BREAKING: Silencer Shop Form 4 Barcodes Slash NFA Wait Times

With support from Dead Air Armament and GEMTECH, Silencer Shop created software that digitizes all ATF Form 4 information into a single barcode. Instead of NFA inspectors having to manually enter everything on a physical Form 4 into their database, now a simple scan of the barcode ingests the information instantly. Today, we got news that […]

ATF Gun Tracing Van – A Federal Boondoogle?

“The ATF is building a second gun tracing van and deploying it to Baltimore later this summer,” our Bloomberg-funded friends at The Trace report. “When a ballistics van was parked there in May, it generated 22 leads for police.” Needless to say, the “anti-gun violence” friends in the mainstream media are thrilled! (see video below) […]

Silencer Shop Makes ATF Form 1 Easier

The Silencer Shop had made filing an ATF Form 1 for your short barrel rifle/shotgun or silencer easier. For $34.95 plus the $200 Tax Stamp, The Silencer Shop will take care of the necessary paperwork to file a Form 1 with the ATF. According to Nick, NFA processing times are probably going to be declining […]