A Day Ending in ‘Y’: Shannon Watts OUTRAGED Over New Jason Aldean Music Video

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Country music singer Jason Aldean has sparked controversy over lyrics in his new song that seem to promote gun violence.

Aldean, 46, who performed during the Route 91 Harvest festival in Las Vegas in 2017, where a mass shooter killed 61 people and injured over 400, released the music video for the song “Try That in a Small Town” on Saturday.

The song tells a story of the difference between city life and living in a small town, specifically, if someone there “cross[es] that line,” to “cuss out a cop, spit in his face” or “stomp on the flag and light it up,” to “try that in a small town.”

The lyrics continue: “See how far ya make it down the road/Around here, we take care of our own/You cross that line, it won’t take long/ For you to find out, I recommend you don’t/Try that in a small town.”

Aldean sings about a gun his grandad gave him, adding that he doesn’t want to give it up, “they say one day they’re gonna round up/Well, that s*** might fly in the city, good luck.”

The music video for “Try That in a Small Town” depicts Aldean singing in front of the Maury County Courthouse in Columbia, Tennessee, as news footage of protests and interactions with the police flash across the screen. …

“When u grow up in a small town, it’s that unspoken rule of ‘we all have each other’s backs and we look out for each other,'” he wrote on social media. “It feels like somewhere along the way, that sense of community and respect has gotten lost. Deep down we are all ready to get back to that. I hope my new music video helps y’all know that you are not alone in feeling that way.”

“.@Jason_Aldean – who was on-stage during the mass shooting at a Las Vegas concert in 2017 that killed 60 people and wounded over 400 more – has recorded a song called ‘Try That In A Small Town’ about how he and his friends will shoot you if you try to take their guns,” tweeted Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand, a non-profit aimed at reducing gun violence in America.

— Shannon Power in Jason Aldean’s New Song Sparks Outrage Over Guns—’Very Scary Lyrics’


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  1. ‘Try That In A Small Town’ about how he and his friends will shoot you if you try to take their guns,” tweeted Shannon Watts,

    I’ll shoot you too if you try and take my guns and I don’t even live in a small town.

    • I saw a good YouTube video. “How Texas police deal with antifa”. 3 arrests of those fine upstanding people.

      How many of the arrestees does dacian know?

  2. “You’re a mean, fascist bully if you don’t let me abuse you!!!!” – Every leftist ever

  3. The Vegas shooter would have been taken out pretty quick if he tried that in a small town.

  4. I didn’t know it when I woke up this morning, but what I really needed to hear was a comment from the pro- carjacking, anti-grandpa’s gun viewpoint.

  5. The pompous jack booted busy body fraulein shannon watts not only has disdain for The Second Amendment she has disdain for The First Amendment….pos X 2.

      • Rand – and their ‘interpretation’ changes whichever way the wind blows, as long as it fits their current pet cause. They are consistent on being aggrieved by anything they don’t like, you have to give them that.

  6. Watts, like others of her ilk, are so far removed from reality, they don’t even recognize it when it’s shoved in their faces. They pray to their agendas.

    • What do you expect from a corporate wh0re, in several senses of the term?

      She previously worked for Monsanto, the swastika of agriculture. And “Uncle Mike” became her sugar daddy for a while.

  7. In the period 2020, since the election, to present: Liberal left wing ‘political violence’ has accounted for 97% of ‘political violence’ in the United States. Starting with the BLM ‘mostly peaceful’ riots where they ‘peacefully’ burned down and damaged property, burned down black neighborhoods, looted, attacked innocent people’, then continuing with the use of violent force and intimidation by ANTIFA against innocent people and an attempted insurrection in Atlanta, then continuing with the over 1,900 innocent people assaulted by members of the LGBTQ+ community and their supporting ‘activists’ in and around ‘pro-pride demonstrations’ in 2022 and many more before 2022 and into 2023, then the almost 18,000 kids in schools nationwide that have been attacked or harassed by ‘student LGBTQ+ activists’ in the last year, to the organization of and projection of force and harm by violent militant LGBTQ+ community members for an agenda, to even the Nashville shooter.

    But more recently Trans violent militancy has ‘officially’ joined with ANTIFA, and ANTIFA has stated their goal now is that critics of trans ideology should be silenced, maimed or murdered, and they call for sexual violence against females in particular.

    Great, now if you the law abiding citizen publicly voice your rejection of ‘Trans’ ideology you have even more reasons to be armed because if ANTIFA shows up the threat became imminent. You a straight or lesbian female – guess what, ANTIFA wants to visit sexual violence upon you.

    But also, lets not the forget the left-wing politicians inflicting violence upon millions of innocent people by emboldening and facilitating violent criminals by de-funding police and ‘justice reform’ that refuses to arrest and prosecute violent criminals, and passing laws that use threat of force to remove firearms from law abiding innocent people and creating zones that specifically attract violent mentally ill killers while disarming the victims inside the zones, intentional infliction of physical and psychological harm to children through facilitating the LGBTQ agenda.

    The left-wing and democrat politicians since 2020 has been the greatest single source and/or ‘prompter and facilitator’ of violence against the American people, and it continues daily to victimize millions of American citizens, every hour of every day since Biden took office. And that harm even extends to the Biden’s own grandchild Navy who they cruelly reject and deny and inflicting intentional emotional and psychological life long harm on the child.

    Collectively, the left-wing is literally the largest and ‘the most consistent and lethal threat’ domestic terrorist group in the United States.

    So yeah, left-wing violence needs to be called out and it needs to be fought and eliminated.

  8. “Aldean singing in front of the Maury County Courthouse in Columbia, Tennessee“

    Interesting choice of location to film the video, apparently some things you can try in a small town… and get away with it:

    “The mob, some 250 men,[3] opened the jail, got Choate out, and someone hit him with a hammer on the head. They then tied him to a truck (he had apparently died already) and dragged him through the streets, and up into the courthouse.[2] There he was hanged, from the second story of the County Courthouse in Columbia, which was still decorated for Armistice Day.”

    • 1927 Tennessee

      Gov. Henry Horton (D), Sen. Kenneth McKellar (D), Sen. Lawrence Tyson (D), US House 8(D) 2 (R), State Senate and House 28(D), 5(R) 80(D), 19(R)

      • “In 1889, the Democrats had gained control of the state legislature and quickly passed four acts which they described as “electoral reform,” including literacy tests, grandfather clauses and poll taxes. These resulted in the disfranchisement of most of the African-American voters in the state, as well as many poor white voters. This sharply reduced competitive politics in the state, leading to Democratic dominance”

        • “Dog whistle sent, dog whistle received.”

          And once again Miner49er’s left wing blows their dog whistle and Miner49er like an obedient doggy comes running to post more of his nonsense.

      • And not one of those Democrats you mention was in the mob that lynched an innocent man.

        “The mob, some 250 men… “

        Regardless of your deflection, the issue is the fact that today, Jason Aldean chose the site of a lynching to film his video about what you can try in a small town.

        Dog whistle sent, dog whistle received.

        And I found it particularly entertaining to see how many folks here are opposed to the first amendment, which protects my right to “cuss a police officer” without going to jail or being lynched.

        • minor49iq…You are scrapping the bottom of the barrel to cover up for Jim Crow. Take responsibility and apologize democRat.

        • “lynched an innocent man”

          His guilt or innocence is unknown. Just saying.

          Mitigates in no way the sin of his murder, one way or the other, so no need to exaggerate.

        • miner, can you prove none of those men were part of the mob? 1927? So you still blame all Germans and Japanese for what their grandfathers did?

          You claim 1a was dissed at the same time you diss 2a. Fascinating.

        • Since I’m not a dog, I fail to hear dog whistles. Funny how the “DOG WHISTLES” are usually heard and commented on by the more left leaning.
          Haven’t heard the song. Have seen the lyrics printed up. Nothing I read is promoting or condoning acts of violence, or are in any way racist.
          Guess freedom of speech and the RTKBA are only for the party faithful by your standards.

        • “Dog whistle sent, dog whistle received.”

          And once again Miner49er’s left wing blows their dog whistle and Miner49er like an obedient doggy comes running to post more of his nonsense.

        • MajorRetard,

          If you heard the ‘dog whistle’, then perhaps . . . you are the dog?????

          You are certainly not a sentient human, so that might make sense. I guess we should stop expecting more intelligence from you than a dog is capable of. Nice to know; that will color my thinking, then next time I read one of your brainless posts – it apparently REALLY IS the ‘best you can do’. That’s sad, but then we also have the example of dacian the demented, so it shouldn’t be that difficult to grasp. Leftist/fascists are stupid, about canine intelligence, or slightly less. OK, in retrospect, that makes sense. I was always shocked that you were apparently UNABLE to make a coherent, rational point, and all the time, I should have been impressed that you occasionally came close.

          Do us all a favor, and go scratch your fleas, MajorRetard.

        • Left-wing liberal Hollywood also used that town and courthouse in a Christmas movie, and have used it in other movies.

          Maybe Santa Clause will come to lynch you Miner49er…. we can only hope.

          It was OK for left-wing liberal hollywood to use the town and courthouse in movies they profited from … but a guy doing a song in front of the courthouse using it as a juxtaposition message that the past is past yet the left wing still continues with their violence (the scenes of the BLM and ANTIFA violence) to get the point across that we are fed up with the left wing violence and attempts to overthrow the country to turn us into a socialist state – that’s not ok.

          I notice you and Shannon didn’t say a word about the hundreds of left-wing liberal Hollywood movies glorifying violence against all races and children and then profiting from it, the hundreds of left-wing liberal rap and hip-hop music videos glorifying violence against women and police the so-called ‘artists’ profited from, not a word from you and Shannon about Biden not securing the border and allowing policies that let around 100,000 immigrant children be human trafficked and ~100,000 America citizens die every year he has been in office from the fentenyl his not securing the border and his policies allow.

          You are seriously mentally ill Miner49er along with Shannon Watts and all you left-wing idiots.

          But anyway…..this attention had the opposite effect, the music video went to #1 on the charts at iTunes which it probably would have done anyway with this hypocrite left-wing unjustified screed.

    • Could it also be that Columbia is the small town Andean resides or was raised in?

      • “Could it also be that Columbia is the small town Andean resides or was raised in?“


        “Jason Aldine Williams was born in Macon, Georgia“

        Jason Aldean chose the site of a lynching to film his video about what you can get away with in a small town.

        • Consequences for actions seems to bother you I wonder why? Then again your ilk don’t tend to like it when your victims say no.

        • “Consequences for actions seems to bother you“

          No, the fact that there were no consequences for the 250 person mob that lynched a young African-American at the courthouse does bother me.

          And the fact that Jason Aldean chose this courthouse out of literally hundreds of other courthouses, to film his video about what you can get away with in a small town does bother me as well.

  9. SW, the woman with her own personal body count numbering in thousands by use of a Monsanto deadly chemical she pushed in South America knowing it was deadly, and caused birth defects and other health harms, but she wanted that bonus and promotion really bad.

    • “body count numbering in thousands by use of a Monsanto deadly chemical she pushed“

      Are you talking about justice Clarence Thomas, who spent three years as a Monsanto lawyer fighting Vietnam veterans who had been poisoned by Agent Orange?

      “Thomas’s responsibilities at Monsanto included drafting contracts, advising managers on legal matters, dealing with liability issues, and registering pesticides and herbicides with federal agencies. One of his first tasks was to negotiate the aforementioned contracts for PCB disposal—a duty of enormous importance, given the danger PCBs posed to human health and the multiple billion-dollar class-action suits Monsanto was facing over PCB contamination at the time.“

      So it is wrong for Shannon Watts to work for Monsanto but perfectly justified for Clarence Thomas to work for Monsanto, and then later rule in their favor on the Supreme Court?

      Very entertaining to watch you folks line up to support multinational corporations that are poisoning American soldiers and citizens.

      • It’s bad when your side on a peripheral case looked at sideways may be related but totally irrelevant when we do it. Yeah spare the double speak miner it does not relate.

  10. I used to have a personal policy that if Ted Kennedy was opposed to an idea then it was actually a good idea for the nation. I’m adopting a new policy of recognizing that if Shannon Watts is opposed to it then whatever she is opposed to is probably good for individual freedoms.

    • Does CMT have a clue who their core audience IS??? Shades of Bud Light but small towns aren’t the only places that won’t put up with “mostly peaceful protest’s”. When we had BLM rampage nearby we had organized groups of gun toting guy’s(black & white) guarding the LGS & keeping mayhem to a minimum. NOW I wouldn’t brandish that AR in ILLANNOY. Thanks Dim scum©. But I ain’t registering it. Ever.

      • Not going too much into detail on where else than I have previously but after the antifa Albany riot of 2020 many other tows and several cities made it clear that any attempt to repeat such behavior would be met with appropriate force from the locals if the police wouldn’t handle the crowd. No further riots followed. I didn’t realize how far the sentiment spread throughout the state but our firearm sales do reflect it in first time owners.

      • Country music is part of the music industry in general.

        Many of the execs in Nashville came from L.A. and most of the country labels are ultimately owned by the majors.

        Normal coastal corporate culture simply relocated to a city in the South. The business practices haven’t changed, nor have the preferences. They don’t like the fans, they like the fan’s paying for the product.

        Numerous large artists have talked about this.

  11. Boycott CMT… I guess Aldean forgot to put the drag queens in his video or it would’ve been acceptable…

    • Yeah OK, but continue to focus boycott on Bud Light to the point that it buries the brand for good. That’s the only way other companies are going to learn a lesson. They need to get the message that their pain won’t be transitory but maybe fatal.

      I wish there was somebody with some conservative clout that would try to take this boycott to the next level and announce the goal of burying the brand. Announce that there is no apology that is going to fix the incident and that Budweiser is going to be made the example. After BudLight is dead and buried, then the next target will be announced if some other company decides to jump on the woke wagon and spit in the face of their customers.

      • Unfortunately you are likely correct as painful and final consequences are about all that can change the math on large capital investment funded agendas.

    • “After BudLight is dead and buried, then the next target will be announced“

      Wonderful idea, right wing ‘cancel culture’ should put about 20,000 Americans out of work.

      “Since 2008, it has been wholly owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev SA/NV (AB InBev), now the world’s largest brewing company,[8][7][9][10] which owns multiple global brands, notably Budweiser, Michelob, Stella Artois, and Beck’s.“

  12. Mr. Aldean is not entirely wrong.
    My town is literally what he is talking about.
    Not that it would happen, why would anyone come clear up here to riot, arson, or loot? There is nothing up here but farms and homes. No stores, mini-malls, liqueur stores etc.
    But if I saw a bunch of guys, dressed in all black, with guns, looking to assault any of my neighbors, or loot, arson, you better believe the title of that song.
    The closest PD is a good 20 minutes away.

    • How many of said neighbors owns a backhoe or raises hogs? Come to think of it how is the cell coverage re 4g+ for uploading videos……….

      • Oh, there are a number of backhoes around. Same goes for earth movers, tractors, logging equipment. We can drop a bridge in short order, set up anti-vehicle traps or build a tree blockade.
        Hogs? Well, I am one of the few. But we have a lot of dairy cows, sheep and goats.’
        I can see the local cell phone tower from the hill in my back yard, of 150 acres.

        • Hmm somehow I see some technical difficulties and a lot of “they came through couldn’t get cell service and left” affidavits going with any missing persons investigations.

      • I got the case backhoe and the bobcat CTL. Couple neighbors down has the hogs, but I just bought a heavy duty hydraulic flail mower for the bobcat and I’m itching to see just what it will chew up. We eat them hogs, we don’t want to poison them.

        “Try that 10 miles outside a small town.”

    • If there are no conservatives around???
      The Left will travel 100 miles out of their way, to find some conservatives to pester.

      • But there are a lot of conservatives around. Trump flags or FJB flags everywhere. Or just the American flag.
        The left might travel 100 miles out of their way but they are not going to make it back.
        This Marine who has a number of lessons learned from the sandbox, can make their lives difficult.
        And there are a number of vets in the area.

        • Most small rural towns tend to have a large number of hunters, with scoped rifles for big game. and the good ones tend to be very good at being stealthy.
          Almost sniperish.
          Just sayin

  13. I have a couple houses in a smallish city down toward the beaches here in AL. When all the demonstrations/riots were going on, some of the BLM types, mostly college age white kids, decided to protest/demonstrate. The local PD talked with the organizers of the demonstration.
    Politely informed them they were welcome to have their protest. So long as they didn’t attempt to block traffic on the major thoroughfares, damage property, or physically assault anyone. They waved their signs, yelled and made fools of themselves for a couple hours, decided they weren’t getting the attention they wanted, local news left after about 10 minutes of video taping etc. and they shut down and left. No fights. Nothing burned. No stores looted. And likely got flipped the bird more often than got a thumbs up from passing motorists.

    • Antifa decided to come to a town in Texas that has a beautiful courthouse and square. The information got out ahead of time and when the anarchists showed up, there were plenty of citizens with A R’s to meet them. Change of plans ! Time to go.

  14. There are vast numbers of patriotic Americans that feel exactly the same way! Leftists, don’t push too hard, you’ll regret it!

  15. This is a good example of why we would have a “national divorce”.
    The small town values of private property rights, gun rights, and 1st amendment civil rights. and individual responsibility, are clashing with big city liberal thinking.

    A hundred years ago this was universal thinking across the country. But not anymore.

    In a small town, you are still arrested. When you spray graffiti on public or private property. If you try urinating and defecating in public period in a small town, you are arrested and put into jail.

    If you are found publicly intoxicated, for your safety, so you don’t drowned in the mud, fall asleep across railroad tracks, etc, you are arrested.

    This also reduces the chances of any property crimes being committed by an intoxicated person.

    “But they won’t let me do what I want to do in a small town”

    That is exactly correct. Now move to San Francisco.

    • The fascist left will not allow a peaceful ‘national divorce’. People like dacian and miner know they would starve without the conservatives.

      • They would prefer to “re-educate” conservatives to their beliefs.

        And have them “confess” as well under enhanced interrogation.

    • This has varied enormously with location, person and police force.

      I grew up in the middle of fucking no where in a small town. We had several very well known town drunks who never got arrested for shit.

      Hell, I don’t think the town handed out a DUI in its history until after the millennium. If they did most of the adults would have been in jail constantly.

  16. Amazing that it took this song for the dim wit Shannon Watts to figure what will happen if they try gun confiscation.

  17. Good. I hope (T)Watts, the Lying Cupid Stun’s blood pressure shoots up till she strokes out.
    Bupid Stitch deserves to croak.

  18. Funny how these so-called ‘Liberals’ want to ban things that they don’t agree with, but have a hissy-fit if their actions get limited. It exposes just how phony they are. They are Communists hiding behind the ‘Liberal’ label. Don’t be fooled by them.

    • The guy who was on stage at the time of the Vegas shooting said something five years ago and you’re going to hold it against him without even asking if he’s changed his mind?

      • Real poster or disingenuous influencer? It’s not like we don’t have a national guard unit doing psych warfare on the American public legally for quite a few years now in addition to all the other public/private morass.

        • “Real poster or disingenuous influencer?“

          Typical conservative, ad hominem attack on the poster, without addressing the facts in his content.

          Of course it’s not a disingenuous post, it is a fact that Jason Aldean called for stronger background checks.

          I agree with him regarding stronger background checks for firearms purchasers.

  19. Shannon Watts is my bitch.
    I forced her to make a grilled cheese sandwich. Naturally she burnt it so I had to put her over my knee until she called me Daddy Biden.
    Coyote chewing on a pussy cat
    Pack of young wolves going howling at the moon

  20. A major artist coming out like this is a good cultural weathervane.

    Funny that he’s starting to catch up to where smaller hip hop and country artists were a year and a half ago. Historically it’s unsurprising if you know about how country and hip hop have informed each other artistically for decades.

    Sort of raises the question of how the empire will strike back when losing in the cultural space. They certainly have a lot of institutional weapons at their disposal. I’d have to ponder that for a while. Personal attacks and slurs are obvious but they’ll go farther, much farther, when that doesn’t work.

    Interesting that he’s on BMG Rights Management GmbH label which is one of the few music companies that’s not a subsidiary of The Big Four (Sony/BMG, Universal, EMI, Warner).

    From his point of view he’s lucky in the way this all shook out over the past 40 years and that he’s on the *independent* part of BMG that’s not part of Sony/BMG (There’s a complicated history of sales and mergers between BMG, Sony, Universal and some other companies after GE purchased RCA in ’86 and spun them off in ’87. BMG Rights Management GmbH is is wholly owned by Bertelsmann, which created it out of a series of licenses it kept after dealing with Sony in the mid 2000’s and then after buying out KRR in the middle 2010’s.)

    No fucking way this song would be released by any of The Big Four, they have too much public market exposure. Bertelsmann is entirely private (and huge in its own right) Golden handcuffs are real, publicly traded companies would have slapped them on really fast.

  21. A big city poser pretending to relate as a small town everyman releases a mediocre song using music someone else wrote and makes it to the bottom the top 100 country songs on the charts. So releases a companion video using a boogeyman of images and clips, some from events and movies from East Germany and Eastern Europe to own the libs and get more press. Makes money. The American Dream.

    • “releases a companion video using a boogeyman of images and clips, some from events and movies from East Germany and Eastern Europe”

      Yep, all to support their propaganda narrative that BLM and antifa burned American cities and towns to the ground.

      If it wasn’t for disinformation, conservative Republicans would have no information at all.

  22. Thank you so much, Shannon, for “translating” the lyrics for us simple country folk. Since the actual lyrics, written and sung in plain English, say absolutely nothing remotely similar to your translation, it is so helpful that you have provided this for us. Please liberals, keep telling the rest of us what and how to think.

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