Harness-Cooper crabtree taco bell drive thru gunfire
Two promising lads with bright futures ahead of them. (Courtesy Portsmouth Police Department)
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By Edgar Lee

A pair of budding rocket surgeons were arrested earlier this week after discharging guns from their vehicle while waiting in the drive-thru line of a Taco Bell in Portsmouth, Ohio. Local police received calls reporting shots fired just after midnight Monday after the two apparently felt they’d been waiting too long.

Callers said the suspects had fired several rounds while in the Taco Bell drive-thru, then left. Officers located the truck in which the two were riding and found several firearms, along with — surprise! — spent shell casings, live ammunition, and open containers of alcohol inside the passenger compartment (what, no weed?).

The two occupants, identified as Nolan Harness-Cooper of Wheelersburg and William Crabtree of Lucasville, were taken into custody.

Harness-Cooper was charged with improperly handling firearms in a motor vehicle, using weapons while intoxicated, carrying concealed weapons, and having physical control of a motor vehicle while under the influence. Crabtree was charged with improperly handling firearms in a motor vehicle, carrying concealed weapons, and using weapons while intoxicated.

The good news is, no one was hurt by the drunken gunfire. Don’t look for the dynamic duo of Harness-Cooper and Crabtree to be making any more runs for the border any time soon.


This article originally appeared at Concealed Nation and is reprinted here with permission. 

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  2. These two are no different than any other drug using irresponsible gun owner. Like a pothead who leaves his firearm in an unlocked car with the engine running. Only to be stolen.

    The problem with the legalization crowd is they don’t believe in personal responsibility. They believe drug users have an excuse for being Irresponsible with firearms.
    Alcohol, marijuana, crystal meth, or whatever all have debilitating effects. And if you use any of them, or even prescribed medication, you need to be extra careful.

    Assuming you want to be a responsible gun owner?

    • Have been on several hunting leases where the rule was that when you brought in your firearm to camp ,it was unloaded and secured before alcohol consumption. Alcohol and gunpowder don’t mix at all. The fools in this article will be remembered by the gun control crowd.

      • Alcohol and gunpowder don’t mix at all.

        Ed Schrade,

        I disagree. I can assure you that I could be quite inebriated while armed and I would NEVER do anything unsafe nor illegal.

        Being armed and inebriated is only a problem if you are a douchebag.

        • I have to agree, it’s been many years since I began carrying full time, and I normally have a couple bourbons before bedtime. I do NOT remove my gun, and in fact if my home is invaded while I am drinking I will engage without waiting 8 hours. The only thing absolute about absolutes is they are almost always absolutely silly.

        • Been there, done that. Blackout wasted carrying a pistol. Woke up sore from passing out on it after it, quite frighteningly, never left it’s holster.

          A drunk with a gun is like a drunk with car keys. If they don’t fuck around there’s no problem and even when they do get stupid, mostly, nothing happens. Unless it’s deer season where I grew up… then some electrical transformers might be in danger during a beer run.

        • “A drunk with a gun is like a drunk with car keys. If they don’t fvck around there’s no problem and even when they do get stupid, mostly, nothing happens.”

          Nobody ever turns into someone else when drunk, IE, a personality change.

          In my two decades drinking, I realized a great truth –

          Alcohol strips away all pretense and uncovers the drinker’s true core personality. If someone’s a ‘mean drunk’, an ‘angry drunk’, or *whatever* drunk, they were able to cover that sh!t up when they were sober.

          There’s an old piece of advice out there on testing a potential long-term relationship – Get them drunk, and then pick a fight with them.

          That’s a decent indication of how they will treat you if things go south with them down the road.

          (Let’s just say I’m not pleasant to be around when drunk. ;). Realizing that was the primary driver in myself quitting drinking 20 years back…)

        • This.

          Sometimes tho, the first step to admitting you have a problem, is admitting you are just an asshole…

        • I’m not as good a shot nor as fast when I’m drunk.
          Meth or Coke on the other hand I have lazer vision and dont need a bumpstock.
          In my preppy bag I threw away all the whiskey and food and filled the space up with Meth and Cocaine .
          Just some advice if anyone wants to use it.

        • I don’t know about that. In my younger days it was good sport to shoot rats at the town dump (this is going back many, many years). This would involve a sunny day, a pickup truck with a couple of lawn chairs set up in the back, a .22 plinker, a good cooler and several cases of beer. We’d get sometimes a dozen guys lined up along the edge of the dump and make a day of it. Sometimes not much else to do in rural New England.

    • I’m all for it. Biden said in the air is the best deterrence, so hopefully these guys will force shitty fast food to be even faster by utilizing such methods and give us the same open container laws so much of europe has. Brings a tear to my eye to know there is still hope left in America.

      And no lettuce on the taco, porfavor.

  3. These seem exactly like the kind of gentlemen who should have immediately been released under no-cash bail.

    • I saw a tweet from a repub mentioning how felons, still in prison – not their families, are included in the 1.9 “stimulus”…

      Instant replies like
      “CuZ TheY aRe StiLL pEopLe”…

      • I think if that’s if they can file taxes.
        Like you was working in February and got locked up in March.
        Not to worry, the jailers will fuck around with your paper work until it’s to late to get it.
        That much money in the DOC would cause a lot of problems.

  4. Too bad even we gun owners somehow tie a story like these morons to guns, or even post it on a gun rights-type site… Why not tie it all to the pickup truck? Without it they’d never have been in the drive through. Or blame all of it solely on the booze or even on the demeanor of their physical appearance? I guess the MSM’s ownership of language and “subject matter” affects us more than we want to admit.

      • Or the meth heads in ‘Winter’s Bone’…

    • Maybe… just maybe, we should put the blame where it belongs.

      You know, stop projecting our opinions about our own behavior involving intoxicants and embrace personal responsibility?

      • personal responsibility, self discipline, protocol, and must. Words I hate more then that W word.

      • Alcohol does lower the inhibitions that would normally stop someone from doing something stupid. But the desire to do such a thing is still there. So a lack of self-control made worse by imbibing alcohol. I still blame the person and not the booze or the gun.

    • Making them attend AA has a very low chance of changing them. Reflexively, they’re just gonna fight it.

      That’s something they have to want to do, and even then, it’s no sure thing. It’s a complex issue, from my experience. It took time, and lots of folks simply don’t have that luxury…

      • Less than a 10% success rate, even for those that already hit “rock bottom”.

        AA’s a scam. I volunteered with that idiocy for a while. AA, NA, CA, SA… whatever it’s the same useless shit. It fails to address the problems and replaces one crutch with another. At this point it’s been going on long enough that it’s just an ego stroking tool for a bunchbof dry drunks who never addressed their issues, are mostly assholes and who project like a movie theater.

  5. It seems they’d have shot the place up After they took the first bite of that rotten sht, not before they got it.

  6. Booze tends to bring out your inner personality via a reducing your inhibitions.

    They’re morons who just happened to be drunk at the time but they’re morons sober too. Taco Bell consumption being Exhibit A and the pictures are Exhibit B.

    Fat, drunk and dumb as fuck. Two of these things don’t change when they stop drinking.

    • “They’re morons who just happened to be drunk at the time but they’re morons sober too.”

      ^ This.

      Let’s just say I wasn’t very pleasant drunk, and finally realizing that was the key to me finally kicking that…

  7. This is the censored version. Some honesty in a drug song.

    Afroman – Because I Got High (Official Video) 3 minutes long

    • I showed that to a buddy of mine years back, because it fit him to a ‘T’.

      For some reason he didn’t find that very amusing… 😉

  8. Drive through’s are terrible places to be. Especially ones that build a wall to keep you in line… A 6.7 is helpful though, for moving cars and trucks that don’t want to move when they need to… A little push should get the line moving and get you to safety at the cost of some diesels fuel and rubber 😉

    But seriously, the only people who go to taco bell are people who enjoy diarrhea. So that about sums up this article.

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