The Gathering of Snipers
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The Gathering of Snipers

If you appreciate our men and women in uniform and you enjoy precision rifle marksmanship, you need to be in South Texas over Columbus Day weekend! Two of the premier non-profit veteran organizations supporting our military snipers have put together a great weekend of learning, competition and camaraderie that’s open to the public.

The Gathering of Snipers

The Gathering of Snipers is an annual event, open to the shooting public and co-hosted by the USMC Scout Sniper Association and the Army Sniper Association. The Gathering provides a professional forum specifically designed to further the art and science of military sniping. The multi-day event includes practical instruction, a precision rifle match and (when COVID-19 doesn’t shut us down) a professional educational symposium.

The Gathering of Snipers

There will also be plenty of opportunity to rub elbows with some legends in the military sniper community like Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer. Through this event, we hope to increase interoperability and enhance the trust and camaraderie among snipers from the various branches of Service. We also aim to engage industry and everyday Americans in supporting the military snipers who proudly serve on their behalf.

The first-ever event of its kind was held in Denver, Colorado in August 2019 and resulted in a resounding success! More than 65 military snipers from the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, National Guard and allied foreign nations participated. These included active duty instructors who currently work training new snipers and those who determine policy and programming at their Service level.

This year, we’ve been told to expect snipers from the US Coast Guard’s Special Missions Training Branch. All we need is you to make it the best event ever!

The Gathering of Snipers

This year, we have some renowned instructors teaching a variety of shooting clinics. For example, Paul Phillips is the reigning King of the 2 Mile. He and Canadian Army veteran Rob Furlong – once the record holder for the longest confirmed kill in combat – will be teaching an ELR clinic you don’t want to miss.

Other instructors include Caylen Wojcik from Modern Day Sniper; Chris Wiencke from Applied Ballistics; Christopher Roberts and Tarrol Peterson, both former Army Sniper Instructors; and several more! Shooting clinics will be set up in a round-robin format, and attendees will get to choose up to five hour-and-a-half clinics.

Our two-day FFP Precision Rifle Benefit Match will be a practical-style match with an emphasis on real-world combat sniper challenges. Shooters will be assigned a squad as they rotate through 15 challenging stages of fire. Participation is capped at 150 shooters, so register soon!

DATES: Friday, 9 October through Sunday, 11 October 2020

TIMELINE: Friday: Shooting Clinics & Product Demos followed by Rally Point Reception

Saturday: The FFP Benefit Precision Rifle Match-Day 1 and The Kopfjäger Feast
Sunday: The FFP Benefit Precision Rifle Match-Day 2

LOCATIONS: Range Events: 7 Foxtrot Firearms Training Complex, Pearsall, TX

Rally Point Reception: G2 Ranch, Pearsall, TX

Kopfjäger Feast: G2 Ranch, Pearsall, TX

Check out our website at:

Our Facebook event page:

Event Registration:

The USMC Scout Sniper Association (SSA) is the only non-profit membership organization for Marine Scout Snipers in the world. We exist to support the Scout Sniper community through programs that inspire brotherhood, encourage professionalism, and foster resiliency. Our community is comprised of those who have carried the long gun, those who have enabled our successes on the battlefield, and our families.

The Army Sniper Association (ASA) is comprised of snipers both past and present. Our organization exists to serve and support Army snipers, their families and the United States Army Sniper Course. The ASA annually supports the U.S. Army International Sniper Competition hosted by the U.S. Army Sniper School at Fort Benning, Georgia.

Both organizations are tax-exempt non-profits. Donations are fully tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Registration fees are not considered donations, and are therefore not tax deductible.

General questions can be directed to our contact web form at

Potential sponsors may email USMC SSA President Tim Parkhurst directly at [email protected]

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  1. The difference between a sniper/marksman and an experienced hunter is the number of legs their targets possess.

    • The shooting itself is one of the few similar aspects of the roles.
      Comms (which is a significant skill set in itself), formal observation and sector sketch, support operations, handoff’s and reporting, effective range, movement, equipment, duration of mission, environment and lots of other things are very different.

      • jwt,

        LOL, I wasn’t expecting someone as seasoned as yourself to become so easily feather-ruffled over a low-tier joke… 🙂

        • My feathers remain unfluffed, shiny, and well oiled. In short, they are magnificent. MAGNIFICENT!!

    • In neither a hunter nor a veteran, but the first difference that pops into my head — return fire? Hunting in even the most inhospitable terrain would seem to pale in comparison to hostile humans beings actively seeking to kill you.

    • Is says the following on their website and you can still register for the individual events.

      ***COVID-19 UPDATE***

      THIS EVENT IS STILL HAPPENING! Like the rest of the country, we’ve had to make some adjustments due to the ongoing pandemic. While we still plan to hold The Gathering of Snipers, we’ve had to modify the schedule by removing the symposium portion of our program. The success of the symposium depended on the use of a reserved event space that, quite frankly, we may not be allowed to occupy when the time comes. As a result, we decided it’s in everyone’s best interest to hold off on the symposium until next year. We will still hold the FFP Precision Rifle Benefit Match and a full day of Shooting Clinics. We will also hold the Rally Point Reception and the Kopfjager Feast at G2 Ranch in Pearsall, TX. Thanks for your support and stay tuned for updates!

    • Pretty sure that DOD still/again has all their Texas posts/bases locked down due to the chicom flu.

  2. So Snipers use rifles?, I thought a gunny sack and a stick was what they used. Son of a Beetch I got took again

  3. I was born with the innate ability to snipe….. Wesley Snipes ain’t got sh!t on me bruh….bruh…

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