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By Rob Morse

It’s bad enough when another broken, narcissistic idiot with a gun kills innocent victims. It’s worse still when the mainstream media gives the murderer — depending on their politics — a multi-million-dollar publicity campaign.

Until society and the media dynamic change drastically, we’re left with doing what we can to defend our children in schools and our neighbors in churches and synagogues. Along the way, we have to balance some conflicting emotions with some important truths about protecting kids and others in, well, sensitive places. Finding the right middle-ground is hard.

Let’s start with some facts. We defend our elites with guns. Lots of men who carry them. That’s true for rich anti-gun billionaires like Mayor Michael Bloomberg and for elite DC politicians and their families. You’re well advised to ignore what politicians say about guns and watch what they do. They think guns save will their lives and the lives of those they love.

Some people who want you disarmed are very comfortable when they’re surrounded by men with guns.

As for the rest of us. Well, we’re on our own.

Emotions that swirl around high profile public violence are hard to deal with. For most of us, attacking a school or a church is evidence of incomprehensible, unimaginable evil. But just because it’s uncomfortable to think about doesn’t mean a mentally ill narcissist won’t do it as a desperate grab for attention. Mass murderers deliberately attack innocents — frequently children — to up the level of outrage.

When it comes to our neighborhood school, our first reaction is to fill the hallway with police before the school opens. We want the best defense for our children and those of our neighbors. That feeling tends to fade, though, as we add up the costs.

Yes, we could put a SWAT team in every hallway of every school building. We could put an armed officer on every school bus and ball field. The good news, though, is that attacks on schools are exceedingly rare and the chance that it will happen at any one school is less than it will be struck by lightening.

Realistically, all the money that could be spent on armed cops patrolling the halls of every school in America would devour their budgets.

Fortunately, there’s a broad, effective middle ground that has worked perfectly to protect students in districts across the country. For over a decade, we’ve had thousands of armed volunteers in schools. These volunteer teachers were recruited by their school districts.  They’ve been trained by outside organizations and then approved by their school boards.

armed teacher training gun school

As a result, we’ve had several million classroom-days with armed, trained volunteer defenders in schools without a firearms accident. Besides the peace of mind it provides, no school with armed teachers has ever been attacked by a would be school shooter. That’s a lot of practical, verifiable experience.

The best defense is to prevent an attack before it can take place. We have a lot of experience to indicate that shooters don’t want to target schools with armed teachers on site. None of these volunteers have never had to defend a school that had a publicly announced safety program of armed school staff.

Success changes everything…if we’re willing to learn from it.


This article originally appeared at Slow Facts Blog and is reprinted here with permission. 

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  1. From this article:

    Along the way, we have to balance some conflicting emotions with some important truths about protecting kids and others in, well, sensitive places.

    Uh, a large number of people in our nation are unable to accept the simple truth that a baby born with female plumbing cannot be a male (and vice versa). If we cannot agree that a girl cannot possibly be a boy, we definitely cannot agree on armed defenders in schools and churches.

    • And dead kids give Leftist Scum ™ something to campaign on… 🙁

  2. We Have a Tested, Proven Way to Keep Schools and Students Safe…If We Want To

    We Have a Tested, Proven Way to balance the budget…If We Want To

    We Have a Tested, Proven Way to combat violent crime…If We Want To

    We Have a Tested, Proven Way to stem unlimited illegal immigration…If We Want To

    We Have a Tested, Proven Way to conduct honest elections…If We Want To

    We Have a Tested, Proven Way to determine the difference between a man and a woman…If We Want To

    We Have a Tested, Proven Way to keep groomers away from kids…If We Want To

    We Have a Tested, Proven Way to keep inflation low…If We Want To

    It’s a lie that these issues are complicated. We know how to solve these problems because we’ve done it before. Bad things are happening because the people in charge want it that way.

  3. I pitched the idea of volunteer armed vets at our schools, and was shown the door. The school committee rejected the notion of visible weapons in schools. My kids had already graduated and I still volunteered. Oh well, have it your way. I just hope I don’t have to one day say I told you so.

  4. The solution to many problems public schools suffer, is to get the government out of education.

    • Amen to that, I would say that the vasy majority of the elites send their kids to private schools where there is armed security too.

    • Wait, what? You mean a sign taped to the door that says “gun free safe zone” does not deter insane deranged violent people bent on mayhem?

  5. They can’t allow any solution that undermines their goal to terrify children at the sight of a gun. If they let kids learn that guns save lives, they’ll never convince them to vote for gun-hating politicians later when they are old enough to vote.

    And yes, the correct conclusion to draw from that is that they are fully willing to sacrifice lives to accomplish that goal.

  6. Politicians have no desire to solve problems. If they did they would be out of work because they would not be needed.
    Ideology and political power come before real world solutions.

  7. School budgets are huge bloated money gobbling monsters. There certainly is plenty of $$ around to fund school safety. Kids are obviously expendable pawns in a sick twisted plan leftos have for destroying our country. Reroute a couple Billies from ewwkrane and problem solved.

  8. It’s lightning, not lightening. Both words, but they mean different things.

    And what is up with the stance and grip in that “training” photo? Oy.

  9. Yes, we do. Restore the Militias. Few would dare commit crimes when every single male is held responsible for the security of their area and armed!

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