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Ask Foghorn: What’s The Difference Between a Muzzle Brake, a Compensator and a Flash Hider?

I was sitting around with Kevin Brittingham and Reed Knight talking about gun stuff and one of the things they agreed on was a mutual annoyance at how people don’t use the right word to describe the thing on the end of their muzzle. Heck, even some gun guys don’t really know the difference. So, at their request, I figured I would write a quick article trying to explain the difference between the three main muzzle devices in use today . . .

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Ask Foghorn: What’s TTAG’s Relationship Like with Gun Companies?


Reader Shea writes:

Nick, I have a real love/hate relationship with your gun reviews.  On one hand I love that you are not afraid to be honest regarding how you feel about any particular weapon.  You are so quick to call out a gun for what it is and even more importantly what it isn’t.  That being said I have fallen in love with several guns in the past due to their reviews in other publications only to have my dreams of obtaining the perfect piece for a given application squashed due to your brutal honesty of how the manufacturer of said firearm has fallen short. My question for you is about the nature of your relationship with the manufacturers. . .

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Ask Foghorn: So This Guy Wants to Sell Me a Machine Gun…

A reader emailed the following question:

I can buy a Ar 15 but the auto sear has been removed which is what I want anyway as I do not want a machine gun just a regular semi auto Ar 15. What part or parts do I have to get to fill the space left where the auto sear used to be?? Or should I not buy it but it’s cheap?

Something here wasn’t making sense . . .

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Ask Foghorn: Perfect Handgun for New Female Shooters?


Reader Christian writes:

So I’m trying to get my very petite Fianceé into shooting. She’s 5′ 2″, and weighs 100 lbs soaking wet. The term “waifish” comes to mind when describing her. So the .22lr is about right for her, since she has small hands and isn’t particularly strong. I happen to agree with you that shot placement is far more important than caliber size, so I’m looking for a small caliber pistol to be her “go-to” piece if she needs it.

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Ask Foghorn: What Does +P and +P+ Mean?


Reader Randall writes:

While I’m not exactly a newbie when it comes to *using* firearms, I am a newbie gun *owner*.  And now that I’m in the position of purchasing ammo, I’m finding things to be rather confusing when sorting out all there is to be had. I have Nick’s “Getting Started with Firearms” Kindle book, but it doesn’t really address the topic. How ’bout an article for us newbie-types explaining what’s +P and +P+ and all those others?

Good question. This area of ammunition, the +P and +P+ stuff, can get a little confusing and a tad dangerous . . .

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Ask Foghorn: What Are the Different Types of Bullets, and What Do They Do?

Bullets, c Nick Leghorn

Randall writes:

While I’m not exactly a newbie when it comes to *using* firearms, I am a newbie gun *owner*.  And now that I’m in the position of purchasing ammo, I’m finding things to be rather confusing when sorting out all there is to be had. I think I’ve kind of figured out what I want to buy for my Springfield XD 9mm, but choosing ammo for my AR-15 is proving to be more daunting. How ’bout an article for us newbie-types explaining the differences between, say, “full metal jacket” versus “total metal jacket” versus “jacketed hollow point” versus “jacketed hollow point subsonic” versus “frangible” versus “full metal jacket boat tail” versus “soft point” versus “boat tail hollow point” versus “lead round nose” versus “safety slug” versus…you get my drift.

That’s a pretty wide-ranging question, so I’ll answer it in three parts. This first part is all about the different types of projectiles, and there are quite a few. But first, in order to explain the different designations, a little about how bullets are made . . .

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Ask Foghorn: Are Suppressors a Good Idea for Home Defense Guns?


Mike asks:

Now that I am turning 40 and I have a toddler in the house I
am rethinking my Home Defense strategies and tactics. One of my biggest thoughts (in terms of money and time investment) is filing the requisite paperwork and getting suppressors for my HD guns. What are your thoughts? Also, what happens to my suppressor in the case of a DGU? What else should I consider?

In my opinion, if you live in a silencer-friendly state and you don’t have a can on your home defense gun, that should be your next purchase. Like, your very next purchase, even over ammunition . . .

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