Not so smart banking? Screen cap by Boch via YouTube.
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When they feel the heat they see the light.  So said a late Senator from Illinois generations ago. There’s a credit union in Idaho that’s been feeling some heat lately, and thanks to feedback, they’re seeing the light. The Idaho Central Credit Union felt the heat of TTAG’s story yesterday about their member agreement that precluded ammo and gun purchases with ICCU accounts as of a few days earlier.

See, as of a week ago, their member agreement banned using their services for firearm and ammunition purchases, among many other perfectly lawful transactions. Their member agreement didn’t allow members to use their own money in ICCU accounts to pay traffic tickets, taxes or prescription drugs. And given their nebulous language about “materials that promote intolerance, violence or hate,” donations to Donald Trump or membership payments to the NRA would probably result in the ICCU woke “police” putting cuffs on an account.

Screen capture by Boch. Via KTVB.

KTVB reported on the ICCU’s heavy-handed terms and conditions in a recent news story.

Caught red-handed, the credit union promptly revised their terms and conditions.

Screen capture by Boch via

We wrote about it yesterday, and now they’ve emailed us a press release announcing their retreat from heavy-handed restrictions on how members can use their own money.

Yes, ladies and gents, they’ve changed their “Prohibited Uses” language a third time in about as many days. But rest assured they are truly sorry for any concern this has caused.

Screen capture by Boch via

Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt that they aren’t simply sorry that they got caught rolling out the new “socially responsible” banking policies a few years too soon. After all, heaven forbid someone use their credit union debit card to buy a script at the drug store or see some boobies on the interwebs. Or buy a new SIG P365.


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      • “Central Idaho (Boise area) is very liberal bc of the college etc. Rest of the state is red”

        Most of the western states are like that. They are utterly oblivious to the world outside their little enclave…

    • Because they know that most people pay no attention and that selective enforcement is something they can use to their advantage.

      “It’s been in the contract for years!” is something they planned on saying later on.

      When you look at this and compare it to the UK, Australia and Canada, this was the first steps at selective debanking because you broke a contract that you’d signed. As the article suggests, they simply got caught before they could make it actionable.

  1. so who suggested, and who approved, the original restrictions? and are those people still employed at the credit union?

    if so, it’s not over.

    • ^^This.^^

      There’s a time to switch to the carrot, but that’s after you’ve verified for sure that the stick had the desired effect.

  2. Regardless of their back-pedaling, I would never trust this CU or any other financial institution with similar policies. That would include Visa & MC with regard to the new MCC rules targeting sporting goods such as firearms. They all can KMA, and ESAD.

    • Absolutely…Once found out there is no further reason to ever trust these fools again with your business. Bo second chances IMHO.

      Did they fire everyone responsible?.. Anything less is too little to make any difference.

    • I had an employer who thought I should use my salary for company needs first and then for my own use. Reimbursement may happen up to several months later. After nearly missing several mortgage payments I told the company I will bill them the missed service charges.

  3. gunnygene, my sentiments exactly. There are too many choices other than doing any business with the liberal community of businesses.

    • Wait this credit union emailed TTAG? This story was all over YouTube/Fakebook the day before. Cool if TTAG has that kind of pull🙄

      • “Wait this credit union emailed TTAG?”

        TTAG as a website gets some serious page view counts, so yeah, they have some pull…

        • I think they’re patting themselves on the back a bit.

          Tons of other much larger sites had this story the day before TTAG did and those sites got extremely good engagement with it. Then there’s YouTube and X. Dunno about FB, don’t engage with that at all.

          Even ZH had this story and it did stupidly well.

  4. This CU had already reversed course prior to TTAG writing an article (not the earliest to report on this). A news outlet in Boise Id. might just need the credit for alerting the local residents. The acknowledgment of TTAG shows it’s visible and I assume along with other blogs news posts is a good thing. Looks like this CU just might be another knee pad/genuflect/pronoun organization among others (Target, Tractor Supply, John Deere, etc.).

    • And John Deere is hemorrhaging $. Fleeing to Mexico. Target lost a boatload of dough too. China wins🙄

      • China has its own worse problems. Huge real estate bubble popping in slow motion. Foreign tourism still way down post-covid. Foreign investment way down. Belt&Road imperialism scheme largely a bust. Demographic time bomb 70 years in the making as the chickens of One-Child come home to roost. (India is on pace to supplant China as the world’s most populous nation within a decade.)

        All the saber-rattling over Tawain and the Phillipines, and the political brinkmanship toward the West in general, are a hasty facade to conceal the very real trouble at home.

        • ThaddTheChadd,

          Foreign tourism [to China] still way down post-covid.

          My family and I were planning a nice two-week vacation to China and saved up something like $6000 for the trip. Thanks to China’s hostility in general and the very-real possibility of some conflict breaking out which embroils the U.S., we are now planning to spend that money on a vacation to a Mediterranean destination next year. China just lost several thousand dollars of my family’s tourist cash.

          (Note: we had important specific private reasons for wanting to travel to China. Otherwise we would not have considered it. Now our consideration of China is completely off the table.)

          • Visit West Taiwan another time.

            A statement guaranteed to get the “little pinks” into a rabid foaming frenzy.

    • Tractor Supply saw the light and reversed course, post-haste.

      John Deere going woke will be met with outright hostility by the farmers…

      • The real thing with JD is the way they’ve changed their software for larger rigs. No one I know will buy them now because they’re using SASS as a business model and no one’s got the patience for that.

        It’s the main reason I went with Yanmar. Well, that and I’ve used their marine engines before and found them to be world class.

        • Yanmar Diesel…

          From those wonderful folks who brought you Pearl Harbor…

          “Yanmar Co., Ltd. (ヤンマー株式会社, Yanmā Kabushiki-Gaisha) is a Japanese diesel engine, heavy machinery and agricultural machinery manufacturer founded in Osaka, Japan in 1912“

          • How so? Explain yourself.

            Also, explain why, if this is such a problem, that it’s not a big deal that Deere’s been using Yanmar motors since 1977?

            Don’t be scared. It’s a low bar. I know you quoted the first line of the Wikipedia page for the company, so I’m not exactly expecting much from someone who’d never heard of Yanmar until they read my comment.

            • Ok, gimme a break fellas. My Biden Coverup Program has been running full blast lately, and I’ve taken some lead from one of the circular firing squads, so I’m not even up to my usual low standards today.

  5. Heat? Oh, I would be providing some heat if that was my banking location.

    First, I would be very vocal about how I feel, second I would be pulling every single account out of that location and making sure everyone there knows why. I would be a Karen on steroids. This is a one shot deal, no oh, sorry, we won’t do that after all. You did it, I’m gone, end of relationship.

    • Anything short of firing everyone involved in this decision needs to be fired immediately with cause. Anything less is not enough and they need to be permanently cast out if they can’t do that.

  6. “…donations to Donald Trump or membership payments to the NRA…”

    Say Boch, howsabout making that BLM, SPLC, DNC, college tuition at Harvard, etc.? I get your point that they likely had our side in mind, but who’s the real snake pits in the political arena? I almost pointed that out in the earlier article, but I couldn’t let it go by twice.😉

  7. So, so many banks use this exact legal boilerplate. Google this, with the quotes:

    “guns or weapons-related (e.g., firearms, bullets)”

    That’s A LOT of banks. You’ve accomplished nothing.

    • This is true. Now, if everyone who owned a firearm, bought ammo, etc banded together and divested from these institutions, it would have an effect. I guess no one wants to be a Warren Earp.

  8. I would hazard the guess that this is an issue that goes deeper than initially suspected and probably has to do with credit streams for the business itself.

    That is, we’re probably seeing a symptom rather than the problem and the problem is probably ESG.

    • My thoughts as well – they were probably attempting to boost their DEI/ESG score with some, I mean “rating” outfit in order to tap into money at sweet, sweet rates. These knuckleheads in the business world kowtowing to the diversity scammers are truly delusional – what do they think will happen once they’re dependent on money from the likes of Blackrock and their ilk? The rates start going up, the conditions get even more restrictive until, hmmm…what a shock, they’re going under. And guess who’s there to buy them out as a “favor”? “Nice little bank (or movie studio, sporting goods store, etc…) you have there, be a shame if something happens to it…”

      Funny thing, if you do this on your own you’re a gangster running a protection racket – let a bank, or political party, or a college (or a government) do it and you’re saving the world.

      • “These knuckleheads in the business world kowtowing to the diversity scammers are truly delusional – what do they think will happen once they’re dependent on money from the likes of Blackrock and their ilk?”

        They don’t think about it. They think about quarterly and yearly reports. They don’t consider what’s over those horizons.

        Every manager I ever had that came up in the trenches (2/12) thought down the road and considered, or at least tried to consider, second and third order effects.

        Every manager that I’ve ever had who got their job via possession of an MBA (10/12) was a certified moron who couldn’t think five minutes down the road and usually careened from creating one disaster to creating the next and then expecting the guys in the trenches to pick up the pieces.

        The higher you go, the worse this gets with the second group because they surround themselves with similar people and you get an echo chamber circle jerk. Which is why I quit that bullshit.

  9. My understanding is that this credit Union also has investments in major weapons manufacturers. With government contracts with the military.

    So government guns yes. But private individual guns No.

  10. I just opened a new account with one of their competitors. Lady told me I was the forth account she has opened because of this in two days. Once I make sure my direct deposit changes are verified I am dropping their business. Should be around the first of August. I am very surprised as this Credit Union is based out of the Pocatello area…very conservative!


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