Hamas armed terrorists in Israel
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Having taken graduate-level courses in emergency management and homeland security, watching people argue online about the Hamas attack on Israel and the Israeli response can be maddening.

Instead of embracing the complexity and trying to pick out what useful lessons they can, the talking heads and their flying monkeys seem to be looking for ways to use the conflict to grind one ideological axe or another. As usual, the largest competing narratives get a lot of people in an emotionally compromised state, and they tend to suck most of the oxygen out of the room. This leaves most people unable to actually think before they fire off an all-caps comment defending their preferred narrative.

Another term for this phenomenon is “the emotional basement.” When something really bad happens, it’s perfectly natural for the human brain to go into fight or flight mode. This ability to suspend careful thinking and leap to action served our ancestors well on an almost daily basis, and (assuming you’re trained properly) can serve people well in life-and-death situations today. But when a really bad situation lasts for more than a few minutes, the emotional fog can be more of a liability than an asset.

So before I share what I’m going to share today, I’d like to invite readers to stop, take a few deep breaths, and get in the most calm and objective state possible. If you’re religious, maybe even pray to your preferred deity for mental clarity, because you’re going to need it.

The UK’s Channel 4 News put together a video that details some of the Hamas attacks on Israel. Normally, I’d embed the video in the article, but it’s age-restricted, so you have to go to YouTube and watch it there. You may need to log in with a Google account to view it. Be aware that it’s difficult to watch.

In short, the video shows how Hamas broke into Israel from Hamas, and then shows how they repeatedly attacked an unprepared civilian population. Civilian vehicles, civilian neighborhoods, and even a music festival were targeted for killing. Some Israelis just got killed. Others ran and escaped. Some ran and were tracked down and killed. A good number of people were held hostage for hours, and some were taken back to Gaza as hostages.

It took hours for any armed opposition to show up. The police and Israeli military were nowhere to be found.

What We Can Learn

One of the first things that struck me was how similar each incident was to the mass shooting videos I’ve covered here. There’s not much difference between these Hamas attacks and the shooting at a Buffalo, New York grocery store I analyzed last year. A few guys with rifles attack unsuspecting innocent people in pretty much the same way.

The bigger picture isn’t very different. The obvious difference between this Hamas attacks is that they were part of a broader campaign and not the actions of a lone shooter, but at the same time, lone shooters are sometimes part of a broader fringe social group. In some cases, the group has engaged in shootings before. In others, the shooter is hoping others will emulate them.

It’s now trendy for these shooters to decorate their weapons with slogans and the names of other terrorists who’ve conducted attacks, which is a pretty good signal that they’re not really lone wolves.

Because domestic spree shootings and the Hamas attacks had some fundamental similarities the response should be similar, too: Stop counting on the government to protect you.

Internet mythology among American gun owners was that there are guns all over Israel, and that every Israeli is a Krav Maga guru who’s ready to pull a Desert Eagle and get the job done like Adam Sandler in You Don’t Mess With The Zohan.

The reality of the Hamas attack showed that this is simply isn’t the case. Like many other civilized countries, Israel leaves the general population vulnerable to mass shootings, but will gladly show up in minutes — or hours — when seconds are precious.

Likewise, global political mythology about us is that the United States is the Wild West with six-guns in every holster and rifles slung. The reality of the shootings that have happened here is that we often fail to protect the innocent just the same as Israel did when terrorism comes calling.

There have been some notable exceptions. Take, for instance, last year’s mall shooting in Indiana, where a very competent gun owner took the shooter down from a distance with a pistol. It might seem impossible for a few armed people to protect their neighborhood — or a music festival crowd — from men armed with rifles, but it’s clearly something that can be done.

Greenwood Park Mall shooter
The Greenwood Park Mall shooter

At the end of the day, it’s all about keeping danger away from vulnerabilities. We have to work on minimizing threats, covering vulnerabilities, and having a Plan B when something slips through. And something always slips through.

Business owners, event organizers, and anyone else making plans for a crowd have a duty of care that they’re neglecting when they fail to provide adequate security.

For the average gun owner, we need to resist the temptation to fall into the trap of preparing only for inept muggers and the threats we expect. While it’s better than nothing, days when you can protect you and yours with a tiny .380 pocket pistol are mostly over. The sooner we get more well-trained and well-equipped good guys out there on a regular basis, the better off we will all be.

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  1. “While it’s better than nothing, days when you can protect you and yours with a tiny .380 pocket pistol are mostly over.”

    This reminds me of how military planning rules requiring wargaming against the “most dangerous” as well as the “most likely” enemy courses of action can completely skew the plan in a way that’s much less effective against plausible / actual enemy actions.

    Don’t let the fact that one headline-grabbing thing happened many thousands of miles away lead you to abandon all your sensible preparations for plausible threat scenarios. That would make about as much sense as refusing to carry after 9/11 because you can’t find a pistol that will shoot down an airliner.

    • Sometimes I carry a pocket .380 in the summer. I feel fine doing that. Now that I have a Shield Plus, I can almost always carry that instead. It’s slightly better I guess, but it’s no full size large caliber with an optic. I don’t know how people conceal those. I refuse to carry appendix.

      • As well you should. Rusty Chains hit the nail on the head; it reminded me of Kant’s imperative test. A place where every legal carrier followed your / his lead would be much safer than one following the “if you aren’t prepared for the one in ten million worst-case scenario, preparing is almost useless” implication of the statement I quoted earlier.

        How do you carry, if you don’t mind me asking? I started off SOB years ago, then had to work my way through a crowded room where I couldn’t help brushing against numerous people. It occurred to me that any one of them who put 2+2 together could have it before I knew what was happening. I feel the same way about everywhere from 3 to 9.

        I started carry a micro when I moved to a hot climate, but recently I’ve been experimenting with a larger pistol in a waist pack because I have large hands. As someone wisely commented about a recent article on the subject, it’s no more “off-body” than a holster on a belt.

        • I always carry pocket or strong side OWB. I have an IWB holster, but I find it uncomfortable. I don’t like the “sweat guard” area of kydex holsters, so I cut them off. Sometimes they poke me while sitting, etc. There’s a problem with that: sweat and rust. I used to carry an SR9C OWB under a loose t-shirt. The rear pin and the slide stop began to rust because I often work outside and sweat (like a lot).

          For the Shield Plus, I have a DeSantis Super Fly (pocket) and an Alien Gear hybrid (OWB). Both are very comfortable. You have to have large pockets. You can tell something is there easier than than the .380, but I don’t care. It still hides the outline, so people may not think it’s a gun. As you know, most people don’t even notice.

          I only carry a full size in an OWB (strong side) kydex in cooler weather with an undershirt and pullover/coat. I also might carry it openly on private property. I now make sure it isn’t contacting my skin, so it’s less likely to rust.

        • I forgot to mention that I also have a Galco leather holster for full size carry. It’s very comfortable (I prefer it to kydex) and well made (Fletch High Ride Belt Holster). They can be found for much less than the price listed on their site.

        • “…but recently I’ve been experimenting with a larger pistol in a waist pack because I have large hands.”

          I’m strongly considering fanny pack carry, since I’ve decided to upsize my CZ RAMI to a CZ 75 BD. To that end, I upgraded the clasp on the pack to one strong enough to fully support my body weight if someone tries to snatch it off of me…

        • Dude,
          Thank you for your insights! I’ve always prioritized concealability (IWB pants, which are almost always a stiffer and heavier fabric than shirts, are working for concealment; OWB they work against it) far ahead of comfort. Admittedly, I might feel differently if I carried for longer continuous periods of time (like work).

          I’ve never really tried pocket carry because I was never confident in the holster staying behind in the pocket.

          Excellent choices! My latest is a P-07. The factory safety is ridiculously small, but I was able to remedy that.

        • The outside of the Super Fly holster is made of sticky material. It stays put when you draw. I have the same holster (smaller size) for the other pocket carry. It also has a flap you can use (or remove) to hide the outline.

        • I carry a compact in a Sticky Holster, AIWB. Complimented with a +1 second mag, opposite side AIWB. Most comfortable CC setup I’ve tried over the years.

      • I have always believed. If you can’t conceal your gun. Then the caliber doesn’t matter. My keltec 32 and beretta 21A are my two primary carry at school and work.

        On my days off. I carry a ruger p89. And a keltec SU-16c in my vehicle. I will use my hand gun to fight to get to my long gun.

        • While I haven’t “needed” to go as small as a keltec 32 it wouldn’t be a bad idea for more formal attire as the 365 is on the edge for what I can reasonably conceal with a absolute can not be seen assumption. General day to day sp101 with something bigger off person in case it is worse than a typical methhead (or whatever we are calling the drug zombies these days). Nothing fancy for the revolver just an old uncle mikes pocket holster. Everything else is still being……..evaluated.

      • Dude, I am sure you do feel “fine”, but that little (and I do mean little) ,380 auto is little more than a bee sting unless you are very proficient. You are MUCH better off with a 9mm or a .40 S&W cal. And believe it or not, you can conceal a full size GLOCK (9mm or .40 cal) just as easily as your itty bitty .380 IF you know what you are doing. I do it all the time and no one has detected my carrying.

      • If you have a cell phone you can load an app called F-Droid where you can get free open source non spyware apps. If you load F-Droid look for an app called NewPipe which will give you access to youtube videos without having an account or having to login to anything. On youtube there is a great channel called The Hated One. This guy is all about phone and internet security as well as staying anonymous on the web. Great site and great info.

      • my “comment is awaiting moderation”. I hope they let it through as there is lots of very good info on this channel.

  2. Lessons? Have yet chit together. Realize your mortal enemies are just that. Don’t have hippie festivities a few miles from Gaza. Don’t celebrate a war you barely won 50 years before. Arm every Jew. This is the beginning of the time of troubles that will cover the whole world. Even so come LORD JESUS. Make HIM YOUR Savior & GOD.

  3. Part of the problem in “civilized countries”, is that people are so sheltered, they simply can’t imagine bad things happening. “It can’t happen here!” People who haven’t met the devil face to face can’t comprehend the reality. Replace ‘devil’ with combat, or any other disastrous situation. People can’t even cope with the reality of auto accidents, despite the frequency with which they occur.

    That is one reason I favor the idea of a universal concsription, like Israel and Switzerland have. Whether you have a war or not, you need to be as exposed as possible to the realities that it is possible to train for.

    Tom Kratman wrote a commentary about training for war. To paraphrase him, if you don’t sweat, bleed, and cry in preparation for war, you will sweat bleed and cry horribly when there is a war.

    Training for war, some of you ask? I ask, in return, how secure is our southern border? China already ships a constant supply of poison across that border, commonly known as fentanyl. We’re already bleeding, might as well train.

    • “People who haven’t met the devil face to face can’t comprehend the reality.”

      And nothing you say will ever change their minds. I’ve talked to someone like that. Her thought was she would call the police, and they would come rescue her. End of discussion.

      “…how secure is our southern border?”

      For any border (at a minimum): have a physical barrier, have enough outposts along the border to see all breaches, and be prepared to deal with Miner’s freedom fighters.

    • “That is one reason I favor the idea of a universal concsription, like Israel and Switzerland have.”

      That ship has sailed, 50 years ago was the wake-up call. The absolute worst thing to do is force someone to pick up a gun, because they will express their displeasure by laughing at you, while you are getting killed… 🙁

      • Don’t have to shoot a gun to serve. Go to boot camp, get a specialty, go do public works with the engineer corps. Or, do public works with the medical corpsmen. Or do public works with elderly and/or disabled. Conscription implies public service, not necessarily combat. How about public service as an intern/messenger at the capitol, instead of rich men’s children getting all the attention of those in power. Or as a police auxiliary.

        Think outside the box. There are always places to put conscientious objectors and the like. Those who won’t serve, well, fork ’em. They can live on food stamps for the rest of their lives.

        • Why do you want to give the giant, and out of control Federal Government that much control over everyone’s lives?

          Now if conscription was to a county level militia (locally operated and controlled), that might be different.

          Perhaps basic military training should be part of high school curriculum.

          At this point, no patriotic American should join a military commanded by hair sniffing senile Joe.

      • I agree wholeheartedly with Geoff. The “all-volunteer military” already has to deal with more than enough people who don’t want to be there, without introducing janissaries. Introducing alternatives would cheapen military service and bloat the bureaucracy, which is a DISservice to the country.

  4. The more good people who regularly carry even when it is only a moderately effective concealed carry pistol. the amount of damage the criminals and terrorists can do starts to drop rapidly. If all terrorists had to become suicide terrorists there would be a lot fewer volunteers for that job!

    • RC – unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of ‘volunteers’ seeking to enter ‘paradise’. Never mind the ones who are coerced, bribed (payments made to their family) and duped into accepting a one way mission. Those are the ones we need to be most wary of.

  5. I’m guilty of believing that Israeli citizens were more well armed than they appeared to be. I also thought the IDF would be a little quicker in response, but I wasn’t there. This is what gets to me. HAMAS attacks Israel. Israel hits back. Hard. Everyone wants a cease fire. Sorry. A bully doesn’t get to throw a sucker punch then call a time out when he’s getting his ass kicked.

    • “A bully doesn’t get to throw a sucker punch then call a time out when he’s getting his ass kicked.”

      That’s exactly what happened. It’s amazing how few people notice that. They already had a cease fire. Guess who violated it, then immediately called for another one? Miner’s freedom fighters regularly rely on ignorant, bleeding heart liberals and a compliant media. The plan was to prove that Israel was not untouchable. The plan was to inspire others to help. The plan, all along, included getting worldwide sympathy for the upcoming death toll of Gaza noncombatants. In other words, every single death in Gaza is their own fault. They literally asked/planned for it.

    • Exactly right. I insist that the two need to fight it out, until one side is simply unable to throw another punch, or rocket, or grenade. Grind them into the dust, and make the bastids watch their own families die. Some of the Native American tribes were quite stubborn about surrendering to the US Army. They were all brought to heel eventually, because the white man showed no mercy to anyone. Stop all outside aid to either side, and let them duke it out. If/when they can go 25 years without a battle, then maybe the world offers some limited aid again.

    • GF – “I’m guilty” – no you aren’t. You likely (because in essence you are a ‘good guy’) were duped by the lame stream media into believing a false narrative, much like the constant drum beat that ‘guns are dangerous’ and a whole host of other lies that we constantly get bombarded with by the propagandists. Personally I believe that many of the folks who became victims were likewise duped.
      As to response and time for it, remember the murders committed in the newspaper office in Annapolis a few years back while there were two occupied police cars right outside.

  6. Exceptional article. Addressing the Fog of Crisis and especially the emotional response is spot on.

    I spent 30 years in Public Safety, have a Master Degree and attended many courses. The real issue is exactly what agent Kay related in Men in Black

    Kay : A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it.

  7. Personally, I’m stunned that people living within an hour’s drive of a population/culture that despises them and wants to kill them are not armed to the teeth. Mind-boggling, actually.

    Again, the government writing checks it can’t cash. Remember the drawn out mass shooting in eastern Canada a few years back?? When seconds counted, the cops were literally hours away. YOU are the best advocate for your own security and safety. Personally, when someone says they want to kill me, I take it seriously.

    • “Personally, I’m stunned that people living within an hour’s drive of a population/culture that despises them and wants to kill them are not armed to the teeth.”

      Something that hasn’t been reported that often is that the area hit was a liberal/left wing area. Does it make more sense now (in more ways than one)? See my comment above about the police coming to the rescue.

      • I saw a photo of a shot up room in a kibbutz with a picture laying on the floor of Albert Einstein holding a sign that read “Love is the Answer.”

        Apparently, it isn’t – at least it isn’t when you’re confronted by fanatics with guns who regard you as a religious imperative.

    • Agreed. Jews say, “Never again!” Yet they have a tendency to pacifism. I personally can’t understand it. If anyone should be armed to the teeth and have roving patrols at all hours of the day and night, it’s Israelis! Same here in the U.S. The proper response to someone trying to kill you is to arm up and settle their hash first.

  8. Israel should be apologizing for citizens being unarmed right beside a terrorist stronghold. On the other hand the terrorist stronghold is now a big mess to say the least.

    Gun Control…What is it good for? Absolutely Nothing.

    • Israel has nothing to apologize for. Every life lost in Gaza is on Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, China and Russia. As well as the United Nations. The only fault Israel has is not cleaning up Gaza and destroying Hamas and Hezbollah decades ago. That fault has finally come back to bite them, to the tune of 1400 civilians slaughtered. To put that in perspective. If a like attack were to occur in the United States. The numbers based on population would equate to 65,000 citizens. With the borders being fully open for the last 2 years. The chances of an attack on U.S. soil by a terrorist organization have been greatly increased. Not even accounting for the 10s of thousands of home grown terrorist (Hamas/Hezbollah) sympathizers. Who are already committing acts of violence in our country. Unless significant changes are made in the political leadership of our nation. It will be up to each and every citizen to do what the government refuses to do. So, Arm up, Stock up and Get your mind right, because when SHTF. It will be up to you to protect, you and yours. Something the people of Israel didn’t do.

  9. I bet a lot of Israelis on 10/07 would have traded their left nut for a pocket .380…

    If you have a pocket .380 and you kill one terrorist you then have 2 guns. If you have a kitchen knife or baseball bat and you kill one terrorist then you have a gun. either way you are better off than before.

    2 things have struck me and stuck with me about 10/07;

    1: in the only 2 kibuttzes that resisted it was the security team that did fought while everyone else hid in their (not so) safe rooms. No ordinary Israelis resisted.

    2: in the videos of the terrorists you see green headbands (Hamas), black headbands (Islamic Jihad), and no headbands (regular people who saw H and IJ successfully cross the border and decided to tag along to kill joos for fun and prophet). The last group indicates the situation in Gaza. Everyone in Gaza wants to kill joos.

    • Re 1: the security teams were probably the only ones to have access to firearms (they are made up of members of the kibbutz), the firearms of the security teams are stored a central location in the kibbutz, you wouldn’t want them running around armed all the time, that might be dangerous… (that’s sarcasm).

    • Pirate, IF you are LUCKY enough to be able to kill that “terrorist” with that .380. It takes a LOT of proficiency to shot a .380 effectively

  10. In a nutshell: always carry, have a rifle and an bunch of mags in the car and at home ready for use, train regularly, keep your head on a swivel and be willing to do what is necessary to keep your family and yourself alive.
    Ah, yes, don’t rely on the government to keep you safe.

  11. I find it fitting that these anti-Israeli protests by pro-Palestinian supporters have been directed at the Left and President Biden. The Times and Grand Central Station in NY suffered damage from the protesters. and Biden’s Delaware home is under siege. It’s nice that they get a dose of their own medicine particularly from people who would normally support them. It won’t wake them up of course, but it is nice to see how Leftists will turn on Leftists. A lesson to be learned by the perpetrators of most of this Country’s current problems. Just a matter of whose OX is getting gored at any moment in time.

  12. It’s just as easy to dress up like the police/military here as it’s as there. It’s a tough situation for anyone. Don’t be above picking up the bad guys gun either

  13. I was up at the bank today, the school is two blocks away. Kids was at recess playing. You could hear them laughing and carrying on. Told the teller “We are fortunate to live in America.”

    • posssum. We are very fortunate to live in America. But those who are prepare for the worst are far more better off.

  14. Agreed. Jews say, “Never again!” Yet they have a tendency to pacifism. I personally can’t understand it. If anyone should be armed to the teeth and have roving patrols at all hours of the day and night, it’s Israelis! Same here in the U.S. The proper response to someone trying to kill you is to arm up and settle their hash first.

  15. The HAMAS massacre demonstrates that while pocket pistols are appropriate for everyday carry, there are scenarios where it is extremely helpful for citizens to be armed with military caliber, semiautomatic, so called “assault rifles.”. I’ll be keeping the Ruger Mini-14 handy in my truck as well as other rifles in my home. Given the fact that Senile Sock Puppet President Biden and his henchmen intentionally enabled over 6 million illegal immigrants to enter the US these last few years simultaneously with empowering Iran while also provoking Russia, it is highly likely that the United States will experience mass terrorists attacks similar to what occurred in Israel. The core constituency of the Obama Biden regime will no doubt participate in such attacks. As a result, I’m making certain that I have fresh Lithium Deuteride triggers in my thermonuclear hand grenades.

  16. I was also surprised by the lack of civilian weapons during the October 7 Hamas attack in Israel. Not that long ago, Israelis were a pretty well-armed population. What happened? Liberal politicians restricted firearm ownership for civilians. ‘The government will protect you’, they said. So much for that. Here in America, we are fortunate to have the Second Amendment Right to ‘Keep and Bear arms’ (in most jurisdictions). Exercise that Right at every opportunity to protect yourself, your family and others if the need arises. Employ the Wyatt Earp mind-set — ‘in a pinch, any gun will do’. You might not be able to fight off a dedicated assault by terrorists with your carry pistol, but you can try and take as many of them with you as possible.

    • Jim,

      You might not be able to fight off a dedicated assault by terrorists with your carry pistol, but you can try and take as many of them with you as possible.

      There are significant benefits in such a scenario, especially if a LOT of people have their carry pistol with them.

      First of all, defenders with a concealed carry pistol ALSO have the element of surprise in their counterattack. That alone should enable a defender to impart fatal wounds to at least two if not three terrorist attackers in most instances. And that initiates a “war of attrition”. Guess who loses in a “war of attrition” when defenders greatly outnumber attackers?

      Second, defenders armed only with carry pistols will nevertheless significantly slow-down a terrorist attack. That could enable countless people who would have otherwise become casualties to get away alive.

      Third, large numbers of people with carry pistols could very well deter a terrorist attack to the point that the terrorists decide not to attack at all.

      • “…large numbers of people with carry pistols could very well deter a terrorist attack to the point that the terrorists decide not to attack at all.”

        That would be a pleasant result. “However”, as Bull Burr would say, for a deterrent to be successful, its existence must be widely known, and the likelihood of effective use of the deterrent must be believable.

  17. I cannot explain why: I have been expecting ever-increasing violent attacks similar to the Hamas-Israel thing for several years, both at home and overseas.

    I have personally decided that I want some ability to stop a spree-killer or terrorist attack involving one, two, or three attackers. That is why I carry an M&P40 full-size handgun with 4-inch barrel and 15-round magazine loaded with 180 grain bonded jacketed hollowpoints. Plus I always carry at least one additional magazine–and often two or three additional magazines. I carry that virtually everywhere that I go.

    And I have long guns that I can bring to bear at home.

    Unfortunately, my state criminalizes keeping rifles readily accessible in our vehicles so I never have a readily accessible rifle in my vehicle. (All rifle magazines must be unloaded and rifles must be in a locked case or the trunk of the car. I keep hoping that someone will finally launch a lawsuit in federal court to overturn my state’s arbitrary long-gun prohibitions.)

    • “…my state criminalizes keeping rifles readily accessible in our vehicles…”

      Same here. I got around it by building an AR pistol, that became my “truck gun.”

    • Uncommon, here in NY we are “restricted: to 10 round mags. I personally carry a GLOCK Mod 22. (.40 S&W cal) and two extra mags. My long gun is in my car in a locked case ready to be used if needed as well as a 870 Rem and 10 rounds at home.

  18. Hamas, Iran, and Hezbollah have labeled themselves the “Axis of Resistance”.
    “Resistance” in these terms is part of Marxist vocabulary, and they are backed by Russia and China. Cornel West said Hamas acts were legitimate acts of resistance and equated Hamas to persons in the U.S. the Marxists consider oppressed. The connection between Hamas, Communism, and Leftism in our universities is why we’ve seen so many anti-Israel protests in the US.
    This could be a lot closer to home than anyone wants to admit.
    Watch your six. Always be ready.

  19. The jews are stupid fools. They have learned nothing from the holocaust. In the United States, they were against a ban that stopped immigration from countries that hate Jews.

    Instead, they called President Trump a racist and demanded that the people who hate them, be allowed to immigrate to the United States????

    I was not fooled by these Jewish sirens wearing 👙 and walking around with an M16 on the beaches in Israel. I knew a long time ago that she was just a government employee, on her day off carrying her government issued weapon.

    Israel is a first world Western society that unfortunately has Third World, very strict gun control laws. The Jews are more afraid of each other than they are of their enemy outsiders.

    The atheists in Israel are just as stupid as the atheists here in the United States. They believe the government will protect them while they enjoy their sex parties and drug fueled rock concerts.
    And they surround themselves with religious people who hate and want to kill them.

    • 90+% of them, those here are harvesting the fruits of their campaign contributions and votes (to/for Democrats) I shed not a tear for their discomfort and chuckle at their fear, they earned it, they fed the beast that will devour them. As for my fiancee’, she’s Jewish (I myself am Roman Catholic) she’s a minority in her (faith) community (but not in our SW VA area) and immediate family, she is an excellent shot with her AR15 platform and her Ruger SP101, has her CCW, her extended family in Israel are of the same mind as her. I had told her this attack was coming months ago, I could smell it, the number of rockets launched every Friday had been reduced, they, the Hamasocrats were preparing for something big.

  20. “In short, the video shows how Hamas broke into Israel from Hamas,[…]”

    I think you mean “..into Israel from Gaza”

    Just sayin’


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