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Rossi just released a new pistol that probably isn’t going to be your typical EDC choice, but it should make a fun gun for camping trips or other woods adventures. The new Brawler is a single shot .45 Colt/.410 pistol reminiscent of the Thompson Contender. It’s a big, simple, break open design with an exposed hammer and single action mechanism.

There’s not much to go wrong with the Brawler. It has basic iron sights, but also a Picatinny rail to mount a red dot or long eye relief scope.

Rossi has had a couple single shot .45 Colt/.410 pistols over the years including the Super Comanche and the Matched Pair (that came with a spare .22LR barrel) and each iteration seems to be a little more streamlined and refined. To my eye, the Brawler has the best lines of the three, and is the least clunky.

I like the idea of a compact .410 as a woods gun for things like snakes or other critters that might invade your campsite. Loaded with .45 Colt, you have some real oomph for bigger animals. too.

Although a single shot is far from ideal for self defense against two legged critters, it’s still a lot better than harsh language. The Brawler obviously would make an economical hunting pistol as well, with .45 Colt having plenty of power for most medium-sized game.

One of the best things about the Brawler is its price. The MSRP is only $239.99, so I’m betting street prices will be around the $200 mark. That makes it an extremely affordable option for a dedicated camp gun, or to stash in your Jeep, snow mobile, or ATV. Check out the release from Rossi below . . .

Rossi Brawler pistol

Introducing the Rossi Brawler—a revolutionary break-action single shot 410/45LC pistol designed to deliver unparalleled performance and versatility at an affordable price point.

Boasting a unique combination of power and precision, this innovative, one-shot firearm enables you to throw down on anything from rattlesnakes to medium-sized game thanks to its ability to fire either 45 Colt or a 410 shotshell.

The Brawler’s dual-caliber capacity ensures that you can adapt to various shooting scenarios with ease—making it an ideal choice for both self defense and recreational purposes.

With its hammer-fired, break-action single-shot mechanism, the Brawler allows for quick and easy reloading ensuring minimal downtime during shooting sessions.

Equipped with a picatinny rail featuring a built-in sight, the Brawler offers enhanced accuracy and customization options.

You can easily attach your preferred optics or accessories allowing for a more personalized shooting experience tailored to your individual needs.

When you’re looking for your next adventure gun, the Rossi Brawler is all you need.

Rossi Brawler pistol


Caliber: .45 COLT / .410 MAG
Gauge: .410 ga (2.5 & 3)
Capacity: 1 Rounds
Front Sight: FIXED
Rear Sight: SERRATED
Action Type: SAO
MSRP: $239.99


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  1. With a 9 inch barrel I could see some interesting experiments in reloading depending on how strong the action is.

  2. Tim,

    Is that about a 9″ barrel? Do you know if it will be offered in a threaded version?

    • The barrel appears to be rectangular, would that be problematic to thread?

  3. Ok, hopefully it will be available in California, I’ve been looking for an economical rattlesnake gun

      • @fppf:
        Thank you for that grim reminder of “Teachers Who Make Laws” feature of FailedToInformYa.
        Maybe Truth In Advertising will force our rotten legislature to rename it the
        “Baby Poop Yellow State”,
        or just West New Jersey.

      • Saved me some money. I consider these .410/.45 handguns to be overpriced answers to unasked questions. But way back I was looking at a youtube video on the Taurus judge and my wife noticed it. She fell in love with the idea so off I went to find her one. Came back from the gun shop with the heart breaking news that they ain’t legal in CA.

        • Is anyone launching any lawsuits under the ‘Bruen’ standard?

        • Get a 38 or 357 mag and feed it shotshells. You can get up to #4 shot. I”ve killed many a snake with these # 9 shotshell is a 38.

  4. The only large break open single shot I owned, and liked, was a TC Super 14 stainless. It was chambered in .35 Remington. I found it too specialized for my needs though, so I let it go. My stainless Encore MZL will be with me forever. Oh, the Rossi. No thanks. I don’t even like the revolvers of this style that Rossi, Taurus and S&W build.

    • Only just saw 35 remmington for the first time yesterday helping a friend clear out a flooded basement. Guessing it used to be more common a while ago but overall a neat cartridge that would seem to cover most anything you would want for the east coast bigger than gophers.

  5. How long till they come out with a double barrel version? That’s when I’ll be interested.

    • midwest shooters supply in lomira had two 20ga coach guns lightly used under 250 ea. one was stoeger, the other savage.
      really tempted.

      • jr…Stoeger has manufacturing facilities all over including Turkey. On the other hand Savage is made in a diehard Gun Control State. That deal seems to put you and your Made-In bigotry between a rock and a hard spot.

        • So a US state is comparable to a country that absolutely has engaged in actual genocide within the last century and arguably so in the last few decades. Deb your ability to form comparisons is noteworthy in somehow outdoing Dacian in logical leaps resulting in deliberate falsehoods. Now keep buying your Turkish junk you genocide appreciator.

        • void you ignorant history illiterate slut…When it comes to Made In you forgot Slavery in the US…talk about an atrocity.

          Then comes war with Japan, Germany, US vs England, etc. all the countries hypocrite mealy mouth twits like you buy from without a Second Thought. fjb and you.

        • void…My unanswered year long challenge to jr. to produce a better made. better priced, better performing firearm than a MADE INTURKEY Sar9 extends to you…Try to do better than his pathetic zero, nothing, nada.
          Perhaps you can go to a Gun Store and ask a counterperson to assist you. Warning: Do not slander them like you did me because they might knock the peanut butter out of you.

        • Lol are you a Turk with a lingering hatred of Armenians there Debs it would explain your unhinged zealotry. But yes keep defending a country that makes guns that can launch parts back into the users eye socket in ways even Glock can’t manage.

        • void…The only hate is the hate you and jr. and your ilk have for firearms you cannot compete with. You are in my wheelhouse and when I recommend a firearm it is because I own 3 Sar9s and sold 8 by my recommendation. Before I fired my first Sar9 I completely dismanteled it, studied it and tweaked in ways a hammer and screwdriver buffoon like you could not do if your pathetic life depended on it.

          Futhermore…Cease using a device made in a country that has recently threatened the USA with nukes.

          Now pissant you take the challenge I made and go fetch a firearm that can perform better, cost the same or less and has the quality and potential as the Sar9…No excuses, no replies other than you presenting a firearm to back up your buttspew.

        • My god you really are retarded aren’t you? Even Miner figured out the game by this point. I will leave you to your rants oh and Taurus at this point just all around less drama.

        • And, there she goes again, attacking someone she disagrees with.

          How about dropping the queen c*nt bullshit attitude?

          Didn’t your mother teach you if you can’t say anything nice, say nothing at all?

  6. A break action single shot pistol chambered in expensive ammo?

    Other than dacian or miner what would be more useless than that.

    • Useless? Not sure that’s the right word, a bit of a unitasker, or less than practical maybe but I a think the right word is fun – fun for squirrels (well, fun for hunting them, the squirrels may have a different idea), with a scope and the right .410 round (and some really good scouting and stealthy stalking skills) fun for turkey (see squirrel disclaimer). But not useless – even Miner and Dacian aren’t so useless they can’t be used as bad examples!

        • If they’re raiding your bird feeder, maybe that’s the message you want to send, Mark… 🙂

        • oldshtazz…Never mind shooting defenseless Squirrels tough guy…I want to hear more about you injuring your hand when you hit that woman’s hood when she hit you.

        • “I want to hear more about you injuring your hand when you hit that woman’s hood when she hit you.”

          Tell you what –

          If you can go one full week without your bullshit attitude of attack, attack, attack, I’ll seriously consider it.

          (Both you and I know that will never happen…)

    • It would be a good replacement for a Snake Charmer .410. I’ll wait until somebody patterns one in a review.

  7. So is/would the barrel be rifled to do better with the 45 Colt or is it smooth because of the shot shell? If not rifled it just makes the 45 Colt an unsaboted slug.

    • All 45/410 pistols are required by US law to be rifled, otherwise they’re “short-barreled shotguns.”
      Also, all pistols are required by US law to be rifled, no matter what caliber they’re chambered in.
      Because reasons!

      I used to have a Smith & Wesson Governor that fired 45 Colt, 45 ACP, and 410.
      It was surprisingly accurate with 45 Colt from 25 yards (yes, 75 feet). I never fired any other ammunition through it, only 45 Colt.
      My Bond Arms 45/410 with 4.25″ barrel, on the other hand, couldn’t even hit the target from 25 yards with 45 Colt (it was more accurate with the 357 Magnum barrel, but still less accurate than the S&W Governor).

  8. I’m very happy with my judge revolver. For inside the house distances, it’s just fine. With caliber adapters a judge can shoot 9 different bullet calibers.

    The next time there is an ammo shortage at least my judge will always have ammo.

    • 9? Off hand I can think of 4, if 45gap is one of them. Besides the obvious acp what am I missing?

      • They are :
        22lr, 32 SW Long, 32 HR Magnum, 32 acp, .380, 9mm, 45L colt, .410, and 38 special.

        The judge was the first hand gun I ever bought. I knew it was not a carry gun. But as a nightstand gun. It’s great. And during the ammo shortage from 2012 to 2015. This was the only handgun I shot.

        Back then, there was plenty of 32 SW Long. But not much of anything else. The last two ammo shortages have taught me that ammo will become scarce again.

        We have had two ammo scares within ten years. And as far as I know, there has never been a fear of not getting ammunition before. But you older gun guys can correct me.

        The gun grabbers are gonna go after the ammo supply. Because in their twisted minds, they think ammunition is not covered by the Second Amendment????

        And I have decided to become a reloader. If you can’t find ammo for your “end of the world” gun???
        Then all you have is an expensive paper weight.

        A break action shotgun with a strong steel receiver. Can fire probably 20 or 25 different handgun and rifle calibers using adapters.
        That is an alternative that I am thinking about investing in.
        It’s cheaper than buying 20 or 30 different calibers of guns.

        • Color me impressed with ammo choices, new barrels for some I would assume but very cool……and yeah some reloading required.

  9. Is that… a cross-receiver safety? On a gun you have to thumb cock to fire?

    Dear Lord…

    • C’mon……it’s a cheap weird pistol, gonna have to live with the quirks…and looks…nevermind…

  10. Congratulations to Taurus for finally coming up with a gun more useless than the Judge.

  11. 1. can we lose the rail mount.
    2. why dont you (Rossi) just bring in one of those all metal jobs with wood grips you sell in Brazil in “36 ga” with the rifled barrel on it. I’ve seen a few brought in by illegal aliens that crossed the border with them. Uh oh, bringing guns aross the border, better seal it now

  12. I own a Ruger Blackhawk in .45 Colt/.45 ACP. It’s six times the gun this is, but it’s not six times the price!

  13. I haven’t seen 410 on the shelves in 4+ yrs. Had to order it for the grandson. Manufacturers seem to be too busy making cartridges no one asked for to make ones that are in demand

  14. With only one shot, its primary use should be dueling, LOL.
    It reminds me of the dueling pistols used in the latest John Wick movie.

  15. As a multiple firearm owner with many bought on impulse, I can’t find a single excuse to purchase this one no matter how much I try. A wall hanger over the fire place…No. Packed away deep inside a gun cabinet just in case?…..No. To use for real snakes or 2 legged snakes….Why, when every other gun I have will do a better job with at least 5 more chances of hitting one or the other. Maybe I just need more time to think about it.

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