Universal Studio Scraps ‘The Hunt’ After Massive Backlash

Listen carefully…that sound you hear is Universal Studios flushing tens of millions of dollars down the toilet. Bowing to outrage over the upcoming movie ‘The Hunt’ that featured liberal elites hunting red state “deplorables” Most Dangerous Game-style, Universal has pulled the release of the film that was slated for next month. Here’s the announcement from […]

‘The Hunt’ Movie Features Liberal Elites Hunting ‘Deplorables’

Welcome to Trump Derangement Syndrome, Hollywood-style. The Hunt, hitting theaters next month, features liberal elites hunting prey selected from America’s basket of deplorables. That’s right, the movie’s plotline involves big-city, wealthy progressives hunting rural types, MAGA hat wearers, pro-life people and other evil racists. ‘The Hunt’ is a project of Jason Blum’s Blumhouse Productions, producers […]

‘Hotel Mumbai’ Coming To Theaters March 22

The Mumbai terror attacks in 2008 paralyzed the city for nearly four days. In March 2019, a movie about the incident, Hotel Mumbai will hit theaters. Starting on November 26, 2008, ten Islamic terrorists conducted a dozen, well-coordinated attacks across the Indian city. The bulk of the attacks occurred over 60 hours, killing 174 and wounding […]

The 5 Most Popular Movie Guns of All Time

The Internet Movie Firearms Database is a great resource and a powerful tool. The brains behind IMFDB recently begun to use its accumulated data to compile a variety of fascinating facts on guns in pop culture and the results of this list — the most frequently used guns on-screen — may surprise you . . […]

‘Halloween’: Fighting Back With Shotguns

“In which evil gets its due and there is no feel-good lesson to be learned, except one: Guns protect you. … The climactic scenes, with many male corpses strewn about the scenery but three women standing tall, constitute a witty reframing of one of Hollywood’s most consuming notions these days: that to be female is to […]