Julie Golob: Barriers to Shooting Competition Too High

Speaking at the NSSF Industry Summit in Austin today, Smith & Wesson pro shooter Julie Golob reckons competition shooting isn’t inclusive enough. There are too many rules, the equipment costs are too high, the travel distances are too far, OFWGs aren’t welcoming, many safety officers are insensitive Neanderthals, some pro shooters are *ssholes and ranges […]

Gun Review: MAC 3011 SSD in .40S&W

The Metro Arms MAC 3011 SSD in .40SW is a double stack 1911 style pistol aimed directly at competition shooters looking for a solid firearm on a budget. Hit or miss? [reviewadinsert]   The MAC 3011 SSD a good-looking gun right out of the box; characteristically blocky and heavy in the right places for an overall “race gun” […]

A Wounded Veteran’s First Precision Rifle Match

As these things do, my trip to Alabama on behalf of Veteran Outdoors started innocently enough. A friend in the Atlanta, GA area texted me to ask if we’d ever get to shoot a rifle match together. I sent a message to one of the owners of Accurate Ordnance, my riflesmith of choice, to see […]

Gun Review: FN 15 Competition AR-15 Rifle

Some rifle owners never do more than stand and deliver. For others, the adrenal thrill of 3-Gun competition is their ballistic raison d’etre. While run-and-gunners can shoulder most any semi-auto rifle for competition, a rifle purpose-built for the task is what you really, really want. Is the FN 15 Competition that gun? FN has been making M16 and M4 rifles for the […]

Gun Review: Bersa Thunder 9 Pro XT

The Argentinian gun maker Bersa has a cult following. And for good reason. While I’ve never found them to be particularly good looking guns, I’ve shot a few of their Thunder .380ACP pistols in the past. I’ve found them to be good, simple guns at a relatively low price points. The Bersa Thunder 9 Pro XT […]