What Gun or Gear Did Santa Leave Under Your Christmas Tree?

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AR-15 decanter
Courtesy TheWineSavant at etsy.com

We’re sure you’re positively overjoyed with your half of the new his and hers hoodie/footie pajamas set your better half bought for the two of you. And don’t forget to wear that new sweater to your aunt’s yuletide get-together later this afternoon. Tis the season after all.

But if we know The People of the Gun, there was at least something ballistically related under the tree with your name on it this morning. Or maybe in your stocking. So tell us about it. What did you get for Christmas?


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  1. Still no Red Ryder. Decades. Decades and the fat man still hasn’t answered my wishes. I’m beginning to think Santa ain’t real.

    • I’ve still got my first deer rifle my folks gave me in 1974. Rem 788 in 6mm. Most accurate rifle I’ve ever owned.

  2. Got this pretty cool magnet you hang your gun on in the car, or screw it into the wall etc.
    Havent had time to play w yet but the wife says it can rack your slide as you disengage it from the magnet.

  3. Santa got himself a dueling tree, spinner and some steel plates from Rural King(by far the best deal out there) and a VRF14.

    • 6 plate dueling tree rated for 44mag/30-06 for $80?
      I’d have to see that to believe it.

      (edit) well here’s a YT of it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klq9v77Bu2k
      It’s not tilted?? They say not to use it under 100yards.
      I’m sure some folks may take this and modify it into a tilting one.
      Spring design is stupid. I’d get rid of that.

  4. Cash, and gift cards, some other cool little stuff. I got the guns, holsters, and mags in October. 😉

  5. A recently imported (95% condition) W German production (1988) SIG Sauer P226 fitted w/target (suppressor height) sights and period walnut Nill grips. Should be here the 27th.

    A SilencerCo 5″ threaded barrel for it was under the tree, along with a Griffin Armament Cam-Loc and radial comp.

  6. I like the photo of the AR decanter. It apparently provides for at least three…wait for it…shots.

  7. B&T APC9 K PRO, B&T TP9 Suppresser approved the week before Christmas, thanks for nothing ATF it took you wankers 8.25 months.

      • There’s really no excuse for this level of incompetency by the ATF. This wasn’t my first approval shouldn’t take this long. In fact, we shouldn’t have to do it at all, the NFA is unconstitutional.

        • My Form6 to import a few firearm from Germany (back in 2018) was approved in under one week.

          Yet a nine month wait for an item to protect hearing.

  8. Very clean K22 (s/n indicates 1950 manufacture). Cleaning out what little schmutz there was in the action as I type.

    A Happy and Safe Christmas to all TTAG readers…yeah, even the trolls.

  9. We do not exchange gifts, but we went out to brunch, this morning, at the Hotel Bethlehem. Huge buffet, great food, excellent coffee, in an historic building decorated for the holidays. Live piano music; Christmas tunes. Sometimes, he strolled around playing the accordion. We forgave him that and dropped a nice tip in the jar on the piano. Did I mention the great food?

  10. Tickets to the Christmas Eve Vespers at the Moravian church in Bethlehem. Fantastic!!!

    Tickets cannot be purchased. Invitation only. My daughter studies violin with one of the orchestra members; that’s how we get it.

    The most inspirational musical and prayerful service. Beautiful!

  11. Sig Sauer MCX-SPEAR LT in 7.62

    H&K VP 9

    Red dots for the above

    firearms accessories/parts

    Asus Windows 11 lap top


    gift cards (mostly Amazon)

    • Have an ancient Asus laptop I purchased new in 2011. The keyboard and hard drive have been replaced (the HD twice)…it just keeps chugging along. Good choice!

      • I bought an Intel NUC M15 laptop with my tax return money. Really nice laptop for a good price. 11th gen i5 mobile CPU, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD storage, 9+ hours on battery. Not a touchscreen but I don’t use that feature where it is present anyway.

  12. My incredibly beautiful, sexy and loving redheaded bride of 32 years gave me my first Wilson Combat pistol – a CQB Elite. I don’t know how she continues to put up with me, but I’m sure as hell glad she does!!

  13. One must have a Christmas Tree to put anything under it! I have not put a tree in my house ever since I took a Christmas Tree outside that had been in my house and lit it on fire. It erupted like a roman candle and violently burned up in minutes. I never again put a fake tree let alone a real Christmas Tree in my house again.

  14. Nobody got redneck anything worth having. Redneck got my granddaughter a Rossi rs 22 and 500 rds 22lr hollow point

  15. Shot trap with my 11 year old.
    Then we bagged 2 rabbits together. They are on the pellet smoker. Long live good times.
    Wife got me pellets, rubs, and fancy bbq sauces.
    I’ll pick up a new pistol for myself next week. Can’t decide between a Walther PDP and CZ-10C.

  16. I didn’t get anything firearms related. Everyone gave up on that years ago. When they asked what I want and I told them (they asked) they said, “That’s expensive!” Yes, well, good gear is. Lasts longer than electronics, too. My son did give me a nice set of polarized Costa’s though. They’ll be useful on the range, water and road.

  17. I did receive wine, bourbon and grub. The money I’ll save on that I’ll spend on ammunition. The world goes round.

  18. Wait! I did give my son a new gun safe. A few extra mags for his Tavor for stocking stuffers. Does that count?

  19. A tactical flashlight, shooting gloves, and a pile o’ cash with instructions to get a decent holster.

  20. No adult supervision in my life…..got a Vectronix Terrapin X range finder with a free Kestrel AB Elite 5700X….uh, paid $100 extra for the faster processor X iteration, $899 MSRP. Spin the previous LNIB Kestrel 5700 AB Elite with LINK ($749MSRP) off for $500-600, get the X model and Vectronix for $1400ish.

  21. Nothing. I got my wife out of the hospital. That’s enough.
    But my son got a Christensen Arms Mesa in .308. a picatinny rail, scope mounts and a Riton 1X Primal 4x16x44. (Thanks Dad.)


  23. ain’t saying nothing! if I claimed something I would put my family in danger of someone else wanting it and willing to try to take it! or local, state or feds deciding to confiscate it!

  24. Well as if a half dozen AR-15 builds weren’t enough we got bit by the AR-308 bug last year around Christmas and this year #4 and a final Stripped Aero Precision M5 Receiver was picked up Friday from my FFL. And it was topped off Friday night with ordering an Aero stripped upper receiver and a rifle length .308 buffer tube assembly for a bargain price. All that is needed to complete is an A1 length buttstock, barrel, LPK, JP .156″ hammer-trigger pins, triggershins.com shims, flash hider, JP .308 rifle buffer spring and night sights. Because there is no money wasted around here on car notes, cable TV, ATT, cigarettes, booze, dope, traffic tickets, trips overseas, etc. everyday even in some small way can be a little like Christmas…Thankfully.

  25. Heritage rancher carbine and couple hundred rounds of. 22. My son knew it’s one type of .22 rifle I didn’t have.

  26. Fold-up wagon from my son for help in transporting our stuff when we go to the Bald Mountain Rifle Range near Lake Orion, Michigan. My Christmas present to myself is an SP-101 Wiley Clapp edition with 3″ barrel, which came earlier than expected. But the best present of all was a family get-together with Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve.

  27. “Allegedly” 10 – 30 round magazines for my ARs and 5 – 17 round magazine for my Glock Ghost gun. Soon to be illegal in Illinois, some things already are in Chicago.

  28. A Sig Sauer P365 Air Pistol. Same dimensions, weight and balance as my 9mm P365. Will be great for dry fire practice and cheap plinking in the back yard.

    Also received a half dozen magpul magazines for my AR and 1000 rds of Aguila 1280 fps hollowpoint .22 for my Henry Survival Rifle.

  29. I received NADA for Christmas this year. Simply couldn’t afford anything with the DemoKKKommiecrats in charge.

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