‘several times a day’. What the hell for Cowboy?? You sure it’s your PISTOL you’re handling?? What bloody nonsense.

      • I place it in holster on my hip in the morning, remove it while driving (placed in a holster attached to side of the seat, replace it on my hip when I arrive at my destination (sometimes involving two or more stops during the day)… Removed and replaced as necessary for natural body functions and remove from the holster in the evening to take its place next to my recliner… I don’t know what “several” means to YOU but a minimum of 10 to 12 touches a day is several to me and to anyone else who actually has a life…

        • Same here.
          Hey Albert, did you ever get that birthday card I sent you? I put twenty dollars in it.

      • Prince Al, understand that my day starts around 6AM and normally ends around 2/3AM (that’s right, 3/4 hours sleep daily) and I’m retired… I realize you can’t grasp the concept of living your life while accommodating a concealed firearm (particularly one that weighs 5.45 lbs. loaded) because the British “Sheeple” can’t be trusted with something as dangerous as that, so I’ll just write off your disbelief as nothing more than ignorance “Cowboy”…

        • The Texas Longhorns were first bred in Liverpool England, that’s why Albert knows about cowboys.

  3. I have dehumidifiers in the gun safes that I change every three months.

    I pull all of them out and just wipe over with slightly oily rag plus clean the barrel. Don’t strip unless I’m getting ready for range or hunting trip. Then field clean at the range with full clean at home.

    Had the behind the door snake gun at my parents farm get a mud wasp nest in once. About 6 inches long. Would have not gone well if fired.

  4. I clean my EDC regularly. Fired or not, it’s gets field stripped, an oiled patch through the barrel, oiled, blown out with compressed air and serviced.

    • When it comes to cleaning costly firearms, etc. compressed air is essential. I.E. Cleaning the lugs from inside the chamber end on the AR platform is easier using a compressed air blowgun with its nozzle end bent 90 degrees. Specific chamber bushes alone for the AR platform do not clean properly. Nicks, burrs on AR lugs/gears need to be filed smooth other wise debris could migrate into the barrel. Components cleaned here are checked under a lighted magnifier. Note: Gunsmithing information provided by me is not intended for the beavis and buttheads on this forum.

      • I don’t know how people exist not having good compressed air available.
        As you said, it’s “essential”

      • I was an Armourer for many many years in the ROYAL AIR FORCE and have never heard of using COMPRESSED AIR -the most we used was a ultrasoniic cleaning bath and that infrequently. The unnessessary and mostly useless things the GULLIBLE AMERICA GUN OWNERS are enticed into buying and that includes most weaponry I know from experience that buying a different sideram will NOT make you a better shot and buying the best GOLF CLUBS will not turn you into another SAM TORRANCE. If you cannot hit the target with a LEE-ENFIELD or a BROWNING 9mm Hi-Power no other weapon will make you better
        Do you think that COMBAT TROOPS who actually have good reason to clean on a daily basis and who’s lives my depend on it carry effin COMPRESSED AIR around with them?

        • What a stupid comment.

          Albert, we can buy “air in a can” here — a small aerosol can filled with compressed air. It’s quite useful in cleaning debris from small items; if you’re a handyman, the can saves a lot of work clearing tiny bits of dust and metal shavings when working on a project. And it’s great for getting junk out of a keyboard.

          We weren’t talking about military use by combat troops, either. IIRC none of us here are on active duty with a military unit.

        • I hear ya on the Lee-Enfield and BHP… and I’m passably good with both. OTH we have so many firearms to choose from here in the States and so many opportunities to shoot.. and why not? Neither are my edc or even common carry anymore as I have more modern weapons.. shoot, both were getting on when my “trunk guns” were devised, BUT one could do far worse in a pinch!…. Almost grabbed my chest when reading about your finding a “lost” stash of SMLE’s from 1912.. wow.. hope they went to a museum and not into HRH melting pot somewhere…..

        • Albert.
          We could all drive Model T’s as well.
          Or in your case, Coopers or sunbeams.
          I own a couple variations of the Enfield rifle. As well as a couple Springfields and Mausers and Mosin Nagants. All similar in basic design and capabilities. All have respectable accuracy. I still hunt with an AR-10. Lighter, faster and capable of mounting optics without modification.
          I own a Browning Hi-Power. Second choice in 9mm. First choice is the Walther P-38. But, I still prefer a large bore revolver for out here on the farm and my 1911 for concealed carry when I can’t open carry. Not because of any problem with accuracy, but the larger, heavier slugs are better at stopping a threat or downing a feral hog here on the farm.
          Now, I’m a retired US Army sergeant. 22 years with several of those years in SF. Still carrying several grenade fragments from SE Asia. Been collecting firearms for 60 years, so, I likely do know a little about firearms and their uses and capabilities.
          Would prefer to avoid any kind of violence but understand there are evil people in the world. I also understand I’m not 21 anymore and can’t fight off a couple determined thugs. I also understand the police can’t be everywhere and likely won’t be anywhere nearby when you need them.
          You like to claim you were in the RAF etc. Yeah, so? Being an armourer in the military may give you a little expertise in the weapons you worked with, but gives you no knowledge of US law or with US civilian weapons. Your attitudes and complaints place you in the class of what here is called a Fudd. As in soma mental midget like the cartoon character Elmer Fudd of Looney Tunes Fame. And to be taken about as seriously.

        • I work in IT and “canned air” air dusters are very useful for removing dust from computers and other electronics.

        • If you’ve NEVER HEARD of using compressed air to clean a gun, then how the fuck can you call it INEFFECTIVE? You seem to always be offering up worthless opinions on stuff you know absolutely nothing about… I use compressed air for everything from cleaning my laptop, running air tools and paint guns, to drying my motorcycle after its weekly bath (why yes, I DO own a large compressor)… Just another perk of being an American with free will and not some European Sheep that needs mommy to do your thinking for me…

  5. Don’t they all shoot better when they’re a little dirty?

    I’ve heard it said … but I might be off-target on that.

    • The best things in life can be messy… 🙂

      A shower for 2 after takes care of that…

  6. After every time I shoot it. Ammo doesn’t stay loaded in it more than 90 days; I shoot it and load fresh stuff.

  7. Cleaned the heck out of all my gats a few weeks ago. Including my rifle down to the bcg. Ya never know when we’ll have “mostly peaceful protests”(the newz media mentioned St. Floyd today). I have a nightmare er dream🙄

  8. Full cleaning after every range/trainging session, which generally is about once a month. My carry pistol gets weekly oil wipe-downs in addition to the post-range cleanings.

    Anything more is needlessly excessive.

    • Yep and yep.

      EDC gets wiped once every week or two. Any gun I take to the range gets a full stripdown and clean afterward. During the wetter half of the year, I rotate through all the guns in storage and wipe or clean, plus I rotate the desiccant regularly.

    • A terrible thing to wake up to, in my city.

      Take a quick look, everyone — this might be one of the extremely-rare “white supremacists” that the FIB says are a major threat to the nation. Notice how quickly that the gist of the killer’s manifesto were released. Hello, Nashville? Your turn.

      • Nashville is not the right scenario, wrong guns, wrong cast, wouldn’t play well for Everytown and the other gun grabber wanna-bes… Buffalo shooter was out pretty quick.. Obvious similarities between Buffalo and Jacksonville…

    • Hmm .. got his manifesto out pretty quickly I see.

      The tranifesto should be due any minute now.

    • Reprehensible. At least he saved us the cost of prosecuting, housing, and executing him after 10-20 years. Authorities investigating it as a “hate crime”. REALLY?, go figger, eh…

      • If the dead shooter is found guilty of a “hate crime,” they can exhume his body and hang it from the Monument to the Women of the Confederacy downtown. It’s the law.

  9. I try for once a week……pocket carry leads to large, angry dust bunnies.

    My backup IWB gun gets cleaned once every couple of weeks.

    Just takes a few minutes for some peace of mind.

    • I kinda said the same about 16 hours ago. Really surprised nobody has busted my balls for it. LOL

  10. I swab the bore and wipe down after shooting. My “long term storage care”, I’m a bit lax on that but I like to keep everything wiped down with oil. Anymore, new purchases (I’m “thinning the herd” doncha know) are in stainless.
    I live in a very dry climate, not much humidity.

  11. I generally clean after each firing but, I clean a new gun before and after the 1st firing then go 3 range sessions without cleaning to test the limits before I edc it. I check it daily when I put it on to ensure status & function and wipe it if I think it needs it.

  12. Today is Sunday. Kitchen table is set up with the cleaning mat and supplies/equipment. Carry weapons, Houshold ready guns/working guns around the homestead get cleaned every week.
    When guns get taken out to the range or out for hunting use, they get cleaned before being returned to storage. Since a number of my firearms are collectors items they get set up for storage and get cleaned and if possible, stripped down once a year. A few are a bit more valuable and are set up for preservation and get checked over and swabbed out, but not fully stripped down. No point in risking damages on fragile parts if not needed.

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