Steven Dettelbach, director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
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The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) under President Joe Biden seems to have been turned loose to make as many new restrictive gun laws as possible—Congress and American citizens be damned.

Hot on the heels of the recent Final Rule that redefined who is “engaged in the business” of selling firearms, the ATF has now announced another round of rulemaking that would move Americans a bit  closer to the so-called “universal” background checks that President Joe Biden and other gun-ban advocates talk about so often.

Called the “Bipartisan Safer Communities Act Conforming Regulations,” the new rule claims to be following directions from the ill-advised Bipartisan Safer Communities Act (BSCA) passed by Congress last year. Interestingly, ATF is calling the change a “direct final rulemaking,” making it possible to avoid the restrictions set down on bureaucratic agencies via the Administrative Procedures Act.

In a news item, NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action detailed the latest rulemaking and the dangers of it.

“Beyond dealer licensing requirements, the subject of ATF’s first BSCA rule, the BSCA made a number of far-reaching changes,” NRA-ILA wrote. “These include expanding the prohibitor for so-called ‘misdemeanor crimes of domestic violence;’ creating new crimes for straw purchases of firearms; providing for ‘enhanced’ background checks for firearm purchasers under age 21; and doling out grants for state ‘red flag’ laws.”

The “expanded” background checks for gun owners under 21 is particularly offensive, as 18-, 19- and 20-year gun owners are perhaps the most discriminated against adults in the nation. But anti-gun Democrats in Congress, helped out by a handful of Republicans who jumped ship and sided with the enemy, included those provisions in the BSCA.

“With respect to these enhanced background checks of under-21 transactions, Congress imposed two overarching requirements upon NICS via the BSCA,” the proposed new rule states. “First, in addition to the traditional NICS check of relevant FBI systems, NICS is required to conduct additional outreach to three specified types of State and local entities to determine whether the prospective transferee has a ‘possibly disqualifying juvenile record’ under 18 U.S.C. 922(d). Second, beyond the possibility of a three-business-day investigatory period already allowed for a NICS transaction as noted above, the BSCA provides for an additional investigatory period, if needed, as part of an under-21 transaction, up to a total of ten business days.”

Because of the “direct final rulemaking” designation, ATF is only allowing a 30-day period for interested Americans to submit comments on the sweeping rule, making the deadline May 12. According to the text of the rule, in the absence of “significant adverse comment,” the rule will take effect as written on July 18.

“If ATF receives a significant adverse comment within the stated time that warrants revising the rule … the Department will publish notification in the Federal Register, withdrawing this direct final rule before its effective date,” the rule states.

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  1. They have to do it now before the SCotUS cuts their tiny and shriveled balls off when Chevron deference dies on them thanks to ‘Loper-Bright’ and others…

  2. I’m kinda curious how expanded BGCs against a certain section of American citizenry based solely on age doesn’t easily get knocked down for clearly and deliberately violating the 14th Amendment.

    • Deliberately violating the 14th Amendment.
      And so then what’s gonn’a happen?
      Absolutely nothing.
      Because the power of the Constitution is about as strong as a fart in a hurricane.
      We must have a President that upholds the Constitution not one that wants to destroy it.

    • Well, first they have to promulgate the rule and then they have to enforce it against someone.

      That person now has standing.

      Then that person has to sue.

      • A Boy Named Sue, by Johnny Cash.
        America Will Become A Land of Sue’rs, by John F Kennedy
        I Am Turning America Into A Land of Sewers, by theBiden.
        Its beginning to look like the attitude of A Boy Named Sue is the answer.

  3. Lefties spent decades bitching about protecting and even purging juvenile records because of discrimination and second, third and fourth chances. ‘Cept when gUnZ. tHaT’s DiF’r’Nt.

    • Guns did not matter for juveniles and most adults plea down with no gun prosecution. The intent is mayhem and crisis for the country

  4. Gee, hindsight being 20/20 and all, how effing stupid does everyone here feel about a handful of RINOs capitulating to the dems – in the “spirit of bipartisanship” – in signing on to the Trojan Horse and mostly unread BSCS ?… they could’ve at least used Vaseline

    • 99% of “bipartisanship” screws over American citizens. Pretending like congressional “gridlock” is a bad thing is propaganda. It’s supposed to be difficult by design. If Congress wasn’t able to pass 99% of their bills for the previous three decades, we would all be better off today.

      • Why I always enjoyed government shutdowns. Limits on how stupid stuff can get and drills with the national guard became optional if you didn’t want to get paid for that month when a budget later got enacted.

    • It’s been circling the bowl for eons, and sad to say, but our greatest hope is that a big orange turd gets sent into the mix to plug up the drain

      • It’s far more widespread and insidious.

        The invention of the “MBA” really accelerated things. Allowing midwits who are Dunning-Krugered out the ass to get the educational equivalent of a paid-for gold star so that they can be in charge of basically everything has consequences.

        I hear people say things like “Who could have recognized in advance that hooking the Colonial Pipeline up to the internet was a bad thing”.

        *raises hand* I was saying that 20+ years ago in high school as my friends and I constantly made the life of our school’s “IT pros” a living hell just for funzies. Imagine what we could do if we were actually assholes. Locking them out of their own network administration tools was bad enough, honestly.

        Though, I have to say, when we managed to steal the copy machine from the library, disassemble it, and put it in the assistant principle’s car, that was just plain hilarious. The toner spill was his fault, that’s the story I’m sticking to.

        • Lol and here our lazy asses just had hidden copies of doom and quake 2 all over the place with the hidden archive folder being untouched for over a decade. 4-8 player full speed connection back when most people were still on dial up.

        • Our school bought a grip of Compaq DeskPro computers for the labs.

          Sitting in programming one day debugging this Pascal loop I had written poorly, someone, who shall remain nameless to protect the guilty, said “I wonder what the password is to this”. They were referring to a suite of admin tools that our professional IT folks “hid” by deleting the icon for them. *facepalm*

          I said “I’ll bet the password is right in front of us because [redacted] is way too stupid to remember it without being able to see it all the time” and went back to finding my misplaced punctuation mark(s).

          A couple minutes later I hear “No fuckin’ way”.

          ComDesk and PaqPro were the passwords to everything. And I do mean EVERYTHING. Everything school-wide.

          Well, they were the passwords… for about another 10 minutes.

          And people wonder why I have zero respect for public employees or most of the managerial class.

        • As one that falls under both I cannot reassure you that things are better than you think re how things are run. We have some smart ones but they usually end up burning themselves out in budgets, grants, and contracts (essential but not exactly meaningful tasks that we have to prioritize) so the ones using the funds to enact programs tend to be what is left over. Up end we did figure out the password thing by forcing a relatively long one that does not allow for easy options and changes often enough.

      • Not just the U.S., include all of Europe, Canada, Aussie land, etc.. The only ones at the moment who pulled their proverbial head out of their arse seems at the moment El Salvador & Argentina. I’m sure our 3 letter agencies will have to go down there and muck things up. Can’t have a prosperous economy without gov’t doing their best to ruin it.

        • Notice how bad things had to get before they gave up on leftism. Yet just about everywhere else south of the US is experiencing a pink tide (shifting left).

  5. “According to the text of the rule, in the absence of “significant adverse comment,” the rule will take effect as written on July 18.” = we don’t care what you proles think and anything you say can/will be used in determining additional predawn raids by ATF JBTs,

  6. ‘…providing for ‘enhanced’ background checks for firearm purchasers under age 21; and doling out grants for state ‘red flag’ laws.”’

    Ye olde USDOT strategy.

    “If ATF receives a significant adverse comment within the stated time that warrants revising the rule…” said comments will be treated like a Hillary Clinton cell phone.

    Also, finally, though out of chronological order:

    helped out by a handful of Republicans who jumped ship and sided with ARE the enemy

    • Those repubs are the enemy more so than the dims. At least the dims have the balls to stab you to your face.

  7. “DettleBACH” eh? I have never met/seen/heard of a Jewish Democrat appointee that didn’t hate POG or the 2nd Amendment, what the hell is in their Manischewitz and matzos?

    • Jewish democrats will be as rare as Unicorn turds in the not distant future……they are being run out of the party and will have to find new digs.

  8. What the *uck is on Dettlebach’s head, is that a dead rat, maybe a Nutria? Who would leave their house looking like that? Someone ought to sneak up behind him at a House hearing and snatch that rodent off the top of his empty head.

  9. … kinda looks like Bribem and Gilligan had a kid.
    ” If I had another worthless son, he’d look like….”

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