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Texas has a reputation of being a tough state. Even their anti-litter slogan, “Don’t mess with Texas,” seems a little more aggressive than that of many other states in the nation.

When it comes to armed citizens, the Lone Star State ranks right near the top of the list. And four different home invaders learned that lesson the hard way during the past few weeks in June.

On June 16, a Longview, Texas, man was asleep at his home around 1 a.m. when a man broke into the house. Police later learned that the intruder had been involved in a nearby hit-and-run wreck about 20 minutes earlier and had fled the scene.

According to the Longview News-Journal, the resident grabbed his gun, confronted the intruder and shot him inside the home. The home invader, identified as 23-year-old Johan Nino, later died at a nearby hospital. Police said no charges would be filed, and the investigation into the matter will continue.

The next day in Sherman, Texas, an armed man tried to break into a homeowner’s shed. When the homeowner confronted the suspect, the man allegedly charged him with a screwdriver. Fearing for his life, the homeowner shot the suspect, identified as Jose Antonio Menjivar.

According to a report at, Menjivar was taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries and was later charged with burglary.

Just five days later in Spring, Texas, a homeowner was “rushed” by a man who had broken into his home while it was occupied. According to a report at Woodlands Online, the homeowner shot the home invader and immediately begin performing life-saving measures.\

The home intruder, who police did not identify, died at the scene, and the homeowner is cooperating with the continuing investigation.

Two days later, another home intruder broke into a house in Paris, Texas, while the residents were home. According to, After being awakened by the family dog, the homeowner grabbed his gun and confronted the intruder in the kitchen.

The homeowner fired one shot at the intruder, causing him to leave the scene. Authorities are still searching for the home invader, and the homeowner has not been charged.

Judging from those four Lone Star State home invasions in just the last two weeks, “Don’t Mess with Texas” apparently means a lot more than simply not throwing your litter out your window onto the highway.

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  1. Well, between the rotating door justice system and the reoffense rate of criminals that were shot dead, i do prefer the Texas style of dealing with crime over Commiefornia any day of the week. And twice on sunday.

  2. Good for Texas.

    In other good news, SCOTUS threw out Chevron deference, threw a monkey wrench into the prosecution of many of the so-called J6 protesters, and also ruled that fining people for setting up homeless camps in public spaces is not necessarily an 8A violation. Take that progress, you progressives!

  3. “After being awakened by the family dog, the homeowner grabbed his gun and confronted the intruder in the kitchen”
    ‘family dog’, one of the best alarm system and fun to be around during non-emergencies.
    Mine is a yorkie and she is ferocious.

  4. Let’s put it this way…You do not want to do something that gets the Texas Rangers involved.

    And on the other hand (Thank You Randy Travis) following the debate were desperate democRats tripping over each other to go candidate shopping. And the candidate they ignored as if non-existent was kamala AKA mamala AKA giggles AKA cackles AKA ho. The one democRat attired to look presidential the best the midriff bulge ho could fell on damage control prop swords for her loving man, sugar daddy, gravy train joe AKA the big man. Her pathetic crocodile tear rambling response was a perfect match for joe’s train wreck. FJB.

    TRUMP 2024.

      • The coward so called school police chief was the ranking officer of the crime scene so was therefore calling the shots. No rangers involved. The coward in charge was arrested and charged today, finally.

  5. “the homeowner shot the home invader and immediately begin performing life-saving measures.”


    Call 9-1-1 and let the professionals deal with the situation.

    • To Peter Franks,
      You are completely wrong about that.
      I refer you to the blog that ”Law of self defense”
      Attorney Andrew Branca states that even Soros funded anti gun prosecutors look favorably on rendering first aid to criminals you have been forced to shoot.
      It features prominently in their charging decisions

      • here’s the thing about that… something the blog ”Law of self defense” is not accounting for and something I’ve had personal experience with and something the lawyers in my several self defense incidents in my life have all told me…

        If you try to render aid to the bad guy you had to shoot, you can become personally liable of any injury or death they suffer during the time you tried to render aid.

        Once you touch them to render aid its no longer just defense of your self-defense necessity you worry about, its also if anything happens to them while you are ‘touching’ them to render aid. If say for example, you apply a tourniquet or pressure to a wound and the bad guy still bleeds out – now you need to prove that you did nothing that caused the bleed out because an anti-gun prosecutor is going to put on expert witnesses that will claim the wound would have been survivable so you must have done something to make it worse while you were supposedly rendering aid.

        Plus, you don’t know if the bad guy will still continue to try to harm you if you get close enough. They might have a hidden weapon, and when you get busy with trying to render aid out comes that hidden knife and stabby stabby and you die or are seriously injured.

        Leave them alone. Throw them a towel to use to put pressure on their wound maybe if you want, but do not get near them. Call 911 and let the paramedics handle it.

      • docduracoat, It wouldn’t have squat to do with their charging decisions. A person who legally shoots a criminal while in commission of a felony is under no obligation, legally or otherwise,to administer aid to the turd. None. Call 911 and let the people who are qualified and get paid to try and save the turds life.

  6. I never lock my door.
    I came home and wanted to make some fried tators. Somebody stole my tators.
    Nothing else, just the tators.
    Now I lock my door.

  7. Not sure how anyone can mention Paris, Texas, without mentioning the statue of Jesus wearing cowboy boots and spurs.


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