Legally Armed in Detroit’s Rick Ector Aims at Training 900 Women to Shoot in One Day

Rick Ector, through his firearms training operation Legally Armed in Detroit, has been putting on annual one-day training extravaganzas for years, providing free gun safety and shooting classes to hundreds of southeast Michigan women. All at no cost to the students. Jeremy and I had dinner with Rick in Indianapolis during NRAAM. He told us that […]

Study of Wounds in Civilian Mass Shooting Fatalities: Few Who Die Could Have Been Saved

The EMS MEd blog is the mouthpiece of the National Association of EMS Physicians and, as you’d expect, features a lot of content on complex medical topics. One post I could actually understand, however, involved an evaluation of the potential “survivability” of those who died from wounds received during public mass shootings. The upshot: only […]

In Praise of the Absence of a Manual Safety

Contributor John Sprague gave us his take on the manual safety in the piece entitled, In Praise of the Manual Safety.  In it, Mr. Sprague says that a manual safety strikes the perfect balance for him in terms of safety versus a reduction of readiness. Good for him. Real world experience has driven me to the […]

In Praise of the Manual Safety

By John Sprague There is a large contingent of gun users — many of them here — who are adamant that the only safety a gun needs is a little control over your booger hook. I would like to present an alternative view. Manual safeties are not the enemy of readiness that some would have […]