3 Reasons You Should Be Training With A Partner

Whatever gun training you’re doing (you are training, right?), whether its concealed carry training or training for competition, some skeet and trap shooting before dove, pheasant or duck season, or long-range rifle shooting prior to pursuing roving protein treats from Nature’s Meat Aisle, you should do it with a partner. Granted, some of us are, […]

Personal Defense: You Really Need To Practice One-Handed Shooting, Too

One-handed shooting can often be neglected as part of the regular practice a person does for concealed carry and personal defense. The sentiment you’ll find espoused often when it comes to concealed carry/self-defense pistol/whatever-you-want-to-call-it is “train how you fight,” or something to that effect. In other words, you want to train with your typical carry […]

NRA Carry Guard Terminates Remaining Policies

The NRA rolled out its “Carry Guard” insurance program in 2017 with great fanfare. Now, a mere two years later, not only has Josh Powell’s brainstorm ceased accepting new customers, but existing participants have received notices of cancellation. Andrew Branca over at The Law of Self-Defense reports on the death rattle of the NRA’s supposedly […]

California Concealed Carry Trainer Accidentally Shoots Student While Clearing His Gun

One of the requirements of getting a concealed carry permit in California — yes, you can do that there, depending on the attitude of your local chief law enforcement officer — is undergoing up to 16 hours of training. According to state law, that curriculum includes “instruction on firearm safety, firearm handling, shooting technique, and […]