New Mexico Gun Laws Could Lead to Increase in Number of Concealed Carry Permits

In light of recent legislative changes in New Mexico, firearms rights advocates anticipate a surge in applications for concealed carry permits following the enactment of new gun control measures. According to an article by...

Michigan State Police Tweet Disparaging CCW Holders Draws Fire

A Michigan State Police Public Information Officer has found himself in the hot seat after a tweet quoting him making disparaging remarks about concealed pistol license holders appeared in recent days. F/Lt. Mike Shaw,...

5.11 COVRT18 2.0 Backpack: Blend In And Be Ready

Most tactical knapsacks you can spot a mile away. They are casted with MOLLE-compatible webbing that says operator more than daily commuter.  In some cases a civilian aesthetic is good. The new COVRT18 2.0...
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

Texas AG Targets Businesses Who Ban Off-Duty Carry By LE Officers

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has filed a lawsuit against five state businesses that don’t allow off-duty police officers their right to carry a firearm on their premises. In a press release from the AG’s...
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GA: Bill Would Make Property Owners Liable For Injuries In Gun-Free Zones

Concealed carriers have long said if property owners don’t allow them to carry on their property, then those property owners should be held liable if people are attacked on it and can’t protect themselves....
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Louisiana Constitutional Carry Bill To Be Heard In House Committee Today

Today is the day that the Louisiana House Administration of Criminal Justice Committee will debate the constitutional, or “permitless,” carry measure being considered in the state legislature. The measure, Senate Bill 1, was passed by...

The Wilderness Belt by Tactical Products LLC: A Forgotten Classic

In the early 2000s I needed a nylon belt to wear on the range as a firearms instructor. I didn’t want a heavy duty belt or Sam Browne belt to lug around all day,...

Constitutional Carry Clears First Legislative Hurdle In Louisiana

A measure that would add Louisiana to the long lists of Constitutional, or “permitless,” carry states has passed its first hurdle in the state legislature. Senate Bill 1, authored by Republican state Sen. Blake Miguez,...

Black Aces Tactical Releases the Alpha-9 Pistol

Black Aces Tactical just dropped a new semi auto 9mm pistol, the Alpha-9, on social media today. Other than the basic specs there aren't a lot of details on it, but we can glean...
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FPC Notches Win In Georgia Young Adult Carry Ban Challenge

The Firearms Policy Coalition recently won a small victory in the ongoing war against Georgia’s ban on concealed carry for young adults. On Monday, a three-judge panel of the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals reversed...

More Anti-Gun Nonsense In The Great Lakes State

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer seemingly hasn’t seen an anti-gun bill that she doesn’t support. Now, Democrat legislators in Lansing are trying to push another restrictive law through for Whitmer’s signature—one that would expand the...

Things To Think About Before Helping Police

      While there are plenty of people in the world who wouldn't piss on a cop if they were on fire, there are still many of us who would be willing to put ourselves in...