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With roughly 75 days to go before the Democrat National Convention rolls into town, Chicago’s crime problem just seems to keep growing. It seems the Dems putting on the event have selected “Our future is created here” as the event’s slogan. Given that Murder City USA has its own reputation that most of America probably doesn’t want, the entire convention has the potential to become an epic disaster.

Fortunately, with more and more good guys nationwide embracing the proven benefits of firearm ownership, the good guys manage to notch a win once in a while in Mayor Brandon Johnson’s hellhole. In fact, this past weekend, the locals notched three wins, giving the establishment media outlets not one, but three opportunities to bury stories of good guys with guns fighting back and winning against predatory thugs.

In one case, three brazen bullies attacked a man and beat him severely. He pulled out his carry piece and shot one of the perps five times. Two others also received solid hits sending all three on complimentary ambulance rides to the hospital in critical condition. The CCW holder suffered great bodily harm during the beatdown and is also in critical condition.

Unfortunately for the CCW holder, the thugs he popped are his neighbors, so he’ll likely need to move very soon.

In another incident, a rolling robbery crew picked the wrong CCW holder to rob early Saturday morning. Their intended victim pulled his piece and opened up on the robbery crew sending them scurrying to an easier mark.

And then a determined 50-year-old home intruder learned first-hand of the hazards of breaking into an armed good guy’s home when people are present. That perp is now in critical condition after a CCW holder shot him.

Police didn’t charge any of the good guys, or any of the bad guys. Of course, there’s no rush to arrest bad guys in critical condition in the hospital.  And those who escaped without obvious injury know of the city’s reputation for an inability to identify and take offenders – er, potentially “justice-impacted individuals” into custody.

Here’s the story from Block Club Chicago:

CHICAGO — Three concealed carry holders across Chicago fired at their attackers in self defense this weekend, wounding four people in the three shootings, police said.

Two of the shootings took place on the Northwest Side and one in Chatham.

The Northwest side is what passes as the “safest” part of Murder City.

About 11:30 p.m. Friday, a 43-year-old man was arguing with three men in the 4700 block of West Wrightwood Avenue in Belmont Cragin when the three men attacked him, police said. The 43-year-old pulled out a handgun and shot the three.

A 29-year-old man was shot five times in his torso, a 22-year-old was shot once in his chest and a 55-year-old man was shot in his neck, police said. All three were taken to area hospitals in critical condition.

The CCW holder took out all three attackers.  That’s impressive.  Here’s to a quick recovery for him.

The second shooting involving a concealed carry holder this weekend happened about 3:30 a.m. Saturday. A 34-year-old man was walking to his car in the 3700 block of North Spaulding Avenue in Irving Park when three people got out of a black car with guns drawn and demanded the man’s car keys, police said.

“I got your keys right here, buddy.”

At 12:50 a.m. Sunday, a 50-year-old man was trying to break into a house in the 8100 block of South Champlain Avenue when a homeowner fired shots at him, police said. The man was shot in his back and was taken by paramedics to University of Chicago Hospital, where he was in critical condition, police said.

In Chicago, locals as well as tourists and those who commute there for work are on their own. The only thing that stops bad people with evil in their hearts is a good guy with a gun.

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  1. Perfect accident fixing to happen city for Gun Control democRats to congregate.

    Never give a knife attack a chance, see it kill it otherwise…

  2. U-tube age restricts…Unfortunately no gutless U-tube busy body was anywhere around to save this 3 year old…Going grocery shopping, get gas, etc? Be prepared for war…

    • Notice the blurred faced gasbag who cannot help but see the perp with a knife in hand turn abruptly around to follow the defenseless victims and he says nothing, does nothing. Welcome to the world of ho-hum demoCrap where if you do not think you are on your own almost everywhere you go you need to think again.

      • What an F-ing coward, had he alerted the mother she would’ve had at least a few seconds to react and protect her child and herself. Her lack of situational awareness cost her child it’s life but there is no excuse for the bystander neglecting to alert the mother. Everyone is ultimately responsible for their and their loved one’s well-being you cannot rely upon anyone else. I’m reminded of that old adage “When around ***cks never relax” not for a second and certainly not these days.

      • there were multiple people in the store that saw her walking around with the knife in hand who did nothing. Gutless garbage people. Your on your own, always

  3. Will the DNC will give more “business opportunities” for the local “urban entrepreneurs” and “street pharmacists”.

    More so when the protest anything crowd appears, and probably with AOC’s blessing.

    • But Trump’s an insurrectionist! He supported the worst day in the history of the Republic! His followers think he’s the second coming of Christ. I voted for Trump twice, but no more. Stop calling me a troll (preemptively speaking).

      • Nonsense
        You must be spectacularly ignorant of American History.
        And your claim to be a 2 time Trump supporter has no credibility. Your first sentence identifies you as brain dead Biden’s shill

  4. What we see in Chicago is the natural and entirely predictable result of eliminating traditional families and faith in God Almighty from society.

    Raise a child with loving, responsible, and stable parenting AND teach them that we are all children of God Almighty (and hence have immeasurable intrinsic value): that child will become a stable and valuable member of society. Or not: and you have Chicago and all of the other urban Hellscapes in our nation.

  5. “Unfortunately the thugs he popped were his neighbors so he’ll likely have to move soon.”
    Should be the other way around because that is how you loose neighborhoods.
    I am Possum hear me roar,,,,hssssssssss.
    That wasn’t much of a roar.
    Well damnit, how about a sideways stance and a menacing grimace.

  6. Sir, the bad news is he was trying to kill you so we can’t arrest him, the good news is you tried to kill him back so we can’t arrest you, either.

  7. A Chicago man shot a “justice-impacted individual” in the back and wasn’t arrested?

    I’m surprised.

  8. I wonder how many of Chicago’s many unsolved homicides (about 80% of the total), were actually legitimate defensive gun uses but the citizen decided to implement the Shoot, Shovel and Shut up legal strategy. Given the political dynamics, this would be particularly advisable if the shooter was White and the Shootee was one of President Obama’s bastard sons.

    • Elmer Fudd,

      I, too, have wondered how many big city homicides were legally justified righteous self-defense and the defender simply chose to walk away without notifying anyone.

      I also wonder how many big city homicides are “vigilante justice” events where the deceased is a violent criminal rapist or murderer and an otherwise good and decent person killed the violent criminal instead of allowing that violent criminal to roam the streets.

      My hunch is that a substantial percentage (perhaps upwards of 50%) of homicides fall under the previous two categories that I mentioned above.

      • Vigilantism works, the neighborhood knows who needs taken out.
        Law Enforcement needs to step down and quit protecting the criminals.

        • Damn right possum the neighborhood knows who needs to go.
          Want to get rid of a lot of them start handing out hi points and ammo to the real citizens. crime will go down substantially in a month or two

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