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Harassing Your Friends and Relatives About Safe Gun Storage Won’t Keep Your Kids Safe

The big gun control grifting operations are out in force in the run-up to the holidays on social media. The big thing they want to frighten people with this time? Visiting family and friends...
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4 Factors You Need to Consider When Buying a Concealed Carry Handgun

By Tim Carroll What gun should I carry for self-defense? That's a question that's been asked more times than I can count during my professional training career and more often in recent years. The answer...
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Guns for Beginners: How to Find Quality Self-Defense Firearm Training

Carrying a gun lawfully for self-defense can make the difference between life and death in a critical situation. Yet at the same time it comes along with risks to the carrier thanks to laws...

Council Meeting Grenade Attack Shows the Absence of Situational Awareness and the Danger of...

One thing I've read over and over in the accounts of mass shooting survivors is that they initially didn't believe it was happening. When they hear gunshots, instead of believing their ears, people often...
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Improve Your Shooting: The 50-Round Skill Sustainment Course of Fire

In case you didn't already know it, if you don't continue to shoot over time, you will slowly lose your shooting skills. Ammunition is more reasonable that it was a couple of years ago,...

Students Demand Action Self-Owns in Attacking Active Shooter Drills in Schools

A recent social media post by the smug hoplophobes at Michael Bloomberg's Students Demand Action gun control group didn't go the way they'd hoped. It went so badly, in fact, that they ended up...
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Personal Defense Tip: Aim for Center Mass to Stop the Threat

When you're shooting at someone to stop an imminent, credible threat of death or grievous bodily harm, do what the police do: aim for center mass. Never mind what you may have seen in...
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Training Tip: Beware of YouTube Operators

It’s been a minute since I've written anything for this here gun rag, but I’m back with what I hope will be the first installment of a regular series I’ve decided to call Stupid...

What’s The Right Age To Teach Kids Gun Safety?

Here's an inconvenient truth: firearm safety education saves lives. However, some people fear guns and don't want anything to do with teaching their kids how to be safe around them. At the same time,...
Just Say 'No' To Warning Shots

Personal Defense Tip: Just Say No To Warning Shots

In a perfect world, everyone would know not to fire warning shots. Unfortunately, Hollywood has made them almost part of our cultural lexicon. But don’t fall for Hollywood "training" on self-defense when it comes...

Basic Malfunction Clearing Drill: Learn the Tap, Rack, Bang

If you have a semi-automatic pistol, you've experienced a stoppage. If you just bought your first, give it time. It will happen. It may be a failure to fire, a failure to feed, a...
The J-Frame Revolver for Deep Cover Concealed Carry...Still

EDC Greatness: The J-Frame Revolver for Deep Cover Concealed Carry…Still

In today's world, the semi-auto pistol reigns supreme. It seems that in a world with 11+1 micro-compacts, people today often turn their noses up at small-frame revolvers. Make no mistake, small-frame revolvers still have...