Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin speaks on the phone in the parking lot outside the Santa Fe County Sheriff's Office in Santa Fe, N.M., after he was questioned about a shooting on the set of the film "Rust" on the outskirts of Santa Fe, Thursday, Oct. 21, 2021. Baldwin fired a prop gun on the set, killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and wounding director Joel Souza, officials said. (Jim Weber/Santa Fe New Mexican via AP)
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Alec Baldwin’s set on the Western movie “Rust,” was reportedly plagued with all manner of mishaps and safety violations including multiple negligent discharges. Ultimately, prosecutors say those culminated in Baldwin, a big supporter of gun control for the little people, firing a shot that killed a 42-year-old cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and wounded Baldwin’s director.

Baldwin claims the “prop” gun on the Rust film set that was loaded “with blanks” “misfired.”

There’s even video out there of Baldwin practicing his pistolero skills.

On Friday, January 19th, a grand jury indicted Alec Baldwin on Involuntary Manslaughter charges in the fatal shooting. The gears of justice turn slowly, but it looks like the hot-tempered, political activist “actor” will get his day in court. Especially after Baldwin reportedly avoided cooperating with investigators by, among other things, dragging his feet in surrendering his phone for examination.

From the AP:

SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) — A grand jury indicted Alec Baldwin on Friday on an involuntary manslaughter charge in a 2021 fatal shooting during a rehearsal on a movie set in New Mexico, reviving a dormant case against the actor.

Special prosecutors brought the case before a grand jury in Santa Fe this week, months after receiving a new analysis of the gun that was used. They declined to answer questions after spending about a day and a half presenting their case to the grand jury.

Defense attorneys for Baldwin indicated they’ll fight the charge.

“We look forward to our day in court,” said Luke Nikas and Alex Spiro, defense attorneys for Baldwin, in an email.

Trust us, Nikas and Spiro, plenty of us Americans look forward to justice for Halyna Hutchins.

After all, Alec Baldwin says he feels no guilt over firing that fatal shot.  His story is that he didn’t pull the trigger.

Because none of us has heard that excuse before, right? Especially from a guy who advocates for gun control for everyday Americanseven after the incident on his film set.

While the proceeding is shrouded in secrecy, two of the witnesses seen at the courthouse included crew members — one who was present when the fatal shot was fired and another who had walked off the set the day before due to safety concerns.

Baldwin, the lead actor and a co-producer on the Western movie “Rust,” was pointing a gun at cinematographer Halyna Hutchins during a rehearsal on a movie set outside Santa Fe in October 2021 when the gun went off, killing her and wounding director Joel Souza.

Baldwin has said he pulled back the hammer, but not the trigger, and the gun fired.

The charge has again put Baldwin in legal trouble and created the possibility of prison time for an actor who has been a TV and movie mainstay for nearly 40 years, with roles in the early blockbuster “The Hunt for Red October,” Martin Scorsese’s “The Departed” and the sitcom “30 Rock.”

There’s more at the AP, not the least of which the Rust Movie Production company moved filming on the jinxed set to Montana.

Security guards block the Bonanza Creek Ranch Thursday, Oct. 21, 2021 in Santa Fe, N.M. A prop firearm fired by actor Alec Baldwin, who is producing and starring in a Western movie, killed his cinematographer and injured the director at the movie set outside Santa Fe. (Eddie Moore/The Albuquerque Journal via AP)

That after New Mexico state workplace safety regulators reported numerous safety violations and fined the company $100,000. Given that the entire low-budget flick was budged to cost about $7.2 million, that’s real money.

The indictment provides prosecutors with two alternative standards for pursuing an involuntary manslaughter charge against Baldwin in the death of Hutchins. One would be based on negligent use of a firearm, and the other alleges felony misconduct “with the total disregard or indifference for the safety of others.”

Judges recently agreed to put on hold several civil lawsuits seeking compensation from Baldwin and producers of “Rust” after prosecutors said they would present their case to a grand jury. Plaintiffs in those suits include members of the film crew.

Los Angeles-based attorney Gloria Allred, who is representing the slain cinematographer’s parents and younger sister in a civil case, said Friday that her clients have been seeking the truth about what happened the day Hutchins was killed and will be looking forward to Baldwin’s trial.

Neama Rahmani, a former federal prosecutor and president of the West Coast Trial Lawyers firm in Los Angeles, pointed to previous missteps by prosecutors, saying they will need to do more than present ballistics evidence to make a case that Baldwin had a broader responsibility and legal duty when it came to handling the gun on the set.

Special prosecutors dismissed an involuntary manslaughter charge against Baldwin in April, saying they were informed the gun might have been modified before the shooting and malfunctioned. They later pivoted and began weighing whether to refile a charge against Baldwin after receiving a new analysis of the gun.

Baldwin movie set shooting
In this image from video released by the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office, Alec Baldwin stands in costume and speaks with investigators following a fatal shooting last year on a movie set in Santa Fe, N.M. Data files released on Monday, April 25, 2022, included videos of investigators debriefing Baldwin on the day of the shooting inside a compact office. (Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office via AP)

The analysis from experts in ballistics and forensic testing relied on replacement parts to reassemble the gun fired by Baldwin, after parts of the pistol were broken during testing by the FBI. The report examined the gun and markings it left on a spent cartridge to conclude that the trigger had to have been pulled or depressed.

The analysis led by Lucien Haag of Forensic Science Services in Arizona stated that although Baldwin repeatedly denied pulling the trigger, “given the tests, findings and observations reported here, the trigger had to be pulled or depressed sufficiently to release the fully cocked or retracted hammer of the evidence revolver.”

The weapons supervisor on the movie set, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter and evidence tampering in the case. Her trial is scheduled to begin in February.

“Rust” assistant director and safety coordinator David Halls pleaded no contest to unsafe handling of a firearm last March and received a suspended sentence of six months of probation. He agreed to cooperate in the investigation of the shooting.

An earlier FBI report on the agency’s analysis of the gun found that, as is common with firearms of that design, it could go off without pulling the trigger if force was applied to an uncocked hammer, such as by dropping the weapon.

The only way the testers could get it to fire was by striking the gun with a mallet while the hammer was down and resting on the cartridge, or by pulling the trigger while it was fully cocked. The gun eventually broke during testing.

The 2021 shooting resulted in a series of civil lawsuits, including wrongful death claims filed by members of Hutchins’ family, centered on accusations that the defendants were lax with safety standards. Baldwin and other defendants have disputed those allegations.

The Rust Movie Productions company has paid a $100,000 fine to state workplace safety regulators after a scathing narrative of failures in violation of standard industry protocols, including testimony that production managers took limited or no action to address two misfires on set before the fatal shooting.

The filming of “Rust” resumed last year in Montana, under an agreement with the cinematographer’s widower, Matthew Hutchins, that made him an executive producer.

Involuntary manslaughter in New Mexico is a felony punishable by up to 18 months in prison and a $5,000 fine. Even if Baldwin somehow avoids jail time if he’s convicted, it would put an end to Mr. Baldwin ever handling real firearms again.


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  1. If this same circumstance happened, to — say — Gina Carano or some other “conservative” celebrity, you wouldn’t focus on it at all.

    The only reason that this is posted here is that Alec Baldwin is “a liberal”.

    Shame on you all.

    • A liberal who castigate a police officer who shot and killed a man, asking the officer via Twitter (rhetorically of course) how it felt to kill a man, suggesting that officers should be disarmed. Then he goes and does the same thing, all the time loudly professing his knowledge of the rules of firearm safety, and still professing his gun ban beliefs (while making money off of movies in which guns are featured). All he has done since the incident is to try to pass the buck.

    • “If this same circumstance happened, to — say — Gina Carano or some other “conservative” celebrity” But it wasn’t one of them it was Baldwin, the very same Alec Baldwin that has spent his entire career trash talking gun owners and gun rights orgs.

    • I want to see criminals held accountable. Criminals aren’t on my side, even if they mouth words suggesting they are. Democrats like to coddle criminals, especially criminals who give lip service to “equity” and assorted other silly crap. Sounds to me like you need to account for your own crap attitudes, j boy.

      • “I want to see criminals held accountable. Criminals aren’t on my side, even if they mouth words suggesting they are“

        I agree, that’s why I was pleased to see that multiple grand juries returned felony indictments against Donald Trump.

        • MINORLIAR, while ‘multiple grand juries have returned felony indictments”, I remind you of the adage that says a prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich?

    • Those others you mention would have felt and shown guilt and remorse. I will lay you even money Baldwin’s first phone call was to a CYA attorney.

    • The only reason that this is posted here is that Alec Baldwin is “a liberal”.

      Remember the early days of the clot DNA shot when you only died from Covid because you were an immoral, non-believing heretic, deserving of death because you refused the experimental injection? Yeah, you guys totally would never engage in anything like that…

  2. Alec Baldwin indicted. So what? He’s a B actor with his ass in a crack. Not the first one. The only reason it’s news here is because it involves a firearm. If it involved a motor vehicle instead it wouldn’t earn a mention. One inanimate object is as good as another. Just saying.

    • No, it involves the uneven application of firearm laws that theoretically apply to all of us equally. It involves the supposed concept of blind justice and fair treatment for all. It involves celebrating those who try to skate past those bedrock American concepts once they get caught and punished just like each and every one of us would.

      • “No, it involves the uneven application of firearm laws that theoretically apply to all of us equally“


        Help me to understand why Dick Cheney wasn’t indicted for any crime whatsoever, even after being drunk with a firearm and shooting a man in the face.

        • There’s this thing called the “internet,” Liar. What you posted is patently false. Even Wikipedia has the story:

          “On February 13, 2006, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (an agency once headed by Armstrong)[15] issued an incident report. According to the report, Cheney “was swinging on game” (i.e. turning to track it with his shotgun).[2] The summary of the incident given was:

          “Whittington downed a bird and went to retrieve it. While he was out of the hunting line, another covey was flushed and Cheney swung on a bird and fired, striking Whittington in the face, neck, and chest.[4]”

          “Whittington [the hunter who was wounded] characterized the incident as an accident and said no alcohol was involved and that everyone was wearing proper hunting attire.”

          “In the Fox News interview, Cheney accepted full responsibility for the accident.”

          “The Kenedy County Sheriff, Ramon Salinas III, has since cleared Cheney of any criminal wrongdoing.”

          Will this “help you to understand?” Of course not.

        • The gentleman he shot was only 6 feet tall, what is Cheney doing shooting at birds on the ground?

          Because he was intoxicated.

          “Vice President Dick Cheney, who was forced to leave Yale University because his penchant for late-night beer drinking exceeded his devotion to his studies, and who is one of the small number of Americans who can count two drunk driving busts on his record, was doing more than hunting quail on the day that he shot a Texas lawyer in the face.

          The vice president has admitted that he was drinking on the afternoon of the incident. He claims it was only a beer, according to the transcript of an interview with Fox New Wednesday. But the whole discussion about how much drinking took place on the day of the fateful hunt has been evolving rapidly since Katherine Armstrong, the wealthy Republican lobbyist who is a member of the politically connected family that owns the ranch where Cheney blasted his hunting partner, initially claimed that no one was imbibing before the incident.

          Armstrong later acknowledged to a reporter from the NBC investigative unit that alcohol may have been served at a picnic Saturday afternoon on the dude ranch where Cheney shot Harry Whittington.“

        • MINORS49er, really! It seems that Dick Cheney was not indicted because it was a hunting mishap with no intent involved. So yeah, MINORLIAR the vice president was cleared of any wrong doing. Is that legal point lost on you?

        • Yes, Alec Baldwin should “not be indicted because it was a filming mishap with no intent involved”

          Well, I’m glad you have finally grasped the legal realities.

        • MINORLIAR it seems that your grasp of legal realities is lacking to say the least. Your buddy, Alec did not adhere to the four basic rules of gun handling.

        • Liar69er, do you realize that the Cheney accident is an entirely different situation, legally speaking, than the Baldwin shooting?

          You asked for help in understanding; I helped by explaining that you lied in your mischaracterizing the Cheney accidental shooting.

          So how about a “thank you,” you ingrateful bastard?

          “I am surprised that those who claim to be attorneys on this list have not spoken of this legal doctrine …”

          How about providing your legal qualifications — what law school you graduated? When you passed the bar exam? How many years you worked for a law firm? Your legal expertise that allows you to chide actual attorneys?

        • The main difference is Cheney took personal responsibility for shooting his friend in the face. He did not go on Oprah or whatever and cry for the cameras.

        • MINORLIAR, So what if Cheney like to drink beer in college. I’ll venture a guess you used pot while in an “institute of higher (sic) learning.” But that does not prove jack about his condition during the incident. CNN’s “investigative unit”, “may have been served”? They could not find a fart in a telephone booth. But then you are of a similar nature.
          Unless you or your CNN cohorts could get drunk on ONE beer, it would be impossible that he was intoxicated.

        • “Because he was intoxicated.”

          That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.

    • The max is 18 months, so a good chance he gets only probation…

  3. Well, we will see what happens. I stopped trying to predict what a court will do a while back. The exception being when hoplophobes propose blatantly unconstitutional legislation.

  4. I hate to say it but the real fault lies with the incompetent weapons prop master. There was no reason for live ammunition to be on the set at all, and no excuse for permitting access to the weapons so that said ammunition could be loaded.

    I’m no fan of Baldwin but he had every reason to expect that the gun was safe to handle.

    • Had baldwin been there as just an actor I would agree. But he wore the boss’s mantle on this project. He was the king shit. It was his job to ensure that everything was proper and professional.

      He failed miserably.

    • I hand you a pistol, I tell you everything is awesome, you don’t check it and you start pointing at people and pull the trigger. All along, you have been bragging to the world how much you know about firearm safety. Is that how you roll?

    • The only way to lower a fully cocked hammer on an 1873 revolver is to pull the trigger. I speak from experience. I own 4 1873s and six Colt percussion pistols; I have taken all of them apart, polished the components, and and reassembled them. They cannot fire without pulling the trigger or by breaking the gun. So either Baldwin lied or he has a convenient loss of memory. The only way the FBI could get the gun to fire without pulling the trigger was to break it.

      Review the rules of firearm safety. The only one he didn’t break was the one stating that you should know your target and what’s behind it before making a decision to shoot.

      • Just after the event Brandon Herrera tried to replicate it with a Colt SAA. Thumbing the hammer and releasing it before the half-cock did not have enough force to fire the cartridge. Thumbing the hammer to the half-cock locked the trigger, as it was designed. Only thumbing the hammer fully back and pulling the trigger would fire the gun.

    • The weapons prop master’s only duties should be just that. Baldwin in his role of director had her (and everyone else in the crew) doing other duties as well. A seasoned props master would have told him to pound sand and walked but this was her first gig as a prop master she likely felt cowed.

  5. He didn’t treat it as if it were loaded.
    He pointed at someone he didn’t want destroyed.
    He didn’t care what was beyond the target
    He put a finger on the trigger when not ready.

    This man has been finger waging about gun control for years and refused to adhere to the basics. Sheesh!

  6. That’s just a damn shame. Really, I’m serious. It’s s shame that scum-bag wasn’t locked up or held accountable YEARS ago.

    As Mark N. above pointed out, and I also am named Mark, I’m a background actor having worked on sets with firearms real and fake, and like like Mark above, I also have an 1873 SAA. While they do have a rather sensitive trigger in single action, the trigger had to be pulled. Anyone who knows ANYTHING at all about the 1873 SAA knows this and calls Alec Baldwin on his lying ass covering ass.

    He was negligent plain and simple. There were REAL firearms on set and he FAILED to insure safety on the set.

  7. “parts of the pistol were broken during testing by the FBI”– how convenient?

    “If this same circumstance happened, to — say — Gina Carano…”

    I wouldn’t call killing one’s cinematographer a “circumstance”.

    “He didn’t treat it as if it were loaded.
    He pointed at someone he didn’t want destroyed.
    He didn’t care what was beyond the target
    He put a finger on the trigger when not ready.”


  8. Person that loaded the weapon , fault , shame didn’t have to or think to recheck loaded weapon . trusted people on the film set .

  9. Once any firearm is in your hands it means you own it lock, stock and barrel. There is no dancing around,
    finger pointing, excuse, apology, etc. By all accounts to the Gun Control peabrain a. baldwin a firearm is something to just horse around with to the extent people directly down range didn’t matter.

  10. Live ammo should never have been on the set. As producer Alec holds responsibility for that as well as obviously causing that gun to go off and also for not personally checking the state of the firearm he was holding. 3 points of responsibility and it is clearly established he knew the gun was functional as a firearm and live ammo was on set.

    Majority of hollywood should probably only be allowed demilled guns or airsoft clones given their lack of firearms handling knowledge.

  11. I look forward to a future where generative AI, or just people having better things to do with their lives, makes Hollywood and celebrity oddball relics of a long lost era of largesse, waste, idol worship and casting couches. Complete scripts and casts pumped out pre-edited for you at 10% the cost and the consumers will still consume because that’s what they do.

    Wanna see a real person prance and dance in a make-believe world for more money than the actual useful people make? Broadway will still be a thing. Elitists love dropping a grand on a seat to see furries sing about moonlight or something so that’ll be around for a while yet.

    • Even better yet, make your own AI movies and scripts with pick-and-choose options for any actor you want. For the family types include your own kids into the movie roles and let AI touch up their vocal delivery to Richard Burton or Bette Davis levels. For the adult types, well you can just imagine the various upgrades and plug-ins that will be available. That will be the end gratefully of the movie industry as it is known.

  12. Woke up yesterday picked up my bedside gun removed the magazine and cleared the chamber put the bullet in the magazine and magazine back in the gun and in the drawer. I know it’s a run on sentence. Couple hours later got the gun to go to the range and cleared it again this time putting the magazine in my range bag. It’s not rocket science. Being anal about safety is a good thing.

  13. He pulled the trigger. He lied. He thought his acting experience sold the lie. It did not. He is guilty.

  14. i’m not sure, but i think i figured it out
    he states the did not pull the trigger, maybe, but if he grabbed the gun and the trigger at the same time—–(the gun will not fire, you have to cock the hammer)—-and if i am saying it correctly, he fanned the hammer, some thing the manufacturers state could the firearm, and the firearm discharged—-maybe he was watching little joe from the old westerns, –i doubt he knows what he is doing, being anti gun, but being so he should not have touched a firearm—-if i didnot know how to drive but hopped in a unoccupied car that had the key in it—-messed around with the gear selector etc., then ran someone over, the car did not do it

  15. Baldwin couldn’t have told if the gun was loaded or not from a simple visual inspection because the firearm was loaded with ‘dummy rounds’ for the close-up.

    “Dummy ammunition rounds are used to visually represent real live ammunition cartridges for a variety of prop purposes. Typically, a filmed closeup shot of an actor loading a gun, but also in loaded cartridge belts, loaded magazines, an actor with a handful of bullets, etc.“,a%20handful%20of%20bullets%2C%20etc.

    Baldwin ‘relied’ on his experts, his armorer and Assistant Director/prop master assured him the gun was ‘cold’ so he had no reason to believe it was a danger to anyone.

    “Reliance is legal concept defining the dependence by one person on another person’s or entity’s statements or actions, particularly where the person acts upon such dependence. The person on whom the person relied may be liable for damages if such reliance was reasonable and resulted in detriment to the relying person, in a doctrine known as promissory estoppel.“

    I am surprised that those who claim to be attorneys on this list have not spoken of this legal doctrine, perhaps they’re just real estate and divorce attorneys so they don’t have any familiarity with more sophisticated legal concepts.

    • “On Friday, January 19th, a grand jury indicted Alec Baldwin on Involuntary Manslaughter charges in the fatal shooting.”

      IANAL, yet you’re willing to accept any grand jury indictment of President Trump as irrefutable proof of his guilt. Of course you would have to apply the same “legal standard” to Baldwin.

      “He was indicted, therefore he is guilty. No trial is necessary,” said the Liar.

      • After all, baldwin only killed a woman. To the rich white guys running miners team a woman or poc is expendable.

      • “you’re willing to accept any grand jury indictment of President Trump as irrefutable proof of his guilt“

        Nope, I never said that.

        Actually, I’m convinced of his guilt by the overwhelming amount of evidence that has been released publicly.

        • “Nope, I never said that.”

          We know that’s what you think. (Or what passes for “thinking” in your mind.)

          Presumption of innocence? Bah, humbug! Who needs a trial?

        • If by ‘killing it’ you mean we are speaking the truth, then yes, we are.

          You, on the other hand……..

        • MINORLIAR, it’s not hard to be “killin’ it” with Leftists like you spreading your propaganda.

    • MINORLIAR, WRONG! A “dummy round” is significantly different from live ammunition, as dummy rounds have a different color than live ammo. But as you are a hoplophobe and have no real knowledge of guns, you would not know this.

      Do Baldwin a favor and don’t join his legal team.

      • “dummy rounds have a different color than live ammo“

        That statement is factually incorrect, dummy rounds used in the movie industry are visually identical to live rounds.

        • Some are — and some aren’t.

          The presence of a crimp rather than a bullet at the end of the casing is a “tell.” So is a hole in the side of the rear of the casing.

          Movie prop experts also know that dummy rounds have a very different feel than live rounds.

        • “The presence of a crimp rather than a bullet at the end of the casing is a “tell.”

          The directors set up the shot as a close-up of Baldwin pointing the gun directly at the camera, these down around weren’t crimped on a wad like a blank..

          “So is a hole in the side of the rear of the casing.”

          The prop master handed the gun to Baldwin already loaded and announced the gun was ‘cold’.

          “Movie prop experts also know that dummy rounds have a very different feel than live rounds”

          The prop master handed the gun to Baldwin already loaded and announced the gun was ‘cold’.

          Baldwin had a reasonable expectation the gun was safe based on the pronouncement of the assistant Director/property manager.

        • Nothing that you wrote changes the facts that I posted.

          “I am surprised that those who claim to be attorneys on this list have not spoken of this legal doctrine …”

          BTW — we’re still waiting for you to provide your legal credentials.

          What’s that? You don’t have any? Huh.

        • “we’re still waiting for you to provide your legal credentials“

          The ever popular ad hominem attack. You can’t respond to the actual content of my post because you know your position is in error, so instead you attempt to attack my credentials as if I had cited any particular credentialing in my post.

          Please, go ahead and try to disprove the doctrine of promissory estoppel.

          This might be interesting…

        • MINORLIAR WRONG again, clearly you have no understanding of firearms, and ammuntion.
          Dummy ammunition, also known as a dummy round, training round, or snap cap, is a training tool that simulates the size and weight of live ammunition. Dummy rounds are inert, meaning they contain no primer, propellant, or explosive charge. They are usually made of aluminum or plastic and don’t contain gunpowder. Dummy rounds can be used for a variety of purposes, including:
          Practice drills
          Familiarizing personnel with the weight and feel of a weapon
          Checking weapon function
          Crew training
          Testing function without using a live round
          Practicing failure manipulation drills
          Dummy rounds can be used in dry fire training and on the range. They can also be used to improve firearms efficiency.
          Dummy rounds can be distinguished from live ammunition by a few features:
          Dummy rounds have dimpled primer on the bottom, while live ammunition does not;
          Shaking and listening for sounds can also help check what is going into a gun.
          I have a sneaky suspicion that you and the DUNDERHEAD are one and the same person.

        • “You can’t respond to the actual content of my post because you know your position is in error, so instead you attempt to attack my credentials as if I had cited any particular credentialing in my post.”

          Yeah, well — fuck that, and fuck you. Why would I argue legalities with someone who’s not a lawyer? You already criticized those on the forum who do have a legal background:

          “I am surprised that those who claim to be attorneys on this list have not spoken of this legal doctrine, perhaps they’re just real estate and divorce attorneys so they don’t have any familiarity with more sophisticated legal concepts.”

          What credentials do you possess that makes you a superior barrister, arguing legal strategies for the Baldwin defense team?

          I mean — other than being a blowhard know-it-all who wouldn’t know a fact if it bit him in the ass?

          “This might be interesting… ”

          Still waiting for you to “be interesting.” You’ve become a colossal bore. Why don’t you go pollute a forum on Daily Beast, or WaPo, or any of those left-wing sites that you like to quote as if they were unbiased, factual sources of information?

    • MajoeLiar,

      Once again, you prove your ABSOLUTE ignorance about firearms and firearm safety, the ACTUAL law regarding “reasonable reliance”, and, in fact, just about every other subject on the face of the Earth.

      1. The person holding the firearm is ALWAYS responsible for its use/condition,
      2. With that pistol (or virtually ANY other revolver), checking the “loaded/unloaded” status is the easiest thing in the world – OPEN THE DAMN CYLINDER AND LOOK, you blockhead!!!,
      3. Baldwin, in that incident, violated at least three (arguably four) of Cooper’s Four Rules,
      4. As the PRODUCER (i.e., the BOSS) of this movie, he had the ultimate responsibility to ensure that proper safety precautions were taken. If, in fact, the armorer was incompetent (which certainly seems to be the case), WHO’S FAULT WAS THAT? (once again, YOU BLOCKHEAD!!).

      Sometimes consistency is a good thing – and you consistently remain too stupid to insult.

  16. I am no fan of Baldwin. I hate the guy. But… How the hell did he was given loaded gun? With real ammo??

    You guys cannot expect from some random actor to know how to handle a gun. What if it is someone who never had a gun in his hand before?

    Actor cannot legaly be responsible for a movie prop. It is their choice that they used real gun and not a prop gun.

    I do not se how he is responsible for this. He is not firearm owner or user.

    • I believe that all of your points have either been refuted or denied in the posts preceding.

      You might want to dig up the summary of charges to read the reasons why the grand jury felt that this case needed to go to trial.

    • Rtype, yeah, we can hold an actor responsible for handling a firearm with GROSS NEGLIGENCE. Have you read any of the news accounts of this incident? Actors handle firearms all the time. They should know the FOUR Rules of Gun Safety.

      I don’t know if the defense can “smash this case”. You see, I stopped trying to predict what a jury will do in any given case.

  17. Way to duck responsibility for murder, Alec. He sounds just like O.J. Simpson:
    “Someone is responsible for what happened and I can’t say who that is, but I know it’s not me.”
    Maybe Alec Baldwin can team up with O.J. Simpson and search for the real killer!
    Then maybe he, too, can write a book, “If I Did It, Here’s How it Happened.”

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