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The jolly old elf snuck into our house last night, somehow without alerting our always vigilant Labrador and waking the whole house. We probably need to work on that. Anyway, he left me a gun rest bag and a NeoMag, the better to pack an extra magazine on a an EDC basis.

If you managed to make it onto his ‘Good’ list too, he probably left something gun-related at your house. Tell us all about it in the comments below.

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  1. Santa left us a hot meal, warm house, wonderful family and friends. Some had to be remembered as they have transcended beyond this world. As for my country, Christmas will have to wait for next year.

    • Santa is not an apostate so he would never inflict a 9mm 1911 on anyone. Would be as harnessing 8 flying pigs to the sleigh.

      • Yeah, I think I’ll stick to Beretta for my 9mms but had this been out a month ago it would have made me consider if I really needed to buy the dies for a new cartridge. But then I really like the .45 Colt…

  2. Santa left me a 10 piece rifle rod gun safe organizer… since next week a new-to-me shotgun from GunBroker will need to fit in the seemingly-full safe.

    • You can offer to share the crowded contents with ME! Or, just get hold of a really large shoehorn and make room for that โ€œnew-to-youโ€ arrival. ๐Ÿ˜‰,,,,,,

  3. Spouse gave me a Garmin Xero C-1 Pro chronograph. An advantage to living in the county is that I could step out back and give it a quick try…Amazing! Plan on giving my skyscreen chrono to a buddy.

    A most Happy Christmas to all TTaG’rs.

  4. AK47 rubber band gun. 10 shot, select fire,so it really is an assault rifle. Can’t wait to assault some squirrels trying to invade the patio

  5. Nothing for me gun wise. I have to get a Brownells order made.

    I spent Christmas day with my parents for a delicious lunch of ham, tiger prawns, and salads, and later a dinner of ham, turkey, vegetables, and gravy.

    My son gave me socks and some good chocolate. I gave him a new game and a kit to improve his PC’s internet connection from a bad 1mbit over wireless to 40mbit with ethernet over power.

  6. I didn’t get a gun. Only a couple of people would know what to buy me anyway. I did get some good stuff though. Mostly food and drink. I’ve got all the smoked salmon and Buffalo Trace I need for a month. And that’s if I don’t ration.

    • Way back when I was a drinker, I recall Buffalo Trace as being ‘the good stuff’… ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Regarding pew related goodies I got gift cards for two local fun stores and couple graphic t-shirts appropriate for gun shows, gun stores, and range days. ๐Ÿ˜

  8. Model 60 S&W, possibly the most popular carry gun in history and interestingly the first ever stainless steel revolver ever made. Talk about setting a trend huh?

  9. Well i guess a lite rack 380 that i bought for my wife that she says she doesnโ€™t want. โ€œWe have to many guns and i like my p238โ€ she says.

    I wanted her to have more capacity.

  10. A pair of ‘Tru Spec’ tactical pants, with *lots* of pockets :

    I love the comfort of blue jeans, but they don’t have enough pockets for all my crap once I got an iPhone in an Otter case (because I’m a spaz and drop things. The thick rubber in the Otter case protects it).

    The pockets are *massive*, I could slide a full-sized CZ 75 BD in there, and it would disappear. Drawing while seated and belted in the vehicle is a breeze. These pants are my EDC (EDW?) go-to these days…

    • looks good, no nylon (a me problem). i’d rather have the utility pouches inside the cargos but, whatevs.

      • I grin and bear it on the nylon (personally, I *vastly* prefer the feel of cotton), but these things will wear like iron, and that longevity will be needed in my future…

  11. Have a tee that depicts three vertical check boxes:

    Never mind, I’ll by my own stuff

    God has blessed us way more than ever deserved, expected in family, friends, health, wealth, His love. We buy what we want when we want it, share often with those less blessed. At Christmas, we focus on the real reason for the season…..His birth enabling his great sacrifice and resurrection…..the Greatest Gift of all.

    We actually do funny gag gifts on Christmas morning, sharing laughs and good times together.

    Merry Christmas to all.

    • “Plasma rifle in the 40 watt range.”

      It’ll put your eye out, kid… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. Got the full Wheeler Engineering scope mount kit.

    For my birthday a few days before I got a couple boxes of 243 win and a new PEPR Scope mount. Wifey is pretty darn awesome some days. Between that stuff and my warranteed scope I’m hoping to get my LR243 sorted. What’s there is far less than the million bucks I’d feel like if I got it working the way it should!

  13. I got a Geissele SSA. I finally have all the parts I need to build out the Sons of Liberty lower that I got for my birthday…in July.

  14. As I earlier mentioned here, Santa (being myself) brought me an H&K P30SK V3 (not LEM) for Christmas. I loaded it up with some Hornady Critical Defense Lite and touched it off by installing a Grayguns Short Reset Trigger System

  15. FN Scar 16 in 50 shades of FDE. I am happy because I now have the trifecta of the Scar rifles. I did have a good time with family also

  16. Santa has been incredibly nice to me.
    I found in an oversized stock a Pedersoli Bristlen a Morges in .36.
    Talk about luxury gifts.

  17. Gun stuff:

    Anderson Manufacturing AM-15 S Complete Upper in .300 Blk
    Springfield Armory Echelon 9mm
    a couple of savior gun cases (rifle and pistol)
    A few BCG’s for various builds I have in progress
    a couple of RISE Armament Rave 140 drop in triggers
    A few holsters

  18. Wife got me 500 rounds of Belom 7.62×39. Curious to see how it stacks up against Norma and Hornady.
    Now if she buys me the Remington 700 in . 222 from the old lady down the road for our anniversary next week I’ll be a happy camper.

  19. Vedder OWB holster and VZ grips for my CZ-97b
    Mag Pul bipod for a .22WMR rifle.
    Red dot for a Walther WMP.

  20. Sadly, during a boating adventure on Christmas eve, all weapons and accessories were lost in over 2000′ of water due to a rogue wave that struck the canoe.

    A Christmas tragedy not soon forgotten….

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