man shoots himself face video

Man Shoots Himself in the Face After Hot Brass Ejected Into His Shirt [VIDEO]

If you shoot often at all, especially at an indoor range, you've probably experienced it. A hot empty case ejects from your pistol, bounces...
Phoenix police brookins shooting

Good Guy With a Gun Mistakenly Shot and Killed By Phoenix Police [VIDEO]

A recent officer-involved-shooting in Phoenix presents a host of lessons we can all learn from. A responding police officer there mistakenly shot a good...
Runnation training Angstadt at the ready

Runenation: No One Is Coming To Save You [VIDEO]

Angstadt Arms has launched a new video series they're calling At The Ready, profiling people of interest to gun owners and those interested in...

Training: The Fine Art and Critical Importance of Chilling Out

I've been in some combat. I performed my role adequately, but I was by no means a super soldier. What I can hang my...

Learn These 4 Key Handgun Shooting Fundamentals

By Nancy Thorne of the National Carry Academy There are a variety of factors that go into shooing a handgun well. The stance, grip, aim,...
red gun rifle dummy guns from ASP and a Blackhawk chest rig.

ASP’s Red Gun Rifle: Dummy Gun Training for Dummies

By Jim Davis Why use a dummy gun? The reasons are many, but this question is probably the most significant. “Is it unloaded?” Your partner assures you...
Twista The Gun Camp Chicago Gun Training

Chicago’s Gun Camp, Lead and Taught By the Fastest Rapper Alive

By Waysun Johnny Tsai GROWING UP IN CHICAGO WITH MUSIC, GANGS AND GUNS I grew up piss-poor with my mother in some of the worst neighborhoods...
3 best static range shooting drills

Don’t Just Shoot, Train – 3 Drills for a Static Range

By DrewR A large percentage of the People of the Gun are relegated to shooting in a "static" or restrictive range, often indoors and sometimes...
Israeli Carry Empty Chamber

EDC Philosophy: In Defense of Israeli Carry

By Doc Duracoat I'm amazed by how much hate I get when I admit to carrying my concealed weapon “Israeli style” with a loaded magazine...
Nosler range basics video

5 Shooting Range Keys for New Gun Owners [VIDEO]

17   As anyone who reads TTAG knows, there are millions of new firearm owners in the US. First-timers who have bought a gun in the...
Range at Austin

Getting Started As A New Shooter: Try, Try Again

By The Rookie, I took my first firearms class about a year ago. I’d long had an interest in guns and 2A issues and had...

GunMag Warehouse to Open a New Training Division

From GunMag Warehouse Carrying a gun is (or should be) a gestalt of conditions, not just a mastery of marksmanship. It's as much about being...