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Stag Arms is excited to welcome Mark, Becky, Tim, Sean, and Andrew Yackley as sponsored shooters for Team Stag.

The Yackley’s collectively hold World, National, Regional, and Local Match titles including 9 National Bianchi and NRA Action Pistol records, 8-time Bianchi Cup Junior National Championships, 3-time Ladies Metallic National Championships, 2018 Ladies Metallic World Champion Title, 2-time USMC Launchheimer Trophy Winner, and many more. The determination and dedication this family has for the shooting sports industry is unparalleled.

“I really love their accuracy guarantee and if you wear a barrel out, they’re going to take care of you, and that’s a big thing. I love seeing Made in America and I love seeing people that are standing behind the products.”

– Mark Yackley, Team Stag

“Stag is a name that is known in 3-Gun from years ago when it was a bigger brand and had a bigger footprint in 3-Gun, so it’s going to be exciting to see what we can do to revamp that”

– Becky Yackley, Team Stag

“We could not be more excited about having the Yackley’s as part of the Stag family. Their accomplishments as a family on and off the playing field are extremely impressive.”

– Ryan Donahue, GM Stag Arms

Stag Arms is thrilled the Yackley 5 have chosen to train and compete with some of the finest US made rifles in the country and is looking forward to seeing the Yackleys add to their global and regional titles with a Stag in their hands.

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  1. A number of years ago I built my southpaw daughter a left-handed AR using a Stag lower and BCG. It has performed perfectly. Their products are well designed, durable and functional. Congratulations to the Yackley family on their sponsorship.

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