VALHALLA, NY, USA - MAY 10, 2023: President Joe Biden delivers remarks about the debt limit on May 10, 2023 at SUNY Westchester Community College in Valhalla, New York, United States.
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Rumors have circulated about Biden not making it to the Democratic National Convention in August after his disastrous debate performance a little over a week ago. Now it looks as though those rumors continue to grow. The bad news for gun owners is that gun hater Kamala Harris will take the reigns upon a Biden resignation.

But is that really bad news for whose who understand the proven benefits of firearm ownership?

Sure, Kamala Harris hates the idea of the little people owning firearms to defend their homes, families or livelihood.  At the same time, if anyone is even less likely to beat Donald Trump than Joe Biden, cackling Kamala Harris would be the person for the job. Four years ago, she didn’t get a single vote much less any delegates before she dropped out of the presidential primary.

Judicial Watch’s President Tom Fitton posted about the potential for a Monday presidential resignation.

Moreover, speculation centers around our illustrious part-time Transportation Secretary  Pete Buttigieg will be named Vice-President. That will certainly be a major asset to the Harris ticket. (That’s sarcasm.)

If this happens as the speculation suggests, that will put rabidly anti-gun radicals in both the president and vice-president posts.

Neither have any respect for the Second Amendment.  In fact, it’s doubtful they have much respect for the rest of the Constitution and Bill of Rights either.

The BBC covered the dementia-addled President’s disastrous latest televised interview.

US President Joe Biden has said only the “Lord Almighty” could convince him to end his bid for re-election, as he sat for a rare primetime interview in an effort to calm Democratic concern over his candidacy.

Speaking to ABC News on Friday, Mr Biden also declined to take a cognitive test and make the results public in order to reassure voters he is fit to serve another term.

“I have a cognitive test every single day. Every day I have that test – everything I do [is a test],” he told George Stephanopoulos.

The 81-year-old once again pushed back on the idea, aired by some Democratic officials and donors, that he should stand aside for a younger alternative following his disastrous debate with Donald Trump last week.

Break out the popcorn.  This will get a whole lot better before November.

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    • Pete ‘Butt-Plug’ is gay, and that’s a *HUGE* turn-off for the black male vote. Kamel-Toe has the appeal of a gallon or rancid milk in a dumpster in the summer heat for everyone else.

      Let’s see what happens, I doubt it will impact the polls at all, Trump voters will still show up…

      • The turn off for the black male vote is Buttgeek’s record as South Bend’s mayor.

        The only people that like Cackles are white.

        The Biden’s aren’t going anywhere until the convention where they’ll be pushed out in a big “surprise” move.

          • geoff…By your own rhetoric you are a Trump slandering lowlife democRat lint licker…you may fool the dumbfuks on this forum but you are not fooling me…now run along you pos, kamala needs a pervert’s face to sit on.

    • Yup Americans want to see VP Peter-Eater Pridepox on CSPAN in all his glory(hole), mug covered in festering sores as he presides over the Senate. NOT!

    • Biden is in the Combative Anger Stage of Dementia……….better hide the hammers and knives.

      He may, in a moment of semi-sanctity, agree to resign, but within an hour, he will have completely forgotten whatever he agreed to and stay tyhe course.

      • Something tells me ‘doctor’ jill will refuse to take visitors bearing news she won’t want to hear…

        • it appears Hunter is also running interference…so we’ve already got a convicted felon in the White House

  1. Biden will not leave office unless it is feet first in a bag. His whole business is selling influence, and with no power, he has no influence, and no money (and of course, no power). Such a situation is absolutely unacceptable for the bidens. It wouldn’t matter if they had an ironclad guarantee that they could just walk away with no consequences (not that they don’t already have that).

    He would burn the country down to rule the ashes (with his pockets full of Chinese cash).

    • That could all be true. It is also true that trump makes millions every year in deals with the chinese and said out loud that it would be ok to suspend the constitution in whole or in part to keep himself in office.

      • Not the words he used, and not the same context. That phrase is from Chris Christy in a primary debate. Trump’s comments were in the context of using all legal means to stop the fraudulent (which now has more evidence that ever) election results in 2020.

  2. I still want to see jill and kamaltoe and hunter and a slew of others on trial for elder abuse. At the very least.

    It is a national disgrace to see that incompetent old man abused for the sake of money and power.

    • Jill Biden is evil to the core and right up there with Killary. And the evil waiting in the wings is truly scary for our country. No matter what happens I’m glad God is in charge.

        • Jill?…no way. That bastard BO and Valerie Jarrett, Susan Rice, and Samantha Power. I think I said Susan Power in a previous thread, my mistake and I appologize.

            • Samantha “Faces of Meth” Power, her mother worked on Ted Kennedy’s campaign when she, her mom got knocked up. No doubt from the looks of Samantha Power-Kennedy old Teddy made at least one deposit in her mother, she should demand a DNA test and part of the Kennedy Crime Family estate.

  3. Ah no slow Joe will leave in an ambulance or a box. NO one will vote Kamaltoe or the really pathetic ex-mayor of South Bend. We are living in “interesting times”🙄😧

    • I grew up in Mishawaka Ind., I can’t beleive this rumpraider was ever elected. How far South Bend has fallen.

      • Blame the Jesuits, the bane of the Roman Catholic Church, and the apostates at Notre Dame Univ, they control South Bend, not long ago those like Peter-Eater Pridepox would’ve been denied admission.

  4. “Every day I have that test – everything I do [is a test].”

    And every day he fails it. The only difference now is that the media is beginning to admit it.

    • I wonder who the douchebag lacky is that gave him that lame ass line? I think I know who is pulling the strings but it would be nice to have it confirmed. BO, Susan Rice, The supreme C#@t Vallery Jared, Susan Power, and many more.

    • TTaG commenter Dude said, “And every day he [Dementia Joe] fails it.”

      I laughed out loud. Well said.

    • “The only difference now is that the media is beginning to admit it.” That’s what really pisses me off about our Lame Stream Media, they never tell the truth until they have used you up. Fuck Them!

      • F-them doesn’t cover it.

        They were actively complicit in hiding it from the American people, and that’s unforgivable…

    • The media is only covering it because they are afraid he can’t win. Probably very true, even with repeat voter fraud and illegals.

  5. I think resign is not likely, serve one term? more likely.

    There were rumors of a medical incident on af1 but that seems to be chum tossers at this point.

  6. The Biden administration is not hiding their opinions and one need only listen as the President and others take credit for the state of the nation. How President Biden can compare the economy when he took office to how the economy is NOW and take credit for the NOW is amazing and also revealing of their true feelings and opinions. They refuse to accept the clearly written Constitution and Bill of Rights because it does not fit their likes. One would think that all of these learned people would surely now be able to read and comprehend the English language. Truth is, they can read and understand, they don’t like what they read and in so doing continually work at twisting and attempting to redefine what they read.

    Contrary to their beliefs, accepting would solve so many problems and make life easier even for them.

  7. Where’s our reliable Leftist/fascist lying propagandist, MajorLiar, to tell us how “Scranton Joe” is just the “bestest, smartest president EVAH!!”?? Anyone smart enough to pour p*ss out of a boot has known that Senile Joe was a stupid liar since he entered the Senate, and now he’s a senile, stupid liar (kinda ‘on brand’ for a Dimocrat, no??).

    NOBODY likes the DEI-hire VP, Kamal-toe the Ho (she literally couldn’t even win her own state Dim primary); she polled (until recently) worse than Senile Joe. Mayor Pete Buttgig was never more than a Dimocrat fantasy (and ALSO a DEI hire); he was a crappy mayor, and he’s an even worse Transportation Secretary (as the brilliant Twitter observation goes, “Pete Buttgig is so incompetent that Americans now actually know who the Transportation Secretary is”).

    If MajorMistake wasn’t so busy shlobbing Obummer’s knob, he’d have the ability to admit that St. Lightbringer truly and completely screwed the Dims, by deliberately and intentionally NOT developing the Dim bench. That Pete Buttgig could even be seriously mentioned as a potential candidate/replacement says it all. Kamala has only one talent, and that requires knee pads. The woman is stupid, can’t speak, and is (by rumor and street buzz) a complete bi-yotch to work for. Gretch the Wretch?? AYFKMRN???? Gov. Hair Gel???? (the OTHER Dimocrat who constantly shlobbed Willie Brown’s knob)????

    Election Day 2924 is gonna be lit AF. My popcorn popper’s ready, I just scored a new bottle of Caol Ila, and a new mug to sip Leftist tears on Election Night. Meanwhile, jsled and MajorLiar will be alternately crying in their pillows and cursing the ‘stupidity’ of American voters. If only Hollywood still made movies this good!!

  8. Yes. Do it. Please. Run the fake black lady who slept her way to power with the gay white guy as VP. The most diverse and vapid ticket ever. That will really resonate with the working class and real minorities.

    BTW, she’s Jamaican and Indian, not African, and her Jamaican ancestors held slaves.

  9. Ahh man that sucks.
    Biden has been the best stand up fall down comedian I’ve ever seen.
    He is one funny mthrfcker. Slapstick at its finest.
    I’ve never seen Charlie Chaplin fall up stairs, and the way Joe talks and shakes hands with imaginary people and acts like he is going to sit down with no chair around. Are you taking a shit or trying to land,hilarious. Rambling jokes have me on the floor laughing my ass off. dddd gggg gggg mmmm mmm, ah you know, the thing. And his attack dogs that bite the Secret Service .
    To funny.
    Kamala is going to have a hard time filling his shoes, although she’s pretty funny too, “We’re allies with North Korea” 🤣.
    Well anyway I hope we get a sequel to The Biden Comedy Hour, if not I’m going to miss him.
    Comon Man, God Save The Queen.
    Love yah Joe, its been fun thanx for the laughs.

  10. If Biden resigns (or worse) and Kamala becomes the President here is how a VP is determined.

    Whenever there is a vacancy in the office of the Vice President, the President shall nominate a Vice President who shall take office upon confirmation by a majority vote of both Houses of Congress.

    Buttigieg doesn’t have a chance

    • Mayor Pete would be a good choice because no one likes him. Someone who doesn’t sound like an idiot, like say Hakeem Jeffries, would be more of a threat. With two black people on the ticket, they would expect the old Obama coalition to come out in force to vote based on skin color.

  11. Regardless of anything to do with firearms one way or the other…

    The Democrat party is actively trying to push Biden out. Limbaugh did predict this. They are essentially attempting an insurrection. Doing the same thing they claim Trump was trying to do. Biden has made it quite clear that he has no intent on quitting. Just like they claim Trump wont leave, apparently it is Biden that refuses to go. Both of them from a legal perspective have a justified claim. But Joe is being used and either doesn’t know it or doesn’t care.

    THIS election isn’t like anything we’ve ever seen but then the last one was over the top bs in itself. Emotions are very high and so are the dollars bank rolling all of this. Very bad things have a real possibility of happening. Biden came in saying he would unite America. So much for that.

      • That’s the point. They can’t just replace Biden. After that so-called debate, everything went haywire. The party doesn’t really want Harris either. They have painted themselves into a corner with all this and it’s driving them nuts. She wasn’t much liked from the get go. Otherwise she would have had better numbers when running for president herself.

  12. Let’s assume for the moment that the rumor is true:

    Camel Toe Harris is one of the worst possible candidates that the Democrat party could put forward. She is only slightly better than Secretary Pete whose only “qualifications” are being the mayor of a small city and Secretary of Transportation. I don’t think a worst candidate is possible.

    I have to wonder if Democrats are convinced that they cannot possibly win the election this year against Trump no matter who they put forward–although their best possible candidate has an excellent chance of winning the next election no matter who Republicans put forward. If that is the case, then Democrats don’t want to put candidates on the 2024 election ticket who would go into the 2028 election having lost the 2024 election. That means Democrats would have to put two people on the ticket for this election whose political potential is garbage anyway. And voila, Democrats would advance Kamal Toe and Pete.

    If this rumor comes to pass, I am 90% confident that my above analysis is correct. Time will tell.

    • Expanding on my previous comment:

      However we may choose to characterize Democrats, the fact of the matter is that their party leadership is still very shrewd and plays an excellent long game. They could have very well decided in 2019 that sending Biden to the Oval Office with explicit orders–to weaken our nation, explode our national debt, and allow 10+ million illegal aliens to enter–was well worth the political risk of losing the 2024 election. Even allowing a Republican to win the Oval Office in 2024 and replace aging U.S. Supreme Court Justices Thomas and Alito with conservative judges is a “gain”, in the sense that it would galvanize and energize voters to assure Democrat victories in the Oval Office and Congress in 2028.

      They are probably correct in their calculus.

      • “I have to wonder if Democrats are convinced that they cannot possibly win the election this year…”

        They were already locking down policies and war funding prior to the debate. They suspected how the debate would go. You can only prop up a dementia patient for so long.

        “…Democrats…[play] an excellent long game.”

        I’ve mentioned it before, but people don’t want to hear that. It doesn’t matter if Republicans take the White House in 2024. All you have to do is look at the trajectory from the past 50 years to understand where we’re headed. There has to be a complete shift in this country to change that trajectory.

        • “…Democrats…[play] an excellent long game.”

          They only *think* they do, look at the impending demographic implosion about to happen with the immigrant Latino vote.

          They are about to break *hard* for right, and the Leftist Scum ™ don’t see it coming. I expect this election that the shift breaks 50 percent this election cycle.

          The poor flooding across the border want to be Americans, not LatinX, whatever the hell that is. They tend to be devout Catholics and are serious about it. There is a ‘Great Awakening’ happening, and they will be the ones demanding the border be secured.

          It’s going to be great *fun* watching them bitch about ‘racist’ brown people… 😉

      • uncommon, let’s assume that the rumor is false… do you think the demwits are cohesive enough to mount a 25th amendment power grab?… not sure what’s required to do so and if the republicants would go along with it ?

      • Gavin and Gretchen are both salivating in the wings, but for the Dems to drop Harris would be to irritate the Blacks, most of whom vote based on color. Not much chance for Paddy, male or “female”.

    • A devious strategy would be to let Trump win and then crash everything around him, so the republicans take all the blame. False-flag terror attacks, financial chaos, BLM riots, etc. But I think they are too irrational and emotional to follow that path.

    • Gadsden Flag,

      I don’t know. The legacy mainstream media (a.k.a. Fourth Estate) is being surprisingly critical of Biden. I would think that the Fourth Estate would be showering us with glowing commentary on Biden’s “wonderful” performance at the debate and his “fantastic” record of accomplishments. And yet we are not seeing that. Perhaps Democrat leadership and politicians still want Biden while the Fourth Estate does not. That would be an incredibly unusual split since the Fourth Estate has been in lock-step with Democrat leadership and politicians for the last 20+ years.

      • “surprisingly critical of Biden”

        It’s nothing more than selfish CYA/damage control. This was very embarrassing for them because they’ve been covering (lying) for the Puppet from the beginning. It was obvious to anyone halfway paying attention during the 2020 election season that he would be a senile puppet. The current “criticism” is pretend journalism designed to hang onto some of the slumbering sheep.

        • “It’s nothing more than selfish CYA/damage control.”

          Bingo, there’s no hiding it.

          One of the editors for the NY Times is on record saying they didn’t report it, because it would be seen as being helpful for Trump.

          The NY Times ADMITTED they were actively complicit in concealing the truth from the American people…

      • We’re probably too far and too deep to notice much of a difference with a Republican option, unfortunately.

        • Never planned on social security or medicare being relevant in my life so really more whether I have to worry about reeducation camps than anything else.

    • Kneepads / Peepads 2020
      will become
      Kneepads / Queepads 2024
      … he’d be the second samesex spouse of a sitting (kneeling?) pres or veep since michael obama

  13. But if he steps down their show primaries were for nothing.

    What about muh democracy!?! Theys gotsta pretect it!!!!

    • “But if he steps down their show primaries were for nothing.”

      By their own rule book, if he steps down, *she* has full control of every dollar in the campaign war chest, hundreds of millions. Her, and NO ONE else… 😉

  14. Camel is less likely to agree to be controlled by Obama and is likely to destabilize us unbelievable faster and do tremendous damage in the next 4 months. She is likely to do some really bizarre things to totally incapacitate the system even more so than it already is. Her behavior reflects antisocial personality disorder, the symptoms of which are similar to the illegals running amok on our streets killing, etc.

  15. The Jews need the US to fight a war with Iran, and they know only Trump can rally what is left of white men to enlist and die in a war for Israel. This is why they threw Biden under the bus with this debate. Don’t fall for it again, whitey!

  16. I can hate biden from a purely policy/ideology point just fine. But it’s also bleedingly obvious that the bastard is in rapid mental and physically decline. There’s been at least three ‘events’ that biden has been seen at since his disaster of a debate and each time he has been an incoherent mess.

  17. “Four years ago, she didn’t get a single vote much less any delegates before she dropped out of the presidential primary.”

    When Biden ran for President in ’88 he had to drop out after getting caught plagiarizing and serial lying. Unfortunately, the races really have little to do with qualifications or appeal. Nearly half the population will vote for the shrieking harpy just because she has (D) after her name.

    • Took a while for public schools, mass media, and over prescribed meds to dumb the average down enough for that to not matter. Just imagine in 15 years.

      • This wont last another 15 years I don’t think. Something will break much sooner than that and then it really will get ugly.

  18. Having watched Al Gore do the macarena and generally act like a robot in the run-up to 2000, l take all news video with a grain of salt. Or a ton…

    About the only thing l feel sure of is that there is a script, it was not written yesterday, and they will follow it. To include demonstrations of disunity. These folks are big-money commies. Commies ALWAYS have a script.

    I think Gadsden is likely right – Joe’s got the money, and they will keep him in there if possible. Maybe a magical B12 injection, or high tech taxidermy…

    My opinion.

  19. Joe Biden is not the President. He hasn’t been for a long time. He was never the elected President. Right now we have an unelected, unaccountable, unidentified, unconstitutional cabal of Democratic Party Operatives running the Executive Branch of the United States of America Government. The Constitution at this point is pretty much irrelevant. This has never occurred in the history of the country. The news media, the Democratic Party and the RINOS have allowed this to happen. There was no January insurrection. But there has been a coup in the White House.

    • That is why it’s do important to vote R across the board. Not just for president. There are only so many ways to deal with this and none of it can be done if the Democrats have control of Congress, Senate, and the states.

  20. I wanna know who the next punching bag will be so I/we can get a headstart on beating shim/sher to a pulp. As for the Kum-Stained Mattress VP I still can’t believe the garbagemen haven’t picked her up from her place at the curb with all the other trash.

    • Gavin and Gretchen are both salivating in the wings, but for the Dems to drop Harris would be to irritate the Blacks, most of whom vote based on color. Not much chance for Paddy, male or “female”.

  21. While the Democrats play Blind Man’s Bluff, the Chinese, Russians or Islamists could take advantage of the situation.

    But why would they interfere, while we are destroying ourselves?

  22. In my opinion having Joe Biden participation in the debate was a setup by the Left to get rid of him. It is ridiculous to believe that all of those folks on both sides yelling about Biden’s health issues were not aware of these things for the past 4 years while he destroyed our Country as we know it. Barack Obama and Jill Biden have been calling the shots and anyone who thinks Biden has been the President other than in name needs to wake up. Our Nation and the World at large are in danger because of these people. The prospects of a Civil War in this Country and a potential World conflict are indeed possibilities. When folks on the left think about supporting Democrats ask yourself if you are for human and drug trafficking across our Southern Border, people coming into the country who are on our terrorist list, young military age males from Countries who hate us, and violent criminals who ravage our Citizens and then are set free, in addition to ludicrous policies like allowing people to steal less than $1000 worth of goods and go free in many blue cities. If you think those types of things are OK and vote for Democrats who support those policies then you need a psychological exam.

  23. A Kameltoe and a fudge packer, what a platform. Like a shithole throwing up regurgitating and eating it’s self again!!!!

  24. They would be the antidote to the fascism, misogyny and bigotry of Trump’s Project 2025.

    All you got, is name calling.

  25. These rumors aged well. LOL!

    Just like all the other “trust the plan, Biden’s done” rumors from the past several years running.

    The way the Right projects onto the Left, very similarly to the way the Left projects onto the Right would be hilarious if it wasn’t so dangerous.


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