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Live from Nashville, Business Manager Robert Duncan sends us his “Fixed Blade Friday” EDC submission and we present it on a Tuesday.  How’s that for fun?

First off, that is quite a fixed-blade.  Bawidamann Blades: Pogn-L Tanto.  MSRP $345.  I really like fixed blades.  Quick to deploy, they perform quite well.  Especially in skilled or even marginally unskilled hands.  For me though, they don’t conceal well for me.  I have a fixed blade about the same size as this one (but not nearly as cool looking) and it makes it look like I’m really excited to see everyone.  Which, like a dog humping your leg, is socially… awkward.  Maybe I should try an inside-the-waistband rig like Mr. Duncan has for his Bawidamann blade.

And the Zev z19 Spartan GLOCK with Type 2 RMR 3.25.  Imagine that:  Amazon doesn’t carry that. Very nice gun.  Very crappy policy, Amazon.

Looks very similar to the Polymer 80 frame…  so easy a caveman could do it.  And given all the talk of gun control and gun confiscations, no doubt more and more gun owners like me are looking to buy one (a few) of these.  I had a Ghost Gun machine for a few months last year (1 and 1/4 thumbs (out of two) down in my experience, by the way).  Why not make some more stuff to lose in boating accidents, right?

Gotta love Robert’s gear.  Clean, simple.  And he’s leaving out his phone and keys, but who cares.


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  1. @ JB; If you have a knife you like in a kydex sheath, take a piece of leather, bend it around the sheath ( make sure the loop is big enough to fit your belt) and chicago screw it to the sheath. This will create a small of the back rig.
    If you can conceal a firearm, you should be able to hide this.

  2. If you’re trying to conceal a fixed blade I find the best way is usually horizontal along your belt (with appropriate clothing choices to aid in this, obviously).

    You kinda need to play with that though because the concealability of the knife is determined by the size and angle of your hips. For me personally I find that the max OAL tops out around 9″ before the knife starts to become obvious, and that’s only if I use the entire width of my back.

    Takes up a lot of real estate on your belt and prevents the use of a lot of other stuff that one might decide to put on but you can get away with a lot of knife if you’re careful about it. There are also rather few options for most knives in terms of sheaths that come set up for this so if you’re all about it you kind of need to start making your own stuff/hacking what already exists.

    • Oh, and if you wear a coat or usually wear a sport coat a should holster that holds the knife vertically upsidedown can work.

      Most of the “off the shelf” models suck though. Kershaw used to make a boot knife that came with that option. Well planned but poorly executed IMHO.

      Also, gravity knife laws…

      • We can’t conceal a fixed blade in CA. I like a fixed blade but I limit myself to when I’m in the boonies.

        And I just can’t get into the tanto blade design. Not general purpose enough for me.

        • It’s the same here. It’s illegal to “intentionally” conceal a “large” (3.5″ blade or more) fixed blade knife on your person.

          I’ve always wondered how they operationally define “intentionally” (Colorado similarly does a piss poor job of operationally defining “concealed”) in terms of a court case but I’ve gone out of my way not to test that so, like you, I generally only carry a fixed blade when in or going to/from the boonies. Cops really hate knives they don’t have physical control of IME so I try to let that dog lie as much as I possibly can.

          I have carried a larger fixed blade concealed outside the United States though and I’ve generally found it to be kind of a PITA that requires a fair bit of thought and screwing with the actual set up to make it work for your body and actually be concealed without being inside something like a bag. But, ya gotta do what the local laws let you do or risk time in unfriendly jails (are there friendly jails?).

        • that blade is so stabby i’d lose a finger opening mail.
          my d’eskabars in kydex drop right into the front pocket.
          i beat the crap out of those daily.
          more slicy though.

  3. People complain about having manual and beaver tail safeties on carry guns, but they’ll slap on a finicky and complex device that alters the profile of the gun. I just don’t get it.

  4. Nice, but over customized pistol. Don’t need the magwell. Interferes with concealment. Same with the drive inn screen on top of the slide. Fixed blade knife? Rather have a spare magazine. Plenty of great folders that deploy just as fast and lock up plenty solid. Don’t misunderstand, have plenty of fixed blades, but none have anything to do with concealment.

    • For a concealed carry gun, the lighter aftermarket trigger and extended mag release (can be easily pressed by mistake), I personally would keep stock. Supressor height sights may be a good addition if this is to remain a carry gun. But i, get it, its a Gucci Glock and a nice one at that. Where’s that spare mag with the Hyve/Taran Tactical extension?

  5. I think it’s a great carry. If your stomach is flat you should have no problem concealing this stuff, especially with a button down overshirt or something like a hoodie (obviously). I have a small mag well on my G22, but I don’t conceal that. I personally enjoy a gun like this, but having done some “mods” myself (only about $200 worth if you include the tritium sights), unless you are getting stuff for free or half off and doing the stippling yourself, it’s just not worth it. I do like the optics though. Just too pricey for me to go that route, and I don’t “use” it every day to justify all these cool mods. Tritium sights though, for an EDC or bedside gun, I feel are a must have. Good optics can be spent on your AR (or whatever rifle(s) you have).

  6. Not my cup o tea (the Glocky thing) but it looks well done.

    If he want to tote it with a big ole mag release flared butt, more power to him.

    And I’m sorry (I’ll be that guy)…..a flat piece of steel with some micarta scales on it….is not worth 345 bucks. Unless it’s made of unobtanium and scaled with unicorn horns.

    But it’s his nicklel.

  7. B.D., agree completely on night sights. Have them on all my carry handguns. Well, except for my Novak built Hi-Power and my 442, but they’ve been around since before night sights were common. Optics, especially on handguns, are overrated. I don’t exactly have a flat stomach at my age, but no beer belly either. In fact seldom drink a beer. No problem hiding a 1911 in a Milt Sparks Summer Special. BTW. Eat more Happy Meals, save your pennies and buy a real rifle. Just kidding. An AR is better than nothing. I guess.

  8. Here is one thing to note (although no comments here yet or in the past weeks worth of IWB style EDC’s): Why all the anti AIWB comments exist, but nobody cares when it’s a knife. LOL. Cannot even count the number of comments I have seen on TTAG about “hope he doesn’t mind Glock leg” or “Good way to shoot your femoral artery and bleed out” …but nobody every once comments the same for a knife carried AIWB. Even horizontal OWB, but still, you can stab yourself when reholstering the knife, right? Just illuminates how funny you anti-AIWB/external safety guys are. All over the articles about external safeties but knives don’t have safeties… they are just always pointy. Keep it classy.

    • You have a slight point.

      However, in re-sheathing a knife, velocity is determined by you. Slow and steady wins the day. Now I could see problems if you stabbed the blade back into its sheath.

      If you pull the go-pedal on your pistol as you draw from aiwb, the projectile is not subject to your motor skills, just the propellant.

      So you make the analogy……but it’s not really comparable.

  9. “(of fixed blade knives) Quick to deploy, they perform quite well…”

    Do you have a lot of time taking out sentries with a fixed blade knife in the sandbox or with knife fights in general to make a statement that sounds like it’s coming from experience? Or do you mean the perform quite well at batoning wood?

    • I’ve never seen a knife used to baton wood anywhere but on you tube videos. I’ve spent a fair amount of time in the boonies and have never seen a person baton wood with a knife.

      Have I led a sheltered life?

      • I have done it for when working in the woods. If I’m going camping I will usually have a machete or a hatchet or both.

        Batoning works and is pretty good for precise work making items to fit.

  10. @JohnBoch What was your issue with the Ghost Gun Machine? I almost went full-in and purchased one, but I stopped when I found out it doesn’t mill steel. They said they were a few years out from those, but that was almost 2 years ago, and nothing, so far.

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