Study of Wounds in Civilian Mass Shooting Fatalities: Few Who Die Could Have Been Saved

The EMS MEd blog is the mouthpiece of the National Association of EMS Physicians and, as you’d expect, features a lot of content on complex medical topics. One post I could actually understand, however, involved an evaluation of the potential “survivability” of those who died from wounds received during public mass shootings. The upshot: only […]

In Praise of the Absence of a Manual Safety

Contributor John Sprague gave us his take on the manual safety in the piece entitled, In Praise of the Manual Safety.  In it, Mr. Sprague says that a manual safety strikes the perfect balance for him in terms of safety versus a reduction of readiness. Good for him. Real world experience has driven me to the […]

In Praise of the Manual Safety

By John Sprague There is a large contingent of gun users — many of them here — who are adamant that the only safety a gun needs is a little control over your booger hook. I would like to present an alternative view. Manual safeties are not the enemy of readiness that some would have […]