Have You Carved Your Pumpkin Yet?

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Might as well get a little practice in at the same time. 10mm seems a good way to go, no?

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  1. I don’t know about that carving job – no openings large enough to insert a candle. Maybe she should try mixing and matching some different rounds? Might try a 20 guage slug to punch the eyes, maybe three shots from a .38 to punch a nice triangular nose, then work that mouth open with a few more shots from her already-tried weapon.

  2. Wife carves the pumpkins, then after Halloween we take them out ot a buddy’s place and blow them up with tannerite. Good fun is had by all.

  3. My buddy, Barley, rigged a spring-loaded contraption that lofts pumpkins just like skeet. He has some land and grows a lot of pumpkins. Great fun!

  4. She must have been shooting ball ammo. Every pumpkin I’ve shot exploded. The pumpkin still has to be cleaned.

  5. President theBiden said if Americans have money to waste carving pumpkins with bullets it means Americans have to many bullets. President theBiden says more emu restrictions are needed.
    Eat your peas, there kids in China starving to death.

      • Back in the 70s, we did a math equation about the population of China. It worked out that if the Chinese were lined up 4 wide and marched at a military pace. Into the ocean, They would still never run out of people. Taking into account for their population growth at that time. So fewer Chinese regardless of the cause is still a good thing.

        • The weird thing is, nowadays, the birthrate in China (and even worse in South Korea) is so low, they are seriously risking full-blown demographic collapse.

          Now, while some folks believe that’s a good thing, others believe reducing resource demand on a scale that large will result in China not having enough young folks to take care of their elderly. (It’s not hard to visualize how that may play out, like voluntary or mandatory euthanasia once government doctor deems your life to have no value to the CCCP).

          Scary times are ahead…

        • Geoff, I hadn’t even considered that. That’s going to be a problem everywhere we have declining birth rates. The various governments will be pushing for assisted suicide to get rid of the dead weight.

        • Geoff, Covid was supposed to take care the problem but a Chinese scientist let the proverbial “cat out of the bag” too early and then disappeared. They will try again with something else.

      • When I was a kid it was Ethiopia. After billion$ and billion$ sent there it’s still…..

        • Sending all of that money made matters worse. As usual, it made a select few wealthier. Bleeding heart libs excel at paving the road to Hell.

  6. My wife was carving a pumpkin for last Halloween, the knife slipped and cut her. Holding a towel against her hand she walked into the the room where I was and said she needed to go to the emergency room and get stitched up. When I asked what happened she said “The pumpkin carved back.” (needed stitches, very faint scar about an inch long on side of her hand).

    This year … a few days ago while picking out pumpkins for carving this year I was joking with her about the pumpkin carving back when we were paying for the pumpkins. The guy at the counter heard us and jokingly said “ya gotta make sure they are dead. You wanna take them out back first and shoot them to make sure.”

  7. Kind of pathetic IMHO. Pumpkins should explode when shot with a decent defensive load, or even with ball ammo from a grownup caliber. FiveSeven isn’t impressing.

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