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It has been quite some time since we ran the popular, informative, and witty ‘Ask Foghorn’ posts here on TTAG. Those posts informed the armed intelligentsia and kept them saturated in both arms and intelligence. Well, I’m happy to say that it will be yours truly that will be taking your questions going forward and hopefully providing you with the answers you desire.

Those are some big shoes to fill. Ask Josh isn’t going to be quite the same thing as Ask Foghorn, even though I was tempted to keep the title and pose with one of my chickens in the photo for the this post. I don’t have any Leghorns, but I’m sure that one day I’ll get one of my Sussex or Cochins in there all the same.

Don’t go full ‘Dear Abby’ on me, but don’t be afraid to get technical with your questions. There are likely others out there that have the same minute interests, such as if you should get a single action revolver with a transfer bar or a fixed firing pin.

I’ll keep it brief so as to not bore you. I got my start here on these very digital pages sometime back in 2012. I also penned a detailed and heavily referenced study on rifle barrel length here on TTAG back in 2013. You can read that here. Try not to fall asleep.

Since then, I hope my writing skills have improved. I’ve published over 500 articles in the industry across a wide number of publishers, both in print and digital. You can find my work just about anywhere these days, which is nice for some and bad if you’re trying to get away from my occasionally incoherent musings.

In addition to writing about guns, I also actively use them for my daily life. I’m a seasoned competitor at the the Camp Perry National Matches, placing the highest score with a Swedish Mauser in 2017 and 7th overall in the Vintage Match. Long range is a favorite of mine as well and I try to be a wealth of practical knowledge on working on bolt actions and ringing steel. I’m also an experienced hunter and have bagged quite a few Bambis in my day, especially with straight-walled cartridges and handguns.

When submitting questions, send them to [email protected] with ‘ASK JOSH’ in the subject line. I’ll do my best to answer them in a timely manner. You can choose to remain anonymous or I can include your name as “John S. From Tallahassee” if you want to take credit for the question (just be sure to let me know your preference).

Thanks and I’m looking forward to your emails.


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  1. Hey Dan Z. Can’t we ban what can only be called “adult content”. I mean, I understand about freedom in ordinary comments, but “adult content”? Do we really have to put up with that?

    • Since this turned into “Ask Dan Z.”, how about an overnight “Open thread” for anyone to post links some may find interesting or ask questions anyone can answer?

      • “Since this turned into “Ask Dan Z.”

        Actually, I was goofing on the idea that a series about guns and gear would be information for the adults in the room, which would be less likely to be attractive to trolls.

  2. Didn’t you have a psychotic immortal girlfriend with a .338 Lapua? Did you ever get away from her?

  3. Very good. I like bolt action rifles, also. And handgun hunting. I am looking forward to your musings.

    Bolt-actions and revolvers may be all we are left with.

    • “Bolt-actions and revolvers may be all we are left with.”

      With 3D printing, someone should be able to come up with a bolt-action revolver.

      In 6.5 Creedmoor.

      • I seem to remember in the 70’s some one came up with a single action chambered in .300 win mag. Am I remembering wrong?

        • “I seem to remember in the 70’s some one came up with a single action chambered in .300 win mag. Am I remembering wrong?”

          That would have been when I was interested only in weapons of 1.1 megaton and greater.

        • I think we need to encourage possum to continue his work on his neutrino fission doohickey.

          You were a combat pilot. You can deliver the finished product to the target.

          • “You can deliver the finished product to the target.”

            Given the capabilities of the current delivery systems, you are putting quite a size and weight limit on possum.

        • Don’t know about the .300 Mag but I did see a 45-70 revolver, Century Arms I think it was, it was huge and LOUD. That was in 79-80?

          • “(Does that count as “adult content”?)”

            If it is guns and gear, it is “adult content”, meant for people who can think.

      • I want my 3d printed bolt action 6.5 revolver to take glock mags otherwise what’s the point?

        • “I want my 3d printed bolt action 6.5 revolver to take glock mags otherwise what’s the point?”

          Not seeing a technical hurdle for that.

      • Found some 7.62×39 Red Army for 60 cents a round and Yugoslavian in Brass (1120 per case) for 71 cents per… I’m picking up another case of the Yugo, because my Windham 7.62×39 AR likes it better than the steel stuff…

  4. Top-break .357 Magnum revolver, the Russkies used to make one.

    We need an American version of that.

    Call us when it’s ready, will ya?

  5. My first question is: Why do single action revolvers make me want to stroll around in nothing but chaps and leather?
    Second question is: is there anywhere that will sell me vintage surplus quarts of Soviet cosmoline?

  6. Welcome back! Need some ideas on stashing hypothetical gats for the coming dimpocylypse…

  7. Sling shots and BB guns. They are deadly weapons. Don’t forget that. And they should be taught as well. At least to kids. Perhaps fewer windows will get broken.

  8. Whatever happened to Foghorn? Did Barnyard Dawg finally get him or was it Miss Prissy?

  9. Geez, no has asked the obvious question yet! 1911 or Glock?

    Of course my answer to that is always “Yes, please!” I have never yet met a gun that I didn’t like.

  10. OK, Josh.

    Given the comments, this effort is not getting off to a great start…incoherence comes to mind.

  11. Ok, I have a long range shooting question.

    Is an Atlas bipod really worth the cost or is Harris just as good?

    Setting up a Tikka 6.5 Varmint HB.

      • Look at the title photo and determine what bipod use on my personal one mile rig. A good level is universally more important than a bipod. The earth is only so round and level is far more critical than brand of ground contact.

        • I have a couple of Harris Bipods already. Did not know about Magpul. Looked at many review and comments since I asked the question. Think I will give Magpul a try before I commit to anything more expensive like Atlas or Accutek ect.

          I can pre-load the Harris ones a small amount but that came with many rounds of practice to find the right amount of pressure for my .308.

          The Magpul’s seem to have a little bit more give from what I’ve seen on Youtube.

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