How an Operator Taught Me to Shoot Skeet

While visiting recently with everyone’s favorite saddle burr, my good friend Male Concubine, he inquired into the current state of my shooting and what I might be working toward right now. I was honest with him that although I’m happy with the way my pistol skills have come up to par and am about to […]

Interview With A Gunwoman: Becca Spinks on Competing and Motherhood

[This is the second in a series of interviews with Becca Spinks (part one here), competitive shooter, run-and-gunner, security guard, private investigator, instructor, and mom.] ED: Okay, this is an important interview for our women readers. Let’s talk about being a mother and being a competitive shooter who is in serious training for run-and-gun as […]

Interview With an Operator: Shooting Under Water

Note: This is the first of a series of interviews with former operators who have lived and breathed guns for most of their lives in different ways. These occasional interviews will be a mash-up of tall tales, personal musings and boisterous unchallenged opinions. The intermittent nature of these articles is solely due to the fact […]