Canik SFx Rival S 9mm pistol
Canik SFx Rival S 9mm pistol
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From Canik USA . . .

Canik is proud to announce the next step in superior firearms with the creation of the Canik SFx Rival-S. This steel framed pistol is the evolution of the multi-award winning Canik SFx Rival in that the ergonomics of the platform are the same but now the firearm is an all metal design.

The 2.67 lb. SFx Rival-S, is 8.09” long, with a 5” barrel length, is 1.41” wide, and has a height of 5.75”. The SFx Rival-S is chambered in 9x19mm, and with the additional weight and aluminum 90° break flat trigger, is sure to decrease recoil and improve split times and accuracy! Simply put, the SFx Rival-S is “Forged for Superiority!”

Canik SFx Rival S 9mm pistol

Each Canik SFx Rival-S is optics ready with 100% co-witness, ambidextrous, and comes with the famous Canik satisfaction guarantee. The newly designed two-tiered water resistant hard travel case includes two 18 round magazines, a competition holster, five optics plates, three sized grips, an external mag-well, two aluminum magazine base plates, a fiber optic front sight with multiple color choices, tool kit and punch, cleaning kit, and speed loader.

Canik SFx Rival S 9mm pistol case

The SFx Rival-S is available in two aggressively priced versions at launch with the Rival-S (Chrome) $949.99 and Rival-S Dark Side (Black) $899.99. Accessories to customize the Rival-S including multiple color and material choices will be readily available from Canik in the months to come.

Canik Rival-S Dark Side 9mm pistol
Canik SFx Rival-S Dark Side

The Canik SFx Rival-S will be featured at Shot Show 2023 and will be shipping to customers in January as well.

Canik SFx Rival S 9mm pistol

“The success team Canik had with the Canik SFx Rival lit a fire under us to keep pushing the line” said Canik USA Marketing Director Adam Ruonala “we basically used that fire to forge a product that was ready to beat the fiercest competitor at a price point you simply can’t afford to miss out on with the SFx Rival-S!”

For more information on the Canik SFx Rival-S visit


Caliber: 9mm
Weight: 42.7 oz.
Capacity: 18+1 rounds
Barrel Length: 5 inches
Overall Length: 8.1 inches
Height: 5.75 inches
Width: 1.4 inches
Front Sight: fiber optic
Rear Sight: adjustable
Magazines: 2×18 rounds included
Manufactured: Turkey
Price: SFx Rival-S = $949.99, SFx Rival-S Dark Side = $899.99


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    • Awesome Firearm…To the moron below and his ilk…The government of Turkey is not located in the Canik Factory, etc. However quality firearms are produced there by people who probably work harder than you and deserve to compete in a free market. If left up to you that market would not be free to export to the USA.

      By your own spew via your Made In China device says you have a whole lot in common with the Turkish government you claim to disdain.

      • their current government sucks.
        don’t feed them.
        nice gun.
        be a turkfangal all you want, it’s a good look for you. have some apple tea and chestnuts.
        not sure how you have them as harder working, harder smoking, now that’s a bet.

        • jr… you’re blowing the same smoke you blew out your behind the last time a Made in Turkey firearm was posted.

          At the moment I have 3 Sar9s and one Warthog 12 GA. in the corral and sold 7 Sar9s by referral. And if you yank my chain too hard I’ll buy a Canik just for spite.

          The only thing you can do about Made in Turkey firearms is take the chestnuts in your pants and your insanely hypocritical Made in China device and go pound sand.

        • Okay Debbie,
          She would kick my butt and I would love every minute of it. A strong beautiful woman bringing total fire. I will never pretend that I am an operator operating operatively. Let’s push for Made in America and made well. We need it

        • this device? made in japan, company issue. i wouldn’t pay 5large for it, but it ain’t chicom.
          and you’re blowing the same pole you blow every time you post.
          buy ’em all, they seem like nice guns… but there are so many alternatives.
          there is another thing i can do about turkiye firearms, consider them interms of their current political stance towards my country.

        • muck…You can start pushing Made In America by pushing all the items in your possession that were not made in America into a big pile and donate them to Goodwill and then replace each of those items with Made in America…start pushing.

          jr…Cut the crap…Your device is Made in China as is most of the appliances, TVs surrounding you.

          When I acquire a firearm my concern is how it was made not where it was made. Only a complete blockhead surrounded by Made In China would think they have a podium to denigrate a firearm by its origin.

          That said I have some basic Gunsmith homework for you two smoke blowing Made in China consumers…

          Your homework is to purchase a Made in China NcStar half style A2 detachable rear sight. I want you to dismantle the sight and convert it to a Trigicon A2 Night Sight and install a sight tower guide pin and relocate the spring/bearing access for the elevation wheel to the sight base. Of course you’ll have to fabricate the guide pin from scratch and drill and tap threads for it, you’ll also drill and tap a bore for a socket head M4x3mm to access and install the aforementioned elevation spring/bearing. You’ll also need a USGI windage screw and drill it to accept the NcStar windage knob pin and you’ll have to drill the NcStar windage knob to accept the USGI windage screw. You’ll also make a mod that prevents the sight from moving rearward during recoil…Complete your homework assignment otherwise it’s pink revolvers for you two.

        • pass. more of an aperture sight guy. there are a few chicom manufactured items where one has no other choice, but for me it’s pretty much the phone that was forced on me when 3g was cancelled, that and the tv stuff. my curtis mathes has no hdmi input.
          you mention your pink girly pistol as though i would object. i’m in.
          enjoy your huahwei, turkeybird.

        • you are welcome muck…

          jr…A shorty NcStar A2 sight has flip apertures. And claiming to use a Made in Japan device shows your ongoing hyprocisy, after all Japan did attack Pearl Harbor.

          Like I had already asked you and anyone else who comes around bashing Made in Turkey firearms because they are Made in Turkey…Find a better firearm in the price range with performance potential and direct the forum to it…You’ve had lots of time to do that and still you cannot do it just like you cannot modify the iron sight NcStar shorty per my homework assignment…pink revolvers anyone?

        • why don’t you just mount a bsa scope on some leapers mounts?
          try to separate the quality and price point from the cuntry of origin. it’s my economic vote, i’ll cast it as i see fit. not tellin’ you what to buy. not sayin’ it’s crap. bewildered by the fact that you feel pain from my not wanting turkish product.
          pink model 60’s all around. cash ok? i want a lady smith in .38. you too manly for one?

      • The made-in-China device that I’m currently using is a product from an American corporation. Canik is a company based in a country that has been attacking the most liberal-minded and American-friendly people in the Middle East other than perhaps the Israelis: our Kurdish allies.

        • erwin…So let’s see…If an Anerican Corp manufactures a firearm in Turkey you are alright with that? Well that does happen. And the last time I looked China (the communist country where an American Corp manufactured your device) was eyeballing Taiwan, etc. Try again erwin.

    • I can’t say anything about supporting ISIS, because I don’t have any knowledge of that. But I can say that canik guns aren’t junk. The triggers and general operating system is a copy of the great system that Walther has been running for years. The canik factories are NATO certified and are every bit as good as American gun facilities. From the few caniks I’ve shot and the many I’ve fondled, I think that their QC seems great. I’d rather carry a canik pistol over a Remington any day of the weak. Now Turkish shotguns are best used as door stop.

      • I had an MC312 for a while. The finish was kinda crappy but it functioned just fine. Ultimately sold it because I much prefer gas-piston cycling to inertial.

      • careful, mr. jones or they’ll soon be calling you a canikfondler. and you don’t want that.
        excluding three percussion revolvers, remington has made ten things you might call pistols.

    • Some shotguns labeled Winchester, Mossberg, CZ, etc. are made in Turkey. The Turks are waging a genocidal war against the Kurds. But they are also suppling body armor, APCs, and drones to Ukraine. They helped broker the grain shipments out of Ukraine and are buying Russian gas. Seems Turkey is good at playing both sides of the fence. Personally I wouldn’t have a Turkish gun. The best thing about the US is we get options. Inform yourself and make your own judgements.

      • I just wanna know what the toy gun in the second layer of the box is supposed be…

        • Jeesh Debbie,
          You have stock in Canik? This pistol is ugly! I don’t think anyone commenting has said anything about its quality or ability to fire. My issue is with a country playing both sides of the fence getting our soldiers killed so I don’t want to support them in any way. Also I have long advocated for “Made in the USA” and I won’t apologize for that. My Springfield XDm 10mm was made in Croatia and it is an excellent firearm. My Springfield 1911 in .45 cal was made in the USA. I like quality and like I said I wish corporation’s would invest more in the U.S. workforce. I am willing to pay a premium in prices as long as I know it’s going to our men and women. My nephew has a toy shield with a huge star on the front looking all red white and blue and stuff but look on the back and in big black letters “Made in China” as an in your face FU Captain America.

  1. So, how do you sell product to a saturated market ? …. give them what they thought they didn’t want. SIG, S&W, now Canik and I’m sure others will follow, have come out with metal framed versions of their plastic framed striker fired pistols. I guess when sales of these fall off, they’ll push exposed hammer fired versions… everything Old is New again.

    • Is the market saturated? I haven’t been to a gun store since the beginning of the lockdown. But everything I see is that guns are being sold as fast as they’re made.

      • Still the case up here even with semi auto rifle permits being required along with the longer running pistol permit and ammo “checks”. I am just hoping we see more availability and lower prices outside of 9mm.

    • Sig started making aluminum frames for the P320 a few years ago, pretty sure there are third-party steel options out there.

      • I know the tungsten insert full size grip is really comfortable but I think there is a tungsten infused polymer that is heavier than the aluminum not sure about 3rd party steel types (will need to check that out)

    • gee gads…The all metal Canik looks lame and tame compared to some of the race guns I’ve seen. The more fashion minded Gun owners on this site probably fainted after seeing their first Glock.

      • Nobody has ever fainted at the sight of a Glock unless it was being pointed at them by a banger with a giggle switch.

        • and, there it is. maybe a little taffy for after the doner kebab and kefta.
          paint yer tisas with some rattle cans, bang some pots and rattle pans.
          pink, chinese ones.

  2. A little too busy for my taste.

    But, I look at it this way. Canik is successful enough that they can start making – and presumably selling – semi-botique guns. They can afford to make and market what (I would guess) will not be a major profit maker for them, for the sake of simply increasing brand awareness.

    Seems like they’re breaking into the major leagues. More power to them. Now let’s just hope the people in Washington don’t find it in their blackened little hearts to further restrict firearms imports.

  3. It needs colorful LED lights for back-lighting for all those cuts. We have LED back-lighting on our keyboards and cars and so fourth, time to put it on our guns with a little switch somewhere for easy activating.

    That would be beyond bitchen to yank yer gat, hold it gangsta style, light up the LEDs and say “gimmie all your sh– dog”

    • Love the idea! I’d finally have a gat to match my truck. Now if only I could get it to spit out soot and smoke. I could really piss people off before I shot them. You know, because it’s made in Turkey.

  4. I wouldn’t be tempted to replace my CZ shadow 2 with this… thing. I can’t decide for sure I hate the looks or not. I hate we apparently can’t make guns for Americans in America these days.

    • They’re made here, affording them and feeding them are the probems.

      Thankfully there are well made fair priced offerings such as Canik, Sarsilmaz, etc. Of course like all mass produced firearms bringing the best out of them is up to the buyer’s skill level…And judging by the stick in the mud childish responses to the new Canik skill level on this forum doesn’t venture beyond tinker toys.

  5. The market is coming full circle.

    There is a certain “something” about an all-metal gun that you don’t get with a poly-frame pistol.

    Sure – much heavier. But we carried steel and aluminum for years before polymer.

    People into guns tend to own several and lots of guns never see a holster – only the range.

    I’m expecting to see the new, fabulous, special, and perfect all-metal Glock in the future.

    I’m sure it will be “perfection”. Ha.

    • Owned a Ruger p89 for years. Never owned a holster for it. Some guns I just would not want to pack all day. Good guns. But lighter options are available.

  6. Looks like a great gun. But I prefer having a de-cocker on my full size carry gun. I'”ll stay with my ruger p89 for now.

  7. I don’t know about all the holes and shit but I do like that the 50s style stainless steel craze is back. I prefer guns that are steel or aluminum. Polymer is ok functionality wise but I’ve just never really liked any majority polymer guns.

  8. It seems like most here are missing the point. This pistol appeals to the competition crowd. The canik trigger can be made to rival a great 1911 trigger and the weight of a steel frame is great for shooting very fast. Some like the recoil characteristics of a milled slide, and the aggressive milling makes for positive grip racking. This pistol ought to be very popular among people who are shopping for performance instead of a look.

  9. I’m not going to be rude and say that’s an ugly gun but I sure hope it comes with a paper bag.

    Its almost like they had a 1970’s pimp consulting on the design.

  10. Nothing beats metal. I’ve never owned a Canik but I am a big fan of Sarsilmaz and know their all-steel guns to be of impeccable quality and craftsmanship (K2 45c is a fine specimen). That being said, made in Turkey is really a seal of quality. The Turks make fine weapons and have been doing so for centuries. I hope Canik takes this concept and applies it to its compact and sub-compact offerings also. A TP9 Elite SC with a steel frame would be killer!

  11. I am writing from Turkey. My English is intermediate level so I used google translate. I was really surprised and disappointed that the Americans thought badly about Turkey. Yes, we are a country where Muslim people live, but we are a free republic. ISIS killed many of our citizens and organized many suicide bombing attacks. Attacks were organized by al-Qaeda militants by opening fire on the people. Many of our soldiers were killed while fighting isis. ISIS militants have released countless videos of killing our soldiers. We are as hostile as you are with ISIS and al-Qaeda. We are one of the countries with the highest number of tourists in the world. We are not a country like Iran. We are a democratic and free republic.


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