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Shateasha Hicks didn’t get the “have it your way” memo when she started working at a Burger King in Miami. Cops say the 30-year-old employee took it personally when a customer tossed a mayonnaise packet at her last week. In fact, she believed her life to be in such imminent danger that she went outside, retrieved a gun from her car, and then fired off five rounds as the now mayo-less customer drove away.

Instead of sticking around to speak with police, she drove away herself, ditched her car near her residence and disappeared to parts unknown.

Shateasha Hicks. Don’t call her ‘Shat’ for short. Screen capture by Boch via YouTube.

Miami cops caught up with Ms. Hicks the next day at her residence and took her into custody on a single charge of discharging a firearm in public. Meanwhile, the media went to the same residence where they spoke with Hicks’ aunt who assured them that Shateasha acted in self-defense.

The reporter speaks to Shateasha Hicks’ auntie. Screen capture by Boch via YouTube.”She was there. She was protecting herself. I don’t blame her. Everybody else might, but I don’t,” Hicks’ self-described aunt told the reporter.

In Hicks’ defense, a witness said the customer was making faces at her, further aggravating the situation. “And that just set her off,” the witness helpfully added.

Fair warning, while the video is safe for work, it’s not safe to consume beverages while watching.

Here’s the story, from MSN News:

An incident occurred at around 4 p.m. on Thursday when a customer came through the drive-thru of a Burger King in northwest Miami-Dade. Local station WPLG reported that witnesses saw the employee, identified by police as 30-year-old Shateasha Hicks, arguing with the customer.

The customer allegedly threw mayonnaise back at Hicks before driving off.

Witnesses then recount to WPLG that Hicks was seen running out of the restaurant to her car, before pulling out a gun and shooting at the customer’s car as it drove away. Police said she shot a total of five rounds.

Roughly 48-hours after her arrest, Hicks was released on bond.

Clearly Ms. Hicks has no clue about the judicious use of deadly force. Sadly, I know a lot of other gun owners aren’t as knowledgeable about the law of self-defense as they should be, either. For those looking to learn more, here’s a primer.

After all, we carry a gun to make us harder to kill. Knowing the law, as Andrew Branca likes to tell us, makes us harder to convict.

As for Burger King, MSN News helpfully offered a short summary of mayhem involving perforated people at their restaurants recently. It seems people shooting guns at Burger Kings happens with alarming regularity.

Unfortunately, a few of these fast-food restaurant incidents have ended in casualties. In January, a teenage employee at a Burger King in East Harlem was shot and killed during an armed burglary.

In the same month, another teen was shot and killed during an attempted armed burglary of another Burger King in Milwaukee. Authorities believed that the 16-year-old employee was involved in staging the robbery that ultimately ended her life.

In Wisconsin, two sisters are facing homicide charges for allegedly shooting a restaurant server in the face in January following an argument over food service.

Seems “have it your way” means something entirely different to some folks. Why is it this stuff never seems to happen at Chick-fil-A?

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    • Dear Heavenly Government,

      This is why we as a people, as a collective, should ban guns. There exists a large faction of the populace, that cannot control themselves. Thus we all need a nanny, such as the gov, ordained in the authority of the majority, to relieve us of these awful freedoms that some people can’t muster the responsibility to manage. Let the majority take care of you like a loving parent. We can all live in safety with a loving government. We can share collective responsibility and get rid of individual freedoms so the collective can rule over everyone and manage them.


  1. Yup, assault with a condiment! Justifiable homicide!! Got some phuked up people in this world!

    • There might be a baby daddy in the picture…or more than one…or maybe a side hustle or two…LOL
      maybe she is an aspiring rapper…keeps the day job for street cred…or to be humble…give back to the community

  2. Evidently exposure to mayo causes death, substantial risk of death, or grievous bodily injury
    No mayo for me.

  3. Read this a couple days ago. On first reading, it was difficult to understand how she was wrong. It actually sounded like a potential self defense. Had to work down through the article to learn that she walked to her car, got the pistol, then started shooting at someone who had tossed some mayo at her.

    I believe this was her ex-pimp or something. Neither she, nor the customer, would have been so worked up if they were complete strangers.

    Moral of the story? Don’t squirt your creamy sauce at random strangers in Miami?

  4. You work in a fast food place and can’t deal with low grade crap from low life customers? Honey, you are in the wrong line of work. Wonder what would happen if someone had tossed the flat, weak over watered down crap soda back in the window?
    The young woman, or so I presume with the feminine name and look in the photo, has no right to claim self defense over a mayo packet being tossed in her direction,. Nor did she need to “defend” herself when her alleged assaulter was leaving the scene.
    Thankfully, no one was actually injured by her reckless act. Although I do wonder just how many lives she may have endangered with her poor decision to fire a weapon wildly and in a fit of anger.
    I could say something else, but it would likely be considered racist or sexist or something so I’ll just leave it there.

    • oldmaninAL,

      Many moons ago when I was a teenager and working the serving drive-through window (versus the first drive-through window which takes payment), a customer ordered something typical and pulled up to the first drive-through window for payment. The assistant store manager was working that drive-through window and dutifully opened the window to accept payment. To his complete surprise, the car somehow managed to pump about three gallons of water through that window in 0.5 seconds–completely drenching the manager (from his head to his knees) and the floor.

      That assistant manager was laughing so hard he almost cried and loved that practical joke. His only regret: not knowing how that car did it because he wanted to do it to his colleagues at nearby fast-food restaurants!

  5. There you have it. If one gun owner will act irrationally, then all gun owners will act irrationally. Irrational people cannot justify owning guns, for any purpose; their justification for owning a gun will be irrational. Being irrational, irrational people will use their guns irrationally. QED.

    • Yeah I turned in all my guns and jesus then came down from the heavens and said “that will do pig, that will do.”

      • “Yeah I turned in all my guns and jesus then came down from the heavens and said “that will do pig, that will do.” ”

        You might want to stand up while reading. ‘Fraid my comment went over your head.

  6. I don’t have to type it, because you’re already thinking it…

  7. In Hicks’ defense, a witness said the customer was making faces at her, further aggravating the situation. “And that just set her off,” the witness helpfully added.

    It’s in her defense to explain how she was acting out of rage at being mocked instead of acting to defend herself from a valid threat?

  8. Have it your way…If you can afford to go to BK then you should be able to go to a grocery store, get the meat, buns, etc. fire up the home grill and make your own burgers. It is worth the effort.

  9. I like egg salad. Can’t make that without mayo.

    Raw diced red onions sprinkled on top.

    On Jewish rye, toasted.

    With lettuce.

  10. Apparently she was in no danger, so she’s just a another professional victim, hot head angry person who takes no responsibility for her actions. It was racist that he did that because mayo is white and she provided the appropriate response. Good GOD, what the F is wrong with people.

    • Whut a shad-y thing to do! Surprised this wasn’t Popeyes. Easily the worst employees…

      • “Surprised this wasn’t Popeyes. Easily the worst employees…”

        Must depend on where you live.

        Nobody can match Chick-fil-A employees, but have not encountered a “bad” experience with Popeyes.

        • Never met a bad CFA employee…my pleasure…but I don’t go there very often, either
          In fact…I can’t recall a really bad fast food employee…some are better than others, but none really bad or nasty
          again..don’t go every day, either
          or maybe they are nicer here in Florida…
          or maybe I just don’t do fast food that much

  11. I don’t think when you are behind a drive thru window, and someone is in a vehicle outside, and they throw mayonnaise at you that you can argue you feared for your life. Running outside and getting a gun and then firing at the vehicle is also bad judgement because you are responsible for where those bullets go and if you hit an innocent bystander you are going to be charged with more than discharging a firearm. People like this give gun owners a bad name because she is not apparently aware of the rules of engagement in Florida nor has a great deal of common sense. She should have gotten the car license and turned it into the police and let them deal with the issue. The behavior and rationale for it today is totally inexplicable and there are far too many people behaving in an unacceptable manner.

    • “People like this give gun owners a bad name…”

      Unless, and until, we learn that she illegally possesses a firearm. I wouldn’t conclude from the report that the pedigree of her gun is established.

      Of course, if she was a legal gun owner, especially if she attended formal training on firearm usage/law, I would cheer at her receiving the maximum charge, and being convicted, resulting in life-long prison sentence (without parole). Long-term sentencing would add more body parts to my hoped-for mandatory registration of prisoners into an organ donor list, where the convicted are first priority source for parts.

  12. If I had been working the case she would have caught an improper exhibition of a deadly weapon and an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon too. At the least. Depending on the shoot, she may have got an attempted homicide. State Attorney’s call on that one. But, really, she left the (relative) safety of the restaurant, retrieved a firearm from her car and fired five shots. Yeah, if I had worked that incident with the 14 provided she’s leaving with me and getting about the next two hours of my undivided attention.

  13. I must have grown up in a more civilized age. Back many years ago (when I was half her age), I tossed a live blue crab into a MacDonald’s drive-thru window. Didn’t occur to me that it might have been perceived as a lethal threat. That was before the cell phone age, so the priceless reaction of the gal inside was lost to posterity…

    • Alexander, me and Ronnie threw a gator into his grandmother’s little country store once. It was a Friday afternoon and all the wives were waiting for their husband’s to come home from the log woods with their pay checks. The store had a on premise license and a grill so you could get a beer. Anyway, it wasn’t a big gator. Maybe four feet, but you should have seen it when I held the door open and Ronnie skidded him on his belly across that tile floor. That gator twisted to its left, opened its mouth and hissed at those women. Put every one of them on top of their bar stools screaming. The only time I saw Miss Dora Mae loose the ash off her cigarette. It was all fun and games until Mr. Clayton came blowing out of the back room. Wish I was twelve again.

  14. Clearly Shateasha Hicks is management material and BK should promote her an assistant manager and fast track Shateasha for a franchise opportunity. Her no nonsense get’er done attitude is what BK desperately needs.

  15. Many people believe that they can abuse food service workers as a sport. I’ll bet Shatesa had all she could stand and reacted accordingly. Her reaction was entirely beyond reason but I would place money that she is only sorry she missed.
    Working with the public in the food business can be brutal.

  16. An ex cop in his sixties got by with shooting a guy in a theater who threw popcorn at him.
    He was found innocent after managing to put the trail off for years. If I were this young woman’s lawyer I would invoke that case law as a precedent. She has a lot going for her- she did not actually shoot anyone. On the other hand leaving the immediate scene to go and grab her gun isnt good for her.
    In all seriousness she is lucky she wasnt charged with attempted murder. A lot depends on whether the offended party shows up in court.

    • “An ex cop in his sixties got by with shooting a guy in a theater who threw popcorn at him“

      There’s the difference, she was a black civilian female, he was a white retired LEO.

      The same reason only black presidential candidates need to show their birth certificate and black women Supreme Court nominees need to show their LSATs.

    • Yeah instead of sitting at home with five iligitimat kids drawing a government paycheck. How stoopid she must be.

  17. Self defense of the ego as far as I’m concerned. Surprised she didn’t get an attempted murder charge.

    Then again, your ego shouldn’t be a factor if you’re working fast food.

  18. “Then again, your ego shouldn’t be a factor if you’re working fast food.”

    All work is honorable (crime is not “work”, it is crime, thus not honorable).

  19. In Florida, you can get acquainted for shooting a guy who throws popcorn at you. Juries are full of really stupid people.

  20. Nah, that story wasn’t that cut and dry. Rekieta Law over on YT did a really solid break down of that trial and why it landed the way it did. And it was not just ‘he threw pop-corn at him so he shot him’. The guy that got shot did physically threaten the elderly guy that got shot. Florida has laws that gives an elderly person a slightly lower threshold for when they have to use deadly force. Which makes sense given that an elderly person can neither run away, fight back, or even as easily survive an attack as easily as a healthy person.

    • And i have no idea why my comment didn’t post underneath O me of little faith’s comment. I guess using an unpopular browser has consequences. 😛

  21. We need a Federal law banning the use of mayo on a burger. If mayo is banned, there’d be none in the joint for any irate customers to toss around the place.

    And I’m serious it ought to be a felony to slop that bird poop “sauce” on a cheeseburger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Greetings from the Frozen North. Hellmans Best is a gift from on high (Miracle Whip not so much) but if I saw someone putting it on fries I would chase them from the village. Same with ‘poutine’; some ridiculous French Canadians even more ridiculous idea about what food is. Offensive is a word that comes to mind.

        • I’m half German and half Irish (friends tell me that explains much but is still no excuse) so ya just don’t that to a potato. Ever.

  22. well she’s a ghetto p.o.s. who obviously didn’t have any decent parents to raise her. They won’t stop acting like primitives until the family enviroment improves.

  23. People like this are the reason why so many guns are sold and carried.

    Is there any doubt as to whether or not she is a Trump supporter?

    I wonder how she got the gun. Was it legally? Did NICS actually green light her? I’m curious about her background.

    What does all this say about BurgerKings hiring practices?

    No rifles used. Not even an AR15.

    Why was that mayo thrown at her? And what was the deal with that customer?

    • Yes she did. She should have had the gun on her not in the car. What if the customer had thrown two packets at her!

    • Obviously you have yet to experience the gastronomic glory that is Hellmans Real, truly manna from on high. Now Miracle Whip, that crap ain’t fit for consumption despite the glock like pretensions in the name.

  24. Florida is proof that the whole “an armed society is a police society” is nonsense.

    She was wrong but maybe don’t go around antagonizing people or eventually you’ll run into someone who will kill you over it. If anyone has seen the video from earlier this year of the man who guns down his two foul-mouthed neighbors over a shoveling argument…

    • No, the situations you mention are because of mentally unstable people. We agree that they should not have guns. That is why it is illegal for a person deemed mentally unstable to purchase one. Unfortunately, it is no longer politically correct to identify and properly care for mentally unstable people.

      If you don’t understand that, then I would suggest that you might be one of those who should never have a firearm.

  25. And to think…

    All Kyle Rittenhouse had to do to avoid all those hassles and trial was to claim that he was attacked by a condiment…

    “But officer, I was running, and he tried to ketchup.”

    • Damn, don’t get us going again man. Safe already thinks I have a beef with him when I suggested his ketchup pun was cheesy, saying he didn’t relish my buns (prob just a typo) at all. Don’t say you weren’t warned…

  26. I love me a feisty woman. I’d sure like to have it my way with her burger and my special sauce if you know what I mean!

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