LA County Sheriff’s Department Investigating Deputy’s Courtroom Negligent Discharge

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Remember…only highly trained law enforcement officers and members of the military are qualified to handle the responsibility of safely carrying a firearm. To wit, this story from the Associated Press . . .

A Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy accidentally fired a gun inside a courtroom last month, potentially injuring a colleague and prompting an internal investigation, officials said.

The Sheriff’s Department confirmed in a statement that the shooting took place in the Van Nuys’ courthouse on Aug. 16, describing the incident as an “unintentional discharge,” the Los Angeles Times reported Monday.

A department spokeswoman declined to detail the circumstances of the shooting or say if anyone was injured.

“Due to the active investigation we are unable to offer further comment at this time, but what we can say is based on the results of the investigation, proper administrative action will be taken if warranted,” the statement read.

A spokeswoman for the Los Angeles County Superior Court system declined to answer questions from the Times about the incident, referring all queries to the Sheriff’s Department.

News of the shooting was first made public by Court Watch LA, an advocacy group seeking increased transparency in the county’s court system. Rebecca Brown, a legal fellow with the National Lawyers’ Guild who runs the Court Watch account, said she was first notified of the shooting Saturday.

An attorney sent a note to Court Watch saying the gun went off while the courtroom was filled with several attorneys and clients waiting to have their cases heard that morning. The attorney told Court Watch the bullet struck another deputy’s radio, and the other deputy appeared to be hurt. Details about the potential injury were not available.

Brown said she was frustrated by the lack of transparency around the shooting, as it took nearly six weeks for any information to become public.

“I can’t imagine if I worked in a courthouse, and I heard a gunshot go off and then there’s no follow up after that,” she told the Times.


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    • From the article:

      “An attorney sent a note to Court Watch saying the gun went off…”

      It went off. Just like that. Because the attorney said so. Bad gun.

  1. “potentially injuring a colleague”…either they were injured or not. Using that logic…Nancy Pelosi is “potentially” a prostitute…

      • Oh, I think MinorIQ, dacian and enuf might pay for her “services” – while the rest of us just have to live in the U.S. to get screwed by her.

  2. The deputy touched his gun and activated the trigger.
    Likely a Glock, as they are famous for the Glock leg type of negligent discharge.
    Could be a revolver, Only a small minority official deputies carry revolvers nowadays.
    You would think his superior officer would discipline someone for a negligent discharge that hurt another officer and could even have killed one of our black robed masters.
    I would be very interested if TTAG will do a follow up when any further information becomes available

      • Oh I agree with you on that. Most DA/SA Revolvers have around 10-12 pound pull in DA. I do have a buddy with one that has been worked on and the DA is around 4ish pound pull. SA with cocked hammer is breath on it just right it will go off.

        • I had a revolver like that which I got for a good price after a shade tree gunsmith had “worked” on it. I took it to King Gun Works and they returned it in great and safe condition.

    • Saying it was likely a Glock sounds like racism. You need to consider the Glock’s environment; is it loved? Does it have good role models? Does it get sufficient exercise? Does it bathe regularly? Is it given good food? Does it have a nice holster in which to live?

      The court may need a campaign for gun equity.

      • I suspect that courthouse staff deputies shoot their firearms twice per year for qualification, stuff them back in their holsters without cleaning them, and that is it.

      • My glock self-identifies as a paper weight, there for it (it’s preferred pronoun is, in fact, “it”) does not think it is fair to say it discharged. paper weights do not discharge. They sit.

    • I’m with Jr on this. My first thought was negligent discharge.

      The idiot of the story is …………

      “…..An attorney sent a note to Court Watch saying the gun went off while the courtroom was….”

      Really? The gun “went off”?🤪

      The gun (an inatimate objects) functioned EXACTLY as designed. The deputy somehow cycled the trigger, and it fired a round.

  3. “An attorney sent a note to Court Watch saying the gun went off while the courtroom was filled with several attorneys…”

    What a relief, a citizen could have gotten hurt… 😉

  4. Someone removed their firearm from a Level III/IV holster in an active courtroom for a non-life threatening situation or any worthwhile reason resulting in a ND with injury and the judge isn’t pissed? Wow!

  5. Applying for a job as fireman, as fire dept and police department were in same building, I coming up the stairs as a clop was coming down. He was sort of jogging down the stairs, his gunm came out of its holstein, bounced a few steps , discharged and the bullet struck a few inches front of my foot.
    I thought ” Damn, I wish that would have hit me, I wouldn’t need a job.”

  6. The same level of crappy training should be available to everyone in California. Why are Democrats okay with having second-class citizens?

  7. ” the gun went off while the courtroom..” HOW?

    “The attorney told Court Watch the bullet struck another deputy’s radio” HOW??

    I’m struggling to imagine how the circumstances under which someone not only accidentally/negligently fires a round in a courtroom (where you probably shouldn’t be playing with your gun) but that it would be aimed such that it hits someone’s radio- something that is not on the floor.

    I can only hope it was a ricochet.

  8. Guns don’t just “go off.” The deputy was handling it and pulled the trigger.

    Another reason not to have carve-outs for cops in “gun-control” legislation. Most are there for a steady paycheck and a pension, and only operate their firearms when qualifying, what, twice year? Most people on this forum probably handle a firearm more often and fire more rounds than the typical cop in a year. With the left’s current hard-on for punishing cops, the recruits will be even more sub-par.

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