BloombergView: Courts Will Reject Challenge to Executive Order on Being “In the Business of Selling Guns”

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BloombergView is owned by Michael Bloomberg, the anti-ballistic billionaire bully boy who writes big checks for Everytown for Gun Safety, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, The Trace and a gaggle of anti-gun rights Democrats running for political office. I’m not saying BloombergView writer Noah Feldman is in the tank for his boss. Why bother? What I am saying is Feldman’s post Can Courts Stop Obama’s Gun Rules? It’s Unlikely highlights the ridiculousness of President Obama’s executive order on gun sales. Like this . . .

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Who is a ‘Responsible Person’ on an NFA Trust?

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This post is by Ryan Cleckner [above], an attorney who specializes in firearms law. It’s republished from with the author’s permission.

I recently posted an article exploring the new rules by the ATF concerning NFA trusts. One of the multiple changes discussed in the article, which include the removal of CLEO approval and new rules for handling firearms in an estate, is extra paperwork and approval requirements for “responsible persons.” These “responsible persons” on the trust will need to . . .

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BREAKING: ATF Issues Final Ruling on NFA Trusts, Eliminates CLEO Sign-Off for ALL NFA Paperwork


The ATF has issued its long awaited final ruling expanding the requirement for fingerprints, photo IDs, and background checks for “responsible persons” listed on a trust used to purchase items restricted under the National Firearms Act (such as silencers). The single most concerning possibility of this whole proposal was the idea that by expanding the requirement for a Chief Law Enforcement Officer to sign off on every single NFA application then that would effectively enable local police chiefs to eliminate the ability for law abiding citizens to purchase legal items simply by refusing to sign such documents and without needing to change any laws. That was the primary driving factor behind trusts in the first place (skipping the CLEO sign off), but now it looks like the ATF has eliminated that requirement in its entirety . . .

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Some Good News on Gun-Related Legislation


Reader Adam S. writes:

There has been lots of talk of possible gun bans, 2A-violating laws, and executive orders since the unfortunate incident in San Bernardino. Incidents like that always make people skittish. Will our rights be revoked? Are more attacks coming? Panic buying hasn’t ensued as it did after the Sandy Hook tragedy in 2012, but people are still on edge . . .

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Century Arms AK NOT Linked to Paris Attack. Fast and Furious II?

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“In a Dec. 10 story, The Associated Press incorrectly reported that a gun exported by a Serbian manufacturer to a Florida-based company was involved in the Nov. 13 Paris attacks. In fact, the gun in question was not involved in the attacks and has been in Mexican government custody since March of this year, according to U.S. authorities.” Wait. What? This one gets curiouser and curiouser . . .

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Submit Your Paperwork NOW: ATF Ruling on Trusts for NFA Transfers Still Due January 2016


A few years back the ATF issued a proposed change to the way they process paperwork for items regulated under the National Firearms Act. That proposal — 41P — was heavily opposed by just about everyone in the firearms industry and as a result nearly 10,000 comments were submitted during the comment period. While the government can ignore the content of these comments, they are required to read each and every last one before making their rule official. That process has taken since the comment period closed December 9th, 2013. Two years later it looks like the ATF is finally ready to make their rule official, and that means now is the time to submit your paperwork if you like in an area with a chief law enforcement officer that refuses to sign all paperwork. Here’s what’s going on . . .

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China’s Attack Robots Revealed!

Chinese armed attack robot (

China has “armed attack robots” equipped with rifles and grenade launchers designed to be “the latest line of defence in the fight against “global terror.” That’s how the People’s Republic characterizes their contribution to Skynet. But really, is this such a big deal? Are these dinky killers – revealed at the 2015 World Robot Conference in Beijing – autonomous? And how scary is a robot named “NOBODY” armed with “minor-caliber weapons, recoilless rifles and grenade launchers?” When drones get a mind of their own, then we have issues. Until then Hammacher Schlemmer is aware.


ATF eForms Delays Form 3s and 4s… Again


Even among veteran stamp collectors most have probably never seen a Form 3, but they need one every time they buy a new product from a dealer. The Form 3 is what licensed dealers use to tell the ATF that ownership of a registered NFA item is transferring from one licensed party to another, and in theory it should simply be a rubber stamp process. Both parties are already licensed, all that needs to happen is that the ATF updates its books and sends the green light to the dealer in question. This simple process should be instantaneous with the technology available today, but instead it still takes nearly a month for paper copies to work their way through the system and back. The ATF was planning on digitizing the process to make things easier but apparently that has once again been pushed back. And also delayed the return of the digital eForm 4.

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Question of the Day: Are Gun Dealers “Uniquely Shielded” From Federal Oversight?


There’s a civilian disarmament complex JournoList. How else do you explain the New York Times article on Governor Cuomo joining the Brady Campaign for Prevent Gun Violence’s upcoming crusade against “bad apple” gun dealers coming within hours of’s article Only 7 Percent of Licensed Gun Dealers Were Inspected Last Year? In the wake of Representative Gwen Moore’s Gun Dealer Accountability Act [via]? Anti-gun agitprop propagators are setting-up the push to punish (their word) gun dealers who legally sell a legal product to non-prohibited buyers. Right now the question is, are gun dealers “uniquely shielded from scrutiny”? Make the jump for The Trace’s case . . .

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CZ-USA Now Shipping Scorpion Evo Factory Stocks With 922(r) Compliance Kits


CZ’s Scorpion Evo 3 S1 is 100% made in the Czech Republic. This is fine for a pistol but, in the U.S., poses importation problems were it a rifle and prohibits those wanting to turn the pistol into a rifle (including into a registered SBR) from doing so legally. We have the perfectly understandable, totally commonsense 18 U.S.C. § 922(r) of the 1968 Gun Control Act to thank for this, and what it all means was previously broken down in this post. What it meant to CZ-USA was that providing the Czech-made, factory folding stock to U.S. customers first required replacing at least six of the Scorp’s 15, 922(r)-relevant parts with U.S.-made alternatives. . .

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