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Pro Tip: Your Car is NOT a Gun Safe

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A little reminder courtesy of the West Plains, Missouri police:

A large number of gun thefts have been reported in West Plains lately, according to local police.

“In the last several weeks, we’ve answered multiple calls of firearms that have been stolen out of unlocked unattended vehicles,” West Plains Officer Wesley Stuart said Sunday.

Stuart said you certainly can leave your gun in your car, but it is not the ideal option.

He went on to explain some of the problems and solutions of using your car as a gun safe:

”The biggest danger and concern that we have is that those firearms will end up in the hands of people that legally can’t own them or shouldn’t own them,” Stuart said.

He said that often leads to the concern of whether or not a person may use a stolen gun to commit another crime.

With holiday shopping around the corner, Stuart also recommended doing the same thing with items you purchase while doing seasonal shopping.

“Keep those items out of view,” he said. “Lock them in the trunk of your car. If you’ve got an SUV, maybe try and put a blanket over them, something like that, just to where they’re not readily visible.”

Let me break it down for you: your car is not a gun safe. And as the holiday season ramps up, cases of car windows being smashed and valuables being stolen are just going to keep rising. It’s easy to to break a window in your car, truck or SUV and take whatever a thief wants. And if you’ve left your gun in there, congratulations, you just armed a criminal.

Yeah, you’re also out a chunk of money for the gun itself, but personally I’d be more concerned about the firearm that’s now in the hands of someone who thinks crime is the way to fund their lives.

If you’re in a situation where leaving your handgun in your vehicle is the only option, get a real safe. Hornady’s RAPiD Vehicle Safe is a legit option (I own a couple myself). The RAPiD has a 14-gauge steel housing, internal hardened locking lugs, and a steel cable that can be attached to a seat frame. It can be opened using a four-to-six digit programmable security code, one of the RFID wristbands or key fobs it ships with, or one of a pair of barrel keys. Power comes from either four AAA batteries or a 12-volt car adapter.

Is this the perfect solution? No, there is no perfect solution, but it is unlikely you’re going to run into a criminal doing a smash-and-grab while also carrying heavy-duty bolt cutters or some other tool that will give them access to the safe (if it’s properly installed).

That doesn’t mean you should leave a handgun in a gun safe in your car 24/7, either. The best place for your gun is in a proper holster on your gun belt, so carry your gun. When it’s not being carried, store it securely. If you’re at home, that’s going to be in your gun safe, not parked in your driveway in your car. Your car’s gun safe won’t do you much good if the entire car is stolen, will it?

Thus ends your friendly Your Car is Not a Gun Safe PSA.


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  1. I keep a simple key lock pistol box in the vehicle, out of sight and locked in place. So if I have no choice in certain situations I can make my carry gun that little extra bit secure. Which is all a locked box in a vehicle does, adds a small increase in security.

    The greater security if you have to leave a gun in a vehicle is keeping it completely out of sight and not having any outward indication on the vehicle that you are a gun owner. No bumper or window stickers, nothing visible inside that would suggest a gun could be in there too.

  2. Those NRA, Browning, or Come and Take It stickers are doubly bad. Dirtbags see an opportunity for a free gun and they’ll keep ripping the interior apart looking for one!

      • exactly. That’s the reason why my car doesn’t have any kinds of stickers. Gun related stickers just advertise that the car may be worth breaking in to and potentially finding a firearm.

        • Ditto. It can also attract other unwanted attention such as “difficult” police officers, Karens, and other nosy or “concerned” citizens.

    • Agreed. I fully encourage a person’s freedom of expression, particularly when in support of our natural rights, but your vehicle is a traveling billboard. If you choose to support a cause or person, remember that people *do* notice as they drive alongside you in traffic or see your decals in the supermarket parking lot.

      Have a cannibis leaf decal? People (and cops) may assume you’re a pothead.

      Have a BLM decal? People may assume you approve of the “mostly peaceful protests”.

      Have a COEXIST decal? People may assume you disapprove of our nation’s Judeo-Christian foundational values.

      NRA, Browning, Punisher, Molon Labe? That thief over there in the next lane may just decide to follow you to determine how easy your home is to break into…

        • Details. Pesky details.

          We have potentially-good breaking news –

          The Pennsylvania state house has announced they will seat state electors chosen by them, the republican-controlled state house and senate :

          “This power was given to the state legislature for the purpose of safeguarding the appointment of our President, specifically contemplating corruption and ensuring that the people are not disenfranchised through a corrupt election process.”

          “Therefore, we are introducing a Resolution to exercise our obligation and authority to appoint delegates to the Electoral College.”

          If this pans out, there will go 20 electoral votes *away* from Biden and towards Trump.

          How many more will need to ‘peel off’ to deny Biden the 270?

        • “We have potentially-good breaking news”

          I certainly do encourage the Republican legislators in Pennsylvania to act on their impulse, if they attempt to subvert the vote of the people without any actual evidence of fraud, it will be the end of the republican party in Pennsylvania.

        • You never provided any actual evidence that Trump was a racist. Yet you state it often and loud. Evidence is for court rooms. And all these courts lead to the supreme court.

          How will this be the end for the gop in PA? Here in CA the dems have turned us into a 3rd world shithole and they still have a lock on the state.

        • You bet evidence is for courtrooms, and Trump and his supporters have not supplied any evidence whatsoever even though they’ve gone to court. Trumps lawyers have even admitted that these are not fraud cases they are bringing.

          And yes, Trump is a racist and there are many episodes that give evidence for this conclusion.

          “Wading into a racially-charged case from his past, Donald Trump indicated that the “Central Park Five” were guilty, despite being officially exonerated by DNA evidence decades after a notorious 1989 rape case.

          “They admitted they were guilty,” Trump said to CNN in a statement.

          “The police doing the original investigation say they were guilty. The fact that that case was settled with so much evidence against them is outrageous. And the woman, so badly injured, will never be the same.”

          The five men were convicted as teenagers after implicating each other under intense questioning over a brutal sexual assault on a jogger that dominated the tabloids. Defenders said they were coerced into confessing and all five were later cleared by DNA evidence and a separate confession in 2002 from another criminal who took credit for the assault.

          New York paid them $41 million in a settlement in 2014 over their ordeal.

          Trump took out a full-page ad at the time of the crime calling for New York to reinstate the death penalty in response.”

          Proven innocent by DNA, another individual confessed to the crime, and yet Trump still believes they are guilty… Why?

          And it’s clear, anyone who supports flying the Confederate flag or public monuments to celebrate Confederate soldiers and leaders, is indeed a racist who supports the enslavement of the African Americans in the United States.

          Do you think you could fly a Nazi flag and claim not to support the Nazis?

        • Of course, you don’t have to take my conclusion that Donald Trump is a racist, the United States Department of Justice has also reached that conclusion, and Trump agreed to a consent order to stop his racial discrimination in rental practices:

          “The lawsuit was based on evidence gathered by testers for the New York City Human Rights Division, which alleged that black people who went to Trump buildings were told there were no apartments available, while white people were offered units.

          Back then, Sheila Morse worked as one of those testers. When a black New Yorker was turned down for service and racial bias was suspected, Morse, who is white, would be dispatched to see if she received different treatment.

          In this case, a black man in search of an apartment in Brooklyn in 1972 saw a sign on a building: “apartment for rent.”

          “He met with the superintendent, and the superintendent said, ‘I’m very sorry, but the apartment is rented — it’s gone,’ ” Morse says. “So the gentlemen said to him, ‘Well, why is the sign out? I still see a sign that says apartment for rent.’ And the superintendent said, ‘Oh, I guess I forgot to take it down.’
          When Morse went to the building to ask about the same apartment, she says, “They greeted me with open arms and showed me every aspect of the apartment.”

          Morse says she reported her experience to the Human Rights Commission, and then returned to the apartment building. After she was offered a lease, the black man who had tried to rent the apartment entered the office with a city human rights commissioner, and the three of them confronted the building superintendent.

          “He said, ‘Well, I’m only doing what my boss told me to do — I am not allowed to rent to black tenants,’ ” Morse says.

          The commissioner asked the building superintendent to take him to his boss. That turned out to be Trump Management.

          Washington Post reporter Michael Kranish, co-author of the book Trump Revealed, tells NPR’s Robert Siegel that the Justice Department considered the case “one of the most significant race bias cases” at the time.

          “They signed what was called a consent order,” Kranish says. “Trump fought the case for two years. … He says it was very easy, but actually he fought the case for two years.”

          The Trumps took essentially the first settlement offer the federal government provided, Kranish says; the Trumps did not, in fact, have to admit guilt in settling the suit.

          “[The settlement] required the Trumps to place ads in newspapers saying that they welcomed black applicants,” Kranish says. “It said that the Trumps would familiarize themselves with the Fair Housing Act, which prohibited discrimination. So it also specifically said they don’t admit wrongdoing, but they did have to take several measures that the Trumps had fought for two years not to take.”

          Trump claims the Justice Department lawsuit was just one of many housing cases against many landlords, but Kranish says this description is misleading.

          “Well, there were cases brought against various companies, but the point here is that Trump has said in the debate — and he also told me when I interviewed him at Trump Tower earlier this year — that this was part of one massive suit.” Kranish says, “And in fact, this very specifically is a case that charges Donald Trump, Fred Trump and their company of race bias in housing rentals. … It was one of the largest cases of the time. … “

          “It was a suit that was directly against them, and it is one that Donald Trump to this day clearly is upset about.”

        • Dang, Miner49er, that was your weakest argument yet. You strain yourself reaching for something to back your point, but seldom provide anything relevant or convincing.

          Congratulations for dragging up something from decades ago, not even current, and try to make it about racism. Did President Trump use the “N” word? Did he specifically claim they were guilty because of their skin color?

          And preserving all elements of history, even the darker events, is not supporting or glorifying the event or people.

          The whole human rights and housing thing smells of harassment against Trump and his business. Bureaucrats looking for some payday and payback.

        • Ragnar. miner says what his corporate masters tell him to. The same wealthy white dudes that tell the antifa thugs which minority owned businesses to burn are pulling miner’s strings.

          The left was bought out by bloomberg, gates, zuckerberg, soros, etc. The top 1% trying to keep the rest of us in poverty and servitude.

          That’s the cause miner serves.

  3. A firearm locked in a safe in your vehicle is as worthless as one locked in a safe in your home. When seconds matter and they often do in a DGU the time needed to retrieve your firearm may well cost you your life. I can understand keeping extra firearms in the home safe as long as you have at least one readily available. Preferably home carry, but to leave your main source of self protection locked in your car is a recipe for disaster regardless of the circumstances. Everyone has to make choices as to how they face the option of entering a Firearms Free Zone. I have always chose to either ignore the sign or simply not enter. As with all things in life it comes down to choices and regrets. I’ve always based my choices on the regrets I can Live with. The one regret I never want to face is, If I hadn’t left my firearm Locked Up I could have…or worse being dead. Be Careful Out There Maintain OP SEC and as always Keep Your Powder Dry.

    • Soooo, I’m actually quite guilty of leaving a firearm in a vehicle on a somewhat regular basis. (I’m also one of those dreaded (man) purse carriers.

      A few points in my defense:
      I always lock my vehicle. I also park under cameras whenever possible.(they’re everywhere these days)
      I don’t leave my bag in the open. It goes under the seat, below about $1k worth of carpentry tools, so if the truck is broken into, it will likely be missed.
      My bag goes with me in a lot of circumstances. When I get home from work at the end of the day, it comes inside.
      It is my second gun. I always pocket carry a small pistol. The 9mm gets carried anytime my awareness level moves from yellow to orange.

      I’ve carried for many years now in a variety of work environments. This system works for me. 😉

    • The thing is, that’s really not the point. The point is that we cannot carry everyplace we go in life. There are always places you have to go where guns are not allowed and at the very least you are breaking a trespass law to be carrying. It stinks, but that’s life.

      The purpose of a hidden gun box in your vehicle is for when you have no legal option otherwise.

      Except for people like myself who normally carry a concealed handgun and also keep a long gun locked up out of sight in their vehicle.

  4. Well, if you live in Ohio and go to the post office, hospital, schools, government buildings, etc. you have to leave your piece locked up in the car. Or just travel with out it.

    • Concealed means Concealed…Unless metal detectors or body searches are on the menu. I carry in all of the above mentioned locals as well as police stations, sheriff’s office and courthouse. Never once in decades have I even got a sideways glance. Which I believe is more about attitude and demeanor than anything else.

      • Darkman I tend to agree with you with the possible exception of fed. Gov. Buildings. In my state at least, the consequences of getting caught are much higher in a post office than pretty much any place else.

      • Darkman,

        I’ve never entered any Sheriff office or courtroom here in LA County that doesn’t have a funnel of Deputies and metal detectors. No chance whatsoever of bringing any metal object in.

        • That’s what happens when you live in hostile territory. Here We are allowed to carry in the sheriff’s office, police station and the courthouse. The State Supreme Court left that decision up to local officials as there is no law mandating it either way.

    • If you live in the USA and go to the post office…

      Fixed it for you.
      Federal crime to have it in the post office parking lot too, so remember to drop it in the street before you park. Funny how so many of our rights guaranteed by the federal Constitution become null and void when we set foot upon federal (our) property.

      • And it all stems from post office workers going postal decades ago. They saw an opportunity to bad guns in the post office and took it. Never mind the problem was the people in the back who worked like dogs with no chance to advance.
        The problem wasn’t customers and they know it.

  5. This is one of the reasons they want gun free zones…so you have to leave your gun in your car….it is then stolen, and the anti-gun extremists can blame gun owners for criminals getting guns…..thus giving them more power to ban guns or carrying guns in public….

    • I would submit that is more of a satisfying byproduct of the law, than a premeditated intent, but I get what you’re saying.

    • I have been in many, many “gun-free” retail zones over the decades. I have yet to receive a free gun in any of them.

  6. WOW,,, one of the great and probably ONLY advantages of living in a May-Issue State, this theft of a Firearm is something we don’t need to consider. By Law we have to be be present while either transporting our Firearms to a Range, Gunsmith/Gun Shop. No holstering is allowed either,,,, that is unless you are one of the privileged class who is able to secure a Carry Permit. Accordingly,, Pistol and Ammunition must reside in separate parts of the Vehicle.

    • {May-issue state}

      “…this theft of a Firearm is something we don’t need to consider. ”

      Yeah, you do.

      Clue – No matter how draconian and evil your state is concerning gun rights, lots carry anyways. This article applies to those folks as well…

      • True to some unknown degree,,, but at this point you have to ask yourself “who is the Criminal” the one who smashes and grabs, or the one who makes your life a legal nightmare?

  7. Bullshit!
    This is victim-blaming and preaching (for which Kat is known).
    If my vehicle is locked, it is indeed a gun safe.
    If someone breaks a law to take my property, that is on them. They are the criminal.
    Most houses can be enter through a broken window in the same fashion. (Probably a door as well). Is it the owner’s “fault” when they get burgled?
    Similar to arguments the leftists use to say “common people” should not have guns as criminals arm themselves with STOLEN guns.
    Utter nonsense.

  8. Even if a firearm is secure within a vehicle, the entire vehicle can be stolen. Then, the thief has plenty of time to access the gun.

    Prohibitions against carrying may be grouped into hard and soft. Hard means having a firearm in your possession while on the premises is a crime all by itself. Soft means possession isn’t illegal but it becomes the crime of trespass if you refuse to remove the gun (or yourself) on being detected.

    I would avoid places with hard prohibition as much as possible and disarm when it wasn’t possible. I would also try to group visits to hard locations into one trip during which I left my gun at home. This avoids excessive handling and minimizes the time spent disarmed. For soft locations, concealed means concealed.

  9. Gotta love sponsored content pretending to be informational articles. “Dont keep a gun in your car but if you do buy this fancy little “safe” from the latest brand we are shilling!” Lol… 14ga steel so that the thief can pry it open with the same screw driver they jimmied your door with? Nice!

    I have an E&G console lockbox in my truck, it’s made of 10ga rolled plate and bolts into the floor, it is probably more secure than most of your average big box store full size gun “safe”. Even a crook with moderate level of tools is going to have to work at it to get it out of the truck an then work some more to get the thing open afterwards.

    Inside I have G-Code RTI mounted OWB holster. If I am out and about the gun is usually in my IWB holster, but can be easily transferred to the holster inside the lockbox if going to an enforceable GFZ. If I am out at the ranch or open carrying I have an RTI compatible belt slide and the entire gun and holster can be transferred to my hip as needed. On a long road trips I’ll swap my CCW for a fullsize with +2 mag extensiont and keep that in the lockbox with the lid unlocked while in the car in case I need to get to it quickly and just latch it or take the gun with me if I will be leaving the car unattended.

  10. Or hide in plain sight. Put gun in a sponge bob kids soft sided lunch box and put on front seat. Dopers routinely put street stash inside a discarded Doritos bag out in open. People walk right by it

  11. Yup. It sure would be nice to be able to have a concealed safe where I could safely secure my firearm and not have it easily found. Too bad those are often considered “smugglers compartments” and various states have laws against it. If only we weren’t frequently legally forced to disarm and have the choice of our gun being stolen from our car, breaking the law by carrying anyway, or breaking the law by storing our firearm in a concealed compartment.

    Stolen Authority is Not Legitimate///Do Not Comply///Boycott BRCC

  12. Leaving your gun in your car can have bad results.

    I learned this when I was getting my conceal carry permit.

    Tennessee had passed a law that prevented anyone from carrying their firearms at any place that serves alcohol. This new statue had a lot of support even among LEOs who normally do not support gun control laws, even though there were no significant examples of drunken gun abuse, as alcohol and guns do not mix. Problem is, the law did not make things safer, it made things worse. You see, not all criminals are dumb. They started to watch parking lots and would break in into cars when they saw its owner disarm and leave the gun inside. Law enforcement saw a significant increase in gun thefts. To the credit of the people who supported this law, when they saw the numbers they realized they had created this situation. They realized the actual result was putting MORE guns into the hands of actual criminals rather than removing guns from the hands of citizens who might decide to drink. As a result, the law was removed with the support of most of the same people who helped put it in place. Of course, there were many who predicted this would lead to blood in the streets. What actually happened was gun thefts dropped to even lower than before ( Which I think might have been related to the significant increase in CCW permits in the state). To the dismay of the anti-gun groups, there was no blood on the streets.

    Its one of the few cases I know of where facts were actually used to correct a bad law.

  13. I have a quick access gun safe bolted to my vehicle. Also built a locking door for the compartment under the rear seat of my Toyota Tacoma. Great home for a stainless steel, Ruger Mini-14 with a folding stock and a few 30 magazines.

  14. Some ‘interesting’ comments and very personal attitudes displayed 🙂

    Let’s face it folks – if a criminal really wants your gun There Is No Way YOU can prevent it. As some mentioned, they can and do go to extremes to get our property – from our car to our TV at home etc. All any of us can do is exercise the best means we can to minimize the risk both to ourselves and our property.
    Take reasonable precautions and maintain the best situational awareness that you can.

  15. I get a kick out of seeing all the idiots where I live driving their jacked-up pickup trucks with AR-15 window stickers, hitch covers and bumper stickers saying this vehicle is protected by (gun manufacturer). There’s nothing like advertising you have guns in your vehicle. Hey burglars, follow me until I leave my truck unattended. Follow me to my residence as well and wait until I leave to break in. I guess proving to everyone how big your balls are overrules having intelligence.

  16. Hmmmm…..

    Many satements, above, about not advertising that you have guns. Open carry is also a way of advertising that you have guns (I earned a Masters degree in ‘Stating the Obvious’ ; don’t be jealous).

    I just returned from yet another Trump/Stop the Steal rally in our Commonwealth Capitol. There were many of us open carrying, including the sentries carrying scarey (smirk) black long guns posted at key locations. Because….AntiFa and BLM. Visible arms can be a deterrent. This is the only time I open carry.

    Other than the above, my firearms remain concealed in a Skeaky Pete. No, I do not disarm in posted gun-free zones.

    My point? I forget….Joe Biden, I guess.

  17. If a firearm must be left in a car a tethered or bolted safe is at least a little protection from theft. If I want to carry but know I may have to disarm such as a concert, I’ll also choose a cheaper firearm where the financial loss wouldn’t hurt quite as much. Id be unhappy having any firearm stolen but I’d feel slightly better if it was easily replaced.

  18. No, it is not, BUT the safe inside my vehicles are…breaking into a vehicle is easy, breaking into a safe in my vehicle will provide a significant challenge, and when I return to my vehicle, and you’re still there, trying to break into my safe, I’ll drop you on the spot…

  19. What we really need is a method to make a gun explode when handled without permission from the owner…. or cause a life threatening shock when touched….
    Somebody with some actual brains should be able to figure something out….
    I’m not talking about a smart gun really, but something that is fail safe when the actual owner has the gun, but can be activated when you don’t have an option to carry it….

  20. Your vehicle is just as much of a safe as your home is.
    As for me, my vehicle seats five, so it arms five. Nobody should get left out. That’s rude. I’ve had at least a shotgun in the truck for the last 30 years. No issues yet, just a lot of dead game.

  21. This article is just an advertisement for a product. If a thug wanted to take it , getting the whole safe would only add about 30 seconds to his time.

  22. I’m going to pivot off of this as well; your car is not a fucking holster. Gun “holsters”, magnets, easy access racks etc are all the most moronic thing you can use to store your weapon in a vehicle. Not only does it expose them, leaving them wide open for theft, but, you know what is much more likely than needing to quick draw on your way to work? Getting rear ended or t-boned. Do you REALLY want a 3-4 lb piece of metal flying around in a wreck at 50-70mph? How about a loaded one? Keep it in your holster. This is another benefit of appendix carry. I can reach my weapon easily if needed, and if I tuck my seatbelt behind it its completely safe.

  23. There are several small automotive gun safes available that can be securely mounted inside the car (Check out Midway, Cabela’s, etc. online, or your local gunshop or locksmith; call around to locksmiths first, some may have good ideas.) However, a quick, cheap solution until you get something proper is to buy a small steel toolbox with a hasp that accepts a small padlock. (Take your holster in the store [with a cardboard gun cutout inside] to get a size that will fit along with enough space for your mag cases.) Then use a braided, plastic-coated cable (Master Lock makes them) with end loops to secure it to a metal piece under a car seat, or to a trunk hinge support in the trunk (Put it around the support and put one loop through the other.) Alternatively, you can also mount a bracket, use U-bolts, or something similar to mount it to sheet metal under the seat or in the trunk. Lock the box to the cable with a small padlock with a shackle diameter that will fit through the hasp – Master Lock laminated lock or similar.

    Hardware stores and farm/ranch stores have these metal tool boxes, cables, and locks (Walmart also, but theirs are not that strongest). Try to find one with a strong hasp since that is the weak point. Cables sold for locking bikes (like Kryptonite brand) are stronger and much more resistant to cutting, but again the hasp is usually the weak point, not the cable (it is often riveted on rather than bolted). However It is possible to buy a stronger separate hasp and bolts/lock nuts also at the store and replace the one on the box (may need to do a little Dremel or filing work to fit it.)

    When parking, obviously avoid parking in isolated areas if you can. Look around and wait until no one is walking by and discreetly put your gun holster and magazine/speed loader case in the toolbox on the floor, put an old coat over it, and then lock it up next to the seat; or better yet, carry the toolbox with the coat over it to lock to the cable in the trunk. You can also obviously also add a trigger lock like the blue Master Lock ones. Anything to slow the thief down or discourage him from taking the gun.

    This solution can obviously be defeated by a crook with tools, but it will frustrate the quick smash and grab thief looking for an easy snatch (which are most of them). Also, most thieves don’t pry open trunks unless the car is isolated at night – much faster to break the glass.

    Yes, it is pain to have to take the time to lock up the gun in the car when you not going to be carrying, but having to explain not locking it to the cops when it is stolen is far worse. Especially when your gun is used in a crime. The gun that the illegal alien used to shoot Kate Steinle in San Francisco was stolen out of the car of an (idiot) federal BLM Ranger. He testified that he left the weapon unsecured in a backpack under the front seat while he went to dinner.

    • Obviously, a small hardened chain will also work to secure a tool box securing your gun, if you use a U-bolt or bracket to secure one end. Master Lock used to make 3 foot and 6 foot hardened chains with 3/16″ thick links for locking bikes (they may still.) They came with a green plastic sleeve over the chain, and were a little harder to cut with bolt cutters. Online, bike shops, or locksmiths may have them. Or chain can be bought by the foot at hardware stores (and a cut bike inner tube used over it). but it is usually not hardened (check tag to see if labeled as such).

      With the right tools a thief can get into anything (the hardware stores obviously can cut the chain), but again the point is to discourage them completely or slow them down. Keeping the tool box out of outside view is the most important (covering it with a coat or just putting it in the trunk). One reason I don’t like SUVs.

      One more thing, obviously keep the box locked to the cable when not in use, so it wouldn’t bounce around in an accident and injure you. Like another commenter mentioned, an unholstered gun on the seat or floor will do the same thing in an accident, and could also wind up out on the street.


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