Mossberg’s New 590 Shockwave: The New Coach Gun?

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Mossberg’s new Shockwave shotgun was introduced at the SHOT Show and is finally being seen in the wild. The shotgun, classified by our friends at the BATFE as a “non-NFA firearm,”…

Business Class Blunderbuss: Check Out This Shotgun Built from Parts Purchased After TSA Checkpoint

As reports, “this is a weapon capable of exploding and shooting a hole the size of almost two quarters near a sheet of drywall.” It’s fashioned from parts purchased…

3 Tips for Cutting Foam for a Custom Gun Case from LaRue Tactical

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This month many of us received the first issue of the “LaRue Accuracy Report” in the mail. The report is LaRue Tactical’s new “digest for the discriminating rifleman,” as Mark…

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3 Tips for Choosing a Duck Hunting Load

As is the case with brass-cased cartridges for personal defense, there will always be, uh, “discussion” about which soft-shell load kills ducks the best. Marketing tactics pushing the newest shot…

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Three Ways to Start Preparing for Next Duck Season Now

Duck hunting season has come to an end for most throughout the country and the inability to drop a limit of drakes means the onset of Duck Depression (yes, it’s…

Guns Don’t Grow on Trees: Just Thought I’d LeaveThis Here

“The only way a farmer can arm themselves in Shotgun Farmers is by shooting the ground,” reports. “Given time, the bullets fired into the earth will grow into all…

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Question of the Day: Reloading Under Fire? Seriously?

Over at, Jeff Johnston gives readers an introductory lesson in home defense shotguns. The article is stocked with sound advice from a variety of gun gurus: racking your shottie…

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Review: 1934 National Firearms Act, Original Bill and Hearings

This ebook is the entirety of the National Firearms Act and Hearings, in a digitized 166 pages, from the House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee, starting on Monday, 16 April,…

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New From Kel-Tec: KSG-25, RDB Survival – SHOT Show 2017

Ever wish you could load an entire box of 12 gauge into a single shotgun? Well now you can, thanks to Kel-Tec‘s new KSG-25. As the name implies, it’s a…

New From Hurricane Butterfly: Typhoon 12 Magazine-Fed Shorty Shotty at SHOT Show 2017

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Hurricane Butterfly has been importing and exporting firearms, components, and manufacturing for many years. With deliveries starting this month, they’re now officially diving into sales of their own firearms, too….

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ATI Releases .410 Gauge AR-15 Shotgun – SHOT Show 2017

ATI released their polymer OMNI rifle a few years back, and now they are introducing another caliber conversion: .410 gauge shotgun shells. The only real change is the upper receiver…

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Beretta A400 XCel Sporting Black Edition – SHOT Show Range Day

Do you love Beretta shotguns (come on…who doesn’t?), but wouldn’t be caught dead busting bouncing rabbits or soaring battues with a cerulean blue competition gun? Beretta has felt your pain….