Chicago Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson, acknowledges out-going Mayor Lori "Beetlejuice" Lightfoot, during his inauguration as the city's 57th mayor Monday, May 15, 2023, in Chicago. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)
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Murder City USA lived up to its moniker over the Independence Day weekend. Chicago accounted for between a third and half of all homicides nationwide over the extended Independence Day weekend. With all of the bodies accounted for, gang members in Chicago accounted for 21 killed  and 89 more wounded, per

With the body count on Monday had the homicides pegged at 19, two of the wounded have since crossed the rainbow bridge.  That brings the toll to 21 dead.  Welcome to America’s Murder Capital.

Mayor Brandon Johnson has no doubt received phone calls from powerful, influential people asking him to get a handle on the violence. Yet despite the elites trying to hold his feet to the fire, the feckless leader can do nothing but hold press conferences full of empty words, finger-pointing and excuses for his failure as a leader.

On Friday, with the bodies stacking up, Johnson said the violence “has left our city in a state of grief.” Then on Monday, when the final death toll mounted – along with the scores of those wounded in gang activities – he promised “consequences” for the perps. From WTTW:

Mayor Brandon Johnson promised “consequences” for those participating in gun violence in Chicago following a holiday weekend in which more than 100 people were shot and 19 were killed across the city…

“We need to ensure that we are holding every single individual accountable for the pain and trauma and torment that they have caused in this city,” Johnson said during a press conference Monday at the Chicago Police Department’s headquarters. “There will be consequences for the violence. We will not let criminal activity ruin and harm our city.”

Consequences? That’s laughable right there.

Note how Mr. Mayor didn’t say how many suspects were in custody with felony charges pending. There’s a reason for that. The “authorities” don’t have suspects in most of those incidents, much less have police made any arrests. And even if they had, Team Soros’ Cook County State’s Attorney might not have filed felony charges unless one of them tossed a root beer on her.

There will be no consequences when suspects haven’t even been identified, much less placed under arrest and charged.

Brandon Johnson.  (AP Photo/Paul Beaty)

At the press conference yesterday, Brandon Johnson ticked through his usual list of culprits for the gang violence. These included law-abiding gun owners (as always), along with “disinvestment” in the black community, structural racism. But there was a new culprit on the block: President Richard M. Nixon. That’s right… Brandon Johnson blames the long-deceased Richard Nixon, president 50 years ago, for Chicago’s ills today. Even though Democrats have had a lock on the levers of power in the Windy City for almost 100 years, and the entire state of Illinois for most of a generation.

Here’s how Johnson tried to pin the woes of his dystopian city on ol’ Tricky Dick.

“Black death has unfortunately been accepted in this country for a very long time. We had a chance 60 years ago to get at the root causes. And people mocked President Johnson, and we ended up with Richard Nixon,” said Mayor Johnson, we assume no relation to the also now deceased, and super white guy President Johnson.

Despite championing civil rights, including helping secure the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Johnson’s motives may have been more political than borne from his love of all races. After the passage of the act, he reportedly said, “I’ll have those n[deleted] voting Democratic for 200 years.” You can fill in the blank.

Some liberals and historians debate whether he actually said that, but even a number of black historians admit such a statement would’ve been in line with how he spoke and thought. What is not disputed is what he actually called the bill that would become the Civil Rights Act. Johnson called it the n[deleted) bill.” And that tidbit of history is from the woke MSNBC itself.

And if Mayor Johnson is in need of a little history lesson given the increasingly poor quality of public education in the past few generations.  While Nixon may not have openly courted black voters like Johnson and the Democrats did, but he did a lot to expand economic and educational opportunity for black Americans.

This from the Richard Nixon Foundation:

When he reached the presidency, Nixon sought to expand economic opportunities for African Americans by ending discrimination in the work place, through the endowment of black colleges with federal funds, and helping them find meaningful employment through job assistance programs, and promotion of entrepreneurship — an initiative called “Black Capitalism.”

In 1970, perhaps the hall mark of the Nixon administration’s Civil Rights policies, Nixon sought to end the decades old and egregious tradition of segregated schools for black and white children throughout the nation, predominantly in the Southern states.

But Mayor Johnson isn’t worried about real history, he simply wants to throw blame wherever he can to take the attention off his own sad record.

Who does the mayor studiously avoid mentioning?
Who didn’t the mayor blame? He didn’t blame the gangs committing the violent crime in his city.  After all, the gangs and the politicians running Chicago (and indeed the Democrats running the Illinois General Assembly) have an unholy alliance.  The gangs turn out the votes.  The politicians turn out “violence prevention” funding that makes its way back to the gang members in the form of programs like “violence interrupters” which pay $200 a day to “justice-impacted” criminals and gang bangers to supposedly stop shoot-outs before they happen.  Like that’s working so well.

But wait, it gets worse.

Not only is the mayor and his pals running Chicago (and the state of Illinois) not doing anything to make things better, they are actively working to make things worse. In Chicago, Johnson and his fellow radicals plan to do away with the ShotSpotter gunfire detection system that relays locations of gunfire to police in seconds. This allows cops, when available, to show up promptly and sometimes even make arrests. But ShotSpotter is racist, you see. Why? Because simply reporting the facts is somehow racist.

Not only that but these same radical “Criminal justice reformers” want to do away with traffic stops. If you guessed because of racism, you win a free cookie. CWB Chicago has more:

CHICAGO — With the ShotSpotter gunfire detection system soon to be removed from Chicago’s streets, so-called “reform” activists are turning their attention to another tool police find useful: traffic stops.

Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx said in May that her office is developing a policy not to prosecute gun, theft, and drug charges stemming from certain traffic stops. Foxx said her staff would refuse to file charges in most cases if evidence was found during a traffic stop for missing license plates, expired registrations, and other minor infractions. She called the anticipated change “a public safety enhancement effort.”

“Armed with data, armed with the knowledge that these stops have not significantly or in any way reduced violence in our city, [my office] decided that it was time to look at this issue and see if we could model a best practice that we’ve seen in other jurisdictions,” Foxx told the Sun-Times.

So while Mayor Brandon Johnson and his friends say “We will not let criminal activity ruin and harm our city,” their actions speak a lot louder than their words.

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  1. Chicago is 30% homicidal infantilized adults, 30% cucked ‘educated’ adults making excuses for them, 30% working class folks who feel stuck and 10% millionaire democrats who think it’s all funny as hell.

    • “Earning $85 an hour from home sounds like a dream! How do you manage your time effectively between day and evening shifts? It must be a rewarding yet challenging experience! ” Explore the cutting-edge strategies that redefine success”
      Here ➜➜➜➜➜

      • The mayor if you want to call him that is full of demoCrap as is the entire city of chicago which makes it the perfect shthole for the dnc…Bring a Photo ID and have your papers in order for entry.

        TRUMP 2024.

      • Oh, it’s a Republican president’s fault all right – the one that signed the proclamation where whites became enslaved to pay for and tolerate this shit. I heard Lincoln woke up from a three day drunk at the end of the civil war and said ” I did WHAT ?….”

  2. Whenever I travel worldwide and tell people I’m from Chicago they almost always will smile and say, “Chicago -bang, bang!” while making the gun finger. It didn’t matter if it was South America or Asia. They all knew about Chicago and its 100+ year old world-wide reputation.

    Folks talk about the “Wild West” but the Wild West was actually pretty tame since the few criminals who were really bad are all known and remembered by name generations later. All the while a shootout of OK Corral proportions happens in just about every Chicago neighborhood nearly once a week these days.

    So much for those strict gun laws. All those young scholars who could be Obama’s son…

    • Friends of ours recently took the amtrack Borealis train ride (St. Paul to Chicongo via Milwaukee) and ended up throwing away their return tickets and flying back. Seems the long train rides have been discovered by a certain melanin-rich segment of the population as the perfect vehicle for a rolling jive party, with no consideration for fellow riders with their loud, rude, obnoxious behavior and GFY attitude, including to the conductors. One of our other friends calls amtrack “Carnival Cruises on rails”… I guess no one wants to book a ship ride for the same reasons.

    • When I travel I won’t transfer through airports in certain states (ahem, Florida), because of the enrichment and diversity. I’d rather transfer through Mexico City, or even San Salvador, than Ft. Lauderdale. The former two are far more civilized.

  3. They could televise the action on pay-per-view with commentary. Might restore the city’s budget deficit.

    • They could make it a real live Truman Show with cameras everywhere and folks could follow the various young scholars around as they lead their scholarship gangs against other scholarships gangs in their academic Olympics.

    • For true Haiti authenticity we need witchdoctors burning the tires around the necks of other witchdoctors for witchdoctoring differently.

  4. Now that’s funny! It’s like we never had our first black president and former Chicagoan, Obama. But look over there! Nixon!

  5. Gangs run Chicago, and the mayor blames a dead guy. Richard Milhous Nixon shuffled off his mortal coil and joined the choir invisible thirty years ago. He may not be a dead Parrot, but blaiming Nixon for Chicago’s gangster problem is almost as brain damaged as Joe Biden!

    • The dead are convenient scapegoats. And they can’t blame previous “heroes of the party” or the system created by the party machine.

  6. … and this was just a range practice event before the upcoming 4 day DNC – folks, order now, there’s gonna be a popcorn shortage coming.

    • Lived in Chiraq in the eighties. It was bad then but is almost infinitely worse now. Richie Daley kept a lid on it then & less so Harold Washington. The mayor’s have gotten successively worse. Let’s go Brandon was “elected” with a tiny margin by the Chiraq teacher’s union. Mr. “$30000 on haircuts”. Nixon had lots of blame(kept Vietnam going!)but Chee-ca-go ain’t one!

    • And the beer. Better order it by the slab instead of tiny 6packs.

      The $h!t show will even be visible on my side of the big pond.

  7. Lived in Chit-Congo in ’90-’91. Never so happy to get away from an area since I was rotated out of SE Asia. Chicago was getting bad then and has only gone further down the sewers since.
    The criminal gangs have been running the city since the days of Capone. Only the names and faces have changed. Chicago, LA, Houston, Denver, NYC, and most other major metro areas are being destroyed by the Dementiacrats and their criminal allies for decades.
    The Dementiacrats promise all the wonderful things, the sun and moon on a silver platter but deliver a stale turd on a soggy paper plate. But the idiots keep voting for more of the same while blaming everyone but themselves for the problems.

  8. Nixon got us out of that shithole in VN that the dems got us deeper and deeper into, For that we should all be grateful.

  9. I avoid Illinois. I go around. While it does cost me more $$, I refuse to give them one penny of my money.
    Liberal policies, gun rules and restrictions need to be everyone line in the sand.
    Can I get an Amen?

    • I’ve been to both ends. The wife’s homeland consulate in Chicago, and the little park at the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi (during a flood, with water lapping at the monument no less). The only thing I left in either place was stuff in the sewer, and I don’t need it back. Amen.

  10. Hey here’s a thought. Why doesn’t Chicago have celebrate a gang violence day ?
    For 24 hrs they can empty their guns on each other,then maybe they will all be gone.


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