Gun Review: H&R 1871 Pardner Pump Protector 12 Gauge

The name says it all. The H&R Pardner Pump Protector wasn’t built for wing-shooting doves or busting clay pigeons. No, this is a gun to be kept at the bedside, ready for behavior modification...

Gun Review: Benelli Nova Pump Field Shotgun

Gun Review: Benelli Nova Pump Field Shotgun Benelli's tag line is "Simply Perfect." That may be a touch overstated as I've yet to see a gun that can reach that bar. But as pump shotguns...
Blackwater Sentry 12 Shotgun

Gun Review: Iron Horse Sentry 12 Shotgun

The former CEO of Blackwater, the renowned, often controversial private security company, has gotten into the firearms world. I’m not clear how the company's corporate structure works and how much the current Blackwater company...

Gun Review: Toros Copolla T4 Tactical Shotgun

When it comes to service grade firearms, there are two main considerations; the big R and little m. Big reliability and little maintenance. I don’t mind maintaining a firearm, I simply want it to...

Gun Review: Stevens 555 E Over/Under Shotgun

A field gun needs to be three things: comfortable, accurate and light. When you're trudging across Nebraska plains in search of grouse or pheasant, you want your shotgun to point and swing smoothly and...

Iver Johnson: What’s in a Serial Number?

We’ve all seen serial numbers that include letters either as a prefix or a suffix. However, have you seen a serial “number” that is all letters instead? Well, that’s exactly what Iver Johnson did...
Benelli Montefeltro shotgun

Gun Review: Benelli Montefeltro Shotgun

By Jeff the Griz When my daughter got involved in clay shooting, I felt the itch to join in. It had been close to 20 years since I last shot clay birds. After sitting on...

Shotgun Penetration With Various Rounds

I've scraped this from commentator Montana Bound's post on the most excellent, where it was attributed to a dead link. "All of these shots were taken from a known distance and angle into...
IWI Tavor TS12 shotgun

Gun Review: IWI Tavor TS12 Shotgun

No, the IWI Tavor TS12 shotgun doesn't cycle mini shells, it's a semi-auto shotgun designed for standard shotgun ammo. The mini shell thing is quickly becoming the "Does it take GLOCK mags," meme for...
Mossberg 590 Retrograde

Gun Review: Mossberg 590 Retrograde Shotgun

Just a short while back, I reviewed the pump action Mossberg 500 Retrograde and found it to be a fun, lightweight, easy-shooting gun. It was as simple as shotguns get. But the 500 is...
Remington 870 Shotgun

Gun Review: Remington 870 Pump Shotgun

The Remington 870 shotgun. If anyone can think of a more iconic scattergun let me know, because I'm pretty sure this is the tops. Star of stage and screen and gracing the gun safe...