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An Attorney’s Best Advice For Every New Gun Owner

By James E. Oliver “What’s the best advice for a new gun owner?” is a question I sometimes get at dinner parties, or from new clients. In those situations, I generally get a little background...
Avoid Rookie Mistakes With Your AR-15 Rifle

Avoid Rookie Mistakes: Be a Better AR-15 Rifle Shooter

A flexible, modular design and decades of robust sales have pushed the AR-15 to the top of long gun heap, making it America's favorite rifle. But while it may look easy to operate, many...

What’s The Right Age To Teach Kids Gun Safety?

Here's an inconvenient truth: firearm safety education saves lives. However, some people fear guns and don't want anything to do with teaching their kids how to be safe around them. At the same time,...

Increase Your Shot Accuracy at Home for Only $89 Using the Strikeman Training System

Check out the Strikeman Laser Firearm Training System Dry fire practice at home has always been a great way to work on your draw, presentation, and trigger control skills. But it can be hard to...

Ask Foghorn: Is .22lr The Best for Self Defense?

Wade writes: Foghorn, my Dad is planning on getting his CCW license, and is already thinking about the handgun to use. But he says that he is going to get a .22lr or something similar,...

AR-15 Rifle Basics: Understanding Iron Sights

There is literally no end to the number of items that can be mounted on an AR-15 rifle in some fashion, whether it's a high-end $4,000 scope designed for extreme range shooting or a...

Ask Foghorn: Can you Fire .22LR Ammunition Through a .22 WMR Chamber?

Brice asks: Why does a revolver need a .22 and .22 mag cylinder?  The Ruger Single Six, Taurus Tracker, etc all come with two cylinders.  Why? Short answer is because otherwise the thing might explode. Here's...
Pistol slide rack semi-auto

Everyday Carry Chronicles: The Truth About ‘Israeli Carry’

For the most part, The People of the Gun have little time for “Israeli carry.” They scoff at the idea of carrying a pistol with an empty chamber. “Why add an extra step to...
Jack Weaver stance

Is Anyone Still Using the Weaver Stance?

My shooting stance got the job done, but it still earned the rod of correction from an instructor. "Pull your weak-side arm in a little. Elbow pointing down now. Flex the strong side arm a...
pistol handgun ready conditions

The 5 Carry Conditions – How Do You Carry Your Handgun?

"Carry condition" isn't a subject as hotly debated in the gun community as, say, stopping power or GLOCK vs. 1911, but it's up there. What is a carry condition? It's the state of readiness...

SERPA Holsters Should Be Discontinued

169 I was at a competition pistol class last week in preparation for the FNH 3-Gun Championship (videos here) when something disturbing happened: the person next to me had a negligent discharge straight into the...
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5 Free Shooting Targets You Can Download and Print Now

Everyone loved to save money. And most of us love train, too. The problem is, those things frequently oppose each other. Range time costs money, ammo costs money, and - you know it -...