Would Trying to Repeal the 2A Result in Violence? Question of the Day

Yesterday, retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, after gazing deeply into the emanations and penumbras of his gun-grabbing soul, published an op-ed in the New York Times advocating the repeal of the Second Amendment (he’s not the first to express that wish on those pages). As commenter Charlie wrote about the Justice’s display of candor, Possibly […]

Did March for Our Lives Protesters Shoot Themselves in the Foot? Question of the Day [VIDEO NSFW]

“Saturday’s #MarchForOurLives was billed as a protest against gun violence,” cbsnews.com reports. “But for many Americans on the Right, it felt like they were under attack.” Which reminds me of a scene from the Joan Crawford biopic Mommie Dearest . . . You picking up what I’m putting down? CBS, of all things, gets it . . […]

What Did You Learn from the March for Our Lives Children’s Crusade for Gun Control? Question of the Day

I learned that CNN is in the bag for gun control 100 percent. Literally. In three hours of coverage I could withstand, I didn’t see a single pro-gun commentator on what we employees used to call Chicken Noodle News (more currently and appropriately nicknamed Communist News Network). They even had theme music for their March […]

What Are You Telling Your Children About the March for Our Lives Pro-Gun Control Protest? Question of the Day

I would really like to ignore the March for Our Lives pro-gun control rally. But I can’t. The airwaves and social media are suffused with the protesters’ pathos and righteous indignation, as they demand that the federal government surrender their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Which is pretty much […]

Will “March for Our Lives” Trigger More Gun Control? Question of the Day

The media love-in for tomorrow’s “March for Our Lives” will be unprecedented. It will be an anti-gun orgy the likes of which this country has never seen. It will be rife with misinformation, misdirection, ignorance and willful ignorance; suffused with teenage indignation. It will be supercharged with anti-NRA anger. Bloody shirts will be waved with […]

What Did You Learn About the Second Amendment in History Class? Question of the Day

I’m stunned by the image above. If the grammatically-challenged protester really wanted to know why someone owns an AR-15 — someone who has no plans to murder anyone — why doesn’t she ask an AR15 owner? Preferably before revealing her ignorance on the subject. Before calling for a ban on AR ownership. Hang on . . . The protest went down […]

#stillTrump? Question of the Day

Before President Trump took office, The People of the Gun were giddy at the prospect of gun rights restoration. At the very least, we expected suppressors to be removed from the National Firearms Act, so they could be purchased with a simple background check at an FFL. Nope. All we get in that regard . […]