Top 3 Range Toy Handguns

Range toys. Firearms that are oodles of fun to shoot, to force your friends to shoot, or just to show off, but aren’t particularly practical. Maybe you rent ’em at the shooting range. Maybe you buy ’em. Maybe you borrow you just try your buddy’s gun. Whichever way you get ’em, you’ll certainly have fun […]

Why You Need to Carry a Gun at Home…Even in the Shower

By Joseph Nizzari In my 18-plus years of teaching firearms professionally, I have encountered contrasting perceptions regarding various methods of carrying a handgun. These modes include inside or outside the waistband, appendix carry, small of the back, 3 o’clock, 4 o’clock, condition three, etc. As always, I have addressed those different modes of carry with […]

What’s the Worst Self Defense Advice You’ve Ever Heard?

Between gun stores and the internet, gun owners both new and old can learn a lot. Great information is widely available about gun ownership, maintaining firearms and their use in competition, recreation and self-defense. Unfortunately, the quality of that information can vary widely. Some bits of advice and information that are often repeated are particularly […]

Rule #5: Take the Shot

TTAG reader Cliff H writes . . . Colonel Jeff Cooper was a very smart man. He wrote a lot of books, had a storied career as a Marine Corps officer and established the Gunsite Academy in Arizona which has a well-deserved worldwide reputation for high-quality firearms training. Colonel Cooper was also a staunch supporter […]