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Student of the Gun has launched the world’s first hybrid firearms training school, Student of the Gun University. By combining Home Study courses with in-person Residency training and private coaching, SOTGU has developed a collegiate-level education program that is accessible to students of all skill levels.

“Using technology to deliver our proven instruction and coaching techniques to our students just made sense. We save students time and frustration by delivering EXACTLY what they need to know before attending Residency.” said Jarrad Markel, COO of Student of the Gun. “Our students can spend time with their loved ones instead of scouring the internet for what to practice so they do not “look dumb” (their words, not mine) in class. First, being ignorant is not a bad thing, it becomes a problem when we choose to be ignorant. Second, practicing BEFORE attending training increases the likelihood of introducing training scars.”, he continued.

Courses and private coaching are available to those just starting on their path to mastery and those continuing their journey alike. The flagship course at SOTGU, P201 Martial Application of the Pistol, educates the student in the use of firearms for self-defense, concealed carry, or simply improving their all around skill with a gun.

View the training schedule at

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  1. Modern version of old technology. My first CCW course 30 years ago had an optional correspondence section to cover all the basic law and other information you had to do before coming to the class.

    Saved about a day if you took that option. I did as it cut down the away from work time. Just had to do the range and short oral test just to check you understood the assignments.

  2. Firearms should be taught in schools as in the past. Sound like this may be a good start though for folks who’ve never had any training at all.


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