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Amid a sea of extremely impressive “everyday carry” pocket dumps, I thought I’d submit The Truth About my own. I don’t carry a lot of stuff. On any given day while doing normal out-and-about activities, this is all that’s on me. Plus keys, which aren’t pictured, but there’s nothing on the keychain aside from car key, home key, and lake cabin key. See the details on the photographed items at Everyday Carry.

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    • because there is no such thing as regular cargo pants or can certain brands only be used for tactical situations?

    • Sometimes. If I go out at night I’ll usually carry a pocket-sized flashlight, and there’s at least one in the car if night sneaks up on me. It isn’t an “always” part of the kit, though. That’s what’s pictured above. If I go to the woods I might add something else, if I’m going out at night I might add something else. But this is the always stuff.

      I kind of felt like so many of these EDC posts were pictures of all of the cool gear and gadgets people own and could choose from to carry, but not what they actually EDC. Sure, yeah, I own all sorts of random crap that would look shiny and cool in a photo like this, but what you see above is what I actually carry all the time. Every. Day.

      Legal Disclaimer: I reserve the right to swap knife and gun photographed for other makes/models when I say that I “always” carry the items seen above. Wallet and phone, too, for that matter.

      • Fair enough. And good on you for displaying only the constant items. I carry a set of pliers and channel-locks when I’m working on the fence, but it won’t make it into a post such as this.

  1. Jeremy,

    Which JPoint reticle do you prefer? I picked up a 19 MOS and saw the 1MOA w/ ring, 4 MOA and the 8 MOA dots. Is there one that’s particularly better? I was looking at the 4 MOA dot version, or the new Shield version when (if) it comes out….

    • The Shield one is certainly cool w/ the slide-out battery tray and aluminum housing. I have the 4 MOA dot but when I got my JPoint the option of the 1 MOA dot with ring didn’t exist. On a rifle I’d definitely have gone with the 1 MOA and ring but on a pistol I’m pretty darn happy with the 4 MOA dot. It’s fine enough that I can still put it on a shotgun or rifle if I want and have precision out to a decent range. For dedicated pistol use I wouldn’t mind the 8 MOA dot, honestly. But I think the 4 is a good balance and I can shoot for groups at 25+ yards with this no problem while it’s also large enough and bright enough to pick up quickly. I like the 4, but I do intend to use it for various purposes whereas I think if I truly was buying this specifically for self-defense pistol use I’d probably go 8. …if that wasn’t a confusing enough ramble for you haha…

      • No, that’s what I was wondering. I’ve run with EOTechs for years on rifles (1 MOA with 65 MOA ring) but picked up a 19MOS from Nic@SS and Jeremy mentioned they have the Shields on order. While I love 1 MOA for a rifle, I was wondering how well that’d work for acquisition and figured the 4MOA would work better as a dedicated pistol sight.

  2. I’m not sure what to make of all of these “pocket dump” posts. Is TTAG so hard up for content they have resorted to playing a game of “What’s in my pocket”?

    Here’s a clue, 90% of the people who visit this site are going to have the same tools and items in their pockets. I might be interested if people had something cool and unique and useful, but “Keys, Pistol, Phone, Knife, Multitool, Chapstick.” isn’t going to work. My two cents…..

    • The posts are surprisingly popular. And, you’re right, I think a lot of people do browse the pages of EDC photos on the Everyday Carry website looking for ideas. Most of the products in the photos are linked to listings on Amazon and such. Obviously shopping is a part of it and there may be referral links from Everyday Carry to the vendor in some cases and that’s probably how Everyday Carry makes money off it.

      In my case, yeah, big disappointment for shopping and spurring ideas haha. I admit to sort of rebelling against what I think is the norm and not taking a photo of all of the cool crap I own in order to show it off but actually taking an honest photo of what I actually EDC. That means my sweet Gerber micro flashlight bottle opener zipper pull thing isn’t on there and my fancy watch and cool sunglasses and fancy knife and prettier gun and DSLR and cigar cutter and a gold bar and whatever other BS isn’t in the photo. Bad for ideas. Bad for shopping. Bad for bragging rights. Honest EDC photo.

      • Yes, do explain how we steal them please. Then I’ll explain to you how Everyday Carry pays TTAG to do these posts. A good indication for you that they’re not “stolen” could be the fact that all of them mention by name and hot link to Everyday Carry.

  3. Out of all the edc dumps this one looks like it actually gets carried daily, like the in the others guy is carrying like 8 different items like foreal gonna face the apocalypse.(Excuse that last part, inner city slipping out)

    • we can tell you are from the inner city… where you may not need those 8 items on a daily basis….

    • And it’s a handy feature for casual light in dark places, but I argue it’s no replacement for identifying a threat. It takes what…3-5 seconds to get the phone out of your pocket and the light on? With a flashlight riding in the same spot everyday via a pocketclip, I could probably draw the light and have 500-900L in a BG’s face in under a second.

      Also, if you need some extended duration light for a casual purpose, a phone flashlight drains battery life like crazy. Burning up the batteries on a dedicated flashlight allows you to preserve phone battery life. Communication, navigation, stuff like that.

  4. Your edc looks pretty much like mine & kudos for the flashlight thing. Where do these people live where they need a flashlight 24/7? I live in south Florida so I edc sunglasses. When it gets dark, I take them off.

  5. love me some cooks holsters. I wear mine from the time I get up till the time I go to bed. I’ve fallen asleep on the couch or grabbed a nap in bed with it on. AIWB, same clip, XD-sub in 9mm

  6. Jeremy I really appreciate your EDC post. This is very close to what I carry. I don’t believe most people actually carry all that crap in the other pocket dump posts. A notepad? Who the hell carries a notepad when right next to it is a huge smartphone? Anyway, do you happen to live in eastern Washington or north Idaho? Some of you videos look very familar.

      • Good man! Keep up the good posts. By chance, know of some good shooting spots? There is quite the shortage around Spokane these days. Willing to travel a bit of course.

        • Spokane Valley Rifle and Pistol Club is a good place to shoot long ranges from a bench. They have steel targets set up out to 880 yards (1/2 mile). There’s also a pistol line and a trap shooting area. Membership is like $65 a year or you can hit the rifle range for $5 a visit. Open every day (EVERY day) from 2:00 PM to dusk. …sorry if you already knew all this.

          Fernan Rod & Gun Club is really nice and offers more amenities, private access 24/7 (it’s lighted), etc. 50 yard pistol range, 400 yard rifle range. NE of CdA

          On SpokaneGunTrader, WAGuns, northwestfirearms there are some threads about public spots to shoot in the general area — from the CdA area to all around the greater Spokane area. There are lots of clearings in forest lands, some quarry type places, etc. Some can get a bit busy, some are more secluded.


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