My 3 Favorite Smith & Wesson Revolvers

We all have our favorite guns, and I’m no different. Something about the design and cosmetics of certain arms speak to me, but I’m not exclusive to any single brand. In the safe right now are semi-auto handguns from Colt, FN, GLOCK, Ruger, and SIG Sauer, and rifles from Remington, Savage, Beretta, Daniel Defense, F-1, […]

Concealed Carry Guns For Summer Comfort

Some people carry different concealed carry guns during different seasons. Once summer comes around, they tend to scale down to something smaller and lighter, then bulk up for winter. You’ll find plenty of people packing a Shield or G43 when it’s hot, then gear up to something like a GLOCK 17 or 1911 pistol when […]

Why We Carry Guns: Dust-up at Disneyland and Other Random Acts of Violence

Trouble can happen anywhere at any time. That’s why millions of Americans have carry licenses and tote a firearm every day.  Ironically, non-permissive environments quite often serve as the locations in which people most need to carry. Take, for instance, Disneyland in Anaheim, California. A recent incident at Mickey’s West Coast theme park shows that […]

The 3 Things Everyone Should Carry Every Day

Over at Everyday Carry, one can peruse what other people carry in their pockets on a daily basis. We feature one of those pocket dumps each and every evening right here at TTAG. It’s interesting to see how others approach packing – both a gun and other accessories for their daily lives. While you see […]