issf shooting sports competition
This April 16, 2008 file photo shows Antoaneta Boneva, of Bulgaria, preparing to take aim during practice for the 25 MM pistol competition at the Good Luck Beijing ISSF World Cup at the Beijing Shooting Range Hall in Beijing, China. (AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty, file)
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The International Shooting Sports Federation is the organizer of world cup pistol, rifle and shotgun competition events all over the world and they qualify the competitors who shoot in the Olympics. As of Wednesday, they no longer have a Facebook page.

As the Times of India reports,

In a bizarre case of monitoring of online content, Facebook decided to delete International Shooting Sports Federation’s ISSF) official page from their site.

Posts related to guns and ammunition can be one of the reasons for the deletion of the ISSF page. As per their policy, Facebook prohibits promotion of ‘firearms, ammunition, weapons of any kind, fireworks and explosives and ads promoting the brandishing of firearms’.

Obviously, the ISSF promotes international competition, not brandishing firearms. If the ISSF is now somehow inappropriate for inclusion on Facebook, no firearms-related site is safe.

“We have sent multiple inquiries to the Facebook support team since Wednesday night. The ISSF lawyers sent formal letters asking to restore the page as well. But there is still no answer.

Unfortunately it’s not possible (to get the reason for deletion of the page) at the moment as there is no feedback from Facebook,” (ISSF administrative council member Anna) Leshchikova said.

This was probably a mistake. A knee-jerk cancellation by a pasty-faced 20-something drone somewhere in Silicon Valley who was affronted by the existence of an organization centered around firearms. It will likely be corrected once higher-ups get enough complaints.

Let’s hope so.

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    • We might be heading for a time when we have to use code words to discuss firearms and ammunition, and other things. I wonder if we’ll have to use code words like “peanuts” for ammo, “sticks”for rifles, “hammers” for pistols, etc. Do we need to use outright cryptography to communicate? Come to think of it, I’m going to introduce my family to “book code” to skirt the censorship algorithms all together. Maybe I can create a Standard Telegraphic Code using four digits that can be further encrypted with a substitution code for the digits. I have lots of literary works from which to choose. This could be fun!

    • Those who control the present, control the past and those who control the past control the future.
      George Orwell, 1984

  1. Emboldened by their stupidity and pushing the envelope. FB is going FULL STALIN by erasing history and information which makes them cry. Given the opportunity they would liquidate all opposition to their leftist garbage agenda.

      • I just got back from a deployment to Fuckerburg’s Sea of Eternal Darkness for 30 days! Someone needs to take him down!

    • Full Stalin would be all your kids, parents, grandparents, your priest, your pets all go to the gulag or get shot in the back of the head Chekist style.

      You dont know stalin like I know stalin!

  2. “A knee-jerk cancellation by a pasty-faced 20-something drone somewhere in Silicon Valley who was affronted by the existence of an organization centered around firearms.”

    This type of language is absolutely dismissive of the reality. There are very strong well organized and funded groups out there lobbying privately and publicly to remove all traces of firearm ownership.

    Every account that is suspended/deleted and then restored should be viewed as a test of our strength of will. A feint meant to test our reactions.

  3. FB clearly holds hands with Jim Crow Gun Control and by doing so they are in camp with an agenda rooted in racism and genocide. What to do? Never join or use FB OR Close your account. To do nothing is to condone it.

  4. I expect Big Tech to start banning content it doesn’t want on the internet. It wouldn’t surprise me if TTAG disappears in the near future.

    • It would surprise me if it didn’t. Nobody here complained when they de-hosted 8chan because it was full of literal nazis, but if if freedom of speech only protects speech you like, it doesn’t protect anything at all. The hard-left social media and web hosting companies see shooting sports orgs, online retailers and, yes, blogs like this one, as being every bit as bad as sites where users call for ethnic cleansing. Once they get all the gun-friendly pages and accounts removed from Twitter and Facebook, they’ll de-host retailers and blogs, and when they try to set up on alternative protocols using purpose-made apps (since the average gun owners probably can’t figure out how to use TOR,) Google, Apple and Microsoft will pull them from their stores for promoting “gun-related extremism” (i.e. the unthinkable position of suggesting that you should own one.)

      I give it three to five years. Pretty soon the entire internet as we know it is going to be social media, leftist propaganda (but I repeat myself,) big newspapers, gossip rags (but again I repeat myself,) and porn. Just talking about hunting on your social media account or website, even bow hunting, will be enough to get you “de-platformed.” As you can plainly see, they’re already making that move on sport shooting.

      Remember when all that would’ve sounded like a kooky conspiracy theory? “How could tech companies possibly amass enough power that they’d be able to control the political discourse of an entire country,” people would ask. Well, there’s your answer. Consolidation and backroom dealing (i.e…. conspiracy.)

      • If TTAG and other gun sites start disappearing, we’ll all be talking about our gear in a big WhatsApp group. That’s a secure, encrypted platform, right?

        Oh, wait, Zuckerberg bought out WhatsApp and put the Facebook logo on it….

      • Ocasio-Cortez is putting together an enemies list. Shades of the Third Reich.

        Enuf is probably lobbying for a job in the Gestapo as we speak.

  5. Just a mistake? Why do I think NOT! This level of full on censorship of stuff these entities find yucky and offensive will get them in hot water, unless Biden (as seems more probable than not) prevents the AG from going after them. As it is, Congress is not happy with their conduct, and if FB is declared a public forum (as it really ought to be), then it will get sued every time it gets political with its policies.

    • ” Biden (as seems more probable than not) prevents the AG from going after them ”

      This is not really open to speculation. Biden and the entire Democratic machinery are sleeping in the same bed with Big Tech — have been for quite a while. If the Dems take full control, Big Tech gets a free ride and a blank check. The only question not settled is which one is calling the shots.

    • Congress won’t do a Gdamn thing. There have already been two congressional hearings concerning Facebook, Twitter, and Google. The congress critters ask them if they are censoring and they say they are not. Then everybody goes home…and the political contributions continue. Congress has been bought off. in case you haven’t noticed, the coup is now in full speed ahead.

  6. FB and their scummy cohorts censored information that helped swing an election. Who’s going to stop them now?

    Most of those basta*ds in Congress are bought and paid for by Big Tech money.

  7. Yes the censorship is very real lately. Instagram deleted the Mrgunsngear account with 150,000 followers despite him never violating a single one of their “community guidelines”

    He also posted a Youtube Video about all Beijing Biden gun control agenda which was deleted several days later with out any explanation

    Big Tech, Hollywood, News Media are not your friends..

  8. This is going too far. We need some wealthy Conservatives to bankroll an online platform where guns, ammo, and American values can be openly discussed. I would pay a monthly fee to use such a platform. Because FB is free, YOU are the product. They sell your personal data, and flout the law because they can get away from it. The best way to stop them is to leave. Delete your account and history. Leave no trace.

    • You can never delete all trace. All pages are backed up on a giant server where they will remain until the power is cut and the data banks erased.

      • “All pages are backed up on a giant server where they will remain until the power is cut and the data banks erased.”

        F-Book is ‘Skynet’…

      • Not all on a big backup server. Per a former FB employee, the only way to truly wipe your footprints from your account is to manually delete each activity (post, photo, like, whatever) one by one until there is literally nothing left. This is why FB has gradually evolved its interface to make it very time-consuming from a PC, and nearly impossible from a mobile phone. But it can be done (For a full decade I’ve been clandestinely deleting my wife’s FB activity like a sweeper at the back end of a parade, anything older than six months, since she never goes back more than few days anyhow. She posts literally everything despite my objections).

        You’re actually deleting the front-end links to your content, but the content will remain until FB’s servers eventually overwrite with fresh content coming in from anywhere.

        Best course of action? Never create a FB account to begin with.

        • What a user can do and what FB can do are entirely different. FB can have a utility to walk the links and erase everything, but it isn’t in their interest to provide that capability to the user.

        • Anymouse,

          There was a third party app developed by a guy in Sweden a few years ago that automatically did that for you. Zuckerberg pursued him in court and had it shut down in only months.

  9. Facebook decides to shut down the most innocuous of all shooting related pages. So brave and caring of them to protect us from exposure to the ISSF.

  10. Trump isn’t even out yet and the globalist forces are surfacing their offshore subs and sending landing craft as we speak.

    If you listen closely you can make out the faint distant footfalls of boots on the ground.

    You’ve invited their propaganda into your homes, voluntarily agreed to their terms of use and send your money and labor to fund their invasion forces.

    I suppose it’s worth it as long as they don’t think you’re racist.

  11. Get ready, pretty much everything YouTube / FB / Google / Amazon is about to be shot down in flames. Toss in 99% of all the other tech industry that just got the nod from the new POTUS/vpPOTUS team and the internet and anything related to firearms, ammo, sales, trade, etc is all on the chopping block.
    It’ll be interesting to see how Parlor / Full30 / Patreon / TFB + all the ammo search engines survive into the future.

    • TFB isn’t “Po-litical” dontchaknow?!? Which is pathetic is it not? The whole wondered after the beast…pay attention. Censoring Olympic Sports ain’t cool. It’ll get worse too.

  12. Ive been telling anyone that would listen and some that wouldnt that FB is anti american at best and full blown communist at worse. Why any pro 2A organization such as a gun club or gun shop would have a presence there is beyond me. A custom rifle gun smith of my acquaintance just found out how commie they can be. They froze his page so that neither he nor anyone else can post anything for no other reason than…GUNS!!!

  13. As a regular shooting sports competitor, it baffles me when other competitors talk about faceberg this and faceberg that constantly… putting scores, photos and personal information on line for the world to see. It is getting to the point that I do not want to associate with anyone that participates in any form of this nonsense…

    • I agree completely. I know people who use facebook for tons of stuff like that. I just stopped associating with them. They show up to events and get the cold shoulder every time. A couple I have even had choice words with and had to be told to go to “seperate corners” by others because of their negligence. I am done being friendly with fudds and idiots. I simply see them as potential supply depots.

  14. Yell didn’t think the internet was going to remain a big open free for all did you? With widely diverse opinions everywhere?

    The internet died when companies started making money exclusively on line.

    • When companies stopped using email for private conversations with their customers, it angered me greatly. So many companies cannot be reached by any other means than USPS or Facebook. I loathe Facebook and refuse to obtain an account, so I am now highly restricted in my ability to access businesses with whom I have relationships. So retailers online don’t even provide a Post Office box, let alone a street address. It is sometimes difficult even to determine the states in which some companies are headquartered.

      We should all dump Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and any other platform that conducts censorship. Don’t allow them to profit from you in the least. People they despise are demonetized, preventing them from obtaining click value, because they, themselves, see the money rolling in all the time. They don’t want the people they hate to profit, so we need to deny them profit from our online activity.

  15. In his final couple months I strongly support Trump figuring out ways to royally fuck Big Tech in every conceivable way.

    A good start woul dbe raids on their headquarters for conspiracy to commit fraud as it relates unreported campaign financing by the actions they did to help Democrats over the past 48 months.

    Follow that up with midnight raids on their board of directors homes by men with itchy trigger fingers and lead the scum out in handcuffs.

  16. Democrats love censorship when it favors them. That’s what happens when you don’t have principles.

    Now prominent activists are calling for making lists of anyone who voices disagreement with the election so they can punish (cancel) them. Keep in mind these are the “Not my President!” “Russia Collusion!” people from the past four years.

    “Any R now promoting rejection of an election or calling to not to follow the will of voters or making baseless allegations of fraud should never serve in office, join a corporate board, find a faculty position or be accepted into “polite” society. We have a list.”

    Behave or they’ll ruin you! If you’re lucky they’ll just censor your speech.

    • yeah, and nazicommies that spew crap like that, should never serve in office, join a corporate board, find a faculty position or…

  17. They’re also making a list of people that supported the Trump administration and campaign. Why? So they can punish them of course!

    “You better believe it. We just launched the Trump Accountability Project to make sure anyone who took a paycheck to help Trump undermine America is held responsible for what they did.”

    They think they can purge the country of everyone that votes differently from them, or at least frighten them enough to keep their opinions to themselves.

  18. “Obviously, the ISSF promotes international competition, not brandishing firearms. If the ISSF is now somehow inappropriate for inclusion on Facebook, no firearms-related site is safe.”

    That’s a very curious attitude. Its as if Facebook is the only website on the web (as I type this on a non-facebook site).

  19. DO NOT SELL YOUR BOOKS AND FILMS. In the digital age, Everyone uses Kindle and streaming services, but soon they will restrict these to what they want you to see.

    They conned us in the 1800s by encouraging us to store gold in the bank, and use paper notes instead. (Did you ever wonder where ALL THAT GOLD from the gold rush went??? Well, there you go.)

    Now the banks have all the gold, and we have worthless paper that inflates by 2.2 percent per year.

    The big corporations will do this again with information if we do not maintain hard physical copies of it. YES. Books are antiquated, and people may look at you funny, but books do not need electricity, and they do not need an internet connection.

    Amazon is ALREADY banning books they do not like. Bear in mind that Amazon is based in Seattle, which was largely responsible for passing I-594 in Washington. Their executive board is composed of bleeding heart liberals and champagne socialists.

    This is off-subject, but also keep an Atlas in your car at all times in case you need it. They print new editions every year, and for now, you can order a paperback with all of the states, Canada, and Mexico for about 10 dollars. No batteries? No cell service? No satellite reception? No problem.

    • The Democrats will end Federalism, cancel the Electoral College, and terminate all 50 states, because — “democracy.” We will cease being “The United States of America,” and become known simply as “America” (or something else that has no connection outside of indigenous people’s comfort zone), like “The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics” became “Russia.”

    • In fact just as the church said to Galileo, “you are wrong”. “The earth does no revolve around the sun”. The atheist libertarians agree. The tech companies can say the Biden laptop is not real. And ban any talk of it on the internet.

  20. This was probably a mistake.

    No, “A knee-jerk cancellation by a pasty-faced 20-something drone somewhere in Silicon Valley who was affronted by the existence of an organization centered around firearms. ” is not a mistake. It is a deliberate targeted act.

    They hate us and our freedoms and they want us dead. Understand that.

    • This is headed in the direction of never being able to question authority from the Party. They’re censoring questions about the mail in ballots. It’s like they forgot that there was a pretty long news cycle recently about doing just that, and it was never censored. Why? It all hinges on which political party you’re questioning. That’s a CCP level authoritarian measure. Big Tech and Big Media get to decide what’s news worthy. Anything else is a conspiracy theory to be immediately dismissed.

  21. Facebook is only the beginning. If Biden and Harris slither their way into the White House, they will approach gun confiscation like a death by a thousand paper cuts.
    Yes, we have a lot of judges throughout the court system and we have the senate, however, there’s a lot of other damage they will inflict.
    Then during the midterm, they will do exactly the same thing they did to get in the white house.
    The large tech companies are the foot soldiers. They have been committing 4th generation warfare on US soil against conservatives and it will only get worse.

  22. Not too bright if your life revolves around Facebook. Every user agrees to abide by FB’s rules when they sign up. Don’t like it, don’t use it.

  23. Can replacements for these social media be developed? I’m certain that 50% of current users of these services will switch over just to keep from being censored by pasty 20 year olds frighten by ideas.

  24. I can only hope that President Trump starts ordering drone strikes against Zuckerberg and all of the other internet billionaires.

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  26. We need to take these companies down. We the People need to take out their server farms and HQ’s. These “social media” companies are a Clear and Present Danger to Our Country and Our Constitutional Republic.

  27. I asked the question on FB,”Since last year, does it seem the price of ammo has been gouged up”. It was removed,because,”It violated, their standards on selling fire arms and ammo” ???????????????????


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