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About a month ago, a Chicago resident used his concealed carry piece to repel a feral swarm of attackers.  We wrote about it as one of several defensive gun uses that happened in America’s Murder City in just one weekend.  Now that the dust has settled, we can share the rest of the story.

Here’s how CBS Chicago reported it:

CHICAGO (CBS) — A concealed carry license holder was attacked Friday night in Chicago and responded by shooting three men from his Northwest Side front yard. 

All four were hospitalized in critical condition after an argument led to the shooting.

The incident happened just before 11:30 in the 4700 block of West Wrightwood Avenue in the Belmont Cragin neighborhood.

Chicago police said the victim, a 43-year-old man, was in front of his home when an argument ensued with three men who began attacking him. The victim, a concealed carry license holder, pulled out a handgun and shot all three men. 

Here’s what really happened.

The CCW holder victim in this incident had asked his neighbors and their friends to turn down the music a notch or three at 11:30 pm on a Friday night. His 11-year-old daughter was trying to sleep for an event she had the next day. Instead of playing nice and doing the decent and honorable thing of dialing back the noise, the brazen neighbors and fellow party-goers attacked the CCW holder in his own front yard.

The neighbor, we’ll call him Raoul, had the foresight to put on his concealed carry piece before going outside to ask the neighbors to act a little more neighborly. When they savagely attacked him, he tried to retreat but there were too many. They beat him with fists, kicks and eventually even a metal rod of some sort, taking him to the ground to continue their frenzied attack.

Raoul pulled out his piece and shot one of the primary attackers, a 29-year-old man, in the chest. The younger man continued fighting, so Raoul kept shooting. He eventually shot that guy a total of five times in the chest.

While that took the wind out of that guy’s sails, the mob didn’t disperse. If anything, they became even more feral, seeking to disarm Raoul and get some retribution.

So Raoul shot another of his primary attackers. This 22-year-old attacker took a single round in the chest but it hit his spine. While that guy might not walk again, he might find some affordable gently used wheelchairs at the thrift store from where he can contemplate his poor choices in life.

The attack continued, so Raoul shot a third man, aged 55, in the throat, forcing him to miss church chorus that Sunday.

Seeing their numbers dwindling, the rest of the mob decided they had important business to attend to elsewhere…like turning the music down. They dispersed rather hastily. None bothered to stick around and render aid to their fellow attackers now leaking all over the yard.

Screen capture by Boch via Youtube/CBS Chicago

Police and paramedics showed up after a few minutes and multiple 911 calls. Everyone, including Raoul, got rides to the hospital. The three attackers survived their wounds.  Raoul was evaluated for injuries and checked for a brain bleed among other things. Docs cleared him and released him from the hospital.

Of course, the boys in blue had questions. So, they took him to the police station.

Now, if you’re a cynic who thinks a Team Soros prosecutor like Kim Foxx isn’t going to let a guy shoot three people in self-defense get away with it, your Spidey senses are right on the money. They took Raoul to Cook County Jail when he asked for his attorney instead of answering questions.

Everything was going swimmingly for Team Soros until Raoul called his wife from jail and told her to get the emergency contact number for U.S. LawShield, of which he was a member, and call them for help.

The wife, a teacher, did exactly that and the U.S. LawShield independent program attorney for Illinois, Michael Johnson, took the call directly. Even though it was the middle of the night, he hopped in his car and started a multi-hour drive from northern Wisconsin back to Chicago.

Johnson called the police and introduced himself as Raoul’s attorney and told them not to ask him any questions. Johnson also spoke with the wife again, secured doorbell video of the incident (which didn’t show video, but the audio was helpful) and arranged for the detectives to retrieve it. He also spoke with a neighbor who witnessed the ordeal and expressed a willingness to talk with police.

I spoke with Michael Johnson and he had nothing but the highest praise for the two detectives handling the case. He said they were the model of professionalism and dedication to the job. In this case, they were very willing to go the extra mile to help secure evidence and witness statements that would further their investigation to a just conclusion, which also ultimately served to exonerate Raoul.

“It doesn’t always happen like that,” Johnson told me. Sometimes detectives say “tell it to the judge.” But not here. In fact, he said it was as if the detectives recognized the evidence that suggested this was a defensive gun use and were happy to report it as such.

The problem, however, involved Team Soros. The bottom-rung assistant state’s attorney handling the case initially charged it because their supervisor said to do so. “This is a heater case where he shot three people. Yeah, we’re going to charge him.” That was the word from on high.

John Boch Photo

However, Raoul had a Firearm Owners ID Card and a concealed carry license. He was attacked by a mob without provocation and beaten savagely. Only after taking a pretty good beating did he access his gun and start shooting. He fired only seven times and scored all hits. Moreover, he stopped shooting when the threats ceased. Even in a frightening, and adrenaline-fueled situation, he used only the force necessary to end the attack. From a self-defense point of view, he played it by the book.

After further “consultation” with prosecutors, Johnson got them to admit that they had nothing that would stand up in court. They ultimately dropped the charges and released Raoul in the middle of the night the next “day.”

Interestingly, before prosecutors dropped the charges, the local media relentlessly sought interviews with Raoul and his family. Then once news leaked out that the shooting was righteous and very justified, the media’s interest in interviewing him cratered. Johnson had warned Raoul not to say a peep to the media early on. They have a way of twisting things that can get people embroiled in the legal system in hotter water.

Since his release, Raoul’s gotten an order of protection against several of those involved.  He’s gone back to work and his family is doing their best to recover from this horrific incident.

Clearly, having a top-notch private attorney with decades of criminal cases, particularly focused on self-defense and gun ownership cases, behind him made all the difference for Raoul.  Without a competent attorney fighting on his behalf within hours of the incident, he might well have gone to arraignment court, gotten assigned an overworked public defender and had a judge decide to hold him until trial as a danger to those not-so-neighborly neighbors and their ne’er-do-well friends.

Now imagine for a moment if he spent the next three to six months in jail awaiting trial.  He would have lost his job and his family would have lost their father and been nearly defenseless against neighbors who had proven themselves less than kind. They also would most likely have struggled paying the bills and could’ve even lot their house as a result.

The moral of this story is simple: Get concealed carry legal coverage of some sort.  Nobody wakes up thinking it’s a great day to shoot some violent criminal predators, but it still happens. And just because you feel you are in the right, doesn’t always mean the police and prosecutors will simply agree. Think of it along these lines: Nobody expects to have a house fire either, but we all have smoke detectors and fire extinguishers.

Research the concealed carry “insurance” products out there and find one that works for you. I’m not a salesman for U.S. LawShield but their attorney Michael Johnson hit a home run for one of the little people like you and me in this case. USLS and Johnson deserve praise for a job well done. So, too do the detectives who worked to recover the evidence.

U.S. LawShield has a great program, but other companies do as well. Don’t delay, sign up one of these companies today. Just in case. It’s a fraction of the hourly rate of a top-tier criminal defense attorney and can make the difference in the well-being of you and your family following an act of self-defense.


Editor’s Note: The Truth About Guns is affiliated with U.S. LawShield.

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  1. Glad it worked out well for Raoul. Hopefully his crappy neighbors will move so Raoul doesn’t have to. Bybthe way, does he have another gun? might be a real good time to get one if not.

    • Debbie, I understand what you mean, but there’s not enough land in the United States to disperse 300 million people to that degree.

      • Gadsten…No need to worry about a stampede…For the percentage who want good land and no neighbors within earshot land or land+home are available all across America. Before I would sign a mortgage to reside in suburbia I would buy land and live in a used 5th wheel, etc.

  2. Hopefully feral #2 won’t be suing Raoul in civil court for support due to injuries sustained. But it’s Chicagoland, so I wouldn’t be at all surprised.

    • The law in Illinois says that if the shooting is justified the attacker, nor his family ,nor his estate may sue civilly.

      I am not an attorney but just completed my Illinois CCL renewal class and that law was brought up by the instructor.

      That is not to say that a lawsuit can be filed, but a judge who knows the law should throw it out (IMHO).

    • So why does “Raoul” even need a ccl to protect life & limb on this own property? Answer: he doesn’t. And in Indiana you need nothing except be a legal gat owner.

      • I was thinking the same thing. He didn’t leave his property. Maybe Chicago is different than other areas in IL?
        P.S. John, I liked the “…forcing him to miss church choir that Sunday”. I like your humor.

      • He doesn’t need a CCL, but it is further evidence showing that he is a responsible gun owner and has gone through the mandatory CCL training Illinois requires.

        • George I was going to respond but you hit the nail on the head. Permit wasn’t needed, but this guy has gone the extra mile to be a responsible gun owner working within the constraints of the law.

          • It’s very sad but others have been arrested after a DGU. Because they didn’t have a permit or FOID card. They defended themselves inside their own private property.

            And still got arrested. They unfortunately never got government permission to defend themselves. Inside their own home.

          • “Permit wasn’t needed, but this guy has gone the extra mile to be a responsible gun owner working within the constraints of the law.”

            So many people being so wrong. I’ve been to re-education camp, and the fact is the seeking firearms training and obtaining a CCL is prima facie evidence of intent to shoot someone, for whatever reason. If you want a gun, that alone should be reason enough to deny you ownership of a firearm.

            ….How’d I do, Mr. District Attorney?

      • He didn’t, but it probably “helped” the police in determining who was the good guy in this case.

  3. Soros (the reins have been handed to the son) funds these attorneys to instill chaos within their respective jurisdictions. From the smoke of chaos (to sway the lemmings) the left now argues against firearms. A precursor to the current madness was Fast & Furious (ran by once again an attorney) with the fruit of violence used to argue for bans on firearms.

  4. A detective told me to make sure I kill anybody I shoot.
    I said , “Why so there is only one side of the story in court or because he can’t sue me for being disabled later.”
    He said, ” No, it’s easier to skin them when they’re dead.”

  5. I am an IL resident, a member of US Law Shield and have attended one of Michael Johnson’s seminars. He’s sharp. I’m glad he’s on my side. 🙂

  6. “Editor’s Note: The Truth About Guns is affiliated with U.S. LawShield”

    Just wanna be sure nobody missed the fine print. Still a feel good story, mostly.

    • Yes and I’m afraid once enough people join these law shield type groups big money will lobby congress for Mandatory Gunm Insurance.
      License, Registration, and proof of Insurance.
      and back to the same old same old
      Your Rights must be purchased.
      poor man out

    • “Editor’s Note… “

      I have no problem with that, because they disclosed that fact with the article.

      It is the commercial masquerade of fake ‘reviews’ that is the problem, concealing an affiliation is clearly an unfair trade practice.

  7. Sometimes the cops truly are the good guys.
    I had a situation some years ago in which I was involved in a dispute with the neighborhood “concerned citizens” (aka “blue haired bitches”) and the Tualatin Hills Parks Recreation District. I owned land that THPRD and the Blue Haired Bitches wanted for a park but they didn’t want to pay fair market value. They thought that I was evil incarnate because I preferred to sell my land to a developer at fair market value rather than to THPRD for pennies on the dollar.

    When I had succeeded in over coming all of the regulatory hurdles and was prepared to close the sale, there was suddenly a series of arson fires on THPRD property adjacent to mine. Naturally; I was the preferred suspect. As I pointed out to the detectives, while I might have motive to torch THPRD headquarters while the staff was indulging in their daily circle jerk, I had no motive to torch their abandoned houses that they couldn’t get demolition permits to destroy.

    The detectives were very perceptive. I explained the toxic dynamics to them. They appreciated my pointing out that one of the Blue Haired Bitches had trail cams monitoring the road by the park. Apparently, the folks at THPRD were unaware of these trail cameras. The arsonist was promptly identified but wasn’t inducted and arrested until six months later. John Michael Townsend was actually a security guard for THPRD. His motive was the hope that he could be the hero that “solved” the crime and fingered me for it. This in turn would earn him a job as a real cop. He and one of his fellow Tinker Bells even attempted to pull me over to arrest me. It would have been amusing to let them but I didn’t.

    Interestingly, I actually had a THPRD official threaten me with a civil forfeiture lawsuit and criminal prosecution if I didn’t surrender my land AFTER Townsend had signed a plea bargain agreement. I regret resisting the temptation to avulse his head. It seems that THPRD didn’t want to have the bad publicity that would result from Townsend testifying that his bosses had subtly encouraged him to set the arson fires to implicate me. Some of us can remember King Henry muttering “would someone not rid me of this meddlesome priest”, followed by the murder of Walter Becket, the Arch Bishop of Canterbury.

  8. Oh , and I don’t need a lawyer, the courts always appoint me one.
    I’ve had 7 arrests and only went to jail 15 times.

  9. Guess what, everyone?
    The VPC and their minions in government and the media count this as three more incidents of “gun violence” because three people were injured “by a gun.” They’ll call the three perps who attacked Raul “victims of gun violence” and encourage them to show up for the next anti-gun protest march. I am not kidding; the VPC and their minions in government and the media count all defensive shootings as “gun violence.”

    And if it had been four bad guys injured, instead of just three, then the VPC and their media lackeys would have called this another “mass shooting” (and claimed it was the four hundred billionth mass shooting this year, or some other made-up astronomical number!)


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