Open Carry Black Lives Matter Protestor Has Negligent Discharge, Shoots Himself in the Foot [VIDEO]

BLM Soyboy has a negligent discharge when flashing his firearm around Police — I,Hypocrite (@lporiginalg) June 29, 2020 We missed this when it happened last week. This video was from a protest that took place in Florissant, Missouri (a St. Louis suburb just north of Ferguson in St. Louis County). An open carrying protestor […]

6 Things That Make A Handgun Easier To Shoot Accurately

Want to improve your handgun shooting? Well, there’s no substitute for good training and a metric crap-ton of trigger time, both live and dry fire. Skill at anything just comes down to getting in the reps. But there are some things that can make a handgun easier to shoot well for the individual who’s shooting […]